7 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Like You Touching His Face

Why Does My Dog Not Like Me Touching His Face

“No face touching!”, Your dog would say if they could talk…  But you can’t help it. Plus, sometimes their eyes need cleaning.  What to do? In this article, you’ll discover: 7 real reasons why dogs don’t like it when their face is touched. 5 scenarios of dogs not liking when someone is touching their face. …


15 Reasons Why Female Dogs Hump Stuffed Animals + 3 Tips

Why Do Female Dogs Hump Stuffed Animals

Guess what, humping toys isn’t only limited to male doggos. Because girls can do it too. However… Are they doing it for the same reasons? Read on to learn and discover: What makes female dogs hump stuffed animals. Why do small puppies and spayed canines mount toys. When you should be alarmed by this humping …


7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Sighs When Cuddling

Why Does My Dog Sigh When I Cuddle Him Or Her

Your dog suddenly becomes cuddly. And you heard him letting out a little sigh. Does he want to cuddle only? Or is he trying to tell you something? You’re about to find out: 7 reasons why your dog sighs when cuddling. What it means when sighs are accompanied by other noises. Certain health conditions which …


15 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On You And Not Your Husband

Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband

Every night, your dog faces an important decision: Where should they sleep? With Mom…  Or with Dad, while he thinks, “Pick me, pick me please!”? Finally, your doggo decides, “Hmmm… It’s a no-brainer. I’ll sleep on Mom again.” Sigh.  Why does your pooch always sleep on you and not your husband? In this article, you’ll …