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29 Fun Apple Head Chihuahua Facts (+Pictures And Tips)

Apple Head Chihuahua

Apple Head Chihuahuas are the purest form of Chihuahua.

Their distinct features are what most people recognize as Chihuahua-esque.

So if you imagine a Chihuahua, you probably think of an Apple Head Chihuahua.

There are a lot of interesting facts about these little creatures. In this article you’ll discover:

  • 29 little-known facts about Apple Head Chihuahuas that might surprise you.
  • The differences between Apple Head Chihuahuas and Deer Head Chihuahuas.
  • A video of a famous Apple Head Chihuahua (I bet you remember this from TV).
  • And more…

Table of contents

What does an Apple Head Chihuahua look like?

Apple Head Chihuahuas have a round head (similar to an apple), with big bulky eyes. On the top of their head, they have a molera. This is a sensitive, soft spot. The soft, sunken look and feel of moleras add to the apple-head shape.

One of the last main features of Apple Head Chihuahuas is their legs. Both the limbs and body of an Apple Head Chihuahua are very short.

With a short body and short legs comes a lighter-weighing Chihuahua. Apple Head Chihuahuas typically weigh no more than six pounds.

Apple Head Chihuahua vs. Deer Head Chihuahua 

This article concerns Apple Head Chihuahuas.

However, there are multiple types of Chihuahuas. Specifications range from size, coat, length, head shape, and more.

Chihuahua head shape is the most common way to label a Chihuahua. Perhaps the second most known type of Chihuahua is the…

Deer Head Chihuahua

Cute Deer Head Chihuahua

You may have already guessed why it is called a Deer Head Chihuahua. Like an Apple Head Chihuahua, a Deer Head Chihuahua is named for resemblance.

The head of Deer Head Chihuahuas contains a more distinct snout rather than a small nose. Their head shape looks more like a wild animal: hence the name Deer Head. 

Deer Head Chihuahuas are also majestic-looking. Their long snouts look both cute and powerful.

Because of their size, some people think Deer Head Chihuahuas look more like foxes than deer. 

In fact:

One myth about Deer Head Chihuahuas suggests they are ancestors of an ancient fox

Either way, their heads are less round, and their noses and mouths protrude from their faces more than an Apple Head Chihuahua.

Deer Head Chihuahuas are tall. Well, taller than an Apple Head Chihuahua. An Apple Head Chihuahua weighs six pounds or less. But a Deer Head Chihuahua weighs around ten pounds.

Deer Head Chihuahuas have longer limbs than Apple Head Chihuahuas. They stand at twelve inches tall at their largest.

They may not be as popular, but Deer Head Chihuahuas are, as well, as cute as it gets.

Also, because of their head shape, they have one slight advantage. They are less likely to develop health problems than Apple Head Chihuahuas.

Their heads are bigger than the ones of Apple Head Chihuahuas. This means less chance of any sort of breathing problem.

In general, the smaller the Chihuahua, the more likely is they’ll have health issues.

Apple Head Chihuahuas also have larger eyes than Deer Head Chihuahuas. This is one of the cutest features of Apple Head Chihuahuas.

Other ways to distinguish Chihuahua types

The second main way to tell Chihuahua types apart is simple: fur length. There is a short hair type and a long hair type. 

Short-haired Chihuahuas have more of a smooth, shiny complexion.

Long-haired Chihuahuas have more luscious locks that require more attentive grooming.

Each length of hair requires different grooming methods.

An owner should brush long-haired Apple Head Chihuahuas multiple times a week. This will keep their hair from becoming matted.

Apple Head Chihuahuas with a short coat do not need as much combing. However, an owner should still brush their Chihuahua from 1 to 3 times a week. 

Besides coat type, you can distinguish Chihuahuas by color. Chihuahua coats mainly consist of white, cream, brown, black, and tan.

Some people believe this: the more solidly colored the Chihuahua, the healthier it will be. In reality, all Chihuahuas may be more susceptible to health issues than other dogs.

Some people assume spots, and many different colors are a result of birth defects.

Whatever the case may be, Apple Head Chihuahuas come in an array of colors.

29 fun facts about Apple Head Chihuahuas 

#1: Chihuahuas are ancient pets

The oldest known relatives of Chihuahuas are Techihis. These were dogs owned by ancient civilizations like the Aztecs.

Some people believe Chihuahuas are a mix of Techichi and another hairless dog. We cannot know for sure.

Drawings of animals resembling Apple Head Chihuahuas have been found on ancient artifacts. These drawings are hundreds and maybe even thousands of years old.

#2: Chihuahuas are big-brained

Smart Apple Head Chihuahua

With a body to brain ratio, Chihuahuas have one of the largest brains of all dogs. They are known for being quite intelligent.

Chihuahuas also love exploring. They are curious little dogs, especially as puppies. 

Their large heads might look a little goofy. But Apple Head Chihuahuas are definitely unique.

Apple Head Chihuahuas’ big brains make them socially excellent. They love associating with other dogs and people.

#3: Apple Heads never really grow into their head size 

Even as puppies, Apple Head Chihuahuas have big heads. Apple Head Chihuahua births typically require a Caesarian section.

Chihuahua puppies are reportedly easy to train. That is, besides the owner’s struggle of losing sight of their tiny bodies around the house!

From a young age, Apple Head Chihuahuas are brave, smart, and lively. Chihuahua puppies love to be on the move.

They are not afraid to make friends with other dogs, especially other Chihuahuas.

#4: Two apple head parents don’t always have an Apple Head puppy

Two Apple Head Chihuahua parents do not always produce an Apple Head Chihuahua puppy.

If certain genes come into play, a Deer Head puppy can have two Apple Head parents, and vice versa.

#5: Apple Heads Chihuahuas are so small they have to snuggle for warmth

Since Chihuahuas are so small, they do not generate a lot of body heat. That’s why a big part of why they might want to cuddle, is to get some warmth.

They also tend to have short hair, which may call for extra warmth. While there are Apple Head long-haired Chihuahuas, all small dogs still need extra care.

This is also why you’ll frequently see Apple Head Chihuahuas wearing sweaters or other clothes. Of course, it’s adorable to dress up a tiny dog, but wearing clothes also keeps them warm.

Pay attention to how long your Chihuahua stays outside. You do not want your cute little pooch to get too cold or too hot.

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#6: Apple Head Chihuahuas are natural divas

Apple Head Chihuahuas are the only Chihuahuas eligible to be used as show dogs. 

Apple Head Chihuahuas most closely resemble the standard Chihuahua. For this reason, they are sometimes seen as the purest breed of Chihuahua.

The rules on show dogs regarding Chihuahuas can be strict. Any uncommon fur marking may render them ineligible.

#7: Apple head Chihuahuas make great movie stars

Besides being great show dogs, Chihuahuas have been used as characters in many movies: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Chihuahua: The Movie, Legally Blonde, and more.

And, let’s not forget the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” Chi that will forever have a place in our hearts.

Because of their traditional Chihuahua characteristics, Apple Heads are the Chihuahuas that typically get the part. 

#8: Chihuahuas are mythical creatures

There are many myths involving the origins of Chihuahuas.

Ancient Aztecs and Mayans were thought to have had Chihuahuas. Back then, a Chihuahua was referred to as “Techichi.”

Techihis were very involved in ancient tradition. A Techihi was always buried next to its owner to assure safety and a release of wrongdoings for both parties.

Techichis are the oldest known dogs in America. How cool is it to think of the noble lineage of Chihuahuas?

They may not have the loudest bark or biggest bite, but they sure do have a family history.

#9: They’re also kind of magical… according to some people

Some people believe Chihuahuas can cure asthma and various allergies. The Techichis that belonged to the Aztecs were thought to take on the illnesses of their human owners. This explains how this belief was passed on.

From a medical point of view, this is untrue. It has been reported in various studies. Despite that, there are still some owners that rely on their Chihuahua to help relieve asthma and allergy symptoms.

#10: Apple Heads are tiny, but they don’t know it

Small Dog Syndrome Meme

The small size of Chihuahuas does not compare to their outgoing personalities.

Chihuahuas can be aggressive, but only for their own protection. They are small in stature. But they are not afraid to stand up for themselves.

#11: Chihuahuas love adventure

Chihuahuas love to explore their surroundings. They pick up new scents, find new things, and savor every bit of it.

Apple Head Chihuahuas are great family pets. Great for playing, great for cuddling, and great in general!

#12: The actual apple shape of their head comes from moleras

Like mentioned at the beginning of the article, Apple Head Chihuahua puppies are born with moleras.

Moleras on an Apple Head Chihuahua’s head are much like the soft spots or fontanels that humans are born with.

A molera is a spot on a Chihuahua’s head where the skull is not fully developed. That’s why playing too roughly with an Apple Head Chihuahua puppy can be harmful.

Moleras close up after a few months, but they do not always fully disappear.

Moleras add to the shape of an Apple Head Chihuahua’s head. It is important to be aware of moleras. They are more than just quirky little characteristics.

#13: Apple head Chihuahuas have a distinct profile 

The connection of the nose and head of an Apple Head Chihuahua creates a 90-degree angle, whereas the Deer Head has a 45-degree angle. This makes the face of an Apple Head Chihuahua very distinct.

#14: They’re loud sleepers

Many Chihuahuas snore because of their facial structure. With their nose and mouth being smushed together on such a tiny little face, there’s not a lot of room for things to expand and contract. 

If your Apple Head is a heavy snorer, you might want to take them to the vet. That’s because snoring can sometimes be a symptom of a serious respiratory illness. 

#15: Chihuahuas are named after the Mexican state Chihuahua

This is why many people believe that Chihuahuas are the national dog of Mexico. However, this hasn’t been proven.

For more information on this topic, check out this article.

#16: Apple Heads are some celebrities’ favorite accessories

In recent years, many celebrities have made their pets as famous as their handbags. In fact, some even carry Chis in their designer handbags.

This is partially due to the size of Apple Head Chihuahuas. It makes them ideal accessories for animal-loving famous folks.

#17: They live a long time

Apple Head Chihuahua lifespan averages 14 to 16 years. Chihuahuas have one of the longest lifespans of all dogs.

Apple Head Chihuahua lifespan will vary among each individual. But your chances of sharing a lasting bond with your Chihuahua pup for a long time are high!

Health plays a big role in how long your Chihuahua will live. If you care for your Chihuahua, they can live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

That being said, make sure to bring your Apple Head Chihuahua to the vet on a regular basis. Taking your Chi’s annual check-ups seriously will help prevent the development of any health issues.

#18: Even tiny Apple Head Chihuahuas require daily walks and exercise

Since Chihuahuas are so energetic, you must make sure that their health is keeping up with their exercise.

Keep in mind the size of Chihuahuas. While they could benefit from eating often, they shouldn’t eat a lot. 

#19: Apple Head Chihuahuas don’t actually have huge eyes

Apple Head Chihuahuas are known for their big eyes. However, they are not necessarily oversized. Because of their head shape, their eyes bulge out, making them look larger than other Chihuahuas.

#20: Apple Head Chihuahuas come in lots of colors

Apple Head Chihuahua fur color can be different shades of black, white, cream, brown, or tan. 

White Apple Head Chihuahuas are the rarest type of Chihuahuas to find. Well, pure white, that is.

In order for a Chihuahua to have truly white fur, their parents must both be true white Chihuahuas as well. 

Even still, two pure white Chihuahuas will not always produce a pure white puppy.

These Chihuahuas can be hard to find. Many people deem them the best because of their rarity.

#21: Apple Head Chihuahuas are criers

A tiny Apple Head Chihuahua crying might be one of the saddest things to witness. 

As we said before, Chihuahuas are very intelligent. If they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, they whine.

Crying lets those around the Chihuahua know it is struggling.

This is not the only reason Chihuahuas cry, however. Apart from that, it is a sure sign of their intelligence.

If you hear your Chihuahua crying, make sure to check on them. You do not want their whines to escalate to aggression.

#22: The females make great mommies

Apple Head Chihuahuas are actually known to be great mothers. And not just for their own Apple Head Chihuahua puppies. 

Because of their size, Chihuahuas have been known to nurse baby kittens. How cool is that? A mother to all.

This is more evidence of the caring nature of Apple Head Chihuahuas. They look out for others, even if ‘the others’ do not belong.

#23: Apple Head teacup Chihuahuas

Apple Head Teacup Chihuahua

Thought Chihuahuas could not get any cuter? Well, teacup Chihuahuas are mini Chihuahuas.

Mini Chihuahuas? Is that even a thing?

Though Chihuahuas can be even smaller than normal, the size of an Apple Head teacup Chihuahua might surprise you.

Although they’re very cute, teacup Chihuahuas are not recognized as an official breed. They are just smaller Chihuahuas.

Interestingly enough, teacup Chihuahuas might be more expensive than regular-sized Chihuahuas.

#24: All black Apple Head Chihuahuas are hard to find

Pure white Chihuahuas are the rarest color. However, a pure black Chihuahua is also rare. Usually, a black Chihuahua will be mostly black with a spot here or there.

A unique Apple Head Chihuahua coat that contains black is a black and brown striped coat of fur. Some people like this because it resembles a tiger.

Any solid-colored Chihuahua is less common than one with different coat colors. Many Chihuahuas contain a mixture of a few.

#25: World record

In 2014, an Apple Head Chihuahua named Milly had been announced the smallest dog in the world.

Milly is 3.8 inches tall and about 1 pound in weight. If teacup Chihuahuas were their own category, she would be their leader!

#26: Short hair Chihuahuas can get sunburned

Chihuahuas have sensitive skin. Since they do love to lay in the sunshine, investing in doggie sunscreen is a good idea to prevent your Chi from getting a sunburn.

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#27: There are three sizes of Apple Heads

It’s hard to imagine anything smaller than a teacup Chihuahua, but a micro Chihuahua is usually only six inches tall… at the most!

Here are the sizes Chihuahuas come in:

  • Micro.
  • Teacup.
  • Miniature.

#28: Chihuahuas are fragile

Chihuahuas are clearly small dogs, so they have a hard time eating enough to maintain healthy bones. This, along with the fact that their skeletal frame is just so itty bitty, makes Chis extra fragile pups. 

While Chis love to play, it’s important to keep them safe. Even walking your Chi on a leash can be dangerous for them, given that they don’t know their own size and can pull quite a bit in a collar. 

Note: To protect your Chi from hurting their necks, you can substitute the collar with a harness.

#29: Apple Head Chihuahuas make great watchdogs… 

First of all, let’s get something clear – having a watchdog is not the same as a guard dog. 

If you want a pup that’s going to alert you of all the happenings in your home, and a dog that barks until you acknowledge the situation, then a Chihuahua is the right fit.

Also, how about a dog that will snap at any perceived threat? One that forgets they only weigh six pounds, that is. If that sounds good, then you’ll be content with a Chihuahua.

But, if you’re looking for a guard dog to actually protect you by prevention, then a tiny Apple Head Chihuahua isn’t your best bet. 

Bonus: Chihuahuas are great at playing hide and seek

Actually, they’re just great at the hiding part. Since they’re so small, Chis love a good warm hiding place.

So, don’t be too surprised if you find your Apple Head in a freshly folded pile of laundry, especially if it’s hot out of the dryer.

Under the covers of the bed is another favorite hiding place. 

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7 essential tips to take care of an Apple Head Chihuahua 

  • #1: Apple Heads are prone to ear infections, so keeping them clean and dry will help prevent this. 
  • #2: Take your Chihuahua to the vet regularly, as their small respiratory systems can cause health issues. 
  • #3: Especially in its first few months, be gentle with your Chihuahua. The molera can be very sensitive.
  • #4: Strict training is important for Chihuahuas to prevent them from becoming aggressive. They forget they’re little dogs. 
  • #5: Give your pup plenty of attention. They need it. Lack of attention might result in a poor connection between you and your dog.
  • #6: Brushing, baths, and dental hygiene are all important for Apple Head Chihuahuas. Chis can have dental issues, so frequent checkups are a must. 
  • #7: Be careful with how much time your Chihuahua spends outside. Chihuahuas can be harmed from exposure to extreme temperatures for too long.

The average cost of an Apple Head Chihuahua

Chihuahua Cost

It’s hard to find a Chihuahua at a local animal shelter. That has to do with the fact that they’re so loving and adorable, they just get adopted as soon as they’re brought in.

On the bright side though, Apple Head Chihuahuas are pretty affordable. The average price ranges from $300 to $800.

There are factors that may raise this price. But they are very few.

An Apple Head Chihuahua will be more expensive if it has a pure family lineage. This is really only relevant for a show dog.

If you are looking for an Apple Head Chihuahua to have as a pet, you should not worry about their nobility.

Finding the purest Apple Head Chihuahua is not all that important. As I have already said, Apple Head Chihuahuas are the purest form of Chihuahua anyway.

Another factor that might raise the price is color. White Chihuahuas and black Chihuahuas are probably the rarest.

In fact, any solid colored Chihuahua is quite rarer than others.

Size can also affect the price. Though they are all tiny, smaller Chihuahuas will probably cost more. Weird, right? You pay more for less. Well, perhaps that is the price you pay for cuteness!

In short:

Apple Head Chihuahuas are great both as family pets and professional show dogs.

They are smart, affectionate, and brave. Not to mention, they have quite the family history.

Owning an Apple Head Chihuahua has its ups and downs. But as outlined in this article, it’s safe to say pros far outweigh the cons! 

Taking proper care of your Apple Head Chihuahua is the surest way to give it the full life it deserves.

There are so many interesting things about Apple Head Chihuahuas. 

They are the face of Hollywood pets. And also award-winning show dogs. Plus, one of the purest breeds of dogs.

Apple Head Chihuahuas come in varying types. However, each one is just as cute as the next! 

No matter the color, fur length, size, gender, or anything regarding Apple Head Chihuahuas, they are adorable dogs.

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