11 Weird Reasons Why Your Dog Cries During Walks + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Cry During Walks

If walks are a fun way to keep your dog active… Why do they cry when they’re outside? Uh-oh! Are they in pain… Or is this because of something else? In this article you’ll discover:  Why dogs get scared of the outdoors. 11 weird reasons why your dog cries during walks.  5 tips to stop …


9 Amazing Reasons Why Your Dog Puts Your Shoes In Her Bed

Why Does My Dog Put My Shoes In Her Bed

Is your pooch a professional shoe stealer? She skillfully takes your sneakers with her when no one’s around. But what you can’t understand is that… She even gathers them and places them in her bed. Like they’re a pillow or some kind of collection. Why is she doing this? Read on to find out: What …


9 Reasons Why Your Dog Sits Under Your Desk + 3 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Desk

Does your pooch suddenly go under the desk while you’re working? Or do they love staying in that spot whether you’re there or not? Well, stop racking your brains out. In this article, you’ll discover: What makes your dog hang out under your desk. If canines truly love confined and cramped spaces. When you should …


11 Interesting Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Howl + 3 Tips

Why Doesn’t My Dog Howl

Every time you see other dogs howling, you ask your pooch:  “Why do they howl and you don’t?” You don’t mind the silence. But sometimes, you wish your dog can also do this.  Now that would be really cool. In this article, you’ll find out:  3 tips to get your dog howling.  Dog breeds that …


9 Reasons Why Your Dog Cries When Carrying Toys + 7 Tips

Why Does My Dog Cry When Carrying Toys

Does your pooch pace and whine with a toy in their mouth? Or do they come to you wailing and carrying their ball? This behavior may leave you puzzled every time. And you feel bad because you can’t seem to figure out what they want. So why do they do this? In this article, you’ll …


Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Moss? 5 Risks, 3 Reasons & 3 Tips

Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Moss

Some dogs eat grass and poop.  But your pooch is different.  Instead of these things, they eat… moss! You’re worried.  Is moss dangerous or poisonous for them? And most importantly… is this normal dog behavior? Keep reading to find out:  5 health risks. Is moss toxic for dogs? 3 surprising reasons why dogs like to …


Is It Legal To Euthanize A Healthy Dog? 7 Facts

Is It Legal To Euthanize A Healthy Dog

Euthanasia gives old and sick dogs painless and quick death.  But did you know? Thousands of dogs all over the world are also euthanized daily. Even if they’re healthy. What could be the reason behind this? In this article, you’ll find out:  Can vets refuse euthanizing dogs? 7 reasons why healthy dogs are euthanized.  3 …


5 Stages Of Dog Decomposition (How Long It Takes & Facts)

How Long Does It Take For A Buried Dog To Decompose

Did you move into a new house… and found out there’s a corpse of someone’s Fido in the yard? Or do you want to dig up your four-legged friend that you buried years ago? Whichever your case is, one big question still remains… “How long does it take a dog to decompose?” Let’s take a …


Burying A Dog In Your Backyard: Laws In 50 States + 9 Risks

Is It Legal To Bury Your Dog In Your Backyard

It’s heartbreaking when your dog finally crosses the rainbow bridge.  But as their dog parent, you have to take care of what they’ve left behind.  Their body.  It’s understandable that you’d want them to be close to you after they die. But is it really okay to bury your dog in the backyard? In this …