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15 Best Dog Rescues In West Midlands (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Rescues In West Midlands

You’ve always got a heart for rescue dogs…

Now, you’re thinking of getting one.

And you’d like to do so from a reputable shelter.

To make it easier for you…

How about I give you some recommendations across the West Midlands?

Keep reading to discover:

  • What the no-kill policy means in some of these dog shelters.
  • 15 best dog rescues in West Midlands (plus their contact details).
  • And many more…

15 best dog rescues in West Midlands

#1: Dogs Trust

They’re the largest dog welfare charity.

In fact, it’s the leading one in the UK.

That’s because Dogs Trust has been serving the community since 1891…

So, that’s over 100 years of offering a helping hand.

And not just to canines, but to the people of the UK as well.

Now, they have many locations that shelter rescues.

The one in West Midland is…

Dogs Trust Kenilworth

This center is the largest of all 20 Dogs Trust shelters.

The Kenilworth branch has space for 180 dogs.

However, they rely on their donors to continue to care for those canines.

And they’ll do so until each dog finds a forever home.

Thinking of adopting a pooch from them?

Then, you can visit their shelter. There, you might see the pup that you’re longing for…

However, you’re gonna need to set an appointment first. Just click here to do so.

Lastly, they’ll also appreciate your support.

So, you can try to volunteer for their shelter…

Or, you can also become a foster parent. There, you’ll temporarily open your home and heart to a rescue.

With that, if you wish to contact them, reach out through…

Dogs Trust Kenilworth contact details

Website: Dogs Trust Kenilworth

Phone: 0303 003 0000

Address: Honiley Rd, Honiley, Kenilworth CV8 1NP, United Kingdom (Google maps)

#2: Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Bromsgrove

They first opened their doors in 1986…

Now, their shelter can hold 48 dogs and cats.

The Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Bromsgrove is a dedicated shelter…

They’re willing to help you find the right fur baby.

That’s why they encourage you to look at their website. I’ll link it below to the contact details section.

There, you’ll see every animal available for adoption. 

Moreover, you can give them a call.

During that, you can describe the pupper you’re looking for.

Plus, that’ll be a chance for the staff to assess you initially.

And after that, you can arrange a visit to their shelter. Then, you can meet your potential fur baby.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get in touch with them now…

Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Bromsgrove contact details

Website: Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Bromsgrove

Phone: 0300 777 1460


Address: Wildmoor Ln, Catshill, Bromsgrove B61 0RJ, United Kingdom (Google maps)

Plus, you can also follow their Facebook page for updates.

#3: Birmingham Dogs Home

This is another rescue organization that’s been here long…

The late Sir Alfred Gooch Bart established Birmingham Dog’s Home in 1892.

Now, they’re reaching their 130-year mark of service.

And all those years, they made the lives of thousands better.

Oh, I’m not just talking about the dogs that got rehomed…

But this dog home also made a lot of families happy. 

And locals love their experiences in this organization.

Many people attest that this shelter’s filled with wonderful people…

Everyone in the Bluecross team is dedicated to caring for each dog. 

Plus, they’re also committed to assisting potential dog parents. And that lets people enjoy the adoption process…

They feel that way instead of worrying about it.

So if you’re thinking of adopting a rescue pooch…

Oh, don’t hesitate to go to this dog rescue center. 

The one in West Midlands is Birmingham Dogs Home – Wolverhampton Centre…

Birmingham Dogs Home – Wolverhampton Centre contact details

Website: Birmingham Dogs Home – Wolverhampton Centre

Address: Dark Ln, Coven, Wolverhampton WV10 7PN, United Kingdom (Google maps)

#4: Wythall Animal Sanctuary

They’ve been rehoming animals for more than 50 years…

And during all those years, they keep animals for as long as they can.

Wythall Animal Sanctuary gives its best on finding the animals their forever homes.

But, they only function thanks to their donors and supporters.

Moreover, the organization is full of passionate people.

Their staff and volunteers are hardworking and friendly.

Locals certify that they have a wonderful time partnering with the organization.

And the people are happy about how a lovely experience they’ve had in here.

With that, the shelter continues to prosper.

Moreover, they keep striving for the vision that they perceive…

And that’s to lend a hand to every animal that they can reach.

Wythall Animal Sanctuary contact details

Website: Wythall Animal Sanctuary 

Phone: 01564 823 288


Address: Middle Ln, King’s Norton, Headley Heath, Birmingham B38 0DU, United Kingdom (Google maps)

#5: Small Dog Rescue

Small Dog Rescue

Their goal is to provide new homes for small dogs.

Hence, their name is Small Dog Rescue.

Now, they’ve been aiming for that mission for over 25 years.

And they have a lot of success stories to tell.

Moreover, they earned the heart of so many people…

Dog parents appreciate how they can easily communicate with this rescue centre.

Moreover, they take good care of their rescues.

One factor that affects that is their foster system.

What’s that?

You see, Small Dog Rescue doesn’t have a shelter.

They only rely on their dedicated foster volunteers.

With that, a pooch temporarily stays with a human…

That’s up until the organization finds them a permanent home.

Now, how does this affect the welfare of rescues?

According to research, shelters are a hotspot for stress in rescue dogs.

Their findings show that dogs undergo acute and chronic stress in that setup.

But with fostering, a dog can calmly transition during all those changes.

Plus, they get to enjoy a lovely home environment.

With that, it’s like they’ll never miss a day in the life that they deserve.

Small Dog Rescue contact details

Website: Small Dog Rescue

Phone: 07799550196 or 01922 415919

Decided on taking a rescue dog home from them?

Then, you can fill up this contact form. They’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

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#6: C.A.A.R.S.

They’re the Carers Anonymous Animal Refuge Sanctuary.

But they’re mostly recognized as C.A.A.R.S.

Now, they aim to rescue and shelter unfortunate fur babies.

They take in the strays, distressed, and unwanted domestic animals.

Moreover, they’re more than willing to treat those that need it. 

Fortunately, they have an official veterinarian in their organization.

And every rescue is regularly checked and attended to.

Plus, every rescue receives their complete vaccination. 

And, of course, they also get treated for fleas and worms.

Now, any fur baby is welcome in their shelter.

And each of them is going to receive the care that they so deserve…

Then, C.A.A.R.S. proceeds to seek a loving parent for those animals…

C.A.A.R.S. contact details

Website: C.A.A.R.S.

Phone: 01922 476208


Address: Red Ln, Essington, Wolverhampton WV11 2DZ, United Kingdom (Google maps)

#7: Rainbow Dog Rescue

This shelter operates under a no-kill policy.

What’s that?

It’s when a rescue shelter doesn’t put any dog to sleep.

You see, putting rescues to sleep is done by many centers.

In the UK alone, 21 dogs are euthanized each day…

That’s an unfortunate fact stated by the PETA UK.

Now, why is that practiced?

Unfortunately, some dogs are less or not adoptable.

With that, they take up space and resources from the shelter.

Then, there are still many puppers in the community needing help.

Now, the shelter has to make space for those new needy canines.

With that, they tend to euthanize the less adoptable dogs.

But in Rainbow Dog Rescue, they don’t practice that at all…

Instead, a rescue stays with a foster parent for as long as they can…

And the organization never stops to find them a forever home.

Moreover, they function by the kindness of their supporters and donors.

Plus, they have charity stores…

Such helps them improve their presence in the community.

And, of course, the shops fund their cause as well.

Rainbow Dog Rescue contact details

Website: Rainbow Dog Rescue

Phone: 07779 399358

Address: 12 Windmill Bank, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV5 9JD, United Kingdom (Google maps)

For timely updates, also follow their Facebook page.

Lastly, you can also reach out to them by filling out this contact form.

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#8: The Animal House Rescue

They’re a small rescue shelter…

But still, they create a large and lasting impact on the community.

The Animal House Rescue saves those abused and abandoned dogs and cats.

Now, what do they do once an animal enters their care?

The first thing they do is treat the fur babies for parasites. Those are mites, fleas, ticks, and worms.

And if they’re intact, they’ll get spayed or neutered.

Now, this organization doesn’t have a shelter as well.

With that, they make use of the foster system.

According to them, such a setup lets them see every rescue’s home behavior…

And something like that can contribute to their knowledge about the animals.

They’ll see how each rescue behaves in a home environment.

With that, they can report their observations to potential dog parents.

The Animal House Rescue contact details

Website: The Animal House Rescue

Phone: 0121 475 8729

You can also get in touch with their admins…

To do so, complete this contact form.

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#9: Wild Acre Rescue

Their volunteers are very knowledgeable about domestic animals…

Then, they’re also friendly people…

And that’s why locals don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

Moreover, Wild Acre Rescue offers a brilliant service for the community.

They work on rescuing domestic animals in their area.

Those poor creatures are ill-treated and abandoned…

But, this shelter focuses on giving them a second chance.

And they perform that duty with kindness and compassion.

That’s a reason why Wild Acre Rescue has many success stories to tell.

Wild Acre Rescue contact details

Website: Wild Acre Rescue


Address: 20 High St, Cradley Heath B64 5HG, United Kingdom (Google maps)

You can also phone the following contacts of volunteers:

Angela 07714442263 or Diane 07581015789

#10: Grinshill Animal Rescue

Grinshill Animal Rescue

A passionate family of animal lovers runs this shelter.

In fact, their house is just near the shelter.

Moreover, their place lies on the base of a beautiful hill. Then, they’re surrounded by woods and fields.

That’s why they’re such a sanctuary for needy animals.

But, Grinshill Animal Rescue is still a small charity.

With that, they only have limited space and resources.

That’s why they have a long waiting list of animals…

Sadly, many deprived animals need to be rehabilitated and rehomed.

When it’s time for the latter, Grinshill gives their best.

They do a thorough check of every rescue’s future home.

Moreover, all rescues are regularly checked by vets. Then, they’re also microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated.

Grinshill Animal Rescue contact details

Website: Grinshill Animal Rescue

Phone: +447740103393


Address: Grinshill Animal Rescue Centre, Hillside, Shrewsbury SY4 3LQ, United Kingdom (Google maps)

#11: Happy Staffie Rescue

Are you looking for the finest center to adopt a Staffie?

Then, this shelter might be the best choice for you.

Happy Staffie Rescue offers sanctuary to needy Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Did you know? AKC says Staffies used to rule England’s dogfighting rings. 

But now, they offer wonderful companionship to their human parent. 

Now, how ’bout other breeds?

Does the shelter accept them?

Sometimes, they still allow other breeds. But only when space permits.

Now, they rehabilitate each canine.

Then, they work on seeking those puppers a forever home.

And they do so without receiving any funding from the government.

All they rely on are their volunteers, fundraisings, and donations.

So, again…

If you want a lovey-dovey Staffie, get in touch with this shelter. I’ll put their contact info below.

Happy Staffie Rescue contact details

Website: Happy Staffie Rescue

Phone: 0343 289 6163 


Address: 7, Carlton House, Worcester St, Kidderminster DY10 1EL, United Kingdom (Google maps)

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#12: Broken Souls Rescue

This charity also practices the no-kill policy.

With that, they don’t rescue many animals.

That’s because Broken Souls Rescue doesn’t just give up their spaces.

Moreover, most rescues of them need frequent veterinary treatments.

Those dogs might be facing a complicated or chronic medical condition.

And such is a factor that potential dog parents look at.

Research says many aspects affect the adopter’s decision.

I already mentioned one. Now, the other factors are:

  • Recent trends.
  • Social influences.
  • Dog breed popularity.
  • Socioeconomic status.
  • Behavioral issues of the rescue.
  • Previous dog parenting experience.
  • The physical appearance of the dog.

With that, dogs who don’t meet such factors get affected.

They become less adoptable. Then, they stay for months or years in the care of volunteers.

And sometimes, a few even become lifetime residents in the shelter.

Broken Souls Rescue contact details

Website: Broken Souls Rescue

Phone: +448006894369


You can also send them a message through this form.

#13: Forest Dog Rescue

In 2010, Forest Dog Rescue finally had a place for their kennels.

With that, they’re able to work on their mission…

And it’s to provide each dog their much-needed care.

Moreover, they wanna be a haven for these unwanted canines.

They aim to rehabilitate each mistreated pooch…

Thus giving them a second chance in life.

Forest Dog Rescue contact details

Website: Forest Dog Rescue

Phone: 01299 269181


Address: Green Gap Kennels, Far Forest, Worcestershire DY14 9DX

#14: Birch Hill Dog Rescue

They’re called the Birch Hill Dog Rescue…

So, who are they?

First of all, every dog breed is welcome in this rescue shelter. 

And they’ve been that way since 1996.

However, this charity has gone through a lot…

They’ve handled many hurdles and endured them. And it’s all worth it for the deserving dogs that need them.

Now, they continue to give their best to rehabilitate their rescues…

And during all that, they actively look for the best home for each canine.

Birch Hill Dog Rescue contact details

Website: Birch Hill Dog Rescue

Phone: 01299 270406


Address: Birch Hill House, Neen Sollars, Kidderminster DY14 0AQ (Google maps)

#15: RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre and Hospital

This organization has state-of-the-art facilities…

Standing proud in 72 acres of land is a shelter for needy animals…

And not just that…

RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre also has a hospital.

And they’re the first centre to have such a luxury.

With that, they’re able to tend to rescues even better.

There, the animals get the best treatment they deserve.

So, they’re away from harm and pain.

And it’s all thanks to this organization, along with the people that support their cause.

RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre 

Website: RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre 

Phone: 0300 123 8585

Email: Newbrook Farm, Frankley Green Lane, Frankley, BIRMINGHAM B32 4AX