105 Funny Corgi Memes: They’ll Keep You Laughing For Hours

105 Funny Corgi Memes

Looking for funny Corgi memes? It’s your lucky day! This is the ultimate Corgi Meme Collection that will brighten up your day. So grab some snacks and let’s start rollin’… 105 Funny Corgi Memes that’ll keep you laughing for hours My picks are #15, #23, and #55. Have a favorite Corgi meme? Let me know …


7 Reasons Why Your Corgi Eats Poop + 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Corgi Eat Poop

Is it like a feast for your Corgi every time you stroll at the park? Or is there always a treasure hunt every time you play in the yard? And inside the house is always a who-finds-it-first-eats-it-first scenario? You’re not alone! Other Corgi owners know the struggle. You wonder why it happens… And most importantly, …


Can Corgis Howl? 5 Surprising Facts About Corgis And Howling

Can Corgis Howl

There are many dogs out there that can howl proudly, but what about a Corgi? Can they howl like their bigger cousins? Prepare to be surprised. You’ll discover: The truth about Corgis and howling. The role barriers play in preventing unnecessary howling. The peculiar relationship between Corgi howling and harmonicas. And this is just the …


11 Reasons Why Your Corgi Is So Needy And Clingy

Why Is My Corgi So Needy

Several dog owners recognize Corgis as independent dogs. But other Corgi dog parents are baffled by their Corgi’s neediness and clinginess. They often ask themselves: ‘Why is my active Corgi becoming needy and clingy?’ ‘What’s the reasons behind the unexpected behavior of my Corgi?’ ‘How do I make them feel secure so they won’t become …


When Do Corgis’ Ears Go Up? 3 Reasons For Floppy Ears

When Do Corgis Ears Stand Up

Corgis are known for having erect, pointy ears. But some ears take their sweet time before standing proud. Are your Corgi’s ears one of them? If so, then read on. Here, you’ll find out: How your Corgi’s teeth are keeping their ears down. What a humble masking tape can do for your dog’s ear. The …


Are Corgis Herding Dogs? The Truth + 3 Surprising Facts

Are Corgis Herding Dogs

If you’re reading this, you know Corgis are nimble and energetic dogs. But can they really herd with their small and stubby legs? Can they become your reliable and trustworthy companions on the farm? Prepare to learn the truth. You’ll discover: 3 herding dangers for your Corgi’s legs and tips. What history has to say …


Can Corgis Swim? Do They Like Water? 5 Dangers + 3 Tips

Can Corgis Swim

If you’ve seen Corgis before, you’ve likely doubted their ability to swim. After all, their legs are just far too small for their size, right? So it’s understandable that you wonder if Corgis can swim (and if they like water). Here you’ll find out the truth. You’ll also discover: The reasons why some Corgis like …


7 Surprising Reasons Why Corgis Are The Best & The Worst

Why are corgis the best and the worst

Corgis are some of the most popular dogs out there. Maybe you’re thinking of getting one, or maybe you’re just here to find out what’s to love or hate about them.  This is the perfect chance to find out. Here you’ll learn: What splooting means and why it is a Corgi’s trademark. Several surprising reasons …


Are Corgis Easy To Train? 5 Tips For (New) Corgi Parents

Are Corgis Easy To Train

Corgis are known for being smart and able to learn a lot of commands. But just how quickly can they learn? What do you need to do to teach them properly? If you’re looking for ways to train them, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn: When your dog is ready to potty. …


5 Reasons Why Corgis Bark (A Lot) + 5 Tips To Stop It ASAP

do corgis bark

So… you’re thinking about getting a Corgi… but you’re wondering: ‘Do Corgis bark a lot?’ Smart question 😉 Here you’ll discover the truth. You’ll also learn: Reasons why Corgis bark (5 common triggers). Real-life experiences from Corgi parents all over the world. What to do if your Corgi barks. If a Corgi is the right …