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What Kind Of Music Do Dogs Like? [Best & Worst Genres]

What Kind Of Music Do Dogs Like

Dogs have sharp ears. Their hearing is more sensitive than ours.

Like us, they have their music preferences, too. 

Fido can keep track of the sounds they like or dislike.

I know you’re curious…

“How will I know what music my pooch prefers?”

Read on to find out…

  • The 3 genres Fido dislikes the most. 
  • How to know your pooch’s taste in music. 
  • Why you should include Bob Marley and the Beatles in your canine playlist now.
  • And many many more…

Do dogs like music?

Music calms dogs. Thus, the short answer is yes. Dogs like music.

Dogs can hear music more clearly than humans as revealed by American biologist Marc Bekoff. 

He shared that humans hear sounds up to 64,000 Hertz

While our pooch can hear frequencies as high as 67,000 Hertz.

If that’s the case, what we hear at 20 ft (6.10 meters) is much more audible for our dogs even at 80 ft (24.39 meters).

That’s 4 times as sensitive compared to us fur parents.

Plus, because they can hear at a higher frequency, Fido gets to hear sounds our ears can’t catch.

For example, the high-frequency sounds our home appliances create. Our fur babies’ sharp ears get to hear this which can stress them too.

Fun fact: Paul McCartney confirmed the Beatles made a song for Fido. The band added a high-pitched whistle on the final track of their iconic Sergeant Pepper album – ‘A Day in the Life.’ 

So, if you come across this song, observe your dog’s reaction.

What kind of music do dogs like?

More than the soothing sounds of music, dogs have preferences according to science

#1: Classical music

Dogs like slow, simple, and peaceful music. 

Thus, classical arrangements hit the spot for our pooch.

Researchers from SPCA and Glasglow University supported this claim.

They noticed a positive reaction in dogs when classical music plays in dog rescue shelters.

You might ask…

“Why do kennel centers do this?”

Kenneling or housing scares Fido.

In fact, because of how traumatizing it can be, experts coined a term for it: “Kennel stress”.

This is the emotional or mental tension Fido feels while staying in a shelter or kennel.

Thus, the Scottish SPCA chose kennelled dogs to be the subject of their investigation. 

Their paper showed playing music in a stressful environment can reduce stress in dogs. 

Aside from classical music, the team included various musical arrangements:

  • Pop.
  • Reggae.
  • Motown.
  • Soft rock. 

Which later on revealed that some dogs become relaxed by listening to reggae and soft rock genre. 

#2: Reggae 

One of the music genres that gave Fido a relaxing effect is reggae. 

The same study that proved classical music calms dogs revealed this. It provides frequencies beneficial to reduce separation anxiety and stress.  

This finding inspired Joshua Leeds, the CEO of BioAcoustic Research Inc., to add reggae to their iCalmDog album.

This musical genre that Jamaicans of African ancestry developed in the late 60s is known for its:

  • Steady.
  • Spirited percussion.
  • Hypnotic bass lines.
  • Up-stroke beat guitar. 

To see the effects of Reggae on Fido, you can also try playing Bob Marley songs for your pooch.

He’s a prominent figure that introduced reggae to the world. And his songs will surely positively influence your dog’s mood.

#3: Soft rock

From the same research previously mentioned, kenneled dogs’ heart rates also slowed down when they heard soft rock music. This is a clear sign of relaxation for dogs. 

Aside from a favorable heart rate, Fido lays down longer while this kind of music is on. This action suggests that they are comfortable in their environment. 

Soft rock dominated the music scene in the 70s because of its various elements:

  • Minimal aggression. 
  • Radio-friendly pop hooks. 
  • Vibrant studio performance.
  • A love song-dominated genre.   
  • Blends smoothly with other music styles. 

These simple and melodic type of songs are a great addition to your canine playlist. 

Lionel Richie, Elton John, and Carole King were famous soft rock music artists. You might want to check their songs and chill with your dog. 

Since science proved classical, reggae and soft music passed our pooch’s musical taste… 

It sparked conversation in the dog community. Which lead to more various pieces of research.  

Music almost has the same effect on humans and dogs.

The human brain has neurons that are more sensitive to various shifts in pitches, unlike dogs. A 2008 study proved this point.

Thus, we get to enjoy a wide range of music genres than Fido. 

Playing music together can be a good bond to share with our pooch. 

Aside from the positive effects music brings to our dogs, it can strengthen our bond with them too. 

Just like this cute and wholesome video between a fur parent and his amazing pooch Meg. 

Do you want to witness a performance of a lifetime? Check this out: 

What music do dogs dislike? 

Some genres have faster tempos you should be mindful not to expose your pooch. Loud music hurts our furry friend’s ears. 

It can also cause physical pain to them when exposed for a longer time. 

Such loud sounds can impair Fido’s hearing. Some of these are:

#1: Heavy metal

Research by Animal Welfare found out heavy metal causes dogs to bark more. 

Heavy metal is loud, distorted guitar riffs and an aggressive approach to rock and roll.

Kirk N. Olsen and his team conducted a study on the psychosocial risks of exposure to heavy metal music.

Their study revealed that listening to it causes behavioral issues and mental problems, such as: 

  • Anger.
  • Anxiety.
  • Aggression.
  • Depression.
  • Antisocial behavior.

The same things go into Fido’s brain as claimed by vet researcher Veronica Amaya and her team. 

Thus if we let Fido listen to this type of music the risk of developing such mental issues increases. 

Unexpected loud sounds or noises can trigger stress and fear in our dogs. 

Especially if they aren’t exposed to this daily.  

VCA shared that noise affects almost ⅓ of the canine population. 

Extended exposure to loud, frightening sounds can cause mild fear to extreme phobia. 

Mild fear reactions can be in the form of:

  • Hiding. 
  • Pacing.
  • Panting.

While phobic reactions include:

  • Agitation. 
  • Escaping. 
  • Panicking. 
  • Other destructive behavior. 

As a result, dogs have a different reaction to heavy metal music than classical tunes.  

It creates discomfort and triggers unwanted behavior from them. 

#2: Grunge

You can characterize grunge music by its hard metal and heavy punk sound. Other than that, it’s often produced with:

  • Intense vocals. 
  • Overwhelming drum beats.
  • Heavy distorted electric guitar riffs.
  • Dark and hopeless lyrical compositions. 

With these elements, you’ll understand why you’ll never see Fido listen to this. 

Psychology Today columnist Stanley Coren in his article reports that grunge music promotes:

  • Fatigue.
  • Tension.
  • Hostility. 
  • Sadness.

Fun fact: Did you know that there’s a grunge song written about a dog? Paw, the band from Lawrence, Kansas produced “Jessie.” The lyrics describe the difficult bond Jessie the dog has with his fur parent.   

#3: Heavy rock

Unlike soft rock, the woofer isn’t much of a fan of heavy rock. 

This music’s style includes:

  • Darker melodies.
  • More intense beats.
  • Powerful rhythm lines.
  • Heavier guitar chords.

These elements are enough to cause severe stress to our dogs. Remember that they’re sensitive to sounds, so intense tempo can affect their mood. 


Do puppies like music?

Puppies like music. They prefer soft music that is slow and with a steady rhyme to soothe them. Introducing Mozart to them is therapeutic, especially in times they’re agitated. Their muscle relaxes and boosts their range of motion. 

Do dogs like classical music?

Dogs love classical music because it relaxes them. It has a positive effect on their well-being as they become less stressed and agitated while listening to classical pieces. They’ll choose to lie down for long periods, sleeping and resting. 

Do dogs like piano music?

Not all piano songs have a calming effect on Fido’s ears. There are piano pieces that trigger aggressive behaviors because of their depressing sound. The likes of Franz Liszt’s Totentanz (Dance of the Dead) and Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite Of Spring. Dark, violent, and dramatic energies fill these two songs.  

Do dogs like jazz music?

Jazz music is one of the dogs’ musical preferences because it has peaceful frequencies. Thus, an effective stress management tool alongside: Reggae, soft rock, and classical.

Do dogs like rock music?

Rock music irritates Fido because it makes them anxious. It has powerful guitar riffs and thunderous drums. Dr. Debbye Turner, a famous author, and vet tests the theory of how music works in dogs at a doggie daycare in New York. She observed that dogs became feisty when she played rock music.