13 Reasons Why Your Dog Pushes His Food With His Nose

Why Does My Dog Push His Food With His Nose

You noticed that your pooch has an unusual eating behavior.  They’re suddenly being goofy with their food. Fido keeps nudging their meal. And you wonder what’s up with them. Is this normal? Why does your fur baby do this? Keep reading to find out: Whether Fido’s food nosing is instinctive. Serious medical reasons that cause …


9 Reasons Why Dogs Pretend To Bury Food With Their Nose

Dog Pretends To Bury Food With Nose

You just gave your pooch their meal. But instead of eating, they start bumping it with their nose. It’s like they’re burying their food. “But…don’t they like it?” “What could this behavior mean?” In this article, you’ll discover: Dog breeds that are prone to exhibit this behavior. Serious underlying medical causes of food burying.   9 …


13 Reasons Why Your Dog Suddenly Pees On You + 5 Tips

Why Is My Dog Peeing On Me All Of A Sudden

Out of all places… Your dog chooses to pee on you without a warning. This ‘warm unexpected present’ could make you feel so confused. And think, “What makes them do this? And how can I stop this behavior?” Read on to learn: Whether canines are doing this on purpose or not. What does it mean …


11 Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Suddenly Eating Slowly + Tips

Puppy Suddenly Eating Slowly

Dogs are often excited to eat. Especially puppies. So if your pup started eating at a slow pace. And they’re no longer ecstatic about food. It’ll make you think… “What’s wrong with them?” Keep reading to find out: Why your puppy has slowed down on eating. When you should be alarmed about this eating habit. …


13 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Sniffing Your Legs (& Knee)

Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing My Legs

Your dog normally sniffs everything they encounter.  Which made you think that they’re just exploring.  But your dog suddenly started to sniff your legs and knees. And you can’t help but think: “Why? Is something wrong with me?” Read on to discover: What science says about this behavior in dogs.  Whether dogs can sense pregnancy …