My Dog Smells Like Period Blood: 11 Reasons + 5 Tips

My Dog Smells Like Period Blood

You hold your pooch, but you’re suddenly taken aback… They smell like period blood! Others will also describe this smell as fishy or metallic. Whichever it is, what could’ve suddenly brought this odor to your pooch? Read to learn: 11 reasons why your dog could be smelling this way. 3 things to do when your …


11 Essential Tips To Get A Dog To Drink Water After Surgery

How To Get A Dog Drink Water After Surgery

Your dog’s surgery’s over. Now, a new problem arises. It’s become a challenge to make them drink water. Something that’s essential – especially to recovering dogs. Is there anything you can do? Read on to find out: 11 essential tips to get a dog to drink water after surgery. The reasons why your pooch won’t …


17 Best Home Remedies For Dog Scooting (Itchy Bum)

Home Remedies For Dog Scooting

A dog dragging their bum on the floor might look cute (and funny). However, one thing’s for sure… They’re in great discomfort. But, don’t worry. You can help your pooch who has this issue at home. How? Continue reading to discover: Natural ways to soothe and relieve itchy skin in dogs. Home remedies you can …


Should You Walk A Dog With Luxating Patella? 7 Reasons

Should You Walk A Dog With A Luxating Patella

Luxating patella or ‘trick knee’ is a common bone disorder in dogs. It makes canines skip or walk on 3 legs. Which can be concerning for dog parents. So if your pooch has this, you may be wondering… “Is it alright to walk them?” Read on to learn: If you should walk a dog with …


Help, My Dog Hasn’t Pooped In 4 Days! 15 Reasons + 5 Tips

My Dog Hasn't Pooped In 4 Days

Constipation in humans is a stressful (and painful) condition. And when our furry friends also experience it for several days… It’s truly alarming. So, why does this happen? And how can you help them? Keep reading to find out: What makes dogs unable to poop for 4 days. Whether this is normal after diarrhea or …


5 Easy Ways To Massage A Dog To Poop (How-To Guide)

How To Massage A Dog To Poop

It’s known that massages have a soothing effect. And this goes for both humans and canines. However, aside from releasing stress… These might also help dogs in relieving themselves. How? Read on to find out: 5 poop-inducing dog massages you can do at home. The pressure point in dogs that can motivate them to poop. …


Can Dogs Climb Trees? The Truth (7 Reasons + 7 Videos)

Can Dogs Climb Trees

You’ve seen dogs climbing on beds, couches, even tables. But what about trees? There are videos on the Internet.  But is it a one-off occasion? Or is typical for all dogs? To get the answer to the big question… Read on to discover: Dog breeds that are known to be tree climbers. An unexpected reason …


Do Dogs Go To Heaven? What Does The Bible Say?

Do Dogs Go To Heaven

“Where do dogs go after passing away?”, is a common question asked by all ages. Whether you’re a kid or an adult who lost a furry friend. Some people believe dogs go to the ‘Rainbow Bridge.’ A part in heaven that was made for them. But… How much truth is there to it? Keep reading …