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DOCUMENTARY: The Disturbing Reality of Dog Food

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📄 Transcript: The Disturbing Reality of Dog Food

Christina Sawyer calls her beloved Taco the family protector.

She now blames Hills Pet Nutrition canned dog food for her death.

25 products were voluntarily recalled last week after complaints about dogs getting sick.

Hills is blaming a supplier error for elevated levels of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for dogs that can damage kidneys.

When the kidneys start to fail, it can lead to death.

New at 10, potentially deadly dog food, a major recall tonight after chemicals used to put animals down were found in a popular brand of pet food.

And when I came down in the morning, I checked on her and she was breathing and she was sleeping. I went upstairs to take a shower, and I heard her food bowl go across the floor.

I thought, “Oh, Callie’s up,” and I took a shower.

Then I came back downstairs, and she was dead.

In the mid-1920s, before becoming known for dog and cat food, you were an animal feed company that made cheap grain-based feed for chickens and pigs.

You started your company in 1894. It was a time when most Americans lived on farms, so business was not too shabby.

But after World War One ended, you ran into a little problem.

See, before the war, the American dream was all about owning land, raising farm animals, and feeding those farm animals Purina animal feed.

But now, with the Industrial Age in full swing and the mass production of these mechanical vehicles they’re calling automobiles, people were abandoning their peaceful life in the country for a fast-paced, exciting life in the city.

This also meant they were also abandoning their beloved horses, pigs, and cows for a more compact companion: dogs and cats.

But come on, dogs are better, so instead of a horse in a stable, they had a poodle in a brownstone apartment.

As a company that specialized in farm animal feed, you needed to come up with some new type of food for these pint-sized pets, or else you and your company would be in the doghouse.

So what did you do?

You rebranded.

You took the same low-grade feed filled with cheap ingredients you were selling to livestock, and you just repackaged it as dog food.

You know, moldy grains, discarded animal parts, and eventually something called “real meat flavor.”

A very important part of this Champion’s diet is meat, that’s why we feed him Friskies.

It’s a zip-open can, whatever it is when it’s open.

It was affordable: look, soy and meat protein, vitamins, minerals, that’s a banquet.

But Gaines Complete cost less. It was nutritious, or so you said in the commercials.

You’re a pig, the dog owners of America fell for it.

They started buying these garbage pellets by the pound, only the best food for their best four-legged friend in the world.

And the great thing about selling dog feed is that in the U.S., the food regulations for dogs and cats are at the same standards as livestock.

So the FDA didn’t care what you were putting in your chicken flavored chunks for Snowy or your nondescript nugget dinner for Daisy.

It didn’t matter that dogs were designed to eat a meat-based diet, not flavored grain nuggets with just a little bit of meat thrown in.

The term “with” means it contains three to twenty-four percent of the ingredient.

So if it says “Pedigree with beef,” there might only be three percent beef in that formulation.

There’s definitely an epidemic of problems now in animals that I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it in history.

As long as you could fool the public, the facade would be blown wide open.

And of course, the prospect of saving time and money was also very appealing to the masses.

Steak bones come from steak, and dogs love them.

Bones come from Purina; they’re a new snack for dogs, and they look so much like steak bones you can hardly tell the difference.

Welcome to evil food supply.

This is how big kibble is slowly poisoning your dog to death, and it’s more disturbing than you could have ever imagined.

Before packaged pet food, dogs just ate whatever was left over for dinner, and this kept dogs alive for centuries. But there’s no money in table scraps.

As a budding pet food entrepreneur, you wanted to find a way to fill this hole in the market, and this is exactly what James Spratt did in 1860 when he released the first ever food made specifically for dogs.

Meet fibrine dog cakes, made from wheat flour, beef blood, beetroot, and vegetables, which actually doesn’t sound too bad.

These dog cakes became an instant hit.

These pre-made cakes were being marketed as full meals. It was the perfect food for hunters to feed their dogs on long trips through the Wilderness.

It wasn’t long before the concept of special dog food really started to take off.

As the years went by, more companies released their own versions of the dog cake, like Milk Bone did in the early 1900s.

These biscuits were fine, but where’s the meat? Where’s the beef?

Everyone knows that dogs drool over a thick slab of bacon or a juicy steak.

If you think about it, you would be able to hook even more dog owners if they knew they were feeding their good little boy real, thick, juicy meat.

And so, you invented canned dog food.

But come on, there’s no way you’re gonna pack these cans with actual steak; that would have been a death sentence for your bottom line.

You’re gonna use something a little more economical: horse meat.

That’s right, horse meat. Remember when everyone abandoned their farms to live in the city?

Well, where do you think all those horses went?

A very important part of this Champion’s diet is meat; that’s why we feed him Briskies.

The principal ingredient is lean red horse meat.

The pets of the past were being fed to the pets of the future, and because horse meat was so cheap, you were making bank.

Sure, in the beginning, pet owners were a little wary about feeding America’s most noble animals to their pets, but your advertisements snapped them right out of it.

Brought to you tonight by Kennel Ration, the real thing in dog food with lean red meat.

My dog’s bigger than your dog.

And for a couple of decades, canned pet food reigned supreme in the market.

Dog owners would be crazy not to buy this new, government-approved horse meat formula.

But then World War II happened, and the tin cans you were packing your horse meat into were now being rationed.

It was a disaster; you just got everyone sold on canned dog food, and now you need to pull it from the market.

So your only option was to invent a dog food that could be sold in paper bags. Thank you.

Hey, what’s going on, Rusty?

Oh, I see she’s doctoring up your dog food.

Look, she’s adding something for nourishment, something for flavor. Ladies, stop, no need to do all that now.

From Gaines research, Kandles comes a totally new kind of dog food, new Gaines Rally, the first dog food that you don’t have to doctor up.

No doctoring up to it; Rally is so rich in meat and bone meal, dogs like it as is, straight from the box.

That’s right, each crunchy chunk is so rich in meat and bone meal, you don’t have to doctor it up.

Say, wouldn’t you like a dog food you can feed straight from the box?

If you want to, then get new Gaines Rally, the first dog food so rich in meat and bone meal, it needs no doctoring up.

With tin cans on the ration list, you were in deep doo-doo.

How on Earth are you going to turn fresh food like meat and vegetables into something that can be stored in a paper bag?

Hmm, what if you took a page from the book of our good friend John Kellogg and made your own cereal for dogs?

I mean, people love Chex and corn flakes; you could use the same Extrusion process cereal companies use to create a dog cereal.

You could call it kibble, just to keep it fun and intriguing.

And because dogs and cats are still under the same food laws as livestock animals, you have tons of wiggle room for what actually goes into this kibble cereal.

According to AAFCO rules, if you call your pet food “dinner nuggets” or “formula,” it only needs to have 25 percent meat.

If it says “with” on the label, like “with beef,” it only needs to have three percent meat. And if it says “flavor,” it doesn’t need to have any meat at all.

So chicken flavored chunks could have absolutely zero chicken flavor.

That means it tastes like the name ingredient. So if it says “beef flavor,” it doesn’t actually have to have any beef in it.

Hey, don’t get your doggy dimples in a bunch; it’s even better because we added the taste of chicken to the already beefy taste of Kibbles and bits.

Great, you have a super cheap dog food that’s completely void of nutrition.

Now the question becomes, how are you going to convince the masses that this kibble is better than the real thing?

How are you going to convince them that it’s even better than the real thing?

Simple, who do the masses trust when it comes to what’s best for their dogs?

Who are the authority figures they automatically look up to? Vets.

No amount of radio ads or newspaper ads could possibly be more influential than a veterinarian’s recommendation.

So if you can find a way to get vets to recommend your disgusting kibble, then everyone will automatically fall into line.

And how are you going to get these vets on board with your new improved dry dog food? Simple, you want to get them while they’re young, while they’re still in University.

Think about it; these vets have no idea that dry food is less nutritious than wet food.

They’re just innocent University students with a big heart.

They don’t even have a class on proper pet nutrition, and since your company is giving their school money, they’ll assume your brand is trustworthy.

And so, just like that, America’s vets were all bought out.

See, these are Gaines burgers, and they’re already measured for you. It just takes two to give your dog all the nourishment of a one-pound can of the finest dog food.

Oh, I see, one capful of rallies as much of a meal as a regular one-pound can.

Six capfuls in here, as many meals as six regular cans.

This is just like what the tobacco industry did with doctors; was Camel.

Yes, according to this survey, more doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette.

You’ll also get magazines to start demonizing table scraps, saying that the onions and garlic, which are surely lurking in your leftovers, will kill your dog.

As the decades went by, dry dog food would become a religion.

Even today, many people wholeheartedly believe that if you feed your dog human food, it was tantamount to animal abuse.

Give them dry, processed, cheap kibble instead, that has lower quality standards, even though the Extrusion process zaps every last bit of natural vitamins and minerals out of the kibble.

It’s convenient, it’s colorful, it’s fun, like Fruit Loops for dogs.

Being from AAFCO’s relaxed labeling laws was so sweet.

You didn’t want to slow down; you needed to make this kibble even cheaper, and this is when you made a life-changing deal with rendering plants. Something’s in the air.

Oh, quick kennel meal, the instant dog food mix.

You see, when you just add water, kennel meals’ real meat meal sends out strong meat signals that dogs just can’t resist.

As for flavor, well, actions speak louder than words.

Note the texture of new quick kennel meal, meaty, hamburger-like. It contains real meat meal.

So if you’re gonna convince all of America to feed their dog Fruit Loops for every meal, you have to at least pretend there’s at least some meat in there.

But instead of spending your hard-earned profits on actual real meat, you’re gonna buy something called animal byproduct meal from a rendering plant.

What is animal byproduct meal, you ask? It’s a delectable meal consisting of everything from diseased zoo animals to euthanized pets to old slaughterhouse scraps like feet, feathers, beaks, tumors, and hide.

And when these old, rotting animals arrive at the rendering plant, they may have been sitting out in the sun for days.

They might become covered in feces, and if it’s a dead dog from the pound, it might even still have its flea collar on it.

Researcher Keith Woods details his findings at a rendering plant somewhere in Southern California.

The rendering plant floor is piled high with raw product: thousands of dead dogs and cats, heads and hooves from cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses, whole skunks, rats, and raccoons, all waiting to be processed in the 90-degree heat.

The piles of dead animals seem to have a life of their own as millions of maggots swarm over the carcasses.

And this was reported in a plant where workers don’t have time to clean and skin all these animals, so they pretty much just give them a chop and dump them into a soup, fur, hooves, and all.

Then for the next hour, they will cook down all together until the meat and bones have separated and the fat rises to the top. But this sizzling stew isn’t done yet.

After the fat has been scraped off, the meal is dried, ground into a powder, sifted—you know, to get out any of the hairs and pieces of foam, and voila, animal byproduct meal is served.

You’re not gonna call it “animal meal” on the package because that kind of sounds like the beginnings of a horror film.

Instead, you’re going to use the name of whatever animal is dominant in the mix, which in America is usually chicken.

So when you list “chicken meal” on the label, it actually means mostly chicken meal, maybe 30%, and the rest: roadkill, skunks, dead pets, horses, spoiled fish from grocery stores, still in the styrofoam packs.

Literally, anything goes.

One insider said that at one of these rendering plants, he saw dead dogs, cats, raccoons, possums, deer, foxes, snakes, and a baby circus elephant in the remains of a Bozeman, a police department quarter horse that died in the line of duty.

Yes, it is possible for the dog food you’re feeding your beloved four-legged friend right now contains dog and cat meat in it, but you’re never going to admit to this when questioned about what exactly is in the animal meal.

You will insist that no euthanized dogs or cats would ever be put in dear Fluffy’s chicken-flavored nuggets, even though Valley proteins, a rendering facility in Texas, literally sells inedible animal meal, which, yes, contains wildlife, roadkill, and euthanized pets to Alpo, Heinz, and Purina.

What else are these companies using it for but dog food?

If you need more convincing, in 2018, a euthanization drug called Pinto barbitol was found in J.M. Smucker’s Gravy Train dog food, and the masses won’t bat an eye, not when your Kibbles and bits have this picture of this juicy steak on the cover with this happy little boy.

Look, it’s oven-roasted beef flavor with 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

Again, your dog food only has to contain as little as three percent meat, but what about the remaining 97%? Well, let’s take care of that next.

It better be Kibbles and bits and bits and bits cause dogs love crunchy Kibbles with Chewy bits, all kinds of bits for a one-of-a-kind taste.

A dog just gotta have it; better be bits, Kibbles and bits and bits and bits. Oh, boy.

So you’ve got your three percent animal meal; now you just need to bulk things up with some grains.

Putting grains in your dog food is a no-brainer; it’s dirt cheap, and there’s no scientific studies saying dogs and cats shouldn’t have grains, so why not jam in as much as we can?

First ingredient is corn, second ingredient is soybean meal, third ingredient is beef and bone meal, fourth ingredient is ground wheat, followed by animal fat preserved with BHA.

So now you’re going shopping for some grains, but you’re not going to buy the nice, clean, expensive grains that they sell in the grocery store.

No, you’re gonna get those old, cheap, moldy grains that farmers feed to livestock, and the mold on these cheaper grains have been proven to cause diseases like neuropathy, gut disorders, and cancer.

But once again, that’s the beauty of dealing in animal food.

According to the FDA, mold is technically allowed to be in pet food at 10 parts per million, so obviously, you’re throwing it in.

And just to cover your tracks, you’ll create videos saying that grains like corn are extremely healthy for dogs.

After many years of R&D, we have found that corn is still the best available source of carbohydrates when processed and refined properly because if we’re being totally honest, if it ever got out that hey, dogs are supposed to eat mostly meat, which they are, your multi-million dollar kibble empire would crumble.

So you’ve got your moldy grains in the mix, but rotten animals and moldy grains obviously taste horrendous.

You’re gonna need to cover the disgusting taste with some fake flavoring, or what you will eventually call “real meat juices.”

The meat juices give your dog the great taste that’ll stop him in his tracks, Chuckwagon.

Chuck Wagons from Purina.

These special juices, which you call “palatants,” give your kibble that final mwah, chef’s kiss.

Without it, dogs probably wouldn’t even touch the stuff.

And hold on before you put your kibble in the bag, you’ll need a final dusting of preservatives, you know, so it will last an ungodly amount of time.

Every other country in the world has banned preservatives like BHA, BHT, and propyl gallates, but not in the U.S.

Only the most dangerous preservatives will do for Man’s Best Friend.

BHA, the main preservative used in pet food, has been shown to cause stomach tumors in rodents, and BHT, another toxic preservative that’s used in Purina’s dog food that’s banned in countries like Australia and Japan, is known to cause liver damage.

Real meat meal with meat aroma, meat flavor. Oh, and we can’t forget the bag itself: PFAS, the toxic forever chemical found in Teflon pans, is illegal to use in human food packaging, but dog and cat food packaging is fair game.

Kibbles and bits bacon and steak kibble from Purina had PFAS contamination at 600 parts per million, and the EPA considers 100 parts per million to be toxic, and yours is six times that amount.

Most other U.S. pet food is also contaminated, but hey, it’s not against the rules, so why not use it?

And with your recipe complete, your pet food empire only gets bigger and bigger until the mid-2000s when everything came back to bite you.

You say you have extended periods of anxiety and depression, and you’re not eating properly. Why not?

I see you know your dog food is good for you, but you don’t like the taste, huh?

Well, it’s a common problem. You need a dog food that’s nutritious and tastes good too.

You need new Gaines Meals. Gaines makes nutrition taste good.

You see, every nugget is basted for flavor to give it a taste and aroma dogs can’t resist, and in spite of what you tell me, uh, you are a dog.

Notice the small nugget size; it makes Gaines’ meal easy to eat and easy to mix.

Go ahead, try it. See, Gaines does make nutrition taste good.

Next patient, please. Get brand new Gaines meal; it makes nutrition taste good.

Now buy five pounds of Gaines meal and save six cents, 10 pounds save 15 cents, 25 pounds save 45 cents.

The year was 2007, and you, as Purina, were about to go through the biggest pet food recall in American history.

The culprit: melamine, a nitrogen-based substance that makes plastic more durable and hard.

Melamine is also super high in protein, and the factory in China that was making your pet food decided to add this toxic yet high-protein melamine to boost protein levels.

According to the AAFCO, dog and cat food needs to have a certain level of protein, but where the protein comes from doesn’t really matter.

If you meet the nutrient level for protein, it makes no difference whether that protein comes from a healthy protein source like chicken or whether it comes from a base protein source like wheat flour or wheat gluten that’s been fortified with protein of some kind, as long as you meet the nutrient levels that they’ve set, the food is approved.

So because China doesn’t have regulations against using melamine in dog food, they decided it was a great way to boost the protein levels while cutting costs, and this is where things got a little chaotic.

This Chinese factory was making dog food not just for you but a bunch of other major brands in the U.S.

More dogs and cats have died because of contaminated pet food since 60 million cans and pouches of food have been recalled.

In L.A. County, at least five pets have died. Halifax is live with the latest on the class action lawsuit that’s now been filed.

How, Chris? John is probably the first of many to come.

A class action lawsuit was filed today in Chicago.

Meanwhile, here in Southern California, there are a number of cases of suspected kidney failure in pets, including this dog, Greta. 270 dogs died from melamine poisoning, all because you had no quality check in place at your factory.

But this wasn’t entirely your fault.

The FDA also had their tail between their legs because they weren’t enforcing any sort of safety check on dog food. Pet foods are indeed a highly regulated product.

They are perhaps the most regulated product on the supermarket shelf.

Mr. Nelson was very clear in his statement that AAFCO has no regulatory authority.

We’ve been told by the FDA that there is no pre-market approval of this product.

Why would the FDA waste their money regulating dog food?

Oh, maybe it’s because it’s impossible for people to sue if your dog dies from food poisoning.

Most dogs cost around 150 dollars to purchase or adopt, and if your dog dies, even though you’re super attached to them emotionally, you won’t really get that money back if you sue.

Add the costs of a lawyer, and you’re better off just getting a new dog.

All states, uh, all but two, pets are treated as personal property.

So if you have a 12-year-old dog who spent 12 years of his or her life with you, uh, and it dies because of someone’s negligence, it’s treated as a 12-year-old chair.

The FDA knows this; the big pet food companies know this, which is why when the pet parents whose dogs died from melamine poisoning sued for their losses, they only ended up with less than a thousand dollars each.

But melamine was only the beginning. As the years went on, more and more dog food brands would be recalled.

Well, six dog food varieties are being recalled because they may contain toxic levels of mold.

Recalls, recalls, recall.

Our dogs are like family to us, but in the eyes of the government and big kibble, they’re just a lowly animal. What do you feel most bad about this whole thing?

That I was the one that was putting the food in the bowl, and you didn’t know anything about it, and I hope she doesn’t think that I’m the one who did it to her.

What happened towards the end? Did you have to put Sahara to sleep?

Yeah, because she couldn’t move at all.

No, she, uh, even human touch hurt her at the end.

I tried to pet her to comfort her, and she yelped about it.

So even the human touch wasn’t good at the end.

Generation: My dog’s better than yours. Mine looks smoother than your dog.

My dog’s cuter than yours. My dog’s longer than your dog. My dog’s braver than yours. Yours, cause he gets Generation. My dog’s better than yours. Kennel Ration: It’s the real thing, the lean red meat he wants, the other good things he needs, can fresh, cooked fresh to stay fresh, juicy, tender, and moist.

In a can, because it’s the real thing. You can’t depend on table scraps to provide you with a balanced diet. You like a rope of rivet, well, add it to those tasty scraps, and you’ll get a good balance of all the nutrients you need.

Robust contains an extra bonus of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Will you do that? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

In 1940, there were only 10 vet schools in the U.S.; now there are over 30, and guess what?

Most of them are funded by big kibble brands, and guess what? These well-intentioned vet students are taught by these kibble companies never to feed a dog table scraps and to avoid raw meat at all costs.

If you feed your dog such poison, you’re an animal abuser.

There have been tons and tons of studies that looked at raw food diets, so if we just keep digging a little bit further, we can see that there’s actually lots and lots of bacteria.

Bacteria, guys, I’m talking E. coli, salmonella, clostridium. Oh my gosh, is that?

Instead, they should be recommending their special vet-approved, science-backed formulas, and this is where it gets really clever.

If your dog gets arthritis from years of eating toxic, nutrient-void dog food, just feed them our special joint support formula with all the things your dog needs to heal his joints, including soybean meal, chicken meal, and powdered cellulose. Problem solved.

And you might be thinking, but evil food supply, I buy the good dog food that has whole natural ingredients; that can’t be bad, right?

Yeah, even natural brands like Blue Buffalo use chicken by-product meal and corn; they just don’t put it on the label.

The suit alleges testing at an independent lab found significant percentages of poultry by-product meal in Blue Buffalo’s top-selling Life Protection products, and that some of its grain-free products contain rice or corn.

Just like how American humans are getting fatter and sicker with every generation, dogs are also getting fatter and sicker, and it’s because big kibble is using the exact same playbook as big food and big Pharma.

Get dog owners hooked on cheap, convenient dog food, and when their dog gets sick, get them to buy your special formula.

Except it’s way worse because dog food has lower quality standards, lawsuits are way less profitable, and of course, dogs can’t tell you that they’re suffering.

So if you have dogs like we do, you should take any dog food you have in the house right now and throw it in the trash.

Instead, here are some recommendations.

We have to remember that dogs and wolves are so close they are not the same, but they’re so close genetically that they actually can interbreed.

Don’t spend money on crappy dog treat; nothing from the supermarket, that’s the opportunity to save some money.

Then feed your dog from the fridge: feed fresh, whole, living low-glycemic veggies, blueberries.

The only foods you can’t feed dogs: no-no members of the onion family, no grapes or raisins, no macadamia nuts because they’re high in fat and they can cause some GI upset, no chocolate.

And contrary to all the big kibble’s propaganda, don’t shy away from feeding them raw meat.

Dogs are descendants of wolves after all.

In fact, isn’t it interesting that so many people will find this unsettling but be totally fine with feeding dogs disgusting kibble?

This is a commercially available raw food diet.

This is lamb. I’m also going to give the boys an egg, great source of protein.

Linked below. But what if you don’t have time to prepare real meals like this for your dogs?

Well, one option we recommend is a brand called Sundays.

We’ve been looking for a better alternative for our dogs, and our dogs have been loving Sundays, so we’re really excited to have them sponsoring this video.


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