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105 Funny Corgi Memes: They’ll Keep You Laughing For Hours

105 Funny Corgi Memes

Looking for funny Corgi memes?

It’s your lucky day!

This is the ultimate Corgi Meme Collection that will brighten up your day.

So grab some snacks and let’s start rollin’…

105 Funny Corgi Memes that’ll keep you laughing for hours

My picks are #15, #23, and #55.

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Corgi Meme Bread

Select all images with bread.


Corgi Size

I’m not short. I’m fun size!


What’s a Corgi’s fave dessert? What? A shortcake! Got it?


Corgi Meme Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Paint me like one of your French girls.


Corgi Problem

Corgi Problem #1: Everything is too high.


All hail to the Corgi-Saurus Rex. Oh! the evolution has begun.


Corgi Meme The Best Therapist Has Fur And Four Short Legs

The best therapist has fur and four (short) legs.


Corgi Types

3 types of Corgis.


You are corgially invited.


Corgi Meme Feeling Mocked

Are you mocking me? Because I feel like I’m being mocked.


Corgi Stairway

Stairway to heaven.


Did you get my email about snuggles?


Corgi Meme Bread Has Visited You

Corgi Bread has visited you. Take advantage of this opportunity, or all your bread will mold.


Corgi Ear Pointing The Way

They went that way.

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I’m your Corgipractor. You’ll hear a little pawp!


Corgi Meme Legs

What happened to your legs? Man, leave me alone!


Corgi As Thor

I’m Thorgi, the god of thunder!


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s a flying Corgi.


Corgi Meme Corgi Down

Corgi down, I repeat, Corgi down!


Corgi Error

Corgi Error: System Frozen. Please restart.


There’s no time to explain. Get in the car!


Corgi Meme Coffee

Don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee.


Corgi Incorgnito

Hold on. Let me go incorgnito.


There can be only one King!


Corgi Meme Follow The Butt

Let’s follow the butt!


Corgi Nap

We will deal with the cat tomorrow. For today, I shall nap.

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Why would someone leave a perfect loaf of bread on the ground?


Corgi Meme Corg Key

Guess what I call this key…What? My Corg-key!


Corgi Wide Doorway

My doorway is one Corgi wide.


I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life for sure.


Corgi Meme One Belly Rub At A Time

Woah! Ladies, calm down. One belly rub at a time.


Corgi Judges People

Does your dog bite? No! she judges people.


I did the math. We can’t afford a cat.


Corgi Meme Fart

Mom, you might want to run. I may have farted.


Corgi Accidentally Opened Front Camera

I accidentally opened my front camera.


I’m not sure if I smell dinner or if I farted.


Corgi Meme Killed The Black Snake

Mom, I killed the black snake that blows fire.

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Corgi Lowered

I’m not short. I’m lowered.


We’ll take all your burgers. Yes, you heard us correctly.


Corgi Meme Ears

Go ahead! I’m all ears.


Corgi Seal

I’m half Corgi, half Seal.


The Jedi Corgi summons you.


Corgi Meme Extreme Cuteness Mode

Extreme cuteness mode: Activated.


Corgi Shorts

When you accidentally google ‘Corgi shorts’ instead of ‘Cargo shorts’.


I haven’t eaten in an hour. That’s 7 dog hours.


Corgi Meme Short Legs

Life is short. So are my legs.


Corgi Homework

This homework looks hard. Would you like me to eat it?


They started it, Mom!

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Corgi Meme Invisible Piano

Do you like the sound of my invisible piano?


Corgi Birthday Song

My legs are short, my body is long. Hope you enjoy this birthday song!


No one will ever know what I have just done until they step on it.


Corgi Meme Identity

Do you think this is funny? Identity isn’t a joke.


Corgi Used To Make Fun Of The Cat

I used to make fun of the cat. But I must say this is pretty nice!


I love you with all my butt. I mean, ‘my heart’.


Corgi Meme Leaving Work

Me leaving work on a Friday!

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Corgi Surprise

Hey Mom, surprise! I made these for you.


Focus on my fluffy butt. Focus on it!

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Corgi Meme You Must Follow The Corgi

Two roads diverged in the woods. You must follow the Corgi.


There Are No Bad Days With A Corgi

There are no bad days when you come home to a Corgi.


I had fun once. It was awful.


Corgi Meme Toss The Tennis Ball

Hey! I’m a Corgi, and this is crazy. But here’s my tennis ball, so toss it maybe.


Corgi Throwing A Wild Party

I’m throwing a wild party while Mom & Dad are out of town.


When the fart wasn’t silent.


Corgi Meme Corberius

Corgi + Cerberus = Corberius


Corgi Pure Bread

I’m a pure ‘bread’ Corgi.


I’ll take all of them!


Corgi Meme Thinking Of The Park

Wait a minute! This isn’t the park.


Corgi So Small

Why are you so small? I’m a Corg!


Anatomy of a Corgi


Corgi Meme Meet The Mom

I want you to meet my Mom.


Corgi Short Legs

Short on legs, big on love…and butt!


We are Corgidiles.


Corgi Meme Corgi Mom

That’s my Corgi-Mom, that’s how she roll.


Corgi Will Steal Your Girl

I’m here to steal your girl.


I’m a Husky trapped in a Corgi’s body.


Corgi Meme Cook

Hello! I’m here to eat your food! I mean help cook your food.


Corgi Gryffin Corg

Do you know that there are different types of Corgis? Gryffin-Corg is one of them.


I must go. My planet needs me.


Corgi Meme Names

Hi! My name is ‘stop that’. Sometimes, they call me ‘get back here’.

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Corgi Half Listening

Okay, you got me! I’m only half listening.


What is this thing? It’s freaking me out, Mom!


Corgi Meme Rules

If my Corgi doesn’t like you, I can’t like you. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


Corgi Perspective

Short is a matter of perspective.


You don’t need to worry about my Corgi. But, you have to worry about me if you mess with him.


Corgi Meme Obsessive Corgi Disorder

I’m your dogtor and you may be suffering from Obsessive Corgi Disorder.


Corgi Love

Love a Corgi and you will never dine alone again.


Corgi Tripping Hazard


Corgi Meme Corgis Are Land Seals

Did you know that Corgis are basically just land seals?


Corgi Guard Dog

When your guard dog is a Corgi.


Mom! The ice cream truck is here. I’m flying towards it.


Corgi Meme Prescription

Are you feeling down? Here’s a prescription from your dogtor.


Corgi Close Up Ready

I’m ready for my close-up.


Corgis just don’t care.


Corgi Meme Spot The Corgi

Spot the Corgi


Corgi Bathroom Privacy

Bathroom privacy? I’m a Corgi, I don’t do privacy.

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Which is a Corgi? Which is a T-Rex? I guess we may never know.


Corgi Meme Feeling Corgeous

I’m feeling Corgeous today.


Corgi Trust

In gravity we trust.


Mom! I just peed in the pool. Sorry.

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Corgi Meme Little Push

How about a little push?


101 Corgis

101 Corgis


You like Corgis and you like ice cream. Welcome to your dream.


Corgi Meme Magazine

I’m the new face of Dogue Magazine.


Corgi Booties

Corgi booties make the world go round.


We made it to the finish line.