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11 Ways To Know If Dog Mating Is Successful (Updated 2023)

How To Know If Dog Mating Is Successful

You finally decided to get your pooch to mate.

And the only thing that’s left to do is wait for a successful encounter.

But now you’re a bit lost…

Because how exactly would you know if they’ve finally done it?

Moreover, how could you be so sure it was fruitful? 

Continue reading to learn:

  • How a canine’s behavior can change after coitus.
  • 11 straightforward ways to know if dog mating is successful.
  • Why dogs get tied together after mating (which is the most common sign of an effective encounter).
  • And many more…

How to know if dog mating is successful? 11 ways

Signs in both dogs

#1: They’re “tied” together

If you see dogs locked together, you’re almost certain they had coitus.

And by tied, that means the puppers have their rear ends stuck to each other. 

At first look, it can be confusing to figure out how exactly they’re bound together.

So here’s how VCA Hospital explains it:

While mating, a part of the male dog’s penis swells. With that, it gets larger.

Then, the female canine’s vagina contracts against it. Sort of locking the penis in. Which prevents it from being withdrawn.

Initially, the male dog was on top of the dam, right? 

But he’ll step over his partner to end up being back-to-back. 

And research tells us that they’ll stay like that for at least 15 minutes.

Note: Vets say this is the most telltale sign of a successful mating encounter. However, even dogs that don’t end up being tied can produce a litter. As long as they show other signs that I’ll explain further in this article.

#2: They’re cleaning each other

After being free from their knot, the dogs aren’t done yet.

So, you can still figure out whether the 2 mated successfully.

Because right after they get untied…

They’ll also clean themselves or each other by licking their genitals.

#3: Rolling around

And to top it all off…

The male dog will roll around the floor. Which is due to satisfaction from a successful mating encounter.

Note: Female dogs can show this behavior too. However, that’s a rare event. And it makes this action common among male canines.

Now, this sign might be a little hard to figure out.

Because it’ll look like how they normally roll around his toys, the grass, or their treats. 

That said, you can’t immediately assume that the pooch had mated when they do this. It’s only safe to say if they show other signs from this list. 

Signs in male canines

#4: His penis is still erect

Catching this sign depends on how recent the act was.

And this only occurs shortly after the dogs have coitus.

Because when Fido pulls out from the knot…

His penis will still be erect.

However, the blood in his veins will drain from the bulbous glandis. That helps his penis go back to its usual size.

So apart from licking the genitals to clean them up…

A male dog would attempt to decrease the size of his penis by licking it. Thus helping it shrink faster.

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#5: He’s calmer

Dog Mating Is Successful If He's Calmer

Well, he kind of did all the work. 

So apart from his satisfaction, the male pooch tired himself out.

With that, he doesn’t have any more energy to use.

And that’s why he’s calm after successfully mating. Which is the opposite of his behavior during courtship.

In the pre-mating stage, a male pooch is overly excited. 

Some dog parents would even say Fido is acting crazy.

He’s like that when he smells a female dog in heat. 

And Fido will be determined to answer to that instinct to mate. So, he’ll court his dam.

But after the deed, he’ll enter a refractory period

That’s when he’s no longer interested in pursuing any dog for a while.

“How long would his disinterest last?”

Vets say it depends on psychological and physiological factors. 

A sample for the former is his previous experiences in mating. As for the latter, his libido is a component.

But if they can, a male pooch will mate up to 5 times a day.

But get this…

Sperm output might decrease over each encounter. So, not all of them might be successful.

Signs in female canines

#6: “Wooing” evidence

It’ll be easy to confirm that your pooch has mated when her fur is wet. 

Because, before the act, the male pup will lick the female dog. Particularly around her face.

So, her head and her neck are moist from saliva.

Moreover, Fido will also lick her back down to her tail.

He does this to convince his dam further to mate with him.

Then, the back of her neck will get wet during the encounter as well.

That’s due to the male pup’s saliva dripping down to her while he’s on top.

#7: Changes in the way she walks

Although the mating was successful, Fido might’ve performed a bit poorly with his strokes.

With that, the female pup might’ve felt uncomfortable during the act.

But to explain Fido’s side…

He might be stressed. 

Perhaps it’s his first time mating. Which means he’s confused with the sensations that coitus brings. 

Regardless of that, he continues carelessly. 

Now, what if Fido did well? 

If that’s so, then he’s too big for his partner. Thus, causing her discomfort.

And apart from his size, his movements might be too hard or forceful as well. 

So after the encounter, the female pooch will struggle to walk. That’s why there’ll be changes in the way she struts. 

Warning: This sign should go away within a day. If it doesn’t, bring your canine to the vet. Especially if it’s accompanied by crying or vocalization.

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#8: Her vulva is swelling

You’d know if your dog has successfully mated once you see her vulva swelling.

Now, you’ll also notice this during the start of her heat cycle.

But one way to tell the difference is whether there’s blood flow or not.

Because if there’s no blood dripping from her swelling vulva…

That means she’s just engaged in coitus.

#9: She has this distinct smell

Love was in the air.

Although it left a bit of a funky aroma.

Regardless, that’s one way of knowing a successful mating encounter.

The female pooch will produce a distinct odor.

And it might be something you never smelled before.

Because it’s not like the scent she has when she’s in heat.

But you can only catch a whiff when she gets near you. Which is a bit tricky since, as I mentioned, she’ll be distant.

#10: She was recently bleeding

So, you didn’t get to notice the signs that I mentioned. 

However, you’re sure that your female pooch has engaged in coitus.

If that’s the case…

A way to know if it’s successful is to look back on whether your dog was bleeding or not.

And I’m not talking about if she recently got hurt and had a wound…

I’m referring to her heat cycle.

Because during the start of her season, blood will flow from her vagina. When that happens, she’s in the proestrus phase.

And according to the MSDVM, she’ll reject her suitors during this period.

But when blood flow lessens and her vulva stops swelling…

She’ll enter the estrus phase. Which is the stage where she’s open to mating.

That said, if your pooch had her period about a week ago…

And she mated with a male pooch just recently…

There’s a high chance that the encounter is fruitful.

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#11: She begins to show signs of pregnancy

Most of the ways I mentioned are only present briefly.

They occur shortly after the act and should go away after a few moments.

So, they could be easy to miss.

When that happens, there’s only one way left to know if it’s a successful encounter…

And it’s when your dog starts to show indications of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, you’ll only notice these signs after a week or 2. According to AKC, those are:

  • Irritability.
  • Weight gain.
  • Swollen belly.
  • Enlarged nipples.
  • Nesting behavior.
  • Appetite changes.
  • Getting tired easily.
  • Showing more affection.

When you notice these hints, consult the vet. Your pup needs to undergo tests and an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.