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Can Dogs Smell Human Pheromones? 7 Surprising Facts (2023)

Can Dogs Smell Human Pheromones

Most fur parents know that dogs have powerful noses. 

But how well can their sense of smell work? 

Can dogs detect stuff that humans can’t? 

And do they smell things such as… 


Well, buckle up and get ready for the amazing truth.

Continue reading to find out:

  • If dogs can tell whether you’re ill or not.
  • 5 weird things dogs can detect that you can’t.
  • 7 surprising facts about your dog’s sense of smell.
  • And many more…

Can dogs smell human pheromones?

Dogs can smell human pheromones because of their powerful olfaction. Their nose can pick up scents 100,000 times better than humans. The canine nose can’t just pick up pheromones but also the chemical changes inside a human’s body. They’re capable of sensing human emotions and diseases.

Can dogs smell human pheromones – 7 surprising facts

#1: Your dog can smell the past 

“Dogs see with their nose, not their eyes.” 

…Have you ever heard of that saying before?

Well, whether you believe it or not…

There’s only one answer. And it’s the fact that dogs rely more on their nose than their eyes. 

So, this brings us to the question… 

“What do dogs see that humans normally can’t?” 

By smelling your pheromones, your canine friend can also trace the past.

“Wait, how’s that possible? Can my dog time travel?” 

In a way, you can say that it’s indeed Fido’s superpower

Pheromones are signals that the body gives off. 

And since your pooch can smell them… they can pick up details such as: 

  • Where you’ve been.
  • What you ate earlier.
  • Who you hang out with. 
  • Which things you’ve been touching.

And to support this, a study shows that dogs can trace back real-life events based on scents. 

This is also why many canine friends work in the military. It’s all thanks to their ability to track down recent scenarios. 

But of course, it’s still not clear how far back your pooch can analyze. 

Though, it doesn’t take away the fact that their ultra-senses are impressive.

And while they can smell the past, they can also expect the future. 

“Woah, so my dog really has superpowers.” 

Well, compared to humans, their senses are definitely more advanced than ours. 

That said, it looks like they can see the future. But it’s all because your pooch can also smell the changes in the air.

For example, they’ll look up in the sky and sniff, sniff, sniff. 

After that, your dog tucked their tail between their legs. And this shows that they could be nervous about something. 

Next thing you know, a storm passed by. From the looks of it, your Fido knew what was coming. 

But once again, it’s not exactly because they have magical abilities. Instead, they only focused on the scent they caught in the air. 

And that’s how they realized that a storm was coming.

In the end, this shows that your pooch can learn a lot by smelling things. May it be pheromones or the upcoming weather.

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#2: They can sense human arousal

Dogs Can Smell Human Pheromones When They Sense Arousal

Has your Fido ever tried to smell your private parts? 

And sometimes, they can be persistent about it?

While it can feel embarrassing for you… 

To your pooch, it’s nothing malicious at all. Your canine friend doesn’t know that they’re doing something wrong. 

So, what’s the explanation behind this behavior? 

The thing is, dogs can smell human arousal. 

And when people are in that kind of mood…

The pheromones are mostly released in their genitals. 

So, before and after intercourse…

Some Fidos can get drawn by the scent of their fur parents. Though, they won’t know what arousal means for humans. 

Instead, your pooch is only curious about the smell they can pick up from you. 

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#3: Your dog can smell your emotions

As I explained in the 1st fact…

Your pheromones contain details about you.

But aside from things about the past…

These are chemicals that can also reveal your present emotions.

So, that’s why there’s a saying that goes:

“Dogs can smell your feelings.” 

…And that’s actually a fact. But how’s that possible? 

How dogs can smell and understand emotions

Simply put, your dog associates your scent with the way you look.

And to prove that, a study says: 

Dogs experience a phenomenon called emotional contagion. This means that your Fido can recognize your facial expressions. 

Following that, one research states: 

A dog’s olfaction, or sense of smell, is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than humans.

Well, that explains why they can be so nosy. 

But moving forward, thanks to their intelligence and sensitive noses… 

Dogs can have a deep understanding of human emotions. 

And maybe that’s why some of them like getting close to their hooman’s faces. They’re trying to remember how you look when you smell happy, mad, or sad.

Confusing? I know, these superpowers can get a bit complicated.

So, for better understanding, here’s an example.

Let’s say that you frown whenever Fido acts naughty. 

But when this occurs…

Your body releases pheromones that match the look on your face. And who knows? Maybe to them, you smell spicy when you look angry. 

Whatever scent it is, your pooch will remember it.

So, your canine friend could be thinking: 

“Sniff.. sniff… wait, this is how my hooman smells when they’re angry.” 

“Let me look at their face… uh-oh, I remember that expression. This confirms they’re upset.” 

And with that, you get the idea of how your pooch can smell your feelings.

But all in all, this shows how intelligent your canine friend can be. 

#4: They’re attracted to your sweat

Who likes sweat? Apparently, your furry friend does. 

But before you get weirded out… 

Your Fido has a reason for this. 

Science reveals that pheromones are found in sweat. In fact, it’s available in all bodily secretions.

And since your pooch can find out more about you through your scent… 

Then, it’s only natural for them to become interested in your sweat. 

Moreover, this explains why some dogs try to lick you after an exercise. After all, who knows? Maybe even your sweat tastes appealing to them.

Anyways, it can be surprising to know that dogs can get interested in such things.

So, if you’re a sweaty person, don’t sweat it. Your canine friend will still like you no matter your scent. 

#5: Dogs can pick up signals during your period

To some fur parents… being sniffed by their pooch is a regular scene. 

But what does it mean when they smell you during your period? 

The reason is because of hormonal changes. I know, some people thought dogs only like the smell of blood

While that could be true… 

The main reason why Fido’s drawn to period blood is because of the message they get.

And not because they’re some type of a vampire dog or something.

That said, whenever the human body goes through their menstrual cycle…

Their hormones will shift. As a result, their scent changes too. Thus, your body’s pheromones will release a different smell. 

Once Fido picks this up… they’ll get curious about your condition.

“Hey, hooman. Why do you kinda… smell different? Is something wrong?” 

…That’s probably what your dog’s thinking about. 

#6: They’ll know when you’re pregnant 

So, dogs can sense your hormonal changes.

With that said, what else can cause such things? 

The answer is pregnancy. 

So, to the fur mommies out there, pay attention to Fido. There’s a chance that they’ll know you’re pregnant before you even realize it.

And this happens for a reason.

Remember when I said that dogs have a powerful sense of smell?

Yes, that’s how they can pick up even the chemical changes inside you.

Moreover, during pregnancies…

The human body goes through a lot of changes. So, this can affect your pheromones, which is the way you smell.

And if this happens, your furry friend can become more protective of you.

Wanna know how dogs behave when they know you’re pregnant?

You can check this interesting video: 

#7: Your dog can tell when you’re sick 

Is your dog sniffing you more than usual? And are they acting weird at the same time?

Well, the thing is… dogs can tell if a human is sick. 

To prove this, one study reported that dogs could smell cancer cells. So, that shows how strong their sense can be. 

Furthermore, the AKC shares how your canine friends are trained to detect cancer. 

And on top of that… 

These cancer-sniffing Fidos have a 96.7 to 97.5 success rate of detecting illness. That’s based on this scientific journal.

With this, you can tell that they’re experts in this field.

So, in case you might be sick… 

Your furry friend can help save your life. They’ll know right away if your body is going through changes.

In fact, there are many stories from fur parents about this. 

They tell people about how their Fido kept crying and sniffing them.

And as it turns out, they were ill. But thanks to their canine friend’s warning, many people survived their sickness. 

In the end, your furry friend doesn’t only have superpowers.

But they’re also super furry heroes

“How can I tell if my dog is sniffing me because of an illness?” 

Your pooch will let you know that they’re worried about you. 

And it’s not hard to notice because they’ll make it obvious. 

With that said, you should visit a doctor if your dog is:

  • Acting restless.
  • Circling you back and forth.
  • Keeps smelling the same spot. 
  • Persistently whining after sniffing you.
  • Trying to lick that one area of your body.

If your canine friend is doing all the above…

Then it’s a sign that you might be sick. These actions are your pooch’s way of telling you they think something’s wrong.

Remember: If you have any concerns, always seek a professional.