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13 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With You + 9 Tips

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me

Some dogs are clingy. 

But yours is more than that. 

They orbit around you like the moon orbits the Earth. Almost as if they’re obsessed with you…

But sometimes, you just really need some space (pun intended).

Read on to discover:

  • 9 things you can do to stop your pooch’s obsession.
  • Why dogs sniff your crotch when you have your period.
  • 13 surprising reasons why your dog is obsessed with you.
  • And much much more…

Why is my dog obsessed with me?

Your dog is obsessed with you for reasons such as their breed personality, they’re hungry, scared, or jealous, they have separation anxiety or illnesses, they need attention, they’re in a new environment, you reinforce it, they’re a one-person dog, you’re pregnant or on period.

People also ask: 

Common situations: 

13 reasons why your dog is obsessed with you

#1: It’s their nature

Some dog breeds are more clingy than others. 

For example, German Shepherds tend to be more attached to their dog parents. While Huskies are known for being independent. 

If your pooch is obsessed with you, it’s possibly because it’s their breed personality. 

They’re born and bred to behave that way. 

#2: They miss you

Your Dog Is Obsessed With You Because He Misses You

Dogs have no concept of time

When you leave for work, the 8 hours you spend working is an eternity for your furbaby. 

So they jump on you and shower you with kisses every time you come home. 

You may see it as an obsession. But in your dog’s perspective, they just want to spend every moment with you. 

For them, you’ve been away for such a long time and now you’re finally back.

#3: You’re not feeding them properly

Whenever you cook, your pooch constantly circles your legs. You fear you will trip on them someday. 

Why are they only like this when you’re preparing meals? 

It’s because they want to get your attention. 

Maybe you’re not feeding them enough or they’re not getting the right nutrients. It’s also possible that they have a feeding routine you don’t follow. 

#4: They’re scared

Dogs have the mental age of a child. So whenever they’re put in a new environment or situation, they get scared easily. 

When a child is scared, who do they run to? 

It’s their parents. They’re someone they love and trust. 

It’s the same with your pooch. They cling to you because they trust you to protect and guide them.

#5: Lack of mental stimulation

Your pooch’s favorite activity is kissing people non-stop. 

They kiss you to the point that you smell like their saliva before brushing their teeth. 


Dogs get bored easily. 

And when they have nothing else to do, they misbehave. They destroy things, eat random stuff, or do obsessive activities. 

#6: They’re jealous

Having many dogs at home is fun, but it sure is chaotic. 

Walking in the parks can be difficult. Keeping them all active can be tiring. 

But nothing is more troublesome than all of them trying to get your attention. 

Dogs get obsessive of their dog parents, especially if there are other dogs in the family. 

They do this because they can be jealous and possessive. They want your attention to focus on them alone. 

#7: Separation anxiety

Dog With Separation Anxiety Meme

Your pup whines, barks, and howls every time you leave through the door. 

They can’t stand being away from you. But you can’t be always with them either. 

They’re obsessed with staying close to you.


This could be a case of separation anxiety. This happens when dogs get overly anxious when their dog parents leave them alone.

#8: Your pooch is a rescue

Your rescue dog may have lived a miserable life before they met you.

Maybe they used to starve. And maybe they were also sick. 

So when you rescued them, they looked up to you as their savior. 

They cling to you as much as they can. 

Because it’s their first time they feel loved. And they’re scared of being neglected again.

#9: You have a velcro dog

Have you heard of the term ‘velcro’ dog? 

It’s a term used for dogs who are always with their dog parents.

The most common kinds of these are lap dogs and working dogs. This is because they’re with their dog parents at home and even at work.

Velcro dogs are pretty much harmless. 

But their clingy behavior can turn into an obsession if they don’t learn how to be independent. 

#10: You encourage this behavior

You love spoiling your dog. 

Every time they come to you, you give them tons of treats and massages.

But because of these constant rewards, your dog became obsessed with being close to you all the time. 

Why wouldn’t they, when you indulge their every whim?

Sometimes, dog parents give too much love to their fur babies to the point that it isn’t healthy anymore. 

By showering your dog with attention every time they ask for it, you only encourage them to be more dependent on you.

#11: You’re on your period

Every time Auntie Flow visits you, your dog notices. 

They sniff your crotch and butt non-stop. They cling to you and they don’t want to let go.

And now your male pooch is humping your leg. 


Why are they obsessed with you when you’re on your period?

Dogs can detect the changes in your hormonal level when you’re menstruating. 

Also, male dogs are interested in the pheromones your body reproduces.

#12: Pregnancy

Your pooch looks extra cute with their tummy looking like a beanbag. 

Inside it could be one, two, three or even more little pups!

Your dog’s pregnant, and you’ve noticed that they become clingier than ever. 

They’re experiencing changes in their body, so they want to stay closer to you for support and comfort. 

#13: Having illnesses

There are different signs that tell if your beloved pooch is sick. 

One of them is when they get clingy to you suddenly.

Dogs who are sick physically and mentally tend to get more attached to their dog parents. 

Here’s an example:

If your pooch has dog dementia (a.k.a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction), they may become obsessed with following you always. It’s because they constantly need guidance and directions. 

Bonus: Yours is a one-person dog

Others have tried to get your dog’s attention, but your dog is loyal. 

They only want you – the apple of their eye. 

Between the members of your family, their energy and personality match best with yours. 

Your pooch is obsessed with you because their connection to you is strong. 

What to do if your dog is obsessed with you? 9 tips

#1: Change your behavior

If your dog is obsessed with you because you’re also clingy to them, it’s time to change.

Because you’re their dog parent, they’ll look up to you to guide them and help them build their confidence.

So to help end their obsessive behavior, ignore them or move away when they get clingy with you. This discourages them from doing it again.

#2: Train them to be independent

Confident Chill Dog

Dogs get obsessed with their dog parents because they lack confidence in being alone. 

So to overcome this behavior, you must train them to be independent. 

Let them get used to you leaving. 

Start by leaving them alone in a room for short periods, then giving them treats if they behave. Make the waiting time longer as you progress. 

This will condition your pooch that they’ll receive treats if they behave. And that you will come back every time you leave them. 

#3: Sleep on separate beds

Many dog parents love sleeping with their dogs. 

But if the canine’s clingy already, this sleeping set-up will just create a more obsessive version of your pooch.

Let them sleep on their dog bed beside you, or in another room. Condition them by putting treats on their dog bed or giving it to them when they sleep and lay in there. 

By doing this, you will also train them to be independent.

#4: Feed them properly

To stop your dog from being clingy during their mealtime, create a routine for them and stick to it. 

Also, you must feed them the right amount of food so they’re full. 🙂

This will condition them that they’ll get fed at a certain time. And they won’t need to get your attention so they can eat. 

#5: Exhaust their energy

A tired pup won’t have the energy to cling to you wherever you go. So to limit their obsession with you, give them tons of activities.

Let them run around the yard. Take them on hikes. 

Swim with them in a pool.

By tiring them out, they would rather sleep and rest instead of circling and following you around. 

#6: Let them socialize

Introduce your dogs to others. It could be other members in your family or dogs in your neighborhood. 

By letting them mingle, you improve their socialization skills. 

Now, they have many friends they can hang out and play with. This will lessen their obsessive behavior with you.

#7: Give them mind-stimulating toys

Dogs love toys. But if it isn’t something that will challenge them, they’ll get tired of it eventually. 

What you need to provide them are toys or puzzles where they can spend all day and night solving. Or something they can play with without your supervision. 

A good example of this is the automatic ball launcher. 

This toy makes them use up all their energy fetching for the ball. At the same time, they’ll also be entertained with how it works. 

#8: Have them checked by a professional

If you are worried that your dog’s obsessive behavior is caused by separation anxiety or traumatic experiences, you can ask for a vet’s advice

The vet can provide them with the medication and treatments they need.

#9: Let them grow out of it

Puppies are naturally clingy, but as they mature, this behavior becomes less. 

Although it may take time, they’ll eventually grow out of their obsession with you.