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9 Weird Reasons Why Your Dog Barks When It Rains + 7 Tips

Why Does My Dog Bark When It Rains

Does your dog bark like mad when there is rain coming and gets worse when the rain starts pouring?

Rain encourages you to stay in bed longer, yet what you find relaxing is depressing for your dog.

This is something a lot of dog parents experience when it rains. 

“Rain, Rain, Go away! Come again another day, our pooch is scared of you today.”

It’s your concern as a dog parent. 

So what should you do now? What’s causing this?

In this article you’ll discover:

  • Why rain is scary for dogs.
  • 9 weird reasons why your dog barks when it rains.
  • 7 tips to stop your pooch from whining when the rain comes.
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog bark when it rains?

Your dog barks when it rains because of being sensitive to sound, feeling scared, detecting the shift in air pressure, sensing that you are feeling afraid, feeling wet, triggering past traumas, fight or flight response, having a stronger sense of smell, or being static shocked. 

9 reasons why your dog barks when it rains

#1: They’re being sensitive to sound

You often see how your dog reacts to the smallest of things.

Even if your dog is busy playing, you may notice them reacting immediately when they hear a bag of treats open. 

I agree that it’s difficult to avoid making a sound while they’re sleeping to ensure they don’t wake up. What’s more, when they hear rainfall and thunder, they’re terrified for sure.

Dog’s hearing is far more sensitive than ours, and they may be able to hear sounds that we cannot.

How to prevent this? Let your dog play in a room/place where the sound of the rain is less audible. 

You may try to lessen the volume that they hear by letting them play in a room where the rain is less heard. To make the lightning less visible you can close the windows and curtains.

Fun fact:

The breeds with the highest frequency of noise sensitivity are:

  • Norwegian Buhund.
  • Lagotto Romagnolo.
  • Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

#2: Your pooch is scared

Your Dog Barks Because It Gets Scared When It Rains

“Protect me, pwease. I’m scared!”

This is what your pooch may tell you when they hear the rain and thunder. 

Keeping your dog feeling that they’re safe is one of the dog parents’ priorities, right?

The possible cause of your dog’s fear is the rain. This is more likely if the barking occurs more when it’s raining with thunder and lightning also present. 

According to experts, this could also trigger them to cry or hide from their dog parents.  

Does your pup barks in the rain all the time or only on occasion?

If they only bark when there is thunder, for example, it’s more likely that the noise is what causes their fear. 

#3: Your dog detects the shift in air pressure

You may see your dog being restless even before the rain starts to pour out.

This goes to show how awesome dogs are! They have increased senses that we don’t, can do things we can’t, and are much more connected to nature than we are.

If your dog begins to bark in response to loud noises or thunder. The cause of it may be that they detect a shift in air pressure. 

In fact, your dog is very good at detecting changes in air pressure and shifting weather patterns. They can sense the drop or rise in air pressure even before they happen.

What a brilliant pup that is!

#4: They sense that you are feeling afraid

You as a dog parent may feel how strong the emotional connection you have between you and your dog. 

Wondering why your dog tries to comfort you when you are feeling down? Why do they celebrate with you when you are happy?

The answer is simple. Your lovely pooch is an incredible empathetic being. 

Dogs are likely to be aware of their dog parents’ feelings and other dogs’ emotions.

Thi is according to a 2018 study on dog empathy. The pups would try to reach their owners a lot faster if the owners made disturbing sounds. Such as saying “help” or sobbing, than if they did it with calm sounds.

Dog parents will agree that their dogs are fantastic at empathizing with them. They pick up on your emotional cues without much effort. They tend to do something to make you feel better when you feel unhappy or scared.

Be mindful of what you feel whenever it rains the next time you hear your dog barking upon it. Your pooch starts to bark when you’re feeling worried because of the rain.

#5. They’re feeling wet

“I love playing outside!”

Most of our dogs like playing and running around our backyard or garden. It’s good, it makes our dog stay fit and energetic. 

But what if there’s a sudden rainfall?

Unexpected rains are common, particularly in the summer. 

If you let your dog play outside and hear them begin to bark, it’s possible that they’re wet. Your pooch could be doing it to alert you to the fact that they need to be inside or that they’re feeling cold. 

You might be wondering how harmful it is to leave a dog outside in the rain.

Warning: A dog’s exposure to wet and cold weather for a long period of time might result in sickness. Pneumonia, for example, can cause inflammation in the respiratory tract. 

It would be useful to prevent getting them wet and to assist them in drying off with a towel. 

#6: Their past traumas are triggered

Your Dog's Past Traumas Are Triggered

Our present is a product of our past. 

This also applies to your canine companion.

Consider a previous incident your dog may have had that could be the cause of their barking in the rain. 

It’s possible that your dog has had unpleasant happenings in the rain before and now senses it as a warning. 

Have you ever left them waiting outside while it’s raining? Did something bad happen in the past when rain is present? Did they experience an injury while it was raining?

“Awww… imagining it is already heartbreaking.”

You don’t want your pooch to feel any of those, right?

Rain may be a trigger for their past trauma, causing them to develop the habit of barking whenever it rains. Dogs can become stressed as a result of a variety of distressing events.

Note: Dogs who have been through traumatic events may get post-traumatic stress disorder.

#7: Fight or flight response

Your pooch barking at the sound of rain and thunder is a sign of alertness. 

This is one of the events where your dog feels brave and protective of you. 

The sound of rain or thunder may trigger a fight or flight response in your dog. 

This is more likely to happen if your dog becomes anxious and sensitive when it hears the noises. 

You might be curious about what the fight or flight response is. 

The fight or flight response is a physiological response. It occurs in response to a stressful or terrifying situation. The sound of rain makes your dog hyper-alert and quick, allowing him to react if needed. 

#8: They’re having a stronger sense of smell

Dogs are naturally sensitive in almost every way. 

Do you know what your dog’s strongest sense is?

The smell is a dog’s most powerful sense, and it’s also the most different from ours. 

So, when it rains, your dog barks because the moisture in the air enhances your fido’s sense of smell. It intensifies and prolongs the scents they detect around them. 

Fun fact: One of the reasons a dog’s nose is so much better than ours is the number of scent sensors they have. For every one scent sensor that a human has, a dog has roughly 50. 

#9: Your dog feels electrified 

“My dog is a super dog!”

What can dogs do that is beyond human capability?

Something that you can’t do which your dog can effortlessly do is detecting the changes in static electric fields.

As a result, your dog may experience static electricity when it starts to rain. Your dog may become uncomfortable and wander around the house looking for a spot to hide.

Dogs may have a surprising feeling caused by static electricity during thunderstorms. That’s according to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior department at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

The sensation of it tingling through their fur can cause them to howl and run around the house. It’s actually the uncomfortable feeling of static electricity that makes dogs feel unsettled. 

According to a study, The Electrical Safety Hazard Committee recommends that common areas should not be carpeted to reduce static charges. It would be a great help for your Fido. 

7 tips on what to do if your dog barks when it rains 

#1: Train your dog to get used to the noise

Train Your Dog To Get Used To The Noise

You may find that moving your dog to a more quiet place every time it rains is a lot of work. 

Considering training them is helpful.

Have you heard about desensitization?

This refers to the process of familiarizing them with the sound of rain and thunder. 

You can do this by playing with your dog while listening to rain sounds on your phone’s speaker. Do fun activities with your dog while it’s raining. Use the opportunity to bond with your pooch while staying at home. 🙂

You can still have fun even though it’s raining. 

If they stay calm, you can give them a reward (a particular treat that your dog loves). If your pooch begins to bark, stop rewarding them. Reward them again once they have stopped barking. 

This training will teach them the attitude that the sound of rain and thunder is natural. That they should not feel upset because of it. 

#2: Keep calm and enjoy the rain

Let yourself relax. 

What your dog is feeling could be a reflection of your feelings. 

You can communicate with your pooch, and it’s best to use a kind tone when doing so. It’s possible, as stated before, that they react to your worry when it starts to rain. 

During this event, you and your lovely canine companion can assist each other. Consider providing comfort to one another. 

Playing and cuddling sound great, doesn’t it? 🙂

You’ll both love it for sure. 

#3: Avoid anything that can trigger trauma

This applies if you are sure that your dog is barking when it rains as a result of a stressful event in the past. You should take ways to avoid trauma triggers.

Triggers are anything that reminds your dog of what stressful event happened before. Unwanted feelings may be triggered by what they see, smell, taste, touch, or taste.

“Prevention is better than cure,” they said. Here are some things you can take to avoid triggers:

  • Make them feel at ease.
  • Move your dog to a calmer location.
  • Cuddling them (The safest place for them is to be in your arms).
  • Talking or being with them (to make them feel that they’re not alone).

#4:Never punish your dog for unwanted behavior

“You are a bad dog!” is not something you want to say to them.

Hearing them bark every time it rains can be distracting and irritating. It may be challenging to keep yourself from shouting at your dog for barking. Keep in mind that this is a hopeless way of discipline.  

Moreover, correcting this behavior by enforcing punishment is not the right way. 


Punishment only stops them from barking. But it doesn’t teach them how to cope with their fear instead.

Your dog will likely become scared or aggressive if you keep on punishing them for the behavior. 

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. 

#5: Hand over distractions

Divert your dog’s attention.

The sound of rain attracts their attention the reason they bark at it. 

Giving your pooch stuff to do while it’s raining to keep them occupied is effective. Bones and toys are examples of items you may hand to them. 

Rewarding them with a treat or a kiss might also encourage them to act still. Give them rewards when they start to act calmly while it’s raining. Stop the award-giving when they start to bark. 

#6: Use a thunder shirt

One way to comfort your dog when it’s raining is by using a thunder shirt. 

What is this thunder shirt?

“A thunder… what?! I can’t make my dog wear that.”

Thundershirt is a pressure wrap that is available on the market. Made especially for dogs who feel scared and worried. 

It’s designed to give a relaxing effect of a hug, and it’s a popular drug-free choice for treating anxiety in dogs. 

How long can you keep your pooch in a thunder shirt?

The dog can wear their thunder shirt all day if necessary. It’s not harmful to your dog at all. To avoid irritation, it’s recommended to remove the thunder shirt for 10 minutes every 1 to 2 hours of wearing. 

#7: Stop the static electricity

When it rains and it’s freezing outside, static electricity builds up. Leading your dog to feel the static shocks.

Dog parents will do anything to help their pooch. Here’s what you can do to stop the static electricity:

  • Increase the moisture in the air by using a humidifier.
  • Spray your carpets and rugs with anti-static treatment.
  • Wear anti-static clothing and shoes. Leather and cotton are the best options. 
  • Bathing your dog with a moisturizing shampoo make sure to use the one that is for use on dogs. 

Fun fact: Stroking your dog’s fur could result in a little shock for both of you.