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Do Chihuahuas Like To Cuddle? Surprising And Fun Facts

Do Chihuahuas Like To Cuddle

While I’m writing this on my couch, my long-haired Chihuahua mix started cuddling with my boyfriend (see the picture).

That brings us to the question:

Do Chihuahuas like to cuddle?

In this article you’ll discover:

  • The way most Chihuahuas perceive hugs.
  • The health benefits of cuddling (for you and your Chi).
  • How your behavior might be provoking your Chi to cuddle with you (fact #3 tells you everything you need to know).
  • And more…

Do Chihuahuas like to cuddle?

Chihuahuas do like to cuddle and snuggle. They like to sit on your lap or lean against you. This is how they can warm themselves and show love and affection. It’s important that your Chihuahua initiates cuddling since some Chihuahuas don’t like it.

That being said, there is a big difference between cuddling and hugging.


There are some other important things you should know before you start a cuddle party with your Chihuahua.

3 reasons why Chihuahuas like to cuddle and snuggle

There is a variety of reasons why Chihuahuas like to cuddle. Here are 3 common reasons:

#1: Warming themselves

Did you know that puppies cuddle with each other to keep themselves warm?

The video below displays this ‘puppy cuddle instinct’:

(I love the first response to this video: ‘luckiest kid alive’. I couldn’t agree more.)

So when your Chihuahua starts to sit on your lap, or leans against your leg, this might be an indicator that your pooch is cold.

This also explains why Chihuahuas are less likely to cuddle with you during the summer. In the summer their blood temperature is rising, and this makes the need to warm themselves smaller.

However, this isn’t always the case. While quite a few Chihuahua owners report this to be true, some Chihuahuas like to cuddle and snuggle no matter the weather.

Why some Chihuahuas are little cuddle addicts? Continue reading to find out why…

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#2: Bonding with their owner

Research has shown that dogs find it more important to bond with their owner than any other pet.

Another fun fact is that a short-term interaction between you and your Chihuahua can lead to increased levels of oxytocin.

This isn’t only for you. Your Chihuahua also enjoys this oxytocin boost!

As you might know:

Oxytocin is the ‘love hormone’. It bonds people (and apparently also dogs) together.

So the next time when you see your Chihuahua leaning in for a big fat cuddle…

… You know that it’s bonding time.

#3: To cheer you up

While this is slightly controversial, more and more people tend to agree that dogs can read human emotions.

This explains why some dog owners get an unexpected cuddle from their Chihuahua when they’re down.

For example:

It’s not uncommon to find your Chihuahua’s head on your leg when you’re crying on the couch. In times like these, your pooch can also bring a toy to you to play and distract you.

It’s almost like they want to say: ‘Hey you, cheer up, I’m here for you :)’

And there are some other reasons why your Chihuahua might like to cuddle. Maybe your pooch is scared when hearing fireworks, and this is the moment when you suddenly have a new lap friend.

Whatever the reason is, there is one thing you should keep in mind:

The right way to cuddle with your Chihuahua

The right way to cuddle with your Chihuahua

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again:

It’s important that your Chihuahua initiates to cuddle. So don’t force your pooch to sit on your lap when she prefers to run circles in the living room.

The fact is that some Chihuahuas are little cuddle monsters and other Chihuahuas like to keep their distance.

It’s not for you to decide if your dog child wants to cuddle.

Every now and then you can put your Chihuahua on your lap, but if your pooch immediately wants to ‘escape’, it’s best to give her that freedom.

Why do Chihuahuas not like to cuddle?

While most Chihuahuas do like to cuddle with their owner, some Chihuahuas don’t like it. There can be multiple reasons for this. A few examples:

  • You’re too rough while cuddling.
  • Weak bond between the Chihuahua and the owner.
  • Your Chihuahua prefers to do something else (like playing).
  • And so forth…

The simplest explanation is that all dogs are different.

  • A real-life example: The dog of my boyfriend’s mother is a so-called velcro dog. Wherever she goes, the dog follows. But… and here it comes… the dog isn’t a big fan of cuddling. It just likes to follow.

This is a perfect example of how dogs can be different. And as dog owners, we should respect this.

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The difference between cuddling and hugging (and why it’s important to know)

You cuddle with your Chihuahua when:

  • She’s sitting on your lap.
  • She’s leaning against you.

You hug your Chihuahua when:

  • You pick her up and hold her in a hug position (front legs over your shoulders).

If you’ve come this far, you’ve discovered that most Chihuahuas like to cuddle and snuggle. But what about hugs? Let’s get some clarity on this hugging business…

Do Chihuahuas like to hug?

In short: Chihuahuas don’t like hugs. This is because dogs rely on body language for communicating with their owner. And in dog language hugging might come across as if you’re trying to dominate your Chihuahua. 

If your Chihuahua becomes stiff or still while hugging her, this is a big sign that she’s not into it.

To prevent uncomfortable situations with your pooch, it’s best to avoid hugging and cuddle when she initiates it (so don’t try to force it).

3 reasons to cuddle more often with your Chihuahua

Ok. If your Chihuahua likes to cuddle and initiates it more than you can handle (because of your busy schedule), here are some reasons why you should set aside some more time to cuddle with your furry friend:

#1: Prevent depression in your dog

Did you know that dogs can get depressed just like us?

Dogs by default are pack animals. When you take care of a dog, you become part of the ‘pack’. If you’re isolating your Chihuahua too much, this can lead to depression.

That’s why it’s important to take enough time to bond with your pooch.

#2: Health benefits

Cuddling With Chihuahua Health Benefits

Earlier I mentioned that cuddling (or spending time) with your Chihuahua can lead to an increased level of oxytocin in you and your dog.

According to research, higher levels of oxytocin in humans can help with:

  • Easing stress.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Improving social skills.
  • Boosting sexual arousal.
  • Prevention of drug cravings.
  • And more…

Long story short:

There are a lot of reasons why cuddling with your Chihuahua can be beneficial for your health. Especially when you’re single and you don’t cuddle that much with people in general.

#3: It pulls you into the moment

There are a lot of apps and workshops that help you to be more mindful.

And while some of these are great, you don’t need them.

If you have a furry friend who likes to cuddle and a couch or a comfy chair, you have all the ‘ingredients’ to be more mindful.

Simply focus fully on your Chihuahua when she’s laying on your lap or against you.

Put your phone in silence or on airplane mode. Turn off the TV. And be fully there for your Chihuahua.

Doing this will make you feel more relaxed. And there are a lot of other benefits of being in this meditative state.