Chihuahua Bite Force PSI: 5 Facts, Statistics & Fatalities

What Is The Bite Force Of A Chihuahua

Although they have tiny bodies… Chihuahuas can bare their teeth, snap, and make you run for your life. But… Do you ever wonder how powerful those small mouths are? Read on to learn and discover: How strong can Chihuahuas bite. If they could tear off an eyelid or even a finger. Whether they’re capable of …


9 Tips To Safely Lock Your Dog In A Room + 5 Dangers

Is It Okay To Lock A Dog In A Room

Your days are getting busier. You need to go to work. But you don’t feel confident letting your dog roam free while you’re gone. You’re asking yourself: “Is it ok to lock my dog in a room until I get back?” Well, all I can say is … Read further to discover: 5 tips to …


17 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Turning Over The Water Bowl

Why Does My Dog Tip The Water Bowl Over

Your dog’s drinking area looks like a hurricane just dropped by.  Their bowls are flipped over. With their water all over the place.  *facepalm* And now everyone’s slipping and sliding. Because of your pooch’s crazy bowl-flippin’ habit. How can you stop this? Keep reading to find out:  What are the health risks of this habit? …


11 Odd Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Let You Pet Him + 3 Tips

Why Won't My Dog Let Me Pet Him

Every time your hand comes near your dog, he moves away.  It’s like he’s wearing an invisible sign that says: “Back off! This body is a no petting zone.”  You just want cuddles, while your furbaby wants to be left alone. What’s a dog parent supposed to do? In this article, you’ll discover: How can …


When To Walk Your Dog After Having Puppies: 5 Vital Tips

When Can I Walk My Dog After Having Puppies

Your dog just gave birth to 1…2…3… or more little puppies. Good job! It’s important to take care of the pups. But don’t forget Mama Doggo. She needs exercise. As well as some private time, too. But wait a minute. When can you really take your dog for walks after whelping? In this article, you’ll …


Can Dogs Die From Stress Of Fireworks? 9 Dangers + 7 Tips

Can Dogs Die From Stress Of Fireworks

It’s known that most dogs are terrified of fireworks. They’ll pace, hide, and even tremble due to extreme stress. (Poor Fidos!) This leaves us one big question… Can fireworks end up killing canines? Find the truth in this article! Read on to also learn: 9 dangerous effects of fireworks on dogs. When do they fully …