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11 Best Dog Rescues In Hampshire (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Rescues In Hampshire

Did you know? Bird-watching started in Hampshire…

But let’s shift the focus to another animal.

How ’bout the many dogs, especially strays in the area?

They’re in real need of your help. 

And so, you decided to adopt a rescue. Now the search for the best shelter starts…

Keep reading to discover:

  • 11 best dog rescues in Hampshire.
  • How to adopt, reach out, and avail of the services of each shelter.
  • And much, much more…

11 best dog rescues in Hampshire 

#1: Blue cross rehoming centre, Southampton

Their site’s been established for more than 30 years now…

And since then, they’ve rehomed thousands of animals.

In 2021 alone, they’ve rehomed almost 10,000 animals.

Well, how ’bout contributing to this year’s number?

Check out their rescue dogs that are eager to be adopted.

Wait, you need help in choosing? No problem, they prepared something for that.

Yep, they really got your best interest when it comes to adopting…

So, kindly visit this page for advice. It’ll help you with choosing the right dog.

And once you’re set, just click on the rescue’s profile. There, you can find the button that’ll start the rehoming process. 

More about Blue Cross

This branch is part of something large…

Blue Cross is a charity that started 125 years ago. 

They believe that animals can change lives. And in turn, the organization helps change the animals’ lives.

Read more about their:

Contact information
AddressBubb Ln., Southampton SO30 2HL, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Phone operating hoursEvery day from 10 AM to 4 PM. 
Opening hoursThursday to Tuesday: 10 AM to 4 PM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

#2: Dogs Trust Newbury

This Dogs Trust center stands in the countryside.

Its surroundings are quiet and stunning. 

Moreover, they claim that their kennels are cozy for rescues.

And that they have 37 kennels that are ready to house the canines.

Such is an acceptable amount of space.


That’s because many rescues arrive at their center all the time.

And before they put any canine up for adoption, they assess the pups first.

So, you can visit this page regularly. That’s where you’ll find their dogs ready for adoption.

But before you come forward to the adoption…

Wait up…

Don’t forget to find out how their adoption process works.

Other information about Dogs Trust

Let me give them the proper introduction…

Dogs Trust is the leading dog welfare charity in the UK.

They’ve been standing since the year 1891.

And they’ve reached a lot of milestones.

Today, 21 centers of Dogs Trust stand across the UK.

Contact information
AddressPlumb Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury RG20 0HR, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Phone+441488658391 or 0303 003 0000
Phone operating hoursWeekdays: 9 AM to 6 PMWeekends and holidays: 8:30  AM to 5 PM
Opening hoursTuesday. Saturday and Sunday only: 12 PM to 4 PM
Social media presence (Dogs Trust main)Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
Social media (Newbury branch)Instagram.

#3: RSPCA Solent Branch, The Stubbington Ark, Animal Centre

RSPCA Solent Branch, The Stubbington Ark, Animal Centre

Ready for the major commitment of adopting a dog?

Then, RSPCA will be more than glad to start the process with you.

Moreover, their rescue dogs are surely excited to meet you. Check ’em out on this page.

Now, every rescue receives top-quality treatment.

And that guarantees that you’ll take home a rescue dog the best way they come.

Kindly read ‘Adopting from The Ark‘ for more exciting and assuring information.

That page includes the adoption process and FAQs.

More information about RSPCA

RSPCA is the oldest organization on this list.

They started as SPCA in 1824.

Today, there 152 branches of RSPCA across England and Wales.

Now, let’s talk about this specific branch…

The RSPCA Solent Branch, or The Stubbington Ark, Animal Centre.

They’re separately registered as a branch of RSPCA. That’s why they have their own name.

And what does this separation mean?

It indicates that the branch is solely responsible for raising its own funds.

To help them out, kindly check out this page.

Contact information
AddressRanvilles Farm Animal Shelter, Ranvilles Ln, Fareham PO14 3EZ, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Phone01329 667541 
Opening hours*Every day, except Tuesdays, from 11 AM to 4 PM.
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter

*Note: Walk-ins for public viewing aren’t welcome yet. Kindly give them a call before visiting.

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#4: St Francis Animal Welfare

So, you’ve been wanting to adopt a dog…

Well then, browse St Francis’ adoptables on this page.

You’ll be greeted by wonderful canines and their details. All of them are eager to be rehomed by a loving parent.

Note: The shelter wants to remind its supporters of something. Please know that they try their best to update the website.

You see, the availability of dogs can change fast. Moreover, there might be more or fewer puppers up for adoption.

So to be sure, don’t hesitate to contact them.

If you see a pooch that you wanna take home…

What are you waiting for?

As I said, the canines move fast…

So, go on and apply to adopt the pooch of your choice. 

Kindly send them an email or give them a call to do so. I’ll list their contact information below. 

Adoption fee:  £200 to £300 

Contact information
AddressSunnyside Cottage, Mortimers Ln, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 7EA, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Opening hoursTuesday to Saturday: 10 AM to 2 PM
Social media presenceFacebook and Instagram.

#5: Helping Dogs and Cats UK Rescue

Looking for a loving furry companion to adopt?

Helping Dogs and Cats UK can help you with that.

Come one and browse this page of adoptables.

Not only is that page filled with cuteness…

Who knows?

Maybe your new fur baby is among the many cute and loving rescues.

Moreover, that page also contains information about their adoption process.

And once you’re decided to adopt a rescue, fill out and submit this form.

Contact information
AddressHart House, Priestley Rd, Basingstoke RG24 9PU, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Opening hoursWeekdays: 8:30 AM to 5 PMWeekends: 10 AM to 4 PM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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#6: Second Chance Animal Rescue

For now, they’re still a small rescue.

But, the part they play in the community is huge.

Second Chance Animal Rescue doesn’t just aid dogs in need…

They also look after other animals like cats and wildlife.

Regardless of their constant need for funds, they don’t fail on one thing…

And that’s to provide the best care for their rescues.

All dogs are up with their vaccination. Plus, they already have a microchip registered.

Moreover, any injury or illness is treated by the shelter.

But all of that is possible by the generosity of their supporters.

That aside, how ’bout I lead you to the rescue dogs now? Just go to this page to see ’em.

To inquire about a particular one, fill out this contact form.

Once you submit that, they’ll review your application. Just wait to hear back from them and arrange a meeting with your future fur baby.

Contact information
Address4, Mansbridge Cottages, Mansbridge Rd, Southampton SO18 2NH, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Phone operating hoursTheir lines are open during their open hours. But it’s best to call between 10 AM and 2 PM 
Opening hours*Weekdays: 10 AM to 12 PM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Note: Kindly contact them first to set up a viewing appointment.

#7: Dogs Walk This Way Rescue

Dogs Walk This Way Rescue

DWTWR goes above and beyond for their rescues…

To find out what I’m talking about, kindly check out this link.

There, you’ll find out how they help the canines. And they continue to do so even if the rescue’s been adopted.

And speaking of adoption…

If you’re thinking about it, they have a piece of well-meaning advice…

And that’s to kindly read this page that they prepared first.

They explain the ‘expectations vs. reality‘ of having a dog on that page.

Plus, they also included considerations to take note of.

Once you’re really sure, you can then send an adoption application.

Adoption fee: £450

How about fostering?

Not yet ready to fully commit to a dog?

How ‘bout a trial stage?

Plus, it’ll also help the shelter.

Although this is to see if a dog’s a perfect fit in your life, take note of one thing:

You should be willing to treat the rescue as your own.

So, it might all be a test or just temporary…

Still, you must work on giving them the best time during their stay with you.

Read more all about fostering.

And with that, here’s how to be a foster parent for the dogs of DWTWR.

Contact information
AddressAlbert Rd, Bagshot GU19 5QL, UK (Google maps)
Opening hoursWeekdays: 7 AM to 6 PM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#8: Dogsnhomes Rescue

Wanna adopt from a passionate and reliable rescue shelter?

You can’t go wrong with Dogsnhomes Rescues.

To know more about their process, you can read this starter page. 

And for more information, this link will lead you to the FAQs webpage.

Of course, the most exciting one…

Meet the dogs from small, medium, large. And don’t forget the puppies.

So, everything’s set? 

From being 100% sure about adopting to finding the right pooch for you…

Now, you can finally proceed to the application process.

Kindly fill out their adoption form that you can find here.

Contact information
AddressFleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Opening hoursWednesday to Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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#9: German Shepherd Rescue South

This rescue says:

“Why buy love… When you can rescue it…”

And this love that they’re talking about…

It comes in the form of a German Shepherd dog.

So, if you’re thinking of getting that specific canine…

Well, you’re in luck.

Your GSD might just be waiting for you in the shelter.

But first, kindly take a moment to read about their takes on adoption. 

On this page, you’ll find out more information. It’ll also help you set the right expectations.

After that, it’s time to look at their dogs on the search for a forever home. Kindly click this link to do so.

So say you’ve finally decided on this big commitment…

Then, you can proceed to submit this application form.

Contact information
Address48 Edward Grove, Portchester, Fareham PO16 8JA, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Opening hoursThey’re open every day from 4:30 AM to 12 AM
Social media presenceFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#10: Pro Dogs Direct

You can take your time to make a decision…

No need to rush when browsing this page of rescues up for adoption.

Pro Dogs’ adoption process isn’t a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

So, what do they imply?

They carefully assess each application. Then, they look for the best match available.

That’s because they work on behalf of their rescues.

In fact, the majority of their dogs live with a foster carer.


A home environment makes it easier for them to assess the rescue. 

On that setup, they can understand the dog better.

They’ll find out which home setting the rescues need best.

So say that you’ve taken your time to browse…

Now, you’ve finally found your ideal dog.

Just simply click on the rescue’s profile. And then, click on the ‘Appy to Adopt Me’ button.

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with them. I’ll list their contact information below.

Need help rehoming?

Whatever reason it is that leads you to rehome your dog…

Hey, Pro Dogs won’t make any judgments.

Instead, they’ll be more than glad to help you with your situation.

Kindly visit this page to know more. It also includes the request application that you can submit.

Contact information
AddressCole Ave, Aldershot GU11 1AN, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Phone+447766021465 or 
Opening hoursThey’re open 7 days a week between 10 AM and 6 PM.
Social media presenceFacebook

#11: Hairy Hounz

Open your home and heart for a rescue…

Meet their rescues that are ready for adoption. Go to this page to do so.

Just click the ‘Get to Know Me’ button if your ideal dog catches your eye.

There, you’ll be redirected to more information about the rescue.

Moreover, you can proceed to start the adoption process.

You can also try fostering

Wanna test the waters first?

Then, you can try becoming a foster parent for a while.

They’ll appreciate it if you apply. That’s because they’re in urgent need of foster carers.

Read more about the responsibility of a foster on this page.

And if you’re set on being one, kindly contact them to apply.

Contact information
Address*19 Tottehale Cl, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9NQ, United Kingdom (Google maps)
Opening hoursWeekdays: 9 AM to 3 PM
Social media presenceFacebook and Instagram.

*Note: Kindly note that this address isn’t a holding center. Their rescues are in foster care.