Quiz: Does My Dog Love Me? Test It With These 27 Signs

Does My Dog Love Me Signs

We love our dogs… unconditionally. Showering them with affection isn’t a task at all. We even love our pooches more than ourselves. But sometimes it makes you think,  “Does my dog love me back?” “Or are they staying just because they need something from me?” Read on to learn: 27 signs that your dog loves …


13 Strange Reasons Why Your Dog Humps Your Cat + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Hump My Cat

You left your fur babies for a while… When you get back, your dog’s humping your cat! “Well, that’s…new…” you say as you try to evaluate the situation. If you’re confused, this article is here to aid that… Continue to discover: 5 tips to stop your dog from humping your cat. If your dog’s intention …


13 Weird Reasons Why Dogs Howl At The Moon (#3 = Hilarious)

Why Do Dogs Howl At The Moon

It’s a full moon today. It’s so majestic, it’s hard to miss it. Not to mention the strong light spreading over the neighborhood.  But what caught your attention was your dog. They’re howling like there’s no tomorrow… Creepy? Alarming? Or normal? Read to discover: 11 weird reasons why dogs howl at the moon. Things your …


13 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Humps Your Arm

Why Does My Dog Hump My Arm

You thought it was going to be an innocent moment with your dog… When suddenly, they get a hold of your arm and start humping. As a dog parent, you know humping is a normal dog behavior… But what could’ve sparked it? Continue to discover: 13 reasons why your dog humps your arm. If you …


My Dog Smells Like Period Blood: 11 Reasons + 5 Tips

My Dog Smells Like Period Blood

You hold your pooch, but you’re suddenly taken aback… They smell like period blood! Others will also describe this smell as fishy or metallic. Whichever it is, what could’ve suddenly brought this odor to your pooch? Read to learn: 11 reasons why your dog could be smelling this way. 3 things to do when your …


11 Essential Tips To Get A Dog To Drink Water After Surgery

How To Get A Dog Drink Water After Surgery

Your dog’s surgery’s over. Now, a new problem arises. It’s become a challenge to make them drink water. Something that’s essential – especially to recovering dogs. Is there anything you can do? Read on to find out: 11 essential tips to get a dog to drink water after surgery. The reasons why your pooch won’t …