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Are Dogs Allowed In Marshalls? (Updated 2023 Rules)

Are Dogs Allowed In Marshalls

People say Marshalls is ‘pet friendly.’

But wait.

Before you go and take your pooch to shop with you…

Is that true?

Continue reading to learn:

  • 5 facts about Marshalls’ dog policy.
  • Whether Marshalls allows dogs or not.
  • 3 practical tips you must know before shopping with your dog.
  • And more…

Are dogs allowed in Marshalls?

Dogs are allowed in Marshalls, but the policy may differ per store. For example, they let service dogs inside at all times. And this complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While some Marshalls may or may not allow pets or non-service dogs. And this depends on the store location.

Marshalls’ dog policy explained

#1: Marshalls allow ‘service dogs’ inside

If you ask me about Marshalls’ official policy about pets…

I can answer that one thing’s for sure…

Marshalls let service animals inside their stores.


It’s because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a.k.a. ADA.

“What is it?”

ADA is a federal law requiring public places to allow service animals to enter.

They should let persons with disability inside with their service animals.

And this law is also observed in Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Okay. This topic might be confusing for some.


“What exactly is a service animal?”

As defined by ADA, a service animal is a…

“… a dog that’s individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.”

So, this doesn’t include dogs for:

  • Companion.
  • Emotional support.

“What are a service dog’s tasks?”

AKC listed a few common ones. And they’re as follows:

  • Opening cabinets or doors.
  • Getting objects their handler can’t.
  • Guiding blind people in wayfinding.
  • Asking for help when their handler is in danger.
  • Alarming deaf people (e.g., when a person enters the room).

Apart from these…

Did you know that dogs can also detect seizures 45 to 90 minutes before they happen?

Yup. And a study found the reason behind this amazing ability.

There, it says that dogs can ‘smell’ seizures.

The researchers collected odor samples from people with different conditions. Say anxiety, epilepsy, and diabetes.

And then…

They made 5 service dogs sniff 7 cans with scent samples per trial.

Among the odors, only 1 belongs to a person who had a seizure.

And the results?

All canines reacted to the can with a ‘seizure odor.’ 

And 3 out of 5 dogs in the study sniffed with 100% accuracy.

“How’s that possible?”

It could be that our odor changes when something’s happening inside our bodies.

But we can’t smell it with our noses.

However, dogs have a superior sense of smell to us. And that’s why they can notice those slight changes in our scent.

Well, so much for the trivia.

But there’s also a question that many people ask…

One of which is:

How can stores make sure you have a service animal?

As per ADA, the employees can ask 2 legal questions:

  • “What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?”
  • “Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?”


Employees aren’t allowed to:

  • Ask the dog to do the trained task.
  • Request documentation for the dog.
  • Indulge about the person’s disability.

#3: Marshalls may not allow pet dogs in some stores

“If my dog isn’t a service animal…

Can I bring them with me?”

Although many Marshalls also allow pets inside…

This isn’t true for all stores.

“Why’s that?”

Marshalls don’t have an official pet policy yet. 

So, this decision will come from your state or local store.

This is why some Marshalls may allow both pets and service dogs inside. 

On the other hand…

Some stores only let service animals in their buildings.

“Wait. Aren’t service dogs pets too?”

Let’s go back to ADA.

Based on it, service animals aren’t ‘pets.’

They’re not only companions, and this is because people train service dogs to do a specific task.

Also, their main goal is to aid their handlers.

So because of these reasons, ADA says that…

Service dogs are ‘working dogs’ and not pets

Service Dogs Are Working Dogs

This is why they’re allowed in all Marshalls under certain conditions. (I’ll discuss this shortly, so stay tuned.)

While some stores can deny entry to pet dogs.

“But why?”

The stores may have changed their dog policy due to complaints.

For instance, they often have issues with aggressive dogs.


Some people might have a fear of canines. So they’ll be uncomfortable shopping in a place with many Fidos around.

But this can also be due to hygiene concerns. And people worry about animals shedding on the clothes on display.

The latter is the reason why pet dogs aren’t allowed in Walmart. There, they sell food items. So the risk of contamination is high if there are many pets inside.


Studies show that bringing dogs with you has many benefits

One, research shows that dogs make people less lonely.

80% of fur parents in the study said they feel less lonely due to their pets. 

Next, a study found that going out with a Fido makes a person likable.


Experts say that with dogs, people are more relaxed.

So when they photographed some fur parents with their  Fidos…

They appear happier. And it made the people look better in photos.


Researchers also say that having a dog is a good conversation starter.

Based on them, 40% of dog parents quickly made friends with their Fidos.

But if we put the visual and social benefits aside. 

And look more at the emotional and mental aspects of these studies…

They say that having dogs by our side makes us feel safer and happier.

And this makes shopping even more enjoyable.

Plus, it’s also a chance to expose your Fido to new places and people.

#4: Marshalls’ dog policy varies per location

Next, you already know that not all Marshalls allow pet dogs inside.

So before taking your Fido out…

Call the certain store that you want to visit.

Search the specific Marshalls you like. Write their phone number and dial it.

Then ask if the store allows pets inside.

Note: Here’s Marshalls official website. You can also try the phone numbers below if you can’t find a certain store’s details:

  • +1 800 646 9466 (Canada).
  • +1 888-627-7425 (United States).
  • +1 905 405 8000 (Head Office, Canada).

#4: Marshalls can deny access to rowdy Fidos

Now, may it be a service or a pet dog…

If you brought them inside the store, you should be responsible for them.

The Fido must not cause any inconvenience for the shoppers. 

Or else…

The management may view your pooch as dangerous.

And the store won’t allow your Fido inside.

#5: Marshalls allow dogs under certain conditions

Are you sure that you can bring Fido to your nearest Marshalls?

If so, there are some conditions you should meet as per ADA.

Your dog must be:

  • On-leash.
  • Vaccinated.

So basically…

Your Fido must be under your control while shopping.

The dog should wear a leash or a harness at all times.

“But what if a tether isn’t possible due to a person’s disability?”

The dog must be in voice control. And they should respond well to their handler.


As a responsible dog parent, ensure that your pooch is:

  • Housebroken.
  • Well-behaved.
  • Has a calm temperament.

#BONUS: 3 things to remember before shopping with Fido


It’s always nice to have something up your sleeve.

So before rushing to the nearest Marshalls, keep these tips in mind:

Ensure your Fido’s tummy is full

Like us, a hungry dog isn’t themselves. 

They may snap or bark at people in the store. And you don’t want this to happen.

So feed your pooch before going out.

Watch your dog like a hawk

You’re fully responsible for your Fido inside the store. So often check on them while shopping.

They may be lurking at another cart or blocking the aisle.

Also, some calm Fidos may still panic at the sight of strangers and other dogs.

So, pay attention to your Fido.

And VCA says to watch out for these signs of stress in dogs:

  • Pacing.
  • Shaking.
  • Yawning.
  • Panting too much.
  • Wanting to escape.
  • Licking or drooling excessively.

Bring your dog during less busy hours

Last but not least.

If you can’t avoid crowded aisles on normal days…

You may also try going to Marshalls when there are fewer people.


You can go with your pooch on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.


Stores are full on weekends.

On the other hand…

People might go on Mondays or Tuesdays if they didn’t make it during the weekend.

Note: This is only a suggestion and isn’t mandatory. Do this if you want a less hassle shopping experience with your pooch.

Happy shopping with your Fido! 🙂