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Why Does My Husky Yawn So Much? 9 Reasons + 5 Tips

Why Does My Husky Yawn So Much

The day has just begun and your Husky is already yawning.

You can’t help but wonder:

‘Is my Husky tired?!’ 

Good question…

This article will reveal:

  • Why do Huskies yawn, in the first place.
  • Why your Huskies yawn when you play together.
  • 9 real reasons why your Husky yawns so much.
  • Plus, 5 helpful tips on what to do if your Husky yawns so much.
  • And more to know…

Why does my Husky yawn so much?

Your Husky yawns so much because of their thinning patience and increasing stress. Sometimes, they may do this while you are out. Too much yawning means they’re getting frustrated with whatever you both have been doing. So, it’s your dog’s way of telling you that they need a break.

Why do Huskies yawn?

Huskies yawn as a peacekeeping signal or if they feel the need to rest. Being social animals, dogs like Huskies try to avoid conflicts as much as possible. They will yawn if they see a threat, but they don’t wish to attack. But sometimes, Huskies yawn because they feel sleepy.

9 reasons why your Husky yawns so much

#1: Your Husky is running out of patience

You decide to spend time with your Husky in the park. You play fetch, like the usual. And, you keep throwing the ball.

Then your dog suddenly yawns. Now, this got your attention.

You wonder how it is possible that your dog is already tired. Besides, you just got there!

Well, maybe your Husky no longer wants to play fetch.

Your dog may have run out of patience because you keep throwing the ball. At some point, your Husky stops bringing the ball and starts yawning. Maybe even barking at you.

That’s how they try to tell you to change the game. It doesn’t make them excited anymore.

You may also notice this behavior on other occasions. Like when you’re having a morning stroll with your Husky.

Let’s say you stop by your neighbor’s house to say hello. But then the conversation gets so interesting that you decide to stay for chitchat.

Meanwhile, our Husky is waiting for their stroll.

They don’t want to be tied to one place while you chat about the weather. They can’t talk and say it to your face as a friend of yours would do. So they’ll yawn instead.

It’s their way of saying…

‘Hey! I thought we’re going for a walk!’

‘Could we go on, please?’

Like humans, delays in their routine could upset them, too. 

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#2: Your Husky is in distress

Husky Yawning In Distress

Dogs benefit from training, but did you know that training is actually their main stressor?

Before anything else, know that dogs like Huskies love to satisfy their owners. They may even do cool tricks to please you! 

Plus, successfully follow your training commands.

So that’s why they feel upset when they fail to amuse their owners. 

For example, they weren’t doing good at playing ‘stay’. Of course, to give positive reinforcement, you award them when they get successful.

But they’re not receiving any reward.

This makes them think that they cannot please you anymore. And it’s stressing every fiber of their bodies.

Yawning is one of the main ways to show you they feel uncomfortable. 

#3: Husky, the mighty peacekeeper

Yawning is your Husky’s way of saying they feel intimidated or threatened. Still, they don’t intend to attack.

So this signal is more like ‘Please do something’.

Let’s say two children engage in physical fights. And they are close to where your dog lies. 

Note that a lying position for dogs means vulnerability. 

In response, your dog meets your eye and yawns. Meaning, they don’t like the situation they’re in.  

It would be better to break off the fight. And ensure neither the dog nor the children get hurt if things escalate.

Let’s take another example that shows how your Husky means well, even though they don’t agree with your actions.

You might enjoy hugging your dog or picking them up.

But before you proceed with your intentions next time, consider this: 

Scholars discovered that holding dogs adds insult to injury. Especially if they already sent a warning sign before – like yawning. 

So better not push your luck.

#4: Dozing off in 3…2…1

Your dog yawns before bedtime. Nothing is alarming here if that’s the case.

But if it’s not yet bedtime, it means they’ve been losing sleep. Something or someone was probably keeping them up all night. 

You’ll notice that they didn’t get enough sleep when they do this:

  • Space out frequently.
  • Snap at annoying little things.
  • Lack the energy to do their usual routine.

But should you worry?

If it happens all the time, you should. 

Dogs will compensate for their lost sleep by sleeping all day. If they do this all the time, sleep disorders apnea could happen.

Apnea is a sleep disorder that will temporarily stop your dog from breathing. If left untreated, apnea will result in irregular heartbeat and stroke.

Studies found that dogs with apnea are most likely to develop hypertension. Hypertension could increase the chance of experiencing a stroke. 

In short, be at peace when your Husky yawns before they go to sleep. But keep an eye on them and notice how often it happens when it’s not yet bedtime yet.

#5: You have an infectious yawn

Yawns are contagious. 

Notice that when someone yawns, you involuntarily do the same. 

Does this happen to dogs? Research says so. According to it, dogs can catch their owner’s yawn as you do with other people.

And it’s due to empathy.

I hope it left you awe-struck. Because we’re on the same page.

But that’s not all!

The setup from the same study goes like this:

There are 25 participant dogs. Around them are people they know and some strangers. 21 dogs showed an increased heart rate when they caught their owner’s yawn.

So, what does this mean?

It means dogs’ excitement encourages them to be empathetic. As a result, they unknowingly catch their owner’s yawn.

In other words, you make them feel excited and you’re special to them. That’s why they catch your yawn.

#6: ‘Don’t mind me, I’m relaxing’

Husky Yawning While Relaxing

There are times that yawns are just… yawns.

Dogs love to communicate through gestures. But this time, their yawn literally means nothing.

For example, your Huskies keep yawning while stretching their bodies on the bed. And, it isn’t bedtime yet.

They didn’t show signs of lacking sleep, either. Nothing’s threatening them nor stressing them out.

So, what gives?

Maybe you’re becoming too cautious this time. 

It’s possible that your Huskies just feel comfy. So they keep yawning and stretching.

I’d say, take a break too, fellow dog parent!

#7: ‘I’m bored, can we play?’

Boredom will spare no one. Not even your energetic Husky.

Your bored dog will tell you they need to have fun in many ways. They may try to bark and jump on you. And, yawning is also one way to bug you.

This left you puzzled and you might think…

‘But my dog has toys to play with!’

Well, to come and think of it, they feel bored playing with their toys. That’s why they want something new and fun to do.

This behavior is completely normal to encounter, especially if they aren’t being destructive.

Destructive behavior like chewing shoes and shredding pillows are symptoms of separation anxiety. They usually do these habits when you’re not around.

But it’s not because they’re doing it to pass time. It’s a behavior that you’ll need to take seriously.

#8: ‘Give me a break’

You’ve been spending your time outdoors with your Husky lately. And it’s good that you have.

But keep an eye out for their body signals that’ll say ‘I’m tired’.

Yawning, in general, means drifting off to sleep because your body needs to rest. In this case, it’s the same because exhaustion finally took over their body.

Don’t get me wrong, some dogs can run miles without feeling tired. 

Not if you have a senior Husky dog in your hands though. Or one who didn’t have enough sleep the other night.

Either way, their yawn should let you know that they need a break.

#9: Yawning Husky but with a wagging tail

Earlier, you learned that your Husky yawns because they need a rest. 

This time, it’s different.

You must have said something to your dog that made them go berserk. 

After uttering keywords like ‘walk’, they won’t be able to contain their excitement. 

Their tails won’t only wag, they’ll let out a yawn too.

In this case, yawning means they’re excited. 

5 tips on what to do if your Husky yawns so much

#1: Make things fun

Dogs love playing fetch. But too much fetch? I don’t think so.

Imagine throwing something and then they bring it back to you. 

Then you throw it back again and they bring it back to you, then… well, that’s already exhausting.

Your Huskies are active creatures. Sure, playing fetch ignites their bodies. But they’ll get tired of it too. And yawning should be your warning signal.

If dogs are humans, they’ll simply walk away. But since they love you so much, they’ll put up with you.

That doesn’t mean you should extend the current activity.  Instead, try something new and spice up your playful routines.

For example, try to use balls that contain treats. So when they catch it, they’ll get something in return. 

After all, dogs love rewards. 

As much as possible, try to think of something that’ll level up your usual bonding moments. 

#2: Maintain a peaceful environment

Dog Gate Husky Meme

As part of your Husky’s peacekeeping services, your role is to act accordingly.

By accordingly, I mean try to maintain a peaceful environment. In that way, your dog won’t feel threatened. 

If there are other animals, children, or strangers, you can put up dog gates to keep them separated from your Husky.

Besides, you can’t provide 24/7 supervision. 

These dog gates will allow your dogs to have a slow but proper introduction. Whether to a new pet, a newborn, or anyone they aren’t familiar with yet.

Dog gates should only serve as a barrier. In case there’s rising tension. 

If they seem to get along just fine, that’s when you’ll remove the gates.

Warning: If you have children, try to keep them away from your Husky. Some Huskies can be too cautious around children.

But some female Huskies have a maternal instinct. This makes them more sociable and can even create closer bonds with children.

#3: Remove things that interfere with their good night’s sleep

You spot your dog yawning in broad daylight. This means they didn’t sleep properly last night.

Now comb through things that agitate your dog.

Was it the mewling cat next door? Or was it the howling dog across the neighborhood? 

Were there squirrels outside your window?

Think, think!

If there’s indeed something that makes your Husky go frantic at night, you should do something.

Of course, you can’t move into a deserted location just to get rid of these animals. 

What you could do is to place your Huskies somewhere they can be more peaceful. Particularly, during bedtime.

Beside you, for example. Or you could close the windows so they won’t see what annoys them at night.

Sometimes, you really have to adjust for the sake of your furry friend. Otherwise, your dog could suffer from apnea. Or worse, sudden stroke.

#4: Have regular time outs when playing

Your Husky gets stressed when your activity is getting too much. 

They whine and yawn to tell you to stop and let them take a breather.

What you can do is to have regular time outs. A good five-minute break is enough. 

#5: Watch out for strange behaviors

Anxious Huskies always want to have your full attention and praises. Aside from yawning, they’ll show other common behaviors like:

  • Cowering away.
  • Panting too much.
  • Pacing back and forth.
  • Showing destructive behavior when you’re not home.

You won’t really notice this as a health warning. Because sometimes their behaviors get mistaken for clinginess.

But in reality, it could lead to something worse – like separation anxiety.

So you might want to treat that at an early stage. 

They may yawn during training, especially if they aren’t doing good. 

For example, you give treats when they do things successfully. Yet, they receive nothing.

On their part, it made them feel sad. So, always look for the reason why they’re yawning. Remember that too much sadness can lead to depression in dogs, too.

What pet parents share from experience

Story #1: The tempting Chinese fried rice and the annoying feral cats

A concerned Husky owner shared multiple bewildering questions. But mainly about why her Husky yawns frequently.

She suspected that it was her dog’s ear that bothered the dog.

But another Husky parent suggested that it could be due to stress.

This made the concerned owner mention the feral cats in heat outside the window. Plus, some Chinese fried rice that someone dumped in the corner.

She believed that these stray cats are responsible for her Husky’s rising stress. 

She also assumed that her Husky thinks the Chinese leftover outside the house is waiting for her.

Story #2: A piercing yawn can still be music to an owner’s ear

On another online discussion site, a dog owner shared a troubling event. It seems her dog yawns in a high-pitched tone.

Several Husky owners contributed with interesting stories. 

They recalled how their Huskies got a whiff of attitude when expressing annoyance. Their half-screamed yawns go with a dramatic sigh.

Finally, the pet owner learned a relieving discovery. She found that her dog only let out a squeaky yawn while stretching. 

Then, another dog owner added that his dogs do the same. And, they’re only doing it for one thing – cuddles!

Story #3: I will stare at you until you wake up and go out with me

On another dog forum, a Husky owner found a shocking discovery.

She found out that her Husky stares down at her every morning while in bed! 

These invasive but entertaining gestures are her Husky’s way of saying:

‘Rise and shine… Now, move and take me out.’

Interestingly, her Husky gives huge yawns every time he waits for her. This simple movement indicates uncontainable excitement.