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5 Reasons Why Dogs Can’t Change Their Favorite Person

Can Dogs Change Their Favorite Person

Most Fidos may seem to like everyone.

But there’s always one person with whom they feel most connected.

And it often stays the same forever.

So if you’re one of the ‘lucky ones’

Why can no one easily replace you in your dog’s heart?

Keep reading to find out:

  • The most loyal dog breeds.
  • Whether dogs can have 2 favorite people or not.
  • 5 real reasons why dogs can’t change their favorite person.
  • The importance of socialization in dogs and when you should do it.
  • And a lot more…

Why dogs can’t change their favorite person – 5 reasons

#1: Loyalty runs in their blood

All dogs will likely have a favorite human.

But, certain breeds only develop strong bonds with one person.

So because of this, these Fidos are aloof with other people – especially strangers.

Some examples of these loyal ‘one-man dogs‘ are:

  • Basenjis.
  • Shiba Inus.
  • Chihuahuas.
  • Greyhounds.
  • Chow Chows.
  • Cairn Terriers.

Since these dogs tend to become strongly attached to one person…

It’ll be hard for anyone to claim that spot and be their new favorite human.

Unlike some dog breeds which are usually friendly to all people.

Such as:

  • Beagles.
  • Poodles.
  • Retrievers.

#2: Poor socialization

Dogs Can't Change Their Favorite Person Due To Poor Socialization

Next, vets say that most dogs are friendly to people.

But this may not be true for some shy breeds I mentioned above.

However, aside from genes…

Early socialization also impacts how a dog interacts with others.

And it can affect how Fidos choose their favorite person as well.

So they may have grown up liking only a certain group of people.

“Why’s that?”

Like us, dogs also have a ‘socialization period’

“What is it?”

According to experts, it’s the most crucial stage in a puppy’s life. And it occurs between 3 to 12 weeks.

During this phase, Fidos are more accepting of new situations. 

Say, being around another canine or a stranger.

So if you didn’t socialize your dog well during this period…

Or if they often had a bad experience with others…

It’ll affect their attitude toward making friends later in life.

For instance, if you’ve only exposed your Fido to women, they may fear men.

And it can also happen if a dog has a scary encounter with males. 

A study also proved this.

It says that little exposure to other dogs or people is the most common reason for anxiety in canines.

So this could also be the reason why dogs can’t change their favorite person in some cases.

Note: Want a sociable and less fearful pup? VCA says not to separate puppies from their mother and litter until they’re 8 weeks old. Also, expose them to human presence and contact during this stage.

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#3: More time spent together

They say…

“You can replace a person, but not the memories you made together.”

And somehow, this is also true for our furry pals.


Let’s say your Fido’s favorite person is you. 

But you must be away for a couple of weeks due to work.

Now you might wonder…

“Will my absence cause my dog to change their favorite person?”

Well, your pooch can also enjoy the company of other people while you’re gone.

But once you arrived…

Your dog will welcome you with intense tail wagging, excited barks, and licks on your arms.

And if they don’t get this hyped to other people…

Be at ease. You’re still your Fido’s favorite human on Earth.

But wait a minute.

Dogs can’t recall every detail of the memories we had with them.

But, they do remember us – their fur parents. And other important people or animals in their lives.


“How do dogs do that?”

Based on research, canines recall certain events due to their ‘episodic-like’ memory. 

Dogs can remember an action made by their humans when trained.

For example, putting their paws or climbing on a chair. However, Fidos will forget these as time goes by.

So if that’s the case…

Dogs can’t recall old memories like what they had for breakfast. Or what they did at their 2nd birthday party.


Canines have an ‘associative’ memory

“What is it?”

To explain this simply, it’s when dogs link things together.

For example, leash means to walk, and bowl means feeding time.

So if you’re Fido’s favorite human…

They may have associated you with fun, love, and security.

And it’s because they remember those emotions whenever they’re with you.

Say if you always play with them and do things they like (e.g., hiking, swimming.)

So even if you’re gone for a while…

Your Fido’s memory of you will still be there. And you don’t have to worry about getting replaced quickly.

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#4: Quality time over quantity

Besides hanging out together…

A dog and their favorite human will also have a stronger bond if it’s a time well spent.

“What do you mean?”

It’s always quality over quantity.

So it’s not enough that you spend many hours with your Fido daily.

You also have to ensure that your interactions are often positive.


You must also make a negative one become the opposite.


You can make bathtime fun and less scary by giving your dog treats and massages.

Your Fido will surely appreciate it. Then you’ll top your their ‘Fave Humans Hall of Fame.’

And from then on, it may be hard for them to change their favorite person.

#5: Matching personalities and energy levels

Last but not least.

We instantly ‘click’ with people who match our personality, right?

And guess what?

It’s also the same case in the doggy world.

“Really? How?”

A dog and their parent can be soulmates too

Research shows that dogs and their fur parents are often alike.

Experts took pictures of 45 Fidos with their humans. And they’re a combination of purebred dogs and mixed breeds.

And then asked observers to match the canines with their respective parents.

And the results?

The observers matched most of the dogs to their parents. 


It was only accurate in purebred ones.

“Why’s that?”

The study says that people tend to pick a dog similar to them. And their similarities are more evident if it’s purebred.

Since well, mixed breeds have a combination of traits from their parents. 

So it was more difficult to match them to their humans.

Going back to the topic.

The study above observed that…

Usually, active people have outgoing and energetic dogs like them.

On the other hand, a chill person will have a reserved and cautious Fido.

So if you match your dog’s energy level…

You may quickly become their favorite person.

And this can also be the reason why other dogs like you so much.

But aside from personality…

Interesting fact: Did you know that our dogs can also mirror our stress? Yup. A study found that Fidos and their humans can have similar emotions and stress levels. And this is often seen in dogs who compete.

“But why?”

Another research explained this point.

It says that dogs and parents who compete spend more time together. So this bond improved their closeness.

Their bond is too strong to the point where the dog gets stressed when their human is.

“How did they find this out?”

Researchers collected hair samples from 58 dogs and their parents. And by looking at the ‘cortisol’ levels.

“What’s cortisol?”

It’s the ‘stress hormone.’

And they also found that the cortisol on the dog’s hair wasn’t due to their mood. But their parent’s stress levels affected it instead.