Chihuahua Bite Force PSI: 5 Facts, Statistics & Fatalities

What Is The Bite Force Of A Chihuahua

Although they have tiny bodies… Chihuahuas can bare their teeth, snap, and make you run for your life. But… Do you ever wonder how powerful those small mouths are? Read on to learn and discover: How strong can Chihuahuas bite. If they could tear off an eyelid or even a finger. Whether they’re capable of …


19 Reasons Why There Are So Many Chihuahuas In Shelters

Why Are There So Many Chihuahuas In Shelters

Chihuahuas are popular dogs in Hollywood. They’re designer breeds, teacup pooches, etc… And so you wonder: “If they’re famous,  Why are there so many Chihuahuas in shelters?” In this article you’ll find out: Is Hollywood to blame in this situation? What are the common stereotypes about this breed? 19 reasons why there are so many …


7 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are Limping & Run On 3 Legs

Why Is My Chihuahua Limping

Your Chihuahua was walking fine. Playing, jumping, running – no problem. But suddenly… they start limping. And use only 3 of their legs. Oh-oh! Something’s wrong… But what could it be?  And how to help your Chi get back on all four again? Fret no more! This article holds the information you’re looking for.  Keep …


Do Chihuahuas Need Clothes? 7 Things You Should Know

Do Chihuahuas Need Clothes

I can almost hear you asking, do Chihuahuas really need clothes? Chihuahua clothes are not just for fashion statements. In fact, you’ll learn from this article: 7 reasons why Chihuahuas need clothes. Why Chihuahuas don’t thrive in the cold weather. How cold is too cold, and how hot is too hot for a Chihuahua. What …


17 Surprising Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are The Best

Why Chihuahuas Are The Best

Asking yourself why Chihuahuas are the best? Awesome! Here you’ll discover what makes Chihuahuas extraordinary dogs. Keep reading to find out: What makes Chihuahuas excellent emotional support dogs. 3 comfy positions that you can use to cuddle with your Chihuahua. 3 fun physical activities you can get involved in with your Chihuahua. How cleaning your …


13 Tips To Clean And Bathe A Chihuahua (How-To Guide)

Clean And Bathe A Chihuahua

Wondering how you can clean and bathe a Chihuahua? Search no more, you’ve found your how-to guide. Read on to find out: 13 must-read tips on how to bathe your Chihuahua. Which part of your Chihuahua’s body you shouldn’t forget. How to effectively observe your Chi’s behavior before cleaning your Chi and why it’s so …