Do Huskies Need A Lot Of Attention? 11 Facts You Must Know

Do Huskies Need A Lot Of Attention

Think about it: Are you right for a Husky? There’s a lot of things you have to consider.  And I’ll tell you what you need to know before making this big decision.  In this article, you’ll understand:  If Huskies need a lot of attention. How much time you should spend with your Husky. 11 interesting …


13 Real Reasons Why Your Husky Rolls In The Grass + 7 Tips

Why Does My Husky Roll In The Grass

One day, you’re walking with your Husky. Then suddenly, they spot a nice patch of grass.  You know what’s about to happen.  So you try to stop it. “Nooooooooo…”  Your dog doesn’t hear you.  They run and dive right straight into the grass. And then slither and roll on it like a grass maniac.  Uh-oh. …


11 Reasons Why Your Husky Eats Rocks + 9 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Husky Eat Rocks

You just discovered your Husky’s new favorite snack. It’s not cookies.  It’s rocks!  They eat them like it’s the tastiest thing in the world. What the heck?! Before you lose it, keep reading to find out:  The dangers of eating rocks. What rocks taste like for your Husky. 11 reasons why your Husky does that. …


9 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Restless At Night + 5 Tips

Why Is My Husky Restless At Night

You want a good night’s sleep for your Husky.  But… How can they sleep if they can’t even relax? You exercise your Husky daily but they’re still restless.  What’s worse is they want to go outside.  Don’t worry, I got you covered.  In this article, you’ll discover: Causes of restlessness in Huskies. The right sleep …


7 Reasons Why Your Husky Is So Jealous + 5 Tips

Why Is My Husky So Jealous

Huskies aren’t lap dogs.  But… You notice them sitting on your lap after you played with another pooch. Sometimes, they try to push anyone who tries to go near you.  Hmmm… I think someone is jelly! Jealousy is completely normal for dogs.  But can this cute behavior lead to something more dangerous? Keep reading to …


7 Reasons Why Your Husky Eats His Fur + 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Husky Eat His Fur

Is your Husky eating their fur? I bet you’re alarmed! I know. Gross, right?? They eat their hair that sheds out! Or worse, they pluck the hair off their skin.  If your dog has this behavior, keep reading this article.  In this article, you’ll discover: Why your Husky eats fur.  5 solutions for them to …


5 Reasons Why Your Husky Doesn’t Like You + 3 Tips

Why Doesn’t My Husky Like Me

Oh, no!  You’re giving all your love to your Husky but… they don’t do the same.  You feed and play with them but they spend more time with other people than you.  And when you’re there, it seems that they don’t care at all.  So, what can you do to make your snow dog like …


9 Reasons Why Your Husky Sleeps By The Door + 3 Tips

Why Does My Husky Sleep By The Door

Does your Husky prefer to crash by the doors instead of their cozy bed? Have you lost count on the times you’ve nearly tripped yourself because of them? And are you tired of worrying whether you’ll step on them again by accident? Well, say goodbye to the constant peaking, stumbling, and bumping. Because you’re in …