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5 Crystal Clear Signs That A Male Dog Wants To Mate

Signs That A Male Dog Wants To Mate

Your male dog has been acting weird lately.

You suspect they want to mate.

But you’re not quite sure.

Well, if you think your dog might already be a big boy…

Then continue reading to find out:

  • 5 crystal clear signs that a male dog wants to mate.
  • If canines have a specific breeding season and when does it happen.
  • What certain environmental factors can help male dogs get aroused and ready to mate.
  • And this is just the beginning…

How do you know when a male dog is ready to mate?

You’ll know when a male dog is ready to mate when they pee a lot. Canines use scents-marking to signal females that they’re ready. Your male dog may also roam around a lot in search of a potential partner. All these actions usually start when they become sexually mature – around 5 months old.

5 signs that a male dog wants to mate

#1: They try to mount females near them

In normal situations, your male pup would be well-behaved around females. However, if a bitch is ready for breeding, your pup can act out.

“How do they do this?”

Well, one of the ways dogs react when a female in heat is around is they mount her. Some fur parents may interpret humping as typical male dog behavior.

But in this context, mounting is a male dog’s invitation to mate. And there are some issues that can arise due to this behavior.

One example would be getting in trouble with other fur parents. Especially if your pooch is mounting theirs. 

Some dog parents may understand the situation. But, if you don’t know how to keep your dog away from a female in heat, others may get annoyed.

You can try to pull your pooch away from the female dog. Do this gently and calmly so as not to agitate your fur baby.

Treats can also work in distracting your canine. Use ones that your dog usually can’t resist.

#2: Adult male dogs get aggressive towards your fur baby

Hormones play a huge role in a dog’s behavior. These are used as messages by most canines. And they can communicate with other dogs using the chemicals.

Well, it’s not like sending an accurate message as humans do. 

Your pooch may have an Instagram account, but they don’t personally use it. 

What dogs do is smell the hormones and interpret them.

Being ready to mate is one of the messages hormones can relay. But, a male dog’s testosterone can mean something to other adult canines.

During the fertile period of your pooch, their testosterone levels are very high. Even beating out the hormones of older male dogs. 

And this is why some canines are aggressive towards your pooch according to the AKC.

You might see your fur baby bark at other dogs. Especially during walks. Or whenever you’re out in the park.

That’s why it’s also important to learn how to stop your pooch from engaging. Fights can become nasty and get them injured. You might even get hurt yourself.

“What do I do if I see an aggressive dog try to attack my fur baby?”

Here are a few tips:

Tip #1: Don’t panic. You might not be able to think straight if you get rattled. Dog fights are sometimes loud and chaotic. And it’s easy to feel scared at the moment. 

But you need to keep a chill composure so you can act accordingly.

Tip #2: Distract your dog from afar. You can do this by wagging their favorite toy around. You can also whip out a bag of treats. Anything that can take their attention from the fight would be helpful.

Tip #3: Call out your dog’s name. If you have a well-trained canine, they’d easily recognize their moniker. This is one safe way to make your pooch come to you.

Tip #4: Don’t ever try to go near and separate them yourself. Reaching your hand in will most likely end up in you getting bit. 

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#3: They pee a lot

A Male Dog Wants To Mate When He Pees A Lot

There are a lot of reasons why canines pee more than usual. And wanting to mate is one of them.

Sure, scent marking is one of the reasons why most dogs pee a lot. That’s how they mark their territories.

Some dogs may even pee in your home. Especially if you just recently moved. This behavior is called scent-marking. 

It’s when dogs are trying to claim your home as a part of their new territory using their pee. However, their wizz can be used in other ways, too.

A male dog sometimes pees around an area to help them find a partner.

Research says that urine-marking can help dogs procreate. Not directly, but still can be helpful in sending signals to potential mates.

The smell of urine can increase the chances of female dogs finding male partners. This can be very helpful for stray dogs. And more so if the number of females is low within their area.

Even if your dog is trained, its instincts can still kick in.

If your pooch is ready to mate, be prepared to stop at almost every lamppost. Or any bush they can find.

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#4: They roam around a lot

This is a bit related to #3 and is pretty obvious. If your dog is ready to mate, they’ll need to look for partners.

If your pooch is alone at home, then they’ll turn to the streets. Or maybe even court your neighbor’s cute puppy.

Just watch these two pups wanting to jump over their fence to go mate with a female:

While out, they can be peeing and leaving their scent.

Another reason why your dog roams is because of their hormones. Being sexually charged can cause your pooch to leave your house, too. 

Hormones smell very distinct to canines. And you may not believe it, but weather can affect their arousal, too.

According to research, dogs mate more during the rainy season.

“But I thought you said dogs don’t have a specific breeding period?”

Yes, they don’t. But certain weather conditions can make dogs smell hormones better.

The study, conducted in India, found out that free-ranging dogs mate more when it rains. This doesn’t mean female dogs in India do not follow the estrous cycle.

This pattern repeats twice a year. And during this time, female canines are very fertile.

It just so happens that urban places like India have a lot of other scents they can smell. Meaning, most canines can’t sniff out the hormones of other dogs.

But, when it rains, the humidity increases. Rain also lowers the temperature of an area. Which means the smell of hormones and pheromones intensifies.

And in return, dogs roam around more to find mating partners.

#5: They can’t focus

Most training routines go out the door when hormones are involved. If your male fur baby wants to mate, that just might be the only thing on their mind.

Some canines no longer know how to act when they feel aroused. It’s like an automatic reaction of their bodies to go find a partner.

And you really can’t blame your dog. There are even cases when your pooch doesn’t listen to you anymore. 

This can happen more to naturally hyper dogs. Such as Huskies. You might have problems making your Husky listen to you.

It’s not that they don’t love you. Or have forgotten their training entirely. They’re just craving to procreate with a female dog.

You might find your pooch “hard-headed.” But it’s not the case. It’s just that they can’t control their urges due to the hormones.

Chemical changes in our brain can make us crave things. And we just can’t control some of it.

Ever seen a friend have a raging craving due to their menstrual period coming up? This is similar to what happens in male dogs.

It’s hard to shake cravings off. Especially if they’re caused by hormones. And it’s even harder to focus on tasks sometimes.

To ease things down, some fur parents try to distract their male dogs with activities.

And sometimes, exercises work too. So your doggo calms down.

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Bonus: They masturbate frequently

Dogs are creatures with urges. And they need these to be met, too. Masturbation might be their only outlet.

Generally, masturbation in dogs is okay. Although it can be upsetting sometimes.

Here are some ways dogs masturbate according to the ASPCA:

  • Licking their genital area.
  • Humping random objects.
  • Rubbing their sexual organs on surfaces.

If you want to stop your dog from masturbating, you can try to distract them.

Try calling out your dog’s name to make them come to you. Giving them commands can also be effective in stopping them from masturbating.