17 Most Popular Irish Wolfhound Mix Dogs

Irish Wolfhound Mix

Tall, muscular, yet with a calm demeanor. These are only some of the words with which you could describe an Irish Wolfhound. They are excellent hunting partners and can gallop at high speeds. Chasing down prey and game? Easy. Like Sunday morning. Fighting wolves off? Consider it done. These absolute tanks of fearlessness have the …


9 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Scared (Of Everything) + 3 Tips

Why Is My Husky Scared

Is your Husky acting scared or timid (all of a sudden)? Before you start worrying, let me explain why this happens. And what you can do about it.  In this article, you’ll discover: 3 useful tips to stop your Husky from being fearful.  Whether your Husky’s fear is caused by their DNA. 9 unexpected reasons …


101 Husky Memes: They’ll Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

101 Husky Memes

You found it: The ultimate Husky Meme Collection. So grab a partner and share some good laughs… (My personal favorites are: #11, #45, and #97.) #1: Hello! My name is “Stop That.”Sometimes they call me “Get Back Here.” #2: We, Huskies, have 18 muscles in our ear to help us ignore you. #3: It’s too hot …


11 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Sad (+Tips & Depression Signs)

Why Is My Husky Sad

Huskies are well known for their sunshine personality.  But what if there’s a sudden change in their behavior? Your Husky companion seems to have the blues.  What’s causing their sadness? Here, you’ll find out: 9 real reasons why your Husky’s sad. 7 signs to help you spot depression in Huskies. 27 easy tips to ensure …


Chihuahua Bite Force PSI: 5 Facts, Statistics & Fatalities

What Is The Bite Force Of A Chihuahua

Although they have tiny bodies… Chihuahuas can bare their teeth, snap, and make you run for your life. But… Do you ever wonder how powerful those small mouths are? Read on to learn and discover: How strong can Chihuahuas bite. If they could tear off an eyelid or even a finger. Whether they’re capable of …


105 Funny Corgi Memes: They’ll Keep You Laughing For Hours

105 Funny Corgi Memes

Looking for funny Corgi memes? It’s your lucky day! This is the ultimate Corgi Meme Collection that will brighten up your day. So grab some snacks and let’s start rollin’… 105 Funny Corgi Memes that’ll keep you laughing for hours My picks are #15, #23, and #55. Have a favorite Corgi meme? Let me know …


Do Huskies Need A Lot Of Attention? 11 Facts You Must Know

Do Huskies Need A Lot Of Attention

Think about it: Are you right for a Husky? There’s a lot of things you have to consider.  And I’ll tell you what you need to know before making this big decision.  In this article, you’ll understand:  If Huskies need a lot of attention. How much time you should spend with your Husky. 11 interesting …