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Do Huskies Like To Cuddle? 14 Things You Should Know

Do Huskies Like To Cuddle

Science has proven that cuddling has calming effects on humans. And we expect that it has the same result on our Huskies, too.

But… do Huskies really like to cuddle?

Let me unmask the truth in this article.

Keep on reading and learn about:

  • 4 reasons why some Huskies want to cuddle. 
  • How to know when your Husky wants to cuddle.
  • Understanding the emotional needs of your Husky.
  • 6 reasons why some Huskies do not want to cuddle.
  • 3 reasons why you should cuddle with your Huskies.
  • And more…

Do Huskies like to cuddle?

Huskies love to cuddle but on their terms and means. If you own one, you are aware that they are not so much for smooches. Huskies crave human companionship, but they prefer to act on their free will.

Huskies that are confronted with cuddles may act aggressively. That’s why it’is necessary to understand when and how to cuddle them. Rash cuddle attempts from your side can be stressful for this dog breed.

Do Huskies like being held?

Huskies like to be touched, but not to be held. Naturally, they have plenty of energy. They chew on things, run around and knock objects over. Huskies need constant entertainment. They also require attention and human interaction. But these interactions do not involve being held and carried.

For these dogs, the presence of the owner shows affection. Playing and walking with them is all the interaction they need. 

How do Huskies like to cuddle and snuggle?

Husky Cuddles For Cookies

Huskies who are used to cuddling and snuggling as puppies carry this habit into adulthood. So, it’s no surprise to see them cuddling in bed with you. Touching your back with their back. Or putting their head on your lap when you’re sitting. Maybe leaning on you. Some of them will sit on your lap.

But on the other hand, Huskies also love activities that come naturally with their predator instinct. So, even though most Huskies tend to be affectionate, there are some that are reserved. 

For this breed, connection with their humans does not necessarily involve cuddles and snuggles. Sometimes all they need is a walk in the park and fetching a frisbee. 

Huskies also love games that involve playing together. Such as tug of war or fetch.

With this in mind, let’s look at the signs which show your Husky yearns cuddles:

  • Leaning against your side.
  • Curling up in bed by your side.
  • Resting their head on your lap.
  • Rubbing their body against your leg.
  • Walking around or in-between your legs.

Now you know. Great!

That being said, let’s dive deeper into the Husky-cuddle knowledge and find out…

4 reasons why some Huskies want to cuddle

#1: They recognize you as their alpha

Huskies grew in packs. Even if they think independently, they follow the command of their alpha. Hence, the need to recognize their owners as the leader of the pack. 

As members of the pack, the Huskies tend to protect their alphas. In the same way, the presence of the pack makes the Huskies more secure and safe. 

In their understanding, sitting near their owner and cuddling is one of their ways to give and seek protection.

#2: They seek some warmth and comfort

Huskies have thick fur and can survive extreme cold weather. However, they may still need some extra warmth from time to time. 

But seeking comfort may not always be the sign of affection. It could also indicate the presence of an illness or physical pain.

If it is unusual for your Huskies to offer a cuddle, examine them closely. 

Look for any physical wounds that may cause them pain. Observe any deviation from their behaviors, other than their sudden need for a cuddle. 

Note: Contact a veterinarian if their odd behavior continues for several days in a row.

#3: They want to strengthen the bond they have with you

Huskies love to cuddle on their own terms.

So, it’s a good idea to resist cuddling them for some time. Resort to patting their heads, stroking their ears, and scratching their bellies instead. 

After a while, your Huskies will feel more attached to you. Eventually, they would be more likely to come to you for cuddles.

#4: They love your smell

Being around each other for too long, your Husky may learn to love your smell. It makes them aware of your presence. Your smell makes them feel calm and secure.

Your smell serves as a clever trick to calm them in your absence. Some Husky owners leave a piece of their clothing with their pet. Or, what is known as a comfort blanket.

It makes the Husky feel close to the owner. Eventually, this also reduces their separation anxiety.

So far, so good. You now know how to read the Husky signs that invite you for cuddling. And why some Huskies love it so much.

But what about the ones who don’t?

Let’s look at their point of view with…

6 reasons why some Huskies do not want to cuddle with you

#1. They prefer to be active

Hyperactive. That is how most Husky pet parents describe their beloved pooches with one word. 

There’s a good reason for that. Think about it – for generations on end, people breed Huskies as working dogs. As such, Huskies require an adequate amount of daily exercise and training. 

The lack of physical activities can make them aggressive and can contribute to their aloof behavior. If ignored, the inactivity bores them and makes them chew on furniture and things.

But hey – this is fixable, as long as you perform the below-listed activities consistently.

These will also strengthen the bond between you and your Husky:

  • Play fetch.
  • Play tug of war.
  • Teach them how to swim.
  • Give them toys that they can chew.
  • Exercise with them for at least two hours per day.
  • Walk them around the neighborhood and the park.
  • Socialize them with the other members of the family.
  • Train them to be calm around other and smaller animals.

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#2. The environment they grew up into

There are Huskies who grew up in harsh conditions. And, their past experiences have contributed to their strong prey drive. 

Rescued Huskies have spent time in shelters with other dog breeds. To protect the dogs from the inferior breed, some caretakers tend to be harsh on the Huskies. 

Plus, a Husky that has ended up in a  shelter, could have experienced maltreatment from their previous owners. Such experiences often lead to trauma.

If you attempt to cuddle a Husky by putting an arm over them, it will send them a red signal. Huskies may perceive it as being held captive and reject your cuddle. Or even get defensive.

During their resting period, it is better to sit with them than to attempt a cuddle.

#3: You did not raise your Husky since they were a puppy

Why Some Huskies Don't Like To Cuddle

As the saying goes, ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’. 

Even as puppies, it can be a real challenge to train a Husky. This trait attributes to their intelligence and independence. 

Huskies learn from their training, but their need to do things independently wins over. The key to overcome this is to have patience. Especially if your Husky keeps on ignoring your commands.

Remember that Huskies need to move around and gnaw a lot. Use this to your advantage and incorporate your training in their physical activities. Learn the right approach so they can follow your commands. 

Training them as puppies should also include socialization with other people, dogs, and smaller pets. All of this aims to make your Husky confident so they can feel safe and calm in different types of environment.

#4: Cuddling makes them feel anxious and scared

Watch out for the signs of anxiety and fear. Flat ears behind the head indicate that they feel more troubled than calm. 

When this happens, it is not okay to cuddle them. Keep your hands away from their face or mouth. Gently stroke their ears or belly to help them feel calm.

But what makes a Husky anxious?

Any abrupt change in the schedule of your Husky or their environment.

As you probably know, loyalty is one of the Husky’s innate characteristics. A loyal Husky bonds with their family for life. So, if all of a sudden someone from the family starts missing for a longer period of time, it could trouble your Husky.

One example is a family member who left for college. Another is an owner who went away to spend a lengthy vacation. Or a recent death in the family could have occurred. 

These events trigger separation anxiety and even depression in Huskies. During these times, the anxiousness of your Husky needs to be understood.

An anxious Husky will not want to be cuddled. 

#5: The presence of other smaller animals distracts them

Consider the presence of smaller pets in your home before you decide on having a Husky.

As mentioned earlier, Huskies have a strong prey drive. They see hamsters, cats, and smaller dog breeds as prey. Huskies will hunt and chase these animals if they get the chance to.

That’s why they should not be allowed to roam freely around them. The presence of smaller animals alerts the Husky’s survival and predatory instincts. 

The case could be different if the Husky and the small animal(s) grew up together. And are used to each other. 

Otherwise, do not expect your Husky to want to cuddle with you while they’re presented with a more interesting opportunity. Such as chasing the poor chinchilla around the house…

Warning: The heightened predatory skills of the Husky can also be a threat to your other pet animals. He may want to chase and hunt them down, which can lead to injuries, and worse, fatalities.

#6: You grabbed them in the middle of an activity

Huskies have a temperamental mood. They would not like it if you would grab and hold them in the middle of an activity. 

That’s why you shouldn’t disturb them when they are sleeping or eating. An interruption like this may trigger their predatory instinct. If this kind of disturbance happens often, it may also lead to anxiety and aggression. 

Besides, jumping on your Husky while he has his guards down can affect the trust between you. And it may take you a long time to win it back. 

The act may also cause the Husky to not let their guard down around you anymore. Bonding with your Husky will not be easy if he is on attack mode most of the time. 

Plus, training your Huskies to be around other members of the family will be difficult if he developed a certain kind of alertness even around you. 

4 reasons why you should cuddle with your Husky (if they like it, that is)

#1: It increases the oxytocin levels

Physical touch increases the level of oxytocin in our bodies. This peptide hormone responds to love and labor during childbirth. 

It plays a role in social bonding, building relationships, and masking pain. The more our body produces oxytocin, the more we feel safe and secure with our loved ones. 

It helps build the familiarity and relationship between you and your Husky. It helps your Husky to feel more comfortable around you. 

#2: It increases dopamine levels

Dopamine hormones give us a feeling of happiness and pleasure. Dopamine is good for the body as it helps you relax and release tensions. 

Huskies can experience separation anxiety. Increasing the dopamine levels prevents the Husky and their owner from having depression and dealing with their anxiety or loss much better.

#3: It lowers cortisol levels

When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol. It helps control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, and helps control blood pressure. Fluctuating or extreme cortisol levels can throw the body out of balance. 

Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels that can lead to high blood pressure. When we hug, we generally feel loved and relaxed. 

As the oxytocin and dopamine levels in the body increases, it lowers the stress hormone. Lower cortisol also helps us be better relaxed and prevents us from suffering from a stroke.

Scientific studies show that this is also applicable to dogs, including Huskies. 

Physical contact such as brushing, scratching, stroking and cuddling also reduces your Husky’s stress levels. Hugging also alleviates their anxiety. It makes them more relaxed and comfortable.

#4: It makes us feel loved

The need to feel loved does not need an explanation. 

Whether it is about dogs or humans, we all deserve to feel loved. And how else do we express and feel love if not through cuddling (and sometimes smooching)?

Physical touch increases the connection between two different individuals. Cuddling often happens after your hand and your Husky’s paw touch. 

And every time your Husky nudges you with their nose. It increases whenever your pooch jumps and wiggles their tail at you. 

Any relationship is better with the help of cuddles. The physical touch contributes to having a stronger bond between those who hug or cuddle.

Cuddling also increases trust. It makes you feel more connected. It lets you become aware of your Husky’s facial expressions and whinings.

Growing the familiarity between you and your Husky has its own benefits too. It makes them yearn and comfortable in your smell. It allows cuddling and physical connection as an assurance of your loyalty to one another. 

Cuddle and snuggle to seal the deal that both of you belong to the same pack. 

The connection raises the Husky’s awareness that your territory is for him to guard. It allows the Husky to understand that he is also responsible for the protection of the family. It makes him feel that he is a member of the pack.