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11 Weird Reasons Why (Random) Dogs Are Attracted To You

Why Are Dogs Attracted To Me

Congrats. You’re part of the secret club.

Dogs are attracted to you (like bees to honey).

They come up to you with a big smile on their face.

And it makes you wonder… why?

Continue reading to discover:

  • What makes dogs attracted to certain humans.
  • Things that people do which canines like and dislike.
  • Whether you have a magical touch or an inviting odor.
  • And so much more…

Why are dogs attracted to me?

Dogs are attracted to you because you create a friendly atmosphere. Or, you know how to interact with them, have a nice scent, or speak in a soothing voice. This could also be due to your pheromones, calm behavior, generosity, or similar temperament. But canines may also want to comfort you.

11 reasons why dogs are attracted to you

#1: You have a ‘friendly aura’

Some people can get tense around strays and stranger’s dogs.

But how about you?

Do you feel no fear when you’re with them?

If so, this explains why random dogs come to you.

You may create this welcoming atmosphere. That animals (and even babies) find you comfortable. 

It’s like you have a sign on your head or face that says,

“Come here.

Don’t worry. I’m harmless.”

This ain’t no magical power. As you might only be a friendly and loving person in nature.

And your genuine friendliness is a charm that you wear every time.

“But how do dogs know what I’m feeling?”

You may already know that canines have excellent noses.


Have you heard that they can also smell human emotions? Say, fear and joy?

Yup! You read it right.

Dogs know if we’re nervous or happy by the scent we give off.

Because when we’re anxious or stressed, our body breaks into a sweat, right?

Especially under the armpits. And the chemicals in sweat serve as fear signals that dogs can catch with one sniff.

Seems impossible?

One study proved this.

Researchers gathered sweat samples (scents) from strangers. And it was done during 3 emotional states:

  • Happy.
  • Fearful.
  • Neutral.

Afterward, they let the dogs smell each odor with a human.

The results?

Canines interacted more with strangers when they sniffed a ‘happy scent.’ Plus, they had lower heart rates too. Meaning, they’re relaxed.

But when dogs smelled a ‘fear scent,’ they showed signs of stress. As well as a raised heartbeat.

Which tells us that they’re in a fight or flight response. A natural reaction when faced with a threat.

#2: You have a nice odor

Oh, this doesn’t mean you smell like an irresistible steak or pizza.

(Well, unless you have tasty treats in your pocket all the time!)

Because dogs could also be attracted to you due to the smell of your skin. Or they may like how your clothes smell. Same goes for your shoes.

So this is what canines could like about you, apart from what you ‘smell inside.’

If you have other pets at home or you just petted a stray animal earlier, dogs may have smelled them on you. So they find you interesting.

Vets say that there are indeed cases like this. Where dogs didn’t favor people who have unpleasant smells. Say, alcohol.

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But this might also be because…

#3: You release certain pheromones

Dogs Are Attracted To You Because Of Certain Pheromones

Mammals – including dogs and humans – have ‘apocrine glands.’

“What are they?”

They’re a type of sweat gland which releases pheromones. Or an odorless scent containing one’s information.

Imagine it to be an ID. Or like a Facebook account. Where other people will know your age and gender.

But instead of looking at it, you’ll need to smell it.

(Mind you, dogs’ pheromones can’t be perceived by our senses. But since canines have incredible noses, they could smell ours.)

However, the difference is…

Pheromones can also have an individual’s mood. As well as their reproductive status.

Based on experts, dogs’ apocrine glands are all over their bodies. And they’re mostly in their private areas.

When it comes to us, those glands are mostly in our armpits and groin.

And it was also said that when females ovulate, dogs will likely be attracted to them. Due to the shift in pheromones.

So if you’re a female, there may be times when dogs are slightly more drawn to you. And now, you might know the real reason for it.

Note: This is also why canines have a ‘sniffing habit.’ They smell other dog’s rear ends. And go crazy when they detect a female in heat. Or sniff people to collect enough data.

But if dogs can be attracted to other canines’ pheromones…

Does it mean that they could also feel the same way about us?

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#4: You know how to interact with them

Another reason that makes you a dog magnet is your observant behavior towards them.

“What do you mean?”

You may or might not know this yourself…

But, it’s likely that you’re not doing anything they dislike. And you somehow understand them.

For example, you don’t touch a dog immediately.

You look first for the subtle signs they give. Before you attempt to pet them.

Or, you know right away what they’re asking for. Whether it’s food or a belly rub.

And this certainty helps you approach them with less fear. Which is one of the things that attract dogs as I said earlier.

You may have lived with dogs or animals for a long time.


Have you heard from someone that you’re a highly sensitive person?

If so, it’s also one possible reason. Which explains why you’re ‘in tune’ with dogs’ behavior and feelings.

As well as other people. Because you’re empathic in nature. 🙂

Note: Research shows that high sensitivity is only found in 20% of humans. And people who are like this have stronger positive emotions. Like excitement and happiness. Plus, they’re found to be more emphatic than others.

Wanna know what are things dogs hate?

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#5: You speak ‘politely’

Dogs also appreciate some good manners. And you might have also got this in you.

Just like small kids, canines prefer people with a soft calming voice. Or a sweet high-pitched tone.

As opposed to those people who are too loud. And talk closely to your face.

Which can sound threatening to canines. (Well, this is completely understandable.)

|That’s because, aside from scents, dogs are sensitive to our tone as well.

VCA Hospitals say that this helps them detect our mood. And they pay more attention to it rather than the actual words we say. To know what we want them to do.

So, a “Come on!” spoken in a high-pitched voice will make dogs wag their tails happily.

While the same words in a low and lifeless tone may cause a negative reaction instead.

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#6: You have a calm behavior

Calm Behavior

Apart from your genuine friendliness, you might also be even-tempered.

Meaning, you’re always calm and composed. And this is why dogs feel secure around you. 

That’s precisely how my Mum is. Whenever there are dogs around her, they become glued to her. Like moths to a flame. 


Mum is super calm and speaks softly. Plus, she rarely gets angry. She also loves dogs. And they love her back (a lot!). 

So they sense she’s someone they can lean on (both literally and metaphorically speaking).

Say you’re like that too.

They could easily predict your actions. Plus, they know that you mean no harm to them.  

Canines will also read our body language. And see if a person is safe and comfortable to be with.

Because well, it’s been said that dogs can easily sense our emotions. So they know whether we feel angry or not at the moment.

Or if we have a tendency to have a sudden outburst of emotions. Which they’ll find scary and threatening as well.

#7: You appear trustworthy

“Wait. Do dogs know if a person is good or bad?”

Canines aren’t fortune-tellers or psychics. But they sure are very observant of their surroundings.

The many years of domestication made them experts at reading human body language. As well as our emotions.

So they know if a person is someone they can trust or not.

Research in Japan found that dogs are able to discern this pretty quickly.

The study was composed of 3 rounds:

  • 1st round: The experimenter pointed to the container with food.
  • 2nd round: The same person pointed to a vacant container instead.
  • 3rd round: The same person, again, pointed to the container with food.

In the last round, the dogs were said to be unresponsive.

As they may have lost trust in the person during the 2nd round. When the experimenter pointed to an empty barrel.

So smart!

But, the study didn’t end there.

The researchers presented a new experimenter afterward. Different from the one who did the previous rounds.

This was to see whether dogs can distinguish which ones to follow or not.

The person did the 1st round again. And to their surprise, the dogs obeyed the cue.

So they concluded that canines know indeed who’s reliable or not. By analyzing the cues around them.

And as a clever being, they’ll easily get it right away.

#8: You respect their personal space

“I usually ignore dogs along the way. But they still follow me and beg for attention.

Why’s that?”

It’s because you aren’t forceful.

You let dogs come to you naturally.

Unlike some people who can be aggressive just to win their affection. Which is something canines find uncomfortable.

You probably let canines go when they want to. And pet them only when they ask for it.

So when they see you again, they know you’re a nice person to hang out with.

#9: You’re a ‘giver’

“The way to a canines’ heart is through their tummies.”

It’s also possible that dogs saw you offering some food to other canines or animals. Or you’re giving them a nice pat on the head or belly rub.

So because of this, random dogs might also be drawn to you.

And if your family’s dogs are especially attached to you, this may also be the reason.

As most dogs will not be able to resist food. As well as a fun play or cuddle time.

And they’ll remember the person who always provides these things to them.

#10: You match their temperament

They say that opposites attract. But in this case, it might not be applicable.

As people are said to be attracted to dogs who are similar to them. And this could also be the case vice versa.

Like us, each canine has a unique personality. And it might be that your sibling’s or friend’s dog is attracted to you because you’re quite the same.

For example, energetic dogs may do well around people who are also active. And be drawn to them immediately.

Or a calm pooch will like someone who’s also composed.

Interesting fact: A study also discovered that people have Fidos who resemble them. And researchers were able to match dogs to their parents by looking at their photos.

Say, long-haired females may be more drawn to dogs with long ears. Or people with bigger mass prefer bulkier Fidos as well.

See, this finally explains why some dogs look like their dog parents in a way. 

#11: You need some comforting

Lastly, dogs are also believed to be empathic. This is one of the reasons they’re tagged as human’s best pals.

Since they’re able to know your emotions, it might be that they sense something is going on with you.

And being empaths, they’ll have the urge to come to you. Trying to comfort you in any way they can.

You may be feeling under the weather for a few days now. Or you often suffer from blues.

“But random dogs usually come to me. So I’m a total stranger to them.

Is this still possible?”


I stumbled on one interesting study about this. And it was found that some dogs may also show empathy to people they don’t know.

The researchers asked parents and strangers to cry, hum, and talk around dogs. To know how canines will react to each situation.

And it was observed that dogs showed more attention to their parents when they pretended to cry.

But, canines also had the same reaction when strangers acted in distress.

They even licked and sniffed them. As their own way of comforting them.

So, what do you think?

Which one of these traits do you possess? 🙂