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Is My Dog In Heaven Waiting For Me? 11 Signs & 3 Stories

Is My Dog In Heaven Waiting For Me

Some people say that they saw their departed dogs in dreams.

As well as during near-to-death experiences.

And that their dogs were waiting for them in a place like a paradise.

This now leaves a big question for us all…

“Will we be reunited with our dogs in heaven?”

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 true-to-life experiences of people who lost their dogs.
  • Whether your departed dog is watching over you or not.
  • 11 surprising signs from them that you may have overlooked.
  • And many more…

Disclaimer: While the stories here are from people’s personal experiences, the outcomes are not typical.

As a dog advisor and lover, I want to help people with the questions they may have. It’s not my place to make any claims on the topic. My only intention is to give you enough information, so you make your own conclusions and choices.

Is my dog in heaven waiting for me?

No one knows for sure if your dog is waiting for you in heaven. But there are reports of parents being visited by their dogs from the afterlife. Animal communicators also believe the same thing. As they say, humans and their pets are connected by love. A strong link that can’t be broken by death.

Lyn Ragan, author of the Signs From Pets In The Afterlife’ said that our dogs who passed away watch us from heaven.

According to her, they’re always by our side. And just like deceased humans, they can send messages too.

What are those?

Let’s dive right in.

11 signs that your dog is waiting for you in heaven 

#1: Hearing familiar sounds

84% of 164 fur parents in the US and UK who lost their dogs and cats claim that they heard their pets for a second.

This is from a study about grief. And the common ‘false recognitions’ that people experience.

Researchers say that humans tend to hear the sounds of their departed pets due to so much sadness.

In another research, 85.7% of 174 bereaved fur parents showed at least 1 sign of grief.

And this lowered down to 35.1% after 6 months. Then up to 22.4% after a year.

The study shows how long it may take for us to recover from the pain of losing a pet. And how it could greatly affect our lives.

But, is this phenomenon only due to grief?


It’s an after-death communication a.k.a. ADC?

Danielle MacKinnon, an animal communicator for 20 years, believes it’s the latter.

She says that sounds are one of the most common signs that animals send in the afterlife. And it’s their way of saying, “Hello!”

MacKinnon said that pets who crossed the rainbow bridge know their humans’ emotions. And this is why they give signs to help them get through their grief.

Also, according to her, animals will make sounds related to them.

So for dogs, it can be a:

  • Footfall.
  • Faint bark.
  • Sounds of their collar.

And other things that’ll instantly remind humans of their Fidos.

Sophy Burnham, an angel expert, says that she experienced this. Several weeks after her Corgi named ‘Puck’ died.

She said that out of nowhere, she could hear Puck’s nails tapping on the floor. Like he’s following her inside the house. Just like the old times.

However, this stopped after 2 to 3 weeks.

#2: Smelling odors related to your dog

Smelling Odors Related To Your Dog Is A Sign That He's Waiting For You In Heaven

Next, aside from sounds, MacKinnon also says that pets can send signs through scents.

Btw, these aren’t ordinary odors. As they could be the exact body scent of your dog.

Or things they used to like when they were alive. Say, the smell of their favorite food or even their poop!

MacKinnon, herself shared a story about her former Chocolate Lab named ‘Bella.’

According to her, Bella wasn’t fond of baths. But her dog loved diving in swamps. Which then created a certain odor that she can easily distinguish.

After Bella passed away, she says that sometimes, her scent wafts. And this usually happens while she’s working in her office.

#3: Feeling your dog’s presence

Did you know that there are also reports of people being able to feel their deceased pooch?

One of these is a dog parent who shared her experience on the Internet.

She had a 15-year-old Border Collie named ‘Glen.’ And when he was still alive, he liked sleeping somewhere else instead of his bed.

As a morning greeting, he always pushed his parent’s bedroom door. Then went to his humans’ bed to be petted.

But the morning after his death, the sender saw the door suddenly open.

She then knew that her dog, Glen’s around. So she put her hand down like she used to. And for a short moment, she claims that she had felt his fur.

Wanna read more interesting stories?

I’ll share them later on. So stay tuned! 🙂

#4: Seeing your dog in the corner of your eye

There are also claims of people who have seen their departed dogs for a brief second. And they’re usually in their lively state. 

Most people see their Fidos running across the hallway all of a sudden. But when they go check it, they see nothing.

Based on MacKinnon, this is a possible sign too.

She says that pets may give an illusion of themselves to their humans. And it’ll happen in a blink of an eye.

#5: Being visited by other life forms

In China and Japan, white butterflies signify the souls of departed loved ones (humans).

But, is this also applicable for pets?

Karen Anderson, who wrote the book,The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ says that they could do this as well.

The afterlife expert shares that pets can send other animals or insects. And they’ll place them in spots where their humans will notice.

So based on this, dogs may also pay a visit in a different form. Say, a dragonfly or a hummingbird.

#6: Appearance or moving of one of their belongings

Moving objects?

This is what we usually see in horror films.

However, some people are certain that they experienced this with their deceased dogs.

There’s a story of Teena and her pooch, Madie, who died in 2012.

Teena asked for a sign from Madie. With the help of an animal communicator.

Then one morning, she found herself lying with Madie’s collar on the bed. And she said that neither she nor her cats did that.

According to Teena, it was tucked under the covers. Like what Madie used to do when hiding a bone.

She also said that she felt something stepped on her foot while in the dark. But then she saw nothing.

#7: A gust of wind out of nowhere

Sometimes, dogs on the other side can also be felt as a sudden rush of wind.

Laura Stinchfield, a famous pet psychic, said in her vlog that it’s a huge sign:

For example, the wind suddenly blows in a particular way. Or the air has become crisp and cold.

She also believes that our deceased loved ones – pets and humans, all go to a different dimension. Resting in a faraway place where they feel no pain.

And pets can even meet other people that are a part of our lives. Like good old friends or ancestors.

#8: Suddenly remembering a certain memory with your dog

Stinchfield also says that pets who crossed over can also come in through a memory.

According to her, this isn’t a longing. But a visit.

A dog’s spirit may put a certain thought in your head. Which could either make you smile if it’s a happy memory.

Or burst into tears if it’s a touching one. Depending on the message your dog wants to convey. 

Also, this happens all of a sudden. Like when you’re doing something. And you’re not thinking of your pooch at the moment.

#9: Answering your thoughts…in unusual ways

It’s common for dog parents to ask their deceased Fidos if they’re now in a happy place.

But pets who went to the rainbow bridge won’t be able to tell them the answer directly.

So Stinchfield says that dogs may prompt people to do something instead.

Like making their humans look up at a specific time. Or urge them to read all of a sudden.

Say a book or a magazine. And people will open up on a page with words that answer their thoughts.

As well as causing the lights to suddenly flicker. Turning up a specific song (their favorite one or yours) on the radio. Or leaving a feather in a meaningful place.

#10: Showing up of your dog’s name

Dog's Name Showing Up

Have you heard or seen your Fido’s name at random times?

If so, this could also be a sign from them on the other side.

MacKinnon, an animal communicator, shared one more experience about her dog, ‘Bella.’

She said that after her passing, the name of her pooch suddenly popped up on the TV.

She then went outside to get some groceries. But while she’s reading a label, she saw a brand named ‘Bella.’

And on that same day, she also got a letter with ‘Bella’ on it.

Coincidence or not?

Well, no one knows for sure.

#11: Your dog appearing in your dreams

A visit from your departed pooch while you’re asleep?

Well, you’re not alone.

Preston Ni, a professor, and coach wrote a book about this. And it’s called, How to Interpret & Re-Experience Visitation Dreams of Deceased Pets.’

Ni once posted an article about dreams and departed pets. 

And he wrote in Psychology Today that he received many responses. Mostly from fur parents who dreamed about their deceased pets.

And from their stories, he observed several similarities. Which are as follows:

  • The dreams were said to be so realistic.
  • Their departed pets showed up in a healthy form.
  • The dreamers know exactly what their pets are saying – by telepathy.
  • The respondents woke up with intense emotions. Say, sadness or gratitude.

Most fur parents also said that the dreams helped them with the pain. As their pets often convey messages of comfort.

3 true stories from people who lost their dogs

#1: Midnight comes…home

The first story is about a dog named Midnight and her family.

According to the sender, she was a Black Labrador Mix. And she passed away in 2014 due to a spleen tumor.

Midnight’s absence made her family’s house gloomy for 2 months.

Until one night…

The sender said that her husband went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. While she, along with their 3 other dogs, were in the living room.

Then her husband came back – looking puzzled.

He asked her which of their dogs followed him to the kitchen. However, to his surprise…

She told him that none of the Fidos moved from their spots.

Her husband was so sure that a dog was with him. As he told her that he bumped into them many times.

Although he didn’t bother to look who it was as it was dark. And he’s also used to being accompanied by their dogs in the kitchen.

The incident left the sender wondering if it was Midnight. Because she said, who could have done that besides her?

This episode was then followed by another ‘visit’

After a few days, the sender and her daughter heard a dog’s footfalls in the hallway. But all of their Fidos were outdoors at that time.

This happened many times. But every time they checked the area, nothing seemed to be causing the sounds.

She also said that sometimes, they see a canine’s shadow coming inside the room. And they’re sure it wasn’t made by any of their 3 dogs.

The mysterious footsteps continued for months. But still, they weren’t sure if it was Midnight’s doings.

However, another sign happened…

But this time, it was a scent wafting by. An odor that, according to the sender, she was certain of.

It’s the strong distinct smell of Midnight. A unique scent that none of their dogs have.

So from then on, she was sure that it was really Midnight – paying them a few visits.

But days went by and the signs eventually stopped. She said that although it was saddening…

They’re still thankful for having their beloved dog for a few more months around.

#2: ‘Yabba,’ the miracle dog

Miracle Dog

Maureen, the parent who shared this story online, says that her dog named Yabba was a cancer survivor.

In 2016, she was told by a vet that her pooch won’t live long.

But much to their surprise, Yabba lived long enough – until the age of 16. Because 11 days before her 17th birthday, she passed away.

One day, Maureen brought out Yabba’s ball and put it on the floor. Inviting her departed pooch to play with her.

Then suddenly…

She says that the ball rolled without being touched. Then she felt something brushing her leg.

It seemed so real that she even heard the sound of the contact. Which scared her in the beginning.

But then she realized that maybe it was her dog, Yabba.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Because on that same day, right before Maureen went to sleep…

She suddenly felt her big toe being bitten. And it has the same feeling as a dog bite.

Due to these sudden strange incidents, she believes that Yabba was giving her a message. Letting her know that she’s alright and in a safe place.

#3: The guardian angel

This last story was told by Sophy Burnham. The angel expert I mentioned earlier. And it was from a woman in the audience during one of her talks.

The lady shared that she had a Shetland Sheepdog back in Idaho.

The dog specifically liked wearing a red bandana. And the woman loved her pooch so dearly.

But then the dog passed away, which made her devastated. So she needed to go to a retreat center to heal.

She then recovered from it. Then one day, while she was hiking in the mountains, a thunderstorm poured.

The woman was frightened as she was still far from her cabin. And she couldn’t find her way back.

Until she heard something…

A bark. 

To her astonishment, she saw a dog pacing with a red bandana in front of her.

According to the lady, the pooch seemed like they wanted her to follow them.

As the dog quickly ran to a certain route. Then barked whenever she hesitated and tried to go back.

But when she finally saw the cabin, the dog immediately ran away.