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9 Best iPad Games For Dogs In 2023 (#3 Is Hilarious)

Best IPad Games For Dogs

Oh, humans aren’t the only benefactors of technology…

Your dog might actually enjoy jumping on the trend.

And you can allow them to do so by letting them play a game on an iPad.

Which games should you let your pooch have fun with?

Continue reading to discover:

  • If letting your dog play iPad games is beneficial.
  • 9 best iPad games for dogs (#3 is hilarious and a dog-favorite).
  • If dogs understand what’s happening behind the screen (do they know it isn’t real?).
  • And much, much more…

9 best iPad games for dogs

#1: iSqueek

This game has been among the most popular ones for dogs.

Apple’s iSqueek, evident from its name, contains squeaky virtual toys to play with.

This is perfect for your pup, who tilts their head when they hear something squeaky.

The game features 18 toys that you and your pooch can choose from.

Those virtual knickknacks have different sounds. And it’ll surely get your doggo curious…

Moreover, it stimulates them visually as well. The toys are in mesmerizing colors and move in varying ways.

When Fido touches the toy on the screen, it’ll get larger or smaller. And when they do, it emits an interesting sound.

You’ll know that your dog’s happy with the game if they start rolling around the iPad.

Wanna know something else? Dog parents enjoy this game for their dogs, too.

Who wouldn’t?

The toys look so realistic that Fido might forget it’s on a screen.

“Wait, do dogs even enjoy anything on the screen?

And is it even good for them?”

The answer to both of those is a big yes.

Moreover, the games I discuss in this article are mentally stimulating for dogs.

The colors, sounds, and movements from these games tickle your dog’s brain.

I referred to it as a tickle, but it is really called stimulation…

And it’s an important part of a dog’s life.

The importance of stimulation in dogs

Dogs are active and social creatures.

Moreover, they have a lot of time to spare. They don’t have any full-time jobs or need to go to school…

Now, brewing a thirst for activity and a lot of free time…

And you’ll get a dog that needs constant stimulation.

That stimulus may come from exercises, playing with other dogs, or even iPad games.

Moreover, remember, a stimulated dog is a happy dog. It helps in more ways. Namely:

Furthermore, stimulation can also bust your dog’s boredom.

According to research, chronic boredom can be harmful to your dog’s daily life.

It can affect your dog’s cognitive and behavioral flexibility.

That’s why dogs will naturally avoid monotony and seek stimulation themselves. And that’s how behavioral problems due to boredom occur.

Now, to the question about whether dogs enjoy iPad games…

I answered that they do…

And a vet from this news article says it’s a positive thing for dogs. 

Anything that keeps your pooch busy and stimulated will always be a good thing. 

Therefore, iPad games such as this will be beneficial for your canine.

#2: Dog Toy

This game is somewhat similar to iSqueek.

Dog Toy has virtual knickknacks available for your dog to play with.

Your pooch can move these toys around, and they’ll make a sound. Their movement and noise will surely keep your canine entertained.

But what’s the difference between this and iSqueek?

In this game, shaking the device can make the object move.

So, if your dog is eager to play and they’re shaking the iPad…

Oh, there’ll be more action that’ll stimulate them.

Are you worrying that your pooch might go crazy on the iPad?

Then, putting your gadget in an extremely protective case might help…

There’s no denying that all those tapping and shaking might cause damage to the device.

Here are some recommendations for 5th and 6th gen iPads. Then, this one’s for 7th, 8th, and 9th gen iPads.

Take a look at this dog who’s giving their all in playing a game…

If your pooch plays the same way, you’re definitely going to need that protective case.

#3: Lonely Dog Toy

Need a more jam-packed game for your pooch?

Then you can download Lonely Dog Toy for your doggo to play with.

It has many games available.

To start, it has 6 different interactive toys to choose from.

Each of those toys has different shapes and sounds. And all of them can get your dog curious…

As for the games, there’ll be objects that move around the screen.

Your dog’s goal is to catch those moving objects.

Once your pooch catches one with their paws, it’ll make a sound…

That noise offers excitement to your doggo.

The thingamabob will also change direction when your canine touches it.

So, both the sound and change in course can excite your dog even more.

#4: Laser Pointer for Dogs

Laser Pointer For Dogs

Cats aren’t the only creatures who enjoy chasing a laser dot…

Dogs can get curious and wild over such as well.

That’s why Laser Pointer for Dogs can be a very entertaining game for your pooch.

This game features random paths or backgrounds that the laser moves around. 

As if it’s a virtual space where Fido’s gotta chase the speck of moving laser

But wait, there’s more…

It’s not just a game that’s made for dogs.

It also has a level that you can enjoy as a dog parent.

The game offers a mode where you take a canine’s role.

With a cute animation, you’re going to control a dog. Your goal would be to chase the laser pointer yourself.

Are you getting bored with the laser pointer?

You can switch the thing that you’re chasing in this mode. 

If you find yourself indeed tired of pursuing a laser dot…

Then, you can go after a rabbit in the forest in the game.

#5: App for Dog

This is another application that offers numerous activity games for your pooch.

It’s called App for Dog.

Let’s take a tour of its features, shall we?

Starting is a mode where there are 2 buttons present.

The buttons correspond with ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Using this app, you can teach your dog to respond using the buttons.

It also has a clicker feature that can help you train your dog.

Moreover, you can pick the clicker and buttons’ sounds.

Oh, that’s still not everything…

Now, those first 2 features are around the area of training your dog…

But how about a property for entertainment?

Sure, those 2 can be used for fun, too. 

After all, you’ll be free to choose the noise it makes for your pooch to respond…

Regardless, there’s a mode that’s purely for your dog’s need for amusement.

I’m talking about the game’s painting mode.

Uh-huh, let your pupper’s art skills shine in this game!

The game has pre-made color combinations that you or Fido can choose from.

Then, they can use their nose or paws to create images. 

And once your canine finishes their masterpiece, you can save it to your iPad’s camera roll. 

Lastly, you can also share their artwork on your linked social media accounts.

#6: Game for Cats!

Don’t be fooled by what the name suggests…

Sure, the app is named Game for Cats!

However, don’t let that stop you from letting your dog have fun with it.

Your canine companion will still enjoy the features of this game.

And what are those exactly?

It’s a chasing and catching game once again.

But this app offers a lot…

First of all, it has laser pointers, too.

Other than that, your dog can chase a mouse, insect, or bird on the screen.

Then, they can also try to catch mice.

The game makes necessary and stimulating noise for your pooch to go on during all of that.

All you have to do is lie the iPad on a flat surface…

Then, let Fido play and play…

Tip: Your dog might find it more enjoyable if they’re to chase mice, birds, or insects in the game.

How so?

Well, take it from this study:

Researchers investigated visual stimulation in dogs by the influence of television.

The findings show that dogs focus more on videos or moving images of other dogs and creatures.

Dogs, screens, and their vision

Dog Vision

You might be wondering if your dog even understands what’s going on behind the screen.

The answer to that isn’t simple…

No studies (yet) prove dogs’ ability to understand gadgets like the TV or an iPad.

It’s hard to know what’s going on in your dog’s mind while they make use of those gadgets.

However, humans know that dogs visually process the display that these devices show.

That’s why, according to PetMD, dogs recognize a television.

Moreover, many of them seem to enjoy the box that emits videos and sounds.

But, remember that your canine doesn’t see it the same as you do.

First of all, dogs have less sharp vision than humans. 

Compared to a human’s 20/20 eye, a dog’s eye fall under 20/75.

That’s the reason why dogs will sit too close to the screen. Doing so will help them see images clearly.

Moreover, their color perception isn’t similar to ours as well.

Humans have 3 color-processing cells in their retinas. Then, dogs only have 2.

With that, they can only see blues, greens, and yellows.

Despite those lacking abilities, a dog’s eye has but one advantage.

They can see more clearly at night than humans. Dogs have what people call night vision.  

#7: Bark! Translator Game for Dogs

Want a game that both you and your pooch can play together?

Then you can download the Bark! Translator Game for Dogs…

But first, don’t be fooled by what its name suggests.

There’s no proof that it can directly translate the things that you mean for your dog to hear.

That’s why the game claims it’s made for entertainment purposes only…

And, oh, how it lives up to that expectation of fun…

Here’s how you and your pooch can use the app:

You’re going to record something. Say anything that you want to say to your canine.

Then, the game translates what you’d said. It does so by changing your voice into barks.

So, let your pooch hear what you’d just recorded and watch how they’ll react.

Moreover, the app features buttons to make your own dog statement manually.

There are buttons for whimpers and loud barks.

And there’s still more…

The app also has a collection of noises that dogs love or are curious about.

You can push buttons that emit the sound of a doorbell, storm, whistle, or ambulance.

Dogs and noises

Your canine is reactive to the noise around them.

Moreover, VCA Hospitals tell us that dogs can fear specific noises.

Once those sounds are present around them, it can cause anxiety to your pooch. You’ll notice when your dog gets paranoid all of a sudden.

With that, be mindful of playing this game with your pooch.

If they show any signs of distress, don’t continue to use the sound anymore.

It might be bizarre to see your dog react to such, but don’t put them in an uncomfortable situation.

You might also want to know: Why does my dog bark when I talk?

#8: Cat Fishing 2

What? Another game made for cats?

It’s alright. Your pooch won’t even know…

They’ll get busy playing with the game and having fun.

This one’s called Cat Fishing 2. 

And it might be made for their feline friends, but canines will appreciate it as well.

Now, this is yet another catching game.

The objective is for your doggo to grab as many fish as they can.

But wait, it poses more challenges than those I’ve already mentioned.

This game has 3 varying levels.

Level 1: The fish catch shows on the screen one-by-one. This is the easiest level.

Level 2: Two fishes swim around the screen at the same time. Your pooch must catch them both.

Level 3: This is the hardest level available. In this level, 3 fish will show and will wait to be caught by your dog’s paws.

Throughout the game, the levels play a persuading sound. Therefore, it can guarantee amusement for your dog.

#9: Yes/No

This is more of a tool to use for a game that you and your pooch can play together.

It’s a simple app that displays a large yes/no button.

Thus, its name: Yes/No.

You can use this app and your dog to substitute for a magic 8th ball toy.

Ask your dog some yes-or-no questions and see what they’ll press as an answer.

It’ll be fun as your dog might not really understand what you’re asking for. And so, they’ll give you an unbiased and non-judgy answer.

Reward your dog during the game for this activity to be enjoyable for both parties. Every time they push whatever button, give them a treat.

So, you can go ahead and try it. 

And who knows? Maybe you can find the answer to a question you’ve been meaning to ask in your dog’s wisdom.