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13 Simple Ways To Keep Your Husky Cool (How-To Guide)

How To Keep Your Husky Cool

As a Husky owner, you think about simple ways to keep your Husky cool. ‘Can I shave my Husky in summer? Can I take them walking any time of the day?’

You’ve found the right place to get answers.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 13 simple ways to keep your Husky cool.
  • Some simple recipes for frozen treats to make.
  • Why you should or should not shave your Husky’s fur.
  • What thermoregulation is, and why hydration is important.
  • And many many more…

How to keep your Husky cool (in summer / at night)?

Keep your Husky cool (in summer / at night) by exercising when there’s no sun and keeping them hydrated. It’s vital that your Husky feels cool so that they don’t suffer from heatstroke. Other ways include not shaving their coats and giving them frozen treats.

How to keep your Husky cool outside?

Keep your Husky cool outside by providing them shade, letting them splash in a kiddie pool, and limiting time outside. Let them do their business and play for about 30 minutes. Then take them inside the house and let them rest on a cooling pad.

13 simple and effective ways to keep your Husky cool in hot weather

#1: Never ever shave your Husky

Summer comes around and your first thought is shaving your Husky.

I totally understand your intentions. 

Even some vets and groomers suggest shaving a Husky. Unfortunately, these people are misinformed about the breed.

Shaving is far from the best choice. 

A Husky has their coats for a reason. Even if it’s too hot, their double coats work to make them cool. 

Specifically, their undercoat traps air to cool the surface of their skin.

Aside from that, here’s why you shouldn’t touch a Husky’s coat:

  • Shaving ruins the shedding process. 
  • Without fur, they can’t repel water, mud, and debris.
  • When you shave the coats, they’ll never grow back the same.
  • Without fur, they have no protection against insects and parasites.
  • Huskies have no or little pigmentation in their skin. If they’re as naked as a baby, their skin is exposed to the sun. They are at higher risk of developing skin problems.
  • Huskies do not sweat like humans. They do not sweat through their skin. They cool themselves by sweating at the paws; panting through their mouth; cooling the blood in their ears.

Among these, panting is more important. Why is this so?

Compared to humans, dogs have fewer sweat glands. Sweating through their paws is not enough to cool them off.

 Your Husky may not have sweaty armpits after a run. But if they pant, know that  they’re trying to cool off.

#2: Brush your Husky’s fur regularly

Brush Husky To Keep Them Cool

What’s better than shaving?

Regular brushing.

It distributes the skin’s natural oils, keeping your Husky’s coat healthy. The brush helps to remove debris, burrs, and loose hair.

When you regularly brush your Husky, it leads to an effective circulation of air in the skin. 

This is particularly helpful when they’re shedding. You remove the loose fur so that air can reach their skin.

That’s one step back from overheating.

Plus, it makes your Husky feel comfortable and happy.

In addition, you can use brushing to check on your Husky’s health. Is the coat healthy? Are there matted or tangled hair? Is the coat dirty?

FYI, matted hair hurts the dog when their fur is wet. The tangle tightens closer to the skin.

Avoid this scenario by making brushing a daily bonding moment with your dog. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

#3: Limit time outside

When the sun is beating down hard, limit your Husky’s time outside.

Let them do their business. Or play outside for 30 minutes. Then take them inside the house.

Though Huskies can tolerate the warm weather, don’t let them over-exercise. If they can’t pant and sweat properly, it will lead to overheating.

If your Husky hasn’t gotten enough exercise outside, continue it inside the house. Crank up the air conditioning and do some games with your pooch.

Or let them lounge around. If you have tiled floors, all the better for your Husky to lay on. The cool tiles will be a welcome respite from the hot weather.

Note: Keep your Husky from laying on carpets. Those can’t help them expel heat.

#4: Exercise when it’s not hot

A Husky must get their exercise. Rain or shine.

In the cold weather this is not a problem. They were bred to work in sub-zero temperatures.

But it’s challenging on summer days. You can’t exercise your Husky anytime you want. 

There must be a specific time that is safe for exercising. 

The hottest part of the day is between 10am – 4pm. Avoid having your Husky do any rigorous physical activity within this time period.

The safest time for your Husky’s exercise is when the temperatures are low. That means early in the morning and late in the evening. 

Some owners try to wake up a bit earlier in the morning to take their Husky walking. 

Don’t worry, though. Doing it is beneficial for both of you health-wise.

Note: If it can’t be helped that your Husky is out, keep them in the shade. And bring a portable water dispenser so they can drink water every 10 minutes or so.

#5: Make drinking water available at all times

Water available at all times for Husky meme

Huskies’ number one enemy in warm weather is dehydration.

If they don’t drink enough water, they are at risk of dehydration. And dehydration can lead to heat stroke.

Since dogs can’t sweat, they use thermoregulation to cool themselves. Thermoregulation is your Husky’s ability to regulate body temperature. 

The mechanisms for thermoregulation include sweating and panting.


Hydration is one of the factors that affect a dog’s ability to thermoregulate. If they’re dehydrated, they’ll have difficulty keeping themselves cool.

That said, make water available to your dog. Place multiple water bowls inside and outside the house. 

This makes it easy for your dog to drink when they’re thirsty.

And oh, don’t forget to refill. Or you’re gonna get a telling-off from your annoyed Husky:

You can add ice cubes to keep the water stay cool for longer. Change the water often so your dog drinks clean water every time.

Also, keep their water bowls out of the sun.

#6: Give your Husky an ice bath

Treat your Husky from time to time by giving them an ice bath.

Will it cool them off? Definitely.

Do you live in places or countries where summers are dry and as hot as an oven? Your Husky will be happy for any chance to cool off.

So set a huge laundry basin or a kiddie pool under a shade in your yard. Or even inside the house, if you don’t mind a bit of a mess. 

Then fill it up with ice.

Let your Husky enjoy the hot weather buried in ice.

Here’s Chaska’s owner giving him an ice bath:

Oh, Chaska likes it! He even loves eating some ice cubes.

With an ice bath, you get a very happy dog.

#7: Hang out inside the house

If it’s too hot outside, seek the shelter of your house.

Make sure your Husky has a cool place to lie down out of the sun. Draw the curtains if the sun directly hits a window to protect against the UV rays.

If you can afford an air conditioning, set the temperature around 20-21℃ (70℉). If without air conditioning, place fans strategically around the room.

Caution: Your Husky can tolerate temperatures up to 32℃ (90℉). Anything above this is too hot and might lead to heat stroke.

To keep boredom at bay, do some games with your Husky. Play tug-of-war, or give them a frozen Stuffed Kong. 

This will provide them lots of mental stimulation while inside the house.

This is also your chance to give them a refresher on basic commands.

#8: Do not leave your Husky in the car

‘I’ll just be five minutes, Rover! I’ll be back before you know it.’

Five minutes or one hour. However long you take, do not leave your Husky in the car unattended!

Or that’s going to be one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Just 6 minutes

Did you know it only takes 6 minutes for a dog to die in a hot car?

When it’s 22℃ (71.6℉), the inside of a car reaches 47℃ (116.6℉) within an hour. If your Husky’s internal temperature exceeds 41℃ (105.8℉), they’re at risk of heatstroke.

Between 2009 and 2018, 90% of reported incidents of heat exposure was about dogs in vehicles. This was in England and Wales alone.

Your Husky is better off left at home than in a hot car. Even if you leave them in a car for no longer than 5 minutes.

#9: Keep your Husky’s paws off the pavement

Paw pads are sensitive to heat.

Walking on hot concrete or asphalt could cause nasty burns on your Husky’s paws.

If you’re outside (not recommended), occasionally wet your Husky’s paws. 

Make them walk on grass or dirt as these do not get hot. 

Warning: Concrete holds heat longer, even when the sun has gone down. Be sure to check that the pavement is not too hot. Do the palm test to make sure. Place your palm on the pavement for 10 seconds. If it’s hot for you, then it’s hot for your Husky’s paws.

#10: Give your Husky some frozen treats

Frozen treats will definitely make your Husky happy.

You can find a lot of simple recipes you can easily make at home. Some even need just a few ingredients.

Try this cantaloupe ice cream:

  1. Peel and dice cantaloupe. Freeze.
  2. Blend frozen cantaloupe and plain yoghurt.

Or these fruit treats:

  1. Puree 1 ½ cups watermelon.
  2. Puree 1 cup pineapple.
  3. In a silicone mini muffin pan or ice cube tray, place a slice of banana in each well.
  4. Put 2 tablespoons of watermelon puree on top of the banana slice.
  5. Top with 2 tablespoons of pineapple puree.
  6. Freeze for 4 hours.

You can substitute these fruits for other fruits that are dog-safe.

Note: Make a big batch so you can give one to your Husky when it’s too hot.

#11: Give your Husky a cooling pad

Cooling pads are lifesavers on hot days.

A cooling pad is water-filled. Thus, your Husky has a cool place to lie on when they want to cool off.

What’s more, these are simple and effective. You’ll find that it’s a winner with your Husky.

Some Huskies actually love laying on a cooling pad even at night when it’s no longer hot. Plus, it works wonders if they are senior and have aching bodies.

This Chillz cooling pad (on Amazon) is definitely a steal. You don’t have to refrigerate it to cool it. Use it inside the house or even outdoors under the shade.

It provides a cool surface to help expel your Husky’s body heat.

Note: If you have no cooling pads available, you have a DIY option. Wet towels will provide the same effect in a pinch.

#12: Provide lots of shade

For those times that your pooch is outside, make sure they have plenty of shade.

If there are trees around, then your Husky has a place to rest while enjoying the breeze.

Otherwise, set up big umbrellas. Your dog will automatically seek the shade to rest.

#13: Set up a kiddie pool

The ocean far away? No rivers or streams nearby?

Not to worry. There’s a better option to take advantage of. 

A kiddie pool or a big laundry basin will do (wonders).

This is a nice-to-have thing when your Husky is playing outside. They can do a quick splash before running or playing.

I know some Huskies that really love playing in the water. And when it’s too hot, they enjoy it more.