11 Reasons Why Your Pomeranian Is So Needy And Clingy

Why Are Pomeranians So Needy

In this article you’ll discover: Why your Pom acts clingy and needy. In what way you’re affecting your Pom’s behavior, even if you’re not realizing it. 11 simple and practical tips on how to handle a Pom’s neediness and clinginess. And way more… Why is my Pomeranian so clingy?  Your Pomeranian could be so clingy …


Can Pomeranians Eat Eggs? 4 Benefits + 3 Dangers

Can Pomeranians Eat Eggs

If you love eggs and know how they benefit your health, you might want to give some to your Pomeranian. Eggs are recommended for humans, but can Pomeranians eat eggs safely? Read on to find out: 3 hidden dangers (make sure to check out #3). If cholesterol affects dogs the same way it does humans. The vitamins …


Can Pomeranians Eat Oranges? 3 Dangers + 3 Benefits

Can Pomeranians eat oranges?

You decide to eat an orange. And then you see your beloved Pomeranian staring you in the eyes. So you ask yourself… Can Pomeranians eat oranges? In this article you’ll discover the answer. And you’ll also learn about: What eating the rind can do to your Pom (hint: it’s dangerous). Specific steps to make a …


Are Pomeranians Easy To Train? The Truth + Tips & Tricks

Are Pomeranians Easy To Train?

You’re considering getting a Pomeranian dog. You imagine how you will hold him, walk him and smile when he looks into your eyes. But you’re also aware that you’ll have to do your part in the Pomeranian training to get there.  So, you wonder – are Pomeranians easy to train? In this article you’ll discover: The …


Can Pomeranians Eat Strawberries? A Helpful Guide

Can Pomeranians eat strawberries?

It’s no secret: Humans love strawberries. And Pomeranians seem to enjoy them too. However, can Pomeranias eat strawberries safely? Read on to discover: What happens if your Pom overeats on strawberries. Whether eating strawberries can whiten your Pomeranian’s teeth. The simple rule you can use to make sure you give your Pom the right amount of strawberries. …


Can Pomeranians Eat Cheese? The Answer + 4 Dangers

Can Pomeranians Eat Cheese?

You don’t wanna make your Pom feel left out. Plus when he sees you eating cheese, he looks at you with those begging eyes… And it makes you wonder – can Pomeranians eat cheese? Here you’ll discover: Which vitamins that are in cheese can strengthen your Pom’s health. How feeding your Pomeranian cheese can help you …


Can Pomeranians Eat Watermelon? Or Other Melons?

Can Pomeranians eat watermelon? Or other melons?

People love watermelons. And dogs seem to enjoy them too. But can Pomeranians eat watermelon? In this article you’ll find out: 3 hidden dangers when your Pomeranian eats melon. What effect seeds and rinds can have on the health of your Pom. Why it’s a good idea to cut watermelon in cubes and how to do …


Can Pomeranians Eat Grapes Or Raisins? What You MUST Know

Can Pomeranians eat grapes or raisins?

Yesterday a little girl fed my dog a raisin in the park (in case you didn’t know, raisins come from grapes). This is why I would like to answer the following question today: Can Pomeranians eat grapes? Keep reading to discover: Signs of grape or raisin poisoning. Ways to prevent grape or raisin intoxication. How …