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7 Reasons Why Your Husky Is So Stubborn + 3 Tips

Why Is My Husky So Stubborn

You chose a dog because you wanted a cute and an obedient pet.

Little did you know that Huskies can be just as stubborn as cats.


They may be one of the most beautiful breeds. But, they can make you feel like you have a stubborn toddler instead of a dog.

And no matter how funny and entertaining this may look on viral videos, it can be a lot to handle in real life.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why huskies are so stubborn.
  • 3 tips on how you can solve this.
  • If food is a possible factor for this behavior.
  • Why training is essential and how to do it properly.
  • And much much more…

Why is my Husky so stubborn?

Huskies are very stubborn because it’s their inherent genetic trait, your approach doesn’t motivate them to do what you want, this is their normal behavior or personality, they lack exercise and consistent training, are sick, or have a poor diet.

7 reasons why your Husky is so stubborn

#1: Genetics

Genetics Is One Of The Reasons Why Your Husky Is So Stubborn

When you love a person, or in this case – a dog, you must know their past before you judge them. This is especially true when you have a Husky.

Don’t assume that just because they don’t listen to you they have bad intentions. They don’t want to purposely hurt you.

Far from it!

It’s simply embedded in their DNA. In fact, researchers say that Huskies are from Eastern Siberia.

And that, during winters they worked as sled dogs. But when summer came, they were set free in the wild.

This means that they had to survive all by themselves. They developed their intelligence and independence for survival.

#2: Personality

There is no denying that dogs are one of the most obedient animals out there. 

That’s why when Huskies don’t listen to what you tell them, it leaves you wondering if you really got a dog instead of a cat.

Don’t worry!

Your dog isn’t broken or anything. Your Husky is just being their normal selves.

Even if every single dog is different, some personalities are common to certain breeds. Huskies in general are the type of dogs that are naturally silly, playful, energetic, and clever.

They are also independent, frequent howlers, attention-seekers, and indeed, are very stubborn.

This type of personality may be a deal-breaker for some. But don’t give up just yet…

#3: Your approach

Huskies love being in a group or a pack. In fact, they don’t do very well alone. They need the company of their dog parents or other canines to be happy.

At home, you’re one big family. And your Husky doggo often takes the role of a stubborn kid. This does not mean that they do not love you.

It’s nothing personal!

Just like with kids, you’ve got to set some boundaries and ideally, become a role model.

They just don’t see you as such yet. Head up, though. You can teach your Husky what behavior is acceptable and what not. But you have to change your approach.

You don’t need to be violent, angry, or even yell to do this though. All you have to do is to be stern, consistent, and calm. 

Another way you can establish this is through positive reinforcement. That’s because punishment won’t go anywhere with a Husky. They’ll only be more headstrong.

So, whenever your dog behaves in a good way, reward them right away. 

Don’t wait.

They’ll soon associate their good actions with your treats. Note that positive reinforcement doesn’t only mean food. Observe what actions or things make you Husky excited.

Is it their favorite toy? Do they love being petted and praised?

When they are being a good boy or girl, shower them with this specific thing or action. 

#4: Exercise

Your Husky Needs Exercise

You already know that Huskies used to pull sleds during winter. They are super strong and powerful animals.

 And even if they no longer need to work like this, their instincts remain the same.

They are stubborn because they have so much energy pent up inside of them. They need exercise to release this and to change their stubborn behavior.

Make sure your Husky gets at least one hour of exercise every single day.

#5: Training – lack of, inconsistency, or sudden stop

Huskies need consistent training.  If you don’t train them as puppies or suddenly stop, this is an issue. So, start or continue training your Husky.

Remember to begin with easy commands and then move towards more complicated ones. 

Mind your surroundings, as well. You can start indoors or wherever it is where there are fewer distractions.

Let your family know ahead of time so that they will give your dog space to focus. Huskies have notoriously short attention spans so keep this in mind.

You should also make sure that you always ignore behaviors you don’t want to continue and be very patient during your training sessions. 

Note: It may take a couple of weeks to months before your Husky absorbs all your lessons.

#6: Sickness

One reason why your Husky isn’t paying you any attention is that it isn’t feeling well. Maybe they feel physically uncomfortable with what you want them to do.

According to PetMD, most Huskies can have these common illnesses:

  • Cataract.
  • Retinal atrophy.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Corneal dystrophy.

Your Husky may be ill and is very tired and needing some rest.

Watch your dog’s health carefully and consult the vet if symptoms worsen or others start to show.

#7: Food

Another reason your Husky is super stubborn may be food-related.

According to a study, the quality of your dog’s food affects their actions and wellbeing.

That is why you must give your Husky a nutritionally balanced diet. Organic pet food, raw diet, and all-natural food are good options. 

Do your best to avoid cheap kibble and canned goods. These can cause mood shifts and behavioral problems with your Husky.

Your dog may also have eaten something that it doesn’t like or isn’t good. Remember when the stubbornness first took place and maybe you can get to the root of it.

And if you’ve recently changed their food, it may also be a good idea to talk to the vet. If you have some doubts about its nutritional value, don’t hesitate to ask.

3 tips on how to deal with a stubborn Husky

Huskies can be a lot to handle. Here are three tips that can help you tame your stubborn Husky.

#1: Positive reinforcement

You need to give rewards to your Husky whenever it behaves well.

And, remember to do this every single time immediately after your Husky does what you want of them.

Speed and consistency are your friends when training a stubborn Husky.

Also, if your Husky is having one of its tantrums, as I already mentioned above, don’t respond.

By talking back to it, you are showing the dog that this is okay. And you reinforce the behavior by giving your Husky attention. 

#2: Confidence, persistence & patience

You desperately want your Husky to follow your commands. But you’re not there yet…

Well, the most effective way to achieve this is by using this formula:

Confidence + persistence + patience = your dream Husky 🙂 

Small things matter like having your Husky walk beside you, talking with a firm and calm tone of voice matter. Your actions must always show your Husky how confident you are. 

You should also be dependable and coherent. 

Don’t be inconsistent or this will backfire and cause you weeks or even months of retraining. Ensure that you establish routine and structure for your Siberian Husky.

The combination of confidence, persistence, and patience will help them see you as their worthy leader.

#3: Consistent training

Training a dog is rarely an overnight success…

Your Husky is a strong and intelligent animal. It knows both how to think for itself and how to follow orders. You simply haven’t connected to it properly and trained it enough to do so (yet).

But don’t give up.

Make training your Husky a permanent part of your daily life. Teach it how to behave and then reward it quickly every single time.

If you choose to continue having a Husky without training, it is not only stubbornness that you’ll have trouble with in the future. Your couch and other furniture may get nibbled on, your dog may get into fights, etc. 

Training sessions will make your dog happy, calm, and of course, obedient. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your sessions long. Keep them short, fun, and positive.

BONUS: Hire a professional

If you’re already groaning while reading this, chances you’re too busy with work and other stuff. The good thing is that you don’t need to do everything by yourself. 

What you can do instead is seek the help of a professional dog trainer.

In case you can’t find one in your area, you can always talk to dog trainers who have online programs. And can give you instructions and feedback in real-time. 

After all, training a dog is most often about training the owner than the dog itself. Once you’re aware of how to handle your Husky, you’ll get to the desired behavior in no time.

Make sure that the trainer has previous experience with dog training. Ensure they are highly qualified. 

Ask around for recommendations. Your vet and other Husky parents might be able to help.

Note: Huskies are such lovable breeds. But, they need to be constantly stimulated. It’s just a part of their package so don’t overlook training as one of their needs.


By providing your Husky a proper diet, ample exercise, or getting them enrolled in obedience training, you can finally kiss stubbornness goodbye.

Yes, finally!