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17 Best Dog Trainers In Minnesota (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Minnesota

You’re looking forward to a lovely day in the outdoors of Minnesota…

Then suddenly, your pooch started wreaking havoc!

Oh no! 

What do you do?

Don’t worry. 

I know people who can turn that doggie aggressive into doggie impressive…

Keep reading to discover:

  • Special dog training classes.
  • 17 best dog trainers in Minnesota. 
  • Which dog training center offers online classes. 
  • And much, much, more…

17 best dog trainers in Minnesota

#1: Neuman K-9 Academy, Inc.

It’s time to take your doggy to school. 

Neuman K-9 Academy is a dog training school with in-board training for your pooches. 

Their training methods focus on obedience. 

They also do Boot Camps!

A special program that will teach your pooch to be good in public.

Your dogs will surely enjoy the 10 acre woodland in their training campus.  


  • Dog Boot Camp.
  • Puppy Boot Camp.
  • Exclusive Dog Boarding. 
Address14060 Irish Avenue N., Hugo, MN 55038
Phone(651) 653-3770
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook

#2: Twin Cities Obedience Training Club

TCOTC is all about the relationship between you and your pooch. 

And how to make it stronger.

They provide low-cost training in obedience, agility, flyball, etc.

And they have a lot of dog classes you can choose from. 

You can browse through them on this page.

TCOTC also offers Camp K-9 Day Training. 

This is exclusive for pooches 5 months or older. 

Address2101 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
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#3: Courteous K9

Courteous K9

In Courteous K9, quality training is their top priority. 

All they want is to train your Fidos into well-behaved dogs. 

So that you can enjoy more adventures with them. 

Hooman should learn too…


It’s not only about teaching your dog. 

They’re gonna teach you as well. 


  • Day Training.
  • Group Classes.
  • Online Learning. 
  • Board and Train
Address945 37th Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901
Social MediaYoutube, Facebook

#4: Off Leash K9 Training Central Minnesota

There’s no need for a leash in Off Leash K9.

They’re experts in dog behavior and communication.

And they have trainers who have years of dog training backgrounds. 

This gives them an edge among others. 

Phone(320) 332-0374
Social MediaYoutube, Facebook, Instagram

#5: Go Anywhere Dog – South Minneapolis

This doggie school is for the on-the-go lifestyle of Minneapolis. 

Their training method is based on science. 

And they train your dog in the kindest way possible. 

So far their method works!

The pooches they trained are happy and sociable dogs they ought to be. 


  • In-Home Dog Training.
  • Go Anywhere Dog e-Course.
  • Puppy and Dog Training Classes.
Address6315 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423
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#6: Cloud Nine Training School for Dogs

Aside from molding pooches into good boys. 

Cloud Nine also makes it a priority to give them a good time. 

This is a place where both dogs and their humans would come back to. 

They offer a variety of full dog training classes and they also have micro-classes

They’re not into punishing dogs. 

Instead, they use reward and science to train.

Address11528 – 96th Ave. N, Maple Grove, MN 55369
Phone(952) 939-9174
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook

#7: Total Recall School for Dogs

Total Recall trained over 17,000 dogs already. 

Their trainers have more than 20 years of experience. 

What do they do?

They do positive motivation.

It means using treats and praises to motivate the pooches. 

The classes usually last for five weeks. 

And you can stay in their center until the class ends. 


  • Agility Training. 
  • Puppy Training. 
  • Specialty Classes.
  • Obedience Training. 

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Address17285 Forest Blvd. North (Hwy 61), Hugo, MN 55038
Phone(952) 939-9174
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook

#8: Wings & Whistles Dog Training & Boarding Facility

Wings & Whistles Dog Training & Boarding Facility

Wings and Whistles had been in the industry ever since 1986. 

They have the experience, the facility, and the field for dog training. 

What’s good about their training method?

They don’t only train the dogs.  

They make sure to train the fur parents as well. 

This way, the lessons pooches learned in the training can be reinforced at home. 

They also offer specialized training for hunting dogs. 


  • Bird and Gun Intro Course.
  • Fast Start Training Course. 
  • General Obedience Course.
  • Advanced Gun Training Course.
Address10710 Swede Lake Road Watertown, Minnesota 
Phone(952) 955 3240
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#9: On The Run Canine Center

Their edge is their instructors. 

All of whom are from different backgrounds. 

They work hard to help Fidos learn and develop their skills. 

Their facility is also worth mentioning. 

It is easy to access. 

Inside, it has high ceilings and an agility room. 

Your pooches will surely enjoy every lesson in the center. 


  • Conformation.
  • K9 Scentwork.
  • Agility Classes.
  • Puppy Classes.
  • Obedience Classes.
  • Competition Obedience.
Address13835 Aberdeen Street NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304
Phone(763) 208-5025
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#10: The Canine Coach

The Canine Coach has three Dog Training programs:

  • Group Classes.
  • In-Home Training.
  • Boot Camp Training.

All these programs use the same basic methods. 

So moving between classes would be easy. 

What’s better is that The Canine Coach has five branches around Minnesota.

You can go to the nearest one in your area.

They also have another program called FIT Dog. 

It’s a one-day program that focuses on the mental and physical fitness of your pooches.

Phone612 202 4732
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook, Instagram

#11: Minnesota Dog Pack

Their method of training is just like what you see in a pack.  

Pehr wants to establish boundaries. 

He will also fight the signs of insecurity in your dog. 

Normally it comes out as aggression and anxiety.

Their dog training approach lasts for two-hour training sessions. 

And what’s even better is they do it at your home. 

After which, you and Pehr will make a training routine for your Fido. 

One that would improve your dog’s behavior.

Phone(651) 343-7278
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook, Instagram

#12: Tails Up Dog Training

Tails Up has been training pooches and their fur parents since 1995. 

And they’re ready to support you and your Fido reach your goal.

What is a balanced training approach?

This is the training method of Tails Up.

It means finding a balance between being gentle and firm.  

In Tails Up, they believe that good training must be fun for dogs and their humans. 


  • Puppy Classes. 
  • Online Classes.
  • Basic Obedience. 
  • Competition Obedience.
Address680 Travelers Trail East, Suite 800, Burnsville, MN 55337 
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#13: RR Professional Dog Training & Boarding

Their specialty is behavior and aggression problems. 

Before you enroll in their class, you will consult their professional trainer first. 

After that, they will make a special program unique for your pooch. 

And would work for your schedule and needs as well. 

But that’s not all!

They also offer dog boarding for your dogs. 

They make sure that your Fidos are treated well when you leave them in their care. 


  • Dog Boarding.
  • Daycare Training.
  • In-Kennel Training Program.
Address1809 Sheils Rd, Carlton MN
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#14: Your Dog’s Best Friend

They’re your dog’s best friend….

And yours too. 

As they help you relate and communicate with your Fido in a more meaningful way. 

In YDBF, they call it dog raising instead of dog training. 

Because they turn dog owners into dog parents. 

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Address225 Border Ave N, Suite A, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook

#15: Pack Leader Behavior & Training

Joann Neve is managing Pack Leader Behavior & Training for 20 years. 

She has a deep understanding of animals. 

And that’s what she wants to teach you.

She’s also sharing her knowledge with the future dog trainers from Rokku Academy. 

They have many doggie training classes to choose from. 

And they also offer online classes to those who can’t come in person. 

Address15825 7th Ave NW, Andover, MN 55304
Social MediaTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

#16: Lucky Paws Dog & Puppy Training

At Lucky Paws, they want to help fur families and their Fidos be happier.  

To do that, they have two trainers ready to help you. 

Feel free to choose among their training programs. 

Find the one that matches your goals.

Lucky Paws uses positive reinforcement to train your Fidos. 

For them, dogs thrive with basic training, consistency, and the freedom to just be a dog. 

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#17: Brown’s Dog Training & More

Are you ready to become a dog whisperer?

Brown’s Dog Training will turn you into one. 

They provide training and boarding services for your fidos. 

They are working with one of the best veterinarians in Minnesota. 

Does your pooch have digging or food aggression problems?

Well, they can help you with that as well. 

So what are you waiting for?


  • Dog Walking.
  • Dog Training.
  • Dog Daycare.
  • Dog Transportation.
AddressColumbia Heights, MN
Phone(612) 322-4879
Social MediaFacebook