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17 Easy Ways To Tire Out A Puppy FAST (Updated 2023)

How To Tire Out A Puppy

Puppies are so small, yet they’re so full of energy. 

Even though you already played with them for an hour…

Fido still wants to keep going. 

Oh, the struggles of fur parenthood… 

Just what can tire out these cute puppies right away? 

Don’t worry. You found the perfect guide online.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 3 fun tricks to deal with Fido’s energy.
  • 5 proven ways to tire Fido out even if you’re busy (see #1 and #11).
  • 17 easy ways to tire out a puppy fast (#9 and #17 are my favorites).
  • And many, many more…

How to tire out a puppy – 17 ways

#1: Give Fido interactive toys 

If you tend to be busy with work or duties, you can rely on toys to help you out. 

But before you give Fido the same old, plain ball…

How about trying out some new toys instead?

You see, there are plenty of good items you can choose from.

For example, there are toy feeders. And these products come with puzzles. 

With that, your pooch has to solve the riddle to get a treat. 

And if Fido has to work hard to get their food… 

It helps them use up their energy even faster. 

Aside from this, there are also interactive balls for dogs

Take a look at Wobble Wag

It’s another dog toy that makes funny sounds. Plus, it’s flexible enough for any pup to play with. 

And if that’s not enough…

Try a new chew toy for your furry pal 

These items are great for puppies. Especially when they’re teething. 

Vets say that’s when your pup wants to bite or chew things even more. And hooman babies go through the same thing.

That aside…

You can try any of these toys that I mentioned. 

With so many good options, your pup would play with them until they get tired.

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#2: Play fetch

Play Fetch To Tire Out A Puppy

A classic game you can play with your puppy is fetching. 

With this, you can just sit back and wait for Fido to bring back the toy. 

Or you could also make it a little challenging. 

For example, if your pooch is old enough to climb the stairs… 

Then you can move your play stage over there. 

To do that, sit on top of the stairs. From there, throw the toy to the lower floor. 

With this, your little pup would happily chase after the item. And they’ll also get tired just by climbing up and down the stairs. 

Plus, this activity is also good for fur parents with little space in their homes.

Note: You should only do this game if Fido’s already 2 to 3 months old or more. After all, younger puppies could still be prone to accidents, as pups can’t keep their balance that well and their bones are still developing. 

#3: Take them on an adventure

Do you enjoy hiking or just simply exploring nature? 

Well, I’ve got some ideas for you: 

If your pup’s already vaccinated…

How about bringing Fido with you on your adventures? 

Not only is it a good way to spend time with your dog… 

But it’s also a fast method to tire them out. 

Moreover, some pups are naturally athletic. That means they’ll love going on adventures. 

To give you an example, I’m talking about breeds like:

And these 9 doggos are known for their high energy levels. 

That’s why taking them outside is a good way to tire them out quickly.

But even if your pup isn’t 1 of those breeds listed above…

This trick could still work on your pooch. So don’t hesitate to try it out.  

Tip: For safety, don’t forget to bring your pup’s leash. And prepare water for Fido too.

#4: Arrange a puppy playdate 

Does your pup have any siblings?

If not, then it’s time to find a few friends for them.

But if they do have a furry brother or sister…

Well, you should still introduce them to new buddies.

After all, most dogs are usually outgoing. That’s why they’ll love making friends.

So, why not arrange a puppy playdate?

To do this, ask fur parents around your local area.

If they have young puppies the same age as Fido…

Try inviting them to play with your pooch. Well, even adult dogs could join too. 

The more the merrier for your pup, right?

Now, when the date is set:

Bring some toys and treats for your furry guests. That should make Fido’s play date more fun.

With this, you can just sit back and relax.

And as soon as you get home… 

Your pooch might even fall asleep right away. 

#5: Find a safe, open field to play in

If your furry pal loves running around…

Then you should take them to a big and safe open field. 

And once you get there, play the same old game from tip #2: fetch. 

However, this one’s a bit different. 

This time, you have to throw the toy as far as Fido can safely reach. 

With that, they could run freely and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Plus, you can do this all day. Especially if there are no interruptions. 

With this, some dogs get tired after 3 to 5 rounds. 

So let’s see how long your energetic pup will last in this fun game of fetch. 

By the way, don’t forget to bring water and treats for your pooch. After all, this is a very exhausting game. 

And give your doggo breaks. As running back and forth could cause them to overheat. So take 5 after a few rounds.

Warning: Be mindful of your pup’s breed. You see, flat-faced dogs are prone to breathing issues. That’s due to their brachycephalic syndrome. So, avoid this game if Fido has a short snout.

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#6: Take Fido out for a walk 

Take Fido Out For A Walk

I know. Taking Fido for a walk isn’t a new idea at all.

But that’s why you should change a few things about it.

As you can tell, walking down the same road can get bland. 

So to make things more fun for your pup, try out these tips:

  • Bring a friend along.
  • Visit new streets or places.
  • Change your walking pace.
  • Give your pup enough time to sniff around.
  • Let Fido socialize with other dogs or people.

With these 5 changes, your furry pal will feel more stimulated. 

And even though it might not seem a lot…

This positive effect helps your pup feel satisfied. So they’ll also calm down once you get home.

#7: Bring them to the doggie park

If your pup won’t settle down at all… 

It’s time for them to go to the dog park. And to most Fidos, that place is like heaven. 

After all, that’s where they meet a lot of new friends. 

Plus, they can sniff each other as much as they want. 

Moreover, most parks are big enough to explore for dogs. So you can let your pup run as much as they want. 

But don’t forget to keep an eye on them. Especially if your fur baby’s a young puppy. 

Tip: Check the weather news before you go out with your puppy. With this, you can avoid rain, snow, or too much heat.

#8: Find a puppy daycare 

No dog parks near your area? 

Try finding a puppy daycare instead. Nowadays, these places are becoming more popular.

And that’s why a doggie nursery might exist in your hometown. 

Now, just like normal daycares…

Puppy schools also do the following: 

  • Look after your pooch. 
  • Teach basic tricks to your pup.
  • Keep your fur baby entertained.
  • Help Fido socialize with other dogs.

Well, isn’t that convenient? 

#9: Play fun mind games with them 

There’s a game called: guess where the treat is. 

And you can play this with Fido in many ways. 

To explain how it works, follow my instructions: 

Step 1: Grab 2 plastic cups. Then, prepare some treats for your dog. 

Step 2: Hide the food inside 1 of the 2 mugs.

Step 3: Set them on the floor where your pup could reach them. 

Step 4: Once everything is ready, call your pooch. And let them sniff the plastic cups.

Step 5: If your pup nudges 1 of the mugs, lift the cups and show Fido where the treat is. 

Note: You should only give the treat if your pup guesses right. This way, they’ll focus harder on the game. Plus, it helps avoid overfeeding them. 

That said, how many treats can you give Fido? 

Well, AKC says you should limit these snacks to 10% of your pup’s daily calories.

And don’t worry. I made it easier for you.

Just count the calories written on the treat bag. Then, follow this table:

Breed sizeAverage weightAmount of calories per treat
Toy breeds3 to 6 lbs (1.3 to 2.7 kg)13.9 to 23.3 calories
Small dogs10 to 20 lbs (4.5 to 9 kg)34.2 to 57.6 calories
Medium dogs30 to 50 lbs (13 to 22 kg)78.1 to 114.5 calories
Large/Giant dogs60 lbs to 100 lbs (27 to 45 kg)131.3 to 192.6 calories

Note: For better accuracy, consult your vet about how much you can feed Fido. That’s because some dogs might be more prone to obesity than others. Like pups with diabetes, for example.

Now, going back to the main topic.

You can keep repeating this game with your pup. But make it a little harder each time. 

For example, swap the cups a few times first. 

Then let your pooch guess again. 

You could do this for a few minutes without tiring yourself out. 

But your pup will use their mind to win the game. And to dogs, that’s more exhausting than using their physical energy.

Want more mind games for Fido? You can get some D-I-Y ideas here: 

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#10: Hide-n-seek

Have ever tried hiding from your pooch? 

If not, well it’s time to test how they’ll react. 

But don’t worry. This isn’t anything cruel to your pup. 

You just have to hide for a bit and then call their name. 

Then, watch them find you in a few seconds. After all, most dogs have a great sense of smell

So how can you hide from their nose? 

Well, when you’re playing at home… 

Your scent is all over the place. That might make things harder for your pup. 

In that case, keep hiding in different spots. 

And when your dog finds you, make a big deal out of it. 

By that, I mean you should praise them a lot. Or you could even reward them with a treat. 

This stimulates your pup’s mind. And it encourages them to find you again. 

That’s why this is a good way to tire your dog out at home. 

#11: Sign them up for a socialization program

Just like daycares…

There are now socialization programs for puppies. 

“What’s that all about?” 

It’s an activity for any pooch. And the goal is to teach Fidos how to socialize. 

That said, this is helpful for fur parents who might be too busy. 

After all, vets say that mental activities are vital for dogs.

But what exactly are the benefits of this program? 

Let me list them down for you and your pooch:

  • Lessens Fido’s aggression
  • Can make your pup friendlier. 
  • Helps reduce anxiety in dogs.
  • Teaches Fido to be more independent.
  • Gets rid of stress and boredom in dogs.

With these 5 advantages…

Your furry pal will definitely use all their energy in that program. 

Note: This activity might not be free in all places. So prepare to make payments if you want to enroll your pup.

#12: Train your puppy with some new tricks

Instead of just using up Fido’s energy… 

You could make them use it for something more creative. 

That means you should teach them some new tricks. 

“But I’ve never tried that before.” 

Don’t worry. Everyone starts somewhere, right? 

And you can do this with Fido 1 step at a time. Plus, I’m here to guide you.

So, try to follow these helpful tips: 

  • Be patient.
  • Use a firm tone of voice. 
  • Just choose 1 command for Fido. 
  • Always praise your pup if they succeed. 
  • Don’t forget to give your dog their favorite treats. 

With this, you can start training your furry pal. 

For ideas, start with a basic trick first. Like sit or stay. 

Then repeat the process until Fido masters it. 

On average, you can do this for at least 5 to 15 minutes with puppies. 

After that, expect your pooch to feel tired right away.

#13: Teach them how to swim

Research says that some dogs love swimming. 

So if there’s a pool that you can use, try taking Fido there. And then start teaching them how to swim. 

In fact, some dogs are a natural with this skill. That means they’ll quickly learn how to swim. 

But regardless if your pup is a fast learner or not, all you need is patience. With that, any pooch could be a good swimmer too.

Moreover, swimming is a good way to get Fido used to baths. 

You see, some dogs get snappy during wash time. 

So if you teach them how to swim while they’re still young…

Your pooch might learn how to love baths too. 

And that’s 1 fun way to use up your pup’s energy.

#14: Create a fun obstacle course 

Does your Fido love a challenge? 

Then you can let them have fun with an obstacle course. And you can make this on your own at home. 

Here, take this 1 example: 

First, choose the location. Ideally, your house’s hallway should be good enough. 

Next, grab a few paper cups. Then set them on the ground. 

But don’t put the cups in a straight line. Instead, you should make a zig-zag shape.

This would make it hard for your pup to pass through. 

So, what you should do next is to lead your pup around these with a treat in your hand. 

Just put it a bit higher than their head, so they have something to look forward to when going around the cups.

They’ll follow your hand while trying to avoid the obstacles. 

And if your pooch passes, give them a reward for it. 

But don’t stop there. Restart the course and make it more fun but still challenging. 

With this, you might be raising a future top show dog.

#15: Play tug-of-war

Another classic game you can play with Fido is tug-of-war

And the beauty of this game is you can test your strength too. 

But don’t be so sure that you’ll win. Cause you might get surprised.

After all, some dogs can be stronger than humans

Plus, science says your pup might take tug-of-war too seriously.

That’s why they’ll definitely tire out after playing this game.

Warning: If Fido’s still teething, don’t pull the toy too hard. That can make them lose a tooth or damage their gums.

#16: Wrestling

If you also enjoy being a little hyper… 

You can play wrestling with your pup. 

But don’t forget that they’re still puppies. So keep it at a minimum. 

Instead, here’s what you can do when you wrestle with Fido: 

  • Let them take breaks. 
  • Be gentle when you tickle them.
  • Avoid suddenly twisting their body.
  • Play on the bed or somewhere soft. 
  • Let Fido strike back so they can have fun too.

And if you keep this up for a few minutes… 

Your pup might give up on their own. If they could talk, they might even say:

“Wait. Time out. Let’s take a nap, I’m tired now.” 

With that, your pup won’t be up for a rematch until they’re fully rested.

#17: Hide treats around the house 

Does your pup enjoy a bit of thrill? 

Well, you can let them go on a treasure hunt. And this fun activity can keep Fido busy for a while. 

So, here’s how you can do it: 

First, prepare your dog’s favorite treats. Then, hide them around the house. 

For ideas, try covering the snacks with blankets or paper cups. 

Moreover, you could even give your pup a command and say: 

“Find your treat.” 

With that, they’ll know that the game is on. 

And if they find a treat… 

Don’t forget to praise your pooch for their great job.

Tip: Ensure that the snacks are somewhere Fido can reach. Also, don’t place them in spots that might have fragile items. Like glassware or mirrors.