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7 Unexpected Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On Your Clothes

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes

If asked to choose between a lovely bed and a pile of dirty clothes…

Will your pooch answer the latter?

Hmm. What could be the reason behind it?

Is there a way to repel them away from your laundry?

Keep reading to discover:

  • What makes your clothes attractive for your dog.
  • Few things to consider in making their bed comfier.
  • 5 useful tips on how to keep them away from your hamper.
  • And many more…

Why does my dog sleep on my clothes?

Your dog sleeps on your clothes because they are covered by your scent, love to nestle in warm and soft things, don’t like their bed, are spreading their odor due to resource guarding, or want your attention. They might also have separation issues and sniffing them helps in calming their nerves.

People also ask:

7 unexpected reasons why your dog sleeps on your clothes

#1: Your clothes are their ‘security blanket’

Does your pooch panic the moment you’re out of their sight?

Oh, no. They might be anxious and find it hard to be away from you.

It could be separation anxiety if it’s accompanied by destructive behaviors. Plus excessive barking.

So, when you come home, do you often see your dog sleeping in the laundry?

It might be because your dirty clothes smell heavily of you.

They might do that to calm themselves down. Because resting on it reminds them of snuggling with you.

A study proves that cuddling could really make dogs happy.

Why is that so?

Doing it increases oxytocin or ‘love hormones’ in their body. And it’s also evident in their parents.

So dozing off on your clothes could make them feel secure while you’re away.

#2: They love your scent

Your Dog Sleeps On Your Clothes Because It Loves Your Scent

If dogs can buy perfume, what would they pick?

Let’s see. Peanut butter-scented ones? Or…

The aroma of another dog’s butt?

Well, it could also be something that smells just like their dog parent, a.k.a you.

Research shows that canines can identify the scent of their humans among 4 other smells. And they also react positively to it.

So if they like being snuggled in your clothes, they must love you so much.

Your pile of dirty clothes might smell like heaven for them. Even though it smells like sweat and other odors to me and you.

But your pooch doesn’t mind it, as long as they feel safe snuggled in there.

So they’ll look for any shirts or pants lying on the bed. Or in your hamper. And choose to crash there instead.

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#3: Your clothes are soft

Imagine this.

Your pooch has been sitting and standing on cold tiles for many hours.

Then they see a pile of clothes on the floor. Or maybe your laundry basket.

It would indeed look inviting for one who wants to snuggle.

Given that they’re not feeling hot, they’ll prefer anything ‘fleecy’ over hard surfaces.

But wait, do dogs love soft things?

They could have their preferences. Some may like it, while others don’t mind at all.

And a Fido with joint pains or an illness will go for something cushiony for comfort.

Although there aren’t enough studies regarding this, there’s no doubt that a nice fluffy bed could bring joy to most Fidos.

#4: Their bed is uncomfortable

This could be a great mystery for most dog parents.

You had a hard time deciding on which type of cushion your pooch will like, as there are so  many choices.

So you just went on with your guts and picked something. And couldn’t wait for your dog to try it.

But even after a few weeks, their brand-new bed still doesn’t have any trace of fur on it.

And your Fido always crashes down on your laundry. Or you see them snoozing on the floor.

What could be the problem?

It could be too soft or too firm for their liking.

Another thing is the location. Where is it placed?

If it’s too far from you or placed in a different room, that might be it. Because most dogs would prefer to stay close to their human. 


They might just not like the smell of new bedding. And will go for your dirty clothes even if it’s reeking with sweat.

#5: Your clothes are warm

You just have gathered your freshly cleaned clothes out from the dryer.

Then put them in a basket and leave to get something.

But when you come back, you can’t believe what’s in front of you.

Your socks and shirts are all on the floor…

Like someone has dug on it.

While your pooch is nestled happily inside the hamper.

What made them do this? 

It might be the warmth.

Dryers use heat to make the water in clothes turn into vapor. And to speed up the process.

Specialists say they can get hot from 125°F to 135°F (51°C to 57°C).

And it’s compared to a cup of coffee that isn’t boiling but still warm with steam coming out of it.

So if your pooch tends to get cold easily, they might find your dried clothes comfy.

#6: They’re asking for attention

The reason might also be simple.

And that’s to be noticed by you.

They might know that you’re going to do the laundry. So they crash down in the basket before you even get there.

Or they saw you preparing clothes for work. And after putting them on the bed, your pooch rests on it. Demanding attention and also hoping you won’t leave them alone.

They might also be bored and feeling playful.

And based on what they’ve observed, they know you’re going to get riled up if they see you dozing off on their clean garments.

So it could also be that they want to see that reaction of yours. As they might have thought that it’s a sign of excitement and approval.

#7: ‘Scent marking’

Your Dog Is Spreading His Scent On Your Belongings

Aside from sleeping, have you also noticed your pooch rolling on your clothes?

If so, they might not be playing.

It could be their way of spreading their scent on your belongings.

If they’re clean laundry, they might not like what they’re smelling. And if they’re dirty clothes, they’ll mark them as they have a strong scent of you.

But why do they do that?

It could be due to resource guarding. It’s like your dog telling others that those are their property.

Yes, in their eyes, you might be a vital resource as you give them everything they need.

It’s a similar concept with humans putting their names. Or markings on something they own by a pen or a marker.

But for canines, they’ll often use what’s in their body – urine and poop.

So if your Fido also peed on your clothes once, it might be their way of guarding you.

5 tips on what to do if your dog sleeps on your clothes

#1: Train them to sleep on their bed

Are you tired of removing dog fur from your clean clothes?

Although sleeping on your laundry isn’t that harmful, it’s still best to let them sleep on their couch.

You probably have failed many times before. So, are you ready to try it out once again?

Make it comfy

Before you teach them to go to their bed, ensure first that they’re going to love it.

Dogs also deserve a nice and cozy place to slumber.

According to a study, adult Fidos sleep for around 8 to 13.5 hours daily.

So it’s even longer than what we need every day – making rest time an important activity for them.

Figuring out why they don’t use their bed might be one of the hardest things to know.

But it’s not  impossible.

The only way to find out is by trial and error.

Form: If they like your laundry basket so much, they might prefer a bed with the same shape.

A round one with raised and cushioned sides might satisfy them as it’s deeper.

Height: Some canines will love a raised one. However, it’s not advisable for old dogs with aching joints. And small pups suffering from growth pains.

Material: Do they also love your sofa made up of fabric? Or anything similar to the texture of your clothes?

If so, they might not like its material and prefer those over their cushion.

You may also lay a blanket there to avoid them from curling up in your clothes.

Note: If they’re not still using it, you can place an old shirt of yours instead. They must love your scent so much, so that might do the trick.

Choose the right spot

Location is also important.

Imagine having your bed in the center of the room. Or very close to the door or windows. While some will find it okay, for others any of these locations might be uncomfortable. 

So for your pooch, place it somewhere warm, quiet, but still close to you or the family. Or in a spot where you often see them sleeping on your garments.

For example, if you’re in the living room most of the day, place them in a corner – away from the hallway or doors. Then, at night, have it in your room beside your bed.

Dogs are curious and want to feel they belong, so put it where you’re still visible. But not too close to get in your way.

Teach them the “go to your bed” command

Now, if everything’s set, you can start training them.

  1. First, pick a cue word for the command. It could be “go to your bed/place/spot.”
  2. Then make them go in front of their bed.
  3. Pat it, indicating to them to try it.
  4. If they sit on it, reward them a lot. If they didn’t, lure them with treats.
  5. Now, while they’re on it, make them stay by feeding them every after a few seconds.

You can also give them a nice bone or chewy toy so they can lie down there. And associate the bed with a fun experience.

Do this every day and say the cue word every time.

#2: Management is the key

Preventing them going back to their past behavior will help a lot.

This is also important while you’re reinforcing them to sleep on their bed.

It’s the little things that need to be done consistently, such as:

  • Avoid leaving clothes outside your closet.
  • Cover your hamper and ensure it’s tightly closed.
  • Keep your laundry out of their reach. It can be raised, locked in a room or cabinet.

#3: Stimulate your dog

If it seems like they’re only doing it for attention, keep them busy and entertained.

Make sure you bond with them often. Play games or teach them tricks daily.

Do the things they love and try to allot some of your time for it.

Interactive puzzle toys will also keep them occupied and tire their brains out.

Note: If they keep on bugging you, ignore them. Or make them do a command first before playing with them.

#4: Work on their anxiety

Does your pooch find it hard to be separated from you? Even for just a bit?

You may need to distance yourself a bit from them first.

But you’re not going to ignore them for a long time. That’ll make your Rover sad.

So 15 minutes before going out, don’t talk or play with your Fido as you’ll only make it harder for them to cope with stress once you’re gone.

Shower them with treats and praises only if they calmed down. Or when you see them having fun on their own.

Also, try leaving them in a room with a comfy bed, treats, and toys they love. And make them stay there for longer periods as you go on.

Giving them some space and less affection might help them build confidence.

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#5: How to clean up dog hair

Are your clothes always covered with fur?

Don’t worry. I got you. These 3 tips might come in handy:

  • You may put your clothes in a dryer first before washing them. Most of the hair will get caught up by its lint trap.
  • For woolen and fluffy clothes, steam it first. You can use a clothes steamer to wet its fiber for easier brushing.
  • Try applying an anti-static spray on your clothes to loosen all the fur. Then use a lint roller on it (or sticky tape or dishwashing gloves). And gently remove the hair.