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13 Best Dog Rescues In Devon And Cornwall (2023 Guide)

Best Dog Rescues In Devon And Cornwall

Adopting a rescue dog is so exciting.

Yet, the process is never easy.

But with the help of the proper rescue shelter, it can go smoothly.

So, how ’bout some dog rescue recommendations around Devon and Cornwall?

Keep reading to discover:

  • The meaning of the decompression period that rescue dogs experience.
  • 13 best dog rescues in Devon and Cornwall (complete with their contact details).
  • And many more…

13 best dog rescues in Devon And Cornwall

#1: Russet Greyhound Sanctuary

They’ve been operating for 11 years…

Moreover, they’ve homed over a thousand Greyhounds.

And to think that it all started with one person and one terrified Greyhound…

Russet Greyhound Sanctuary​ is founded by Sandra Deacon.

She started by fostering one Greyhound. 

After that, everything began to flourish…

Now, Sandra and her team assist potential dog parents.

And people who meet them vow that the team is caring and friendly.

Plus, their efforts are seen through their actions.

Moreover, locals enjoy their fundraising events. 

Supporters attest that Russet Greyhound Sanctuary gives its all…

It’s evident from rescuing, caring, and rehoming every Greyhound they handle.

And if you wish to check them out or maybe take home a Greyhound…

Well, don’t hesitate to contact them here…

Russet Greyhound Sanctuary contact details

Website: Russet Greyhound Sanctuary

Phone: 01209 831177​

Address: Blackrock, Camborne,Cornwall, TR14 9NX (Google maps)

#2: National Animal Welfare Trust Cornwall

This organization is one of the UK’s top animal welfare charities.

National Animal Welfare Trust became an independent charity in 1971.

Now, they have 5 centers across England…

And all centers will be more than happy to help you find a new loving companion.

If not, they’re also happy to receive help from you.

You can shop any charity merchandise at their facility. 

Then, they’ll spend the profit from your purchase on the welfare of animals.

Can’t donate money or purchase anything for now?

Then, donating goods is appreciated as well…

So, you can bring any bedding, toys, and treats for the animals.

Most of all, their supporters assure that everyone on the team is friendly…

And that the staff does a fantastic job caring for the fur babies. 

All in all, they’re helpful and accommodating…

So, they might be the shelter that’ll help you find a new fur baby…

With that, get in touch with them using the information below:

National Animal Welfare Trust Cornwall contact details

Website: National Animal Welfare Trust Cornwall

Phone: 01736 756005

Address: Wheal Alfred Kennels, Wheal Alfred Road, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 5JT (Google maps)

You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.

#3: Margaret Green Animal Rescue

This organization has been running since 1965. Plus, it’s named after its founder.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue helps fur babies find a forever home.

And not just that…

After adopting from them, your journey with them isn’t over.

How so?

You can expect your bond with the organization to continue…

This shows their dedication…

They still involve themself in the lives of their rescues…

That even after animals are rehomed, they still wanna support the rescue. And they do so by being reliable.

Now, they do it because they understand this one thing…

It’s the fact about how hard it is to rescue a dog.

First of all, the adoption process alone will require patience and effort.

And after taking your rescue home, another challenge starts…

You see, dogs undergo a decompression period.

According to AKC, that’s the adjustment period of rescue dogs.

During that, canines are fearful of their new environment. 

And so, they show signs of stress. VCA Hospitals say those are:

But every dog is an individual.

That’s why the response to this period depends.

Plus, the duration for this is different for each dog, too.

Now, say that you got your rescue from Margaret Green’s shelter…

If you encounter any of these, don’t hesitate to contact them.

They’re more than willing to give you advice and further assistance.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to get in touch with them, here’s…

Margaret Green Animal Rescue contact details

Website: Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Phone: 01822 810215


Address: Margaret Green Animal Rescue, Heathfield, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0LF (Google maps)

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#4: Gables Dogs & Cats Home

Gables Dogs And Cats Home

This one’s among the most-reviewed rescue shelters in the area…

Gables Dogs & Cats Home has been serving the community for more than 100 years.

Yes, they’re that old yet thriving.

They started homing strays in 1907.

And every year, they take in and care for at least a thousand dogs and cats.

Every animal is either rehomed or reunited with their parent…

With that, no animal is put to sleep…

That’s because the shelter never gives up their hope.

They know that they’ll be able to rehome the animals or reunite them with their parents.

Now, they care for over 180 animals every day…

And they do all that by relying on their supporters’ generosity. 

Moreover, they take any animal in…

Even the RSPCA transfers animals in the Gables shelter…

See? That’s how reliable this shelter is.

Gables Dogs & Cats Home contact details

Website: Gables Dogs & Cats Home

Phone: 01752 331602


Address: Gables Dogs & Cats Home, 204 Merafield Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 1UQ (Google maps)

#5: RSPCA Cornwall Branch

First of all, the RSPCA is a large rescue organization.

But, the one in Cornwall runs independently.

That means that they don’t have any RSPCA inspectors on their branch.

Moreover, they don’t have a vet on their premises.

Still, they operate under RSPCA rules.

But most importantly, they’re willing to serve their cause…

And that’s to rehome fur babies to caring and wonderful people.

Moreover, a lot of dog parents loved their experience with this organization.

One says that they even take their dog to the shelter from time to time. And they do it for the dog to continue to see the staff…

Oh, and how excited their pooch gets during those visits. It makes their pooch happy to see their old caretaker in the shelter…

That aside, the team in RSPCA Cornwall appreciates such a gesture.

And that really reflects on what the people say about the team…

It’s the fact that they’re friendly and passionate about what they do.

RSPCA Cornwall Branch contact details

Website: RSPCA Cornwall Branch

Phone: 01637 881455


Address: The Venton Animal Centre, Quoit, St Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6JS (Google maps)

You can also fill out this contact form to reach out to them.

#6: St. Francis Home for Animals

This dog shelter aims to nurture every dog that walks in their facility.

Moreover, St. Francis Home for Animals takes special care of puppies.

And they don’t just tend for the animals. They also try to find them a forever home.

That’s their ultimate goal for each dog that enters their shelter…

And they got quite a lot of success stories to tell.

One famous story is the journey of a rescue named Parsley.

He and his siblings we born with very poor medical conditions. 

With that, they need extensive vet treatment…

And initially, the vets succeeded in improving their health.

But, Parsley struggled with other aspects.

So, the organization appealed that they must bring him to a neurologist.

When that happened, they found out that Parsley has a limiting condition…

So to say, his days are numbered.

Regardless, St. Francis strived to find him a forever home.

And it was successful…

He got adopted just before his 1st birthday…

Stories like that are what inspire people to continue supporting this organization.

And that heartwarming journey continues to motivate the team of St. Francis.

St. Francis Dogs Home contact details

Website: St. Francis Home for Animals

Phone: 01637 872976


Address: Trevelgue Road, Porth, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4AT (Google maps)

For updates, you can also like their Facebook page.

#7: K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare

Oh, they got dogs of all sorts…

And if you visit their website, you’d see their adoptables posted.

You’ll spot large, small, short, and tall dogs.

So if you’re looking for a new fur baby, you might find them on this page.

The organization is called K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare.

Moreover, they deal with all the dogs that are handed to them…

No matter what issue the canine has, they’ll be nothing but kind towards the pooch.

And they’ll do their best to rescue and rehome every pupper.

Now, they continue to thrive even without government funding.

They solely rely on their kind donors. Plus, they function with the help of volunteers.

Overall, that team effort is collected for the animals…

With that, the community benefits from the good that this organization promotes.

K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare contact details

Website: K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare

Phone: 01872 560232

Address: Hollybush Cottage, Bissoe, Truro TR4 8TF, United Kingdom (Google maps)

Now, you have to contact them on specific emails about your inquiry.

General email:

Email to get behavioral help:

#8: Dog Trust Ilfracombe

Dog Trust Ilfracombe

Dog Trust is one of the biggest dog welfare across the UK.

First of all, they have a rich history before them.

Did you know? Dog Trust has been standing since 1891.

With that, they’ve been thriving for more than 130 years…

And to think that it all started with a group of dedicated people…

It was led by Lady Gertrude Stock, who advocates against animal cruelty.

Now, they’ve rescued and rehomed thousands of fur babies…

Moreover, they’ve also reunited many animals with their parents.

And since they’ve been here long, they’ve been expanding through the years…

With that, they have many locations that you can visit.

And the one in Devon is the…

Dog Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Center

This branch of Dog Trust has space for 40 dogs.

Now, that kennel space isn’t much…

Regardless, they help hundreds of rescues per year.

And while dogs are in their shelter, the canines receive the best care…

In fact, the kennels of Dog Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Center are so comfortable…

Now, what do people have to say about this organization?

You see, many dog parents recommend Dog Trust…

There, they met with friendly and caring staff.

Moreover, the team is knowledgeable about the dogs.

All in all, many people vow that they have a wonderful experience with Dog Trust.

Dog Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Center contact details

Website: Dog Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Center

Phone: 0303 003 0000

Address: Dogs Trust Ilfracombe, Hazeldene, West Down, Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 8NU (Google maps)

#9: Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

All rescue shelters try their best to rehome every dog…

Of course, they all believe that every canine deserves a second chance.

But what happens when those poor dogs don’t get it?

The answer isn’t simple…

Let’s take it from this study:

A 2021 survey shows that 52% of dogs in the UK died through euthanasia…

Now, that’s one answer to what happens in dogs that people never adopted…

But, for Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, the answer is different.

They don’t put down any dog that remains unadopted.

Instead, they make the canines their resident.

With that, they keep old and sickly canines. 

Moreover, they don’t put them up for adoption anymore….

Now, such a decision is tough.


Rescue shelters have to make room for other dogs as much as possible.

Doing so gives other animals a chance for a loving home.

But for Woodside, they’ll happily care for the dogs throughout.

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust contact details

Website: Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Phone: +44 (0) 1752 347503


Address: Plymouth PL7 5ED, United Kingdom (Google maps)

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#10:  Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue

This rescue shelter was founded in 2003…

And the inspiration behind it is to aid less fortunate Boxer dogs.

The organization is called Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue…

They aim to lend a helping hand to Boxers. ..

Then, they hope to find them a forever home.

Now, they continue their advocacy through volunteer help. 

Moreover, they earn funds through selling merchandise.

Some of the things you can buy from them are calendars, polos, and t-shirts.

Regardless, they’ll happily accept any help from supporters.

Lastly, they’ll appreciate your contribution to their fundraisers.

So, remember this:

With any assistance you give out is another dog supported.

And many dog parents who got their Boxers from them can attest the following:

That this organization is a fantastic charity…

It’s because they’re dedicated to their cause.

And most importantly, they do great service to the community.

If you wanna reach out to this new and thriving organization, here’s…

Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue contact details

Website: Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue

Address: Unit 2, Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro TR4 8PN, United Kingdom (Google maps)

Now, they use different contacts for specific inquiries. 

That system makes it easy for them to answer immediately.

So, use this contact for anything related to adoption, fostering, and rehoming:


For their home-finding forms, reach out to:

Phone: 07528 757137


And as for the general questions, contact:

Phone: 07787 527018


#11: Animals of Hope Southwest

This shelter aims to make a long-lasting difference…

And so far, they continue to answer their calling.

Animals of Hope Southwest has continued to prosper for years. 

And they get that with the help of their passionate members and volunteers.

Now, there’s one thing you should know about them…

They don’t have any physical kennels yet.

Instead, they rely on the foster system.

What’s that?

It’s when their volunteers take home the rescue dogs.

With that, the dogs don’t experience the stress they can have in the kennel.


Yes, research proves that fact.

Their findings reveal that dogs in the shelter undergo acute and chronic stress.

But the foster system can reduce the chances of stress.

That’s because a home environment is much calmer for a pooch.

Moreover, the setup isn’t limiting for the canines.

Animals of Hope Southwest contact details

Website: Animals of Hope Southwest

Phone: +44 1209 316358

Address: 80 Trelowarren St, Camborne TR14 8AN, United Kingdom (Google maps)

And if you wanna know from them constantly, follow their Facebook page.

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#12: ARC Animal Rescue Centre

They’re about to celebrate their 50th birthday…

That’s how long ARC Animal Rescue Centre has been of service to its community.

And they provide rescue, relief, and rehoming to stray animals.

Now, all those years, ARC has become busier and busier.

Regardless, they continue to succeed…

And it’s all thanks to people who support their cause.

Moreover, they consist of dedicated people on their team.

With that, dog parents ensure a helpful and kind experience in ARC.

And because of that, the adoption process is wonderful and speedy.

So, the new parents happily take home their loving pooch.

There, another success story is to be told…

And that’s thanks to ARC Animal Rescue Centre.

ARC Animal Rescue Centre contact details

Website: ARC Animal Rescue Centre

Phone: +441404815487

Address: Ottery Saint Mary EX11 1PL, United Kingdom (Google maps)

Moreover, they’ll appreciate it if you follow them on Facebook.

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#13: Last Chance Hotel

Why did they name their shelter that way?

For some, it can be a little saddening…

Well, Last Chance Hotel focuses on rehoming special animals.

They take in those that are assumed to have their last chance.

Some examples are:

  • Elderly dogs.
  • Ex-fight dogs.
  • Ex-bait canines.
  • Terminally-ill animals.
  • Those that need special medical attention.

Then, they try to find understanding people that’ll adopt those dogs…

And they’re constantly on the lookout for willing people…

Are you one of those people that’s willing to give those dogs a chance?

Then, take note of the information below…

Last Chance Hotel contact details

Website: Last Chance Hotel

Phone: 01209 281159

Email: info@lastchancehotel.orgAddress: 14 Westdown Rd, Delabole PL33 9DS, United Kingdom (Google maps)