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7 Surprising Reasons Why Dogs Like Period Blood (& Lick It)

Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood

Your dog doesn’t wear capes. 

Nor do they have long fangs.

But sometimes you wonder if they’re vampires.

Because they always show interest in your period blood (and lick it)!


In this article you’ll discover:

  • The dangers it can cause your dog.
  • 7 surprising reasons why dogs like period blood.
  • 3 tips on what to do if your dog likes (and licks) your period.
  • And much much more…

Why do dogs like period blood?

Dogs like period blood because of its distinct and pungent smell. They’re scavengers by nature, and the scent of decaying blood such as your period resembles the smell of protein. Therefore, they can get so attracted to it that they may lick and eat your tampons or pads. 

Why does my dog lick my period blood?

Your dog licks your period blood for reasons such as being interested in its scent, detecting pheromones, wanting to know more information about you, lacking personal boundaries, being a forager and opportunistic feeder, or having a compulsive disorder. 

7 reasons why dogs like (& lick your) period blood

#1: They’re attracted by its scent

“Sniff… Sniff…

What’s that? It smells so good! 

Must have a taste.”

The first reason why dogs lick your period blood is because of its scent. 

It’s a new smell for them. And they want to know more about it.

You see, dogs are curious animals. 

And for them to know about certain things, they like to sniff, smell, and taste. (Yep, they do this in that exact order.)

They put things in their mouth to explore and discover new things. 

So when you have your period, you might notice that your dog likes to sniff on your crotch. 

And if they get the chance, they’d also go through your trash can.

They may eat your pads or tampons too. Or just plain lick the blood out of it.

“Eew. But why do they like to lick it? 

That’s disgusting…”

It sure is! But dogs are dogs. 

Sometimes, they just really do weird things. 

Check this out.

A lady on Reddit has shared her experience about this. The story goes like this:

One day she forgot to put on her pads before she went for a jog. 

While jogging, she came across a couple walking their dogs.

And because she’s a big animal lover, she went to pet and say hello to them.

While petting, the dogs sniffed her crotch. Even burying their heads on her lap like there’s a gold mine in there. 

But meh…

She paid no mind to it. 

Until the couple pointed out that she’s got a huge bloodstain on her pants. And their dogs are licking on it.

“Oh no!”

Because of embarrassment, she scurried away to go home.

Poor lady. 

#2: They’re smelling pheromones

Your Dog Likes Period Blood Because It Can Smell Pheromones

Your male dog licks your period blood because they’re interested in it. 

And there’s a scientific reason behind this. 

You see, when you get your period, your apocrine glands release a hormone called ‘pheromones’. 

These are hormones your body emits whenever you’re having sex. When you just had a baby or if you’re on your period. 

Because of this, your body scent will change. 

And your pooch will get intrigued about it. 

So they lick it to know more about the pheromone scent they’re detecting. 

You might be thinking right now why the heck would they get so interested in your blood. 

Well, that’s because humans are not the only ones who have pheromones.

Female dogs as well.

Especially when they’re going through their heat or estrous cycle. 

When male dogs get a sniff of their scent in the air, they’d instantly get turned on. 

Because the sweet scent means a female dog is ovulating. 

And they want to mate with that. 

So when you’re on your period, your dog might not only lick your period blood. 

They may also hump on your leg when they have the chance. 

Changes in your body can trigger some behaviors in dogs.

(But that doesn’t mean they’re sexually attracted to you.)

“Wait, Petya. One more question.

What about the female dogs? 

Don’t they get attracted to my period blood?”

Your female dog can detect the change in your scent when Aunt Flo visits. 

But they don’t get intrigued with it as much as male dogs do. 

If you want to learn more about this topic, you should read this article

#3: Your dog likes stinky stuff

You catch your pooch doing something in the bathroom.

It seems like they’re eating. Oh, wait… No!

They’re licking something.

It’s your period blood. 


Prepare yourself.

Because things are about to get a bit stinky. 

I’m gonna talk about what period blood smells like. 

Nope. Not the fresh one. 

The one that’s been in your trashcan for a few days. 

If your pooch has been around you for a while, you probably already know that they like smelly stuff. 

For them, the stinkier a thing is, the better.

That’s why they like going through the trash and eating poop. (Theirs or even from other animals.)

Now, your period blood. 

If your pad or tampon is sitting on your trash for a day or more, it’ll start to smell funky. 

Like a dried squid or fish. If you’ve ever smelled those before.

You may think those things smell bad. But not for your pooch.

For your dog, your period blood smells like food. 

That’s why they want to have a taste of it. 

#4: Dogs are scavengers and opportunistic feeders

Your dog likes your body fluids. More so if it’s already decaying or stinking. 

It’s a pretty common thing for dogs to lick period blood. As well as semen, sweat, and even pee in toilet seats.

But wait. 

That’s not the end of it yet.

Your dog will not only try to have a taste of your crimson wave. 

They’d also want to eat your pad or tampon, too.

“Why’s that?”

This is because dogs originated from being hunters and scavengers

Before they were domesticated, dogs had to hunt for their food. 

And because food sources were scarce back then, they had to make do with anything they had. 

So they eat anything that smells like protein or food, even if the meat’s already not in its best state.

Now, back to your pooch. 

If your pads’ have been in your bathroom for a while, they’ll tend to smell bad. Kind of like rotting meat. 

So your pooch will try to eat if they can. 

Actually, it’s not new for dogs to eat used tampons and pads. 

There are also cases when dogs eat their dog parents’ used condoms. 


But there’s a danger that comes with this. 

Tampons and pads expand when they get in contact with water. 

Warning: If your pooch has swallowed these things, they might choke. Or their intestines may get blockages.

#5: They’re an obnoxious pooch 

“It’s bothersome. 

But my dog licks my period blood.”, you embarrassingly told your friend. 

“How come? Mine isn’t that interested in my period.”, she replied.

You often wonder why your dog treats your period blood as a special delicacy. 

Every time your monthly visitors arrive, they go crazy. 

They shove their heads on your crotch. They hump your legs.

Then, they also lick your period pads and tampons. 

Your dog may behave this way because of the lack of boundaries. 

Some dogs are polite. 

They know if a person’s having their period because they can smell it. 

But they’re trained not to go sniffing other people’s crotch. So they just settle on smelling them from a distance. 

If yours can’t hold themselves back, you may need to teach them how to behave more properly.

#6: They’re curious

Your dog sniffs butts to know more about other people and dogs.

They can know their sex, if they’re ovulating, their diet, even their health state. All of it by just smelling their behinds. 

Now, another way for them to get information is by licking things. 

So if your pooch licks your period blood, it’s just because they’re curious to know more about you. 

#7: OCD

Your pooch might lick your period blood because they have an obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. 

Having this behavior may cause your pooch to develop repetitive and unusual behaviors. 

Like licking or eating random things for example. 

According to VCA Hospitals, this is often caused by anxiety. 

Or they’re possibly stressed and afraid of something. 

3 tips on what to do if your dog likes (and licks your) period blood

#1: Reduce their access from it

Watching your dog lick your period blood from your used pads and tampons can be traumatizing. 

That’s definitely not a sight you want to see. 

So to prevent this from happening, reduce your dog’s access to your bathroom and trash can.

Always close the door to prevent them from coming in. 

And use a trash can with a lid to stop your dog from digging through your trash. 

Okay, I understand. 

You may forget to do these things once in a while. 

So what you can do as well is to throw your trash regularly. Especially when you have your period. 

This prevents your trash from gettin’ all stinky. And it’ll keep your comfort room smelling good too! 

Always remember. 

If your trash doesn’t smell like a rotting fish, your pooch wouldn’t even bother coming near it. 

#2: Teach them the ‘Leave it’ command

Another way to stop your pooch from licking your period blood is by teaching them the ‘Leave it’ command. 

Just by saying the words ‘Leave it’, your dog will stop and ignore your bloody pads or tampon.

Here’s how you can do it. 

Step 1: Place a small treat in your hand, then close your fist. Then, have your dog sniff on it. 

Step 2: They’ll try to take the treat out of your hand. But don’t pay attention to that. 

Step 3: Say “Leave it”.

Step 4: Once your dog looks away or stops taking the treat out in your hand, say “Yes”. Then open your hand and give them the treat. 

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 until your dog moves away on their own when you say ‘Leave it’. 

You can watch this video to learn more about it. 

#3: Check if they ingested foreign objects

Licking period blood is already bad. 

But eating sanitary pads and tampons is way worse. 

In case this happens, you have to be observant. Because swallowing these items can cause choking to your dog. 

If you’re sure if your dog’s ingested a tampon or pad, wait for it to show up on their poop the next day. 

But if it didn’t, you should look for signs of choking like: 

  • Being lethargic.
  • Excessive drooling. 
  • Pawing at the mouth. 
  • Difficulty in breathing. 
  • Gagging and retching.

Warning: Never stick your hand and try to pull out pads or tampons if it’s located in the back of the throat. This can only cause it to be dislodged further. 

If your dog is showing serious symptoms, take them to the vet immediately. 

Bonus: Redirect their attention

Lastly, you can try distracting your pooch when you see them licking your period blood.

Redirect their attention elsewhere. 

For example, you can try throwing their ball to signal that you want to play fetch. 

Or hold their leash as an invitation for a walk. 

You can also give them something more enticing than your period blood. Something that can catch their attention.

Like a treat they can’t resist. 

Or maybe their favorite squeaky toy. 

When they leave the pad or tampon alone, quickly get inside the bathroom to clean the mess.

Dispose of the trash so your pooch won’t smell it anymore.

And lastly, make sure to always close the door after using it. 🙂