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Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky (Yes, They Can Breed)

Can Pomeranians And Huskies Breed

Believe it or not:

A lot of people wonder…

Can Pomeranians and Huskies breed?

As you know by now, the answer is yes. In this article you’ll discover:

  • How intelligent Pomskies are.
  • Interesting facts about Pomskies.
  • What you can expect from a Pomsky to look like.
  • Whether Pomskies are good with children and kids.
  • And more…

Can Pomeranians and Huskies breed?

Pomeranians and Huskies can breed through artificial insemination only. The traditional method is not only unrealistic but also dangerous. The female is always the Husky. The puppy who will be born as a result of such a breed combination is called Pomsky. This is short for Pomeranian Husky.

In this article you’ll find out how Pomeranians and Huskies breed. Besides that, you’ll get to know what to expect from the Pomsky.

If you’re wondering whether to get one, look at the pros and cons described here.

How do Huskies and Pomeranians breed

How Do Huskies And Pomeranians Breed

Before we continue, you should know that breeding a Pomeranian Husky mix is very expensive. 

This is a process that requires a lot of attention and the right timing to be carried out precisely. The cost of the whole procedure contributes to why these puppies are so expensive.

To achieve the breeding, you need a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Artificial insemination is the safest way to do this.

The first thing is collecting semen from the male Pomeranian. To get the semen from the Pomeranian, you should place a female Husky to arouse the Pom. It’s best to let professionals take care of the breeding.

The semen will be collected in a pipette. The size of it is chosen based on the size of the female Husky.

You could either chill or freeze the semen. If there’s no such possibility after getting it, it should be immediately inserted in the female Husky.

The tricky thing is that if the semen is stored and chilled, it can only remain like that for a day. 

Warning: If you freeze it, you risk that the insemination won’t be successful though. 

A very important thing to remember is that the semen should only be taken from the male while the female is close to having her ovulation.

The semen should be inserted in the female Husky before the ovulation starts. This is the right time to put the specimen in the reproductive tract.

The reason why the female is always the Husky is for precaution. If you take a Pomeranian female, there’s the danger that the pups she has to deliver become too big. This can endanger the Pomeranian’s health and life.

Pomsky characteristics

Considering this is one very expensive dog breed, you want to know its specifics before making an investment. 

Pomsky is not a pure breed

Although Pomsky puppies are very cute and intelligent, they’re not recognized as breed dogs. Many people probably get confused because these pups have a name.

That’s because when a Pomsky and a Pom’s genes are mixed, the outcome isn’t always the same. So, the puppies from each litter do look like the parents but at the same time, they look very different when compared to other Pomsky pups.

By far there isn’t a standard that can be set regarding their looks and size.


There can be huge differences even between puppies from the same litter. The differences are seen in the length of the coat. Colors vary as well. Pups can either have dominant genes from the Pom or the Husky.

The fur is thick so daily grooming is a must. 


The average price of a Pomsky is above $1000. These puppies are considered designer dogs and cannot be found in shelters.

There are breeders specifically dedicated to breeding Pomskies and that’s why they can demand over $3000 sometimes. This is highly dependent on the heritage of the Pomsky’s parents.

Pomskies as family dogs

You’d probably be happy to know that Pomskies are family dogs. They’re active, energetic, love affection, and can’t tolerate being alone for a long time. 

If they become bored, do expect they’ll chew on your stuff. That’s their way of indicating they need to interact. 

It’s worth considering getting a Pomsky if you’re home for the most part of the day. For example, if you work from home. It could be helpful to have children in the household.

Children could be ideal companions to your Pomsky pup because they will shower the puppy with attention and play. The Pomsky will befriend them before you know it.

Bear in mind though, that if you have kids, it’s not advisable to take a Pomsky. The Pomsky will shed a lot, plus you’ll need to monitor the kids’ movements which are often clumsy and rash. 

What if you’re the person that’s constantly on the go and works at an office for long hours? Better not indulge in a life with a Pomsky then.

The Pomsky puppy will need sufficient training and socialization and if you fail to provide that, you will for sure face some behavioral issues.

Besides that, Pomskies need more exercise. They love to run, jump and chase after a ball. You should be able to provide them with time and these activities. Coming home late from work is not an option, especially after a tiring day.

Don’t expect your Pomsky to be a couch potato and to cuddle with you all day long. Although Pomskies look like a fluffy stuffed toy, they’re not the biggest fans of cuddling. 

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Pomsky shedding

Yeah, Pomskies shed alright. And frequently. 

This is maintained by daily grooming. Plus, your Pomsky will love it! And you’ll have the fur in the brush instead of on the carpet. 

Should you get a Pomsky or not

The Pomsky is a recently-created dog

Should You Get A Pomsky

While critics believe that such breed-crossing can lead to more genetic disease and issues, there’s the other point of view that favors this type of breeding. The reason is that it is seen as a way to eliminate a lot of abnormalities. 

Then there’s a question that comes naturally – will a Pomsky enjoy a healthier life than a purebred dog?

The answer is NO.

Each dog has a different chance of developing genetic diseases. To find out how high these chances are, you can test the pup for genetic predispositions while he’s still very young. 

Since this cross-breed is fairly new, it’s early to make conclusions about its general health. The pup will either get some of the best or the parents’ worst genes.

Pomsky personality in a nutshell

Even though every dog is an individual, there are some common traits that you can expect from pretty much any Pomsky. 

What you can hope for and get will be a good-natured dog that’s intelligent and energetic.

The protective Pomsky

The Pomsky comes from a Pomeranian, after all. Poms are very territorial and protective. And the Pomsky doesn’t disappoint.

On the other hand, the Husky is a very lovable dog even to strangers. That’s why it’s said it won’t be uncommon for a Husky to befriend a burglar.

What you can expect from a Pomsky is that it can make a great guard dog, but at the same time it can react yappy to strangers.

Pomsky’s attitude

What’s great about Pomskies is that they’re very affectionate and will bond with the whole family. They’ll seek love and attention from their human companions. They might have a favorite person they feel closest to, especially the primary caretaker.

Bear in mind you should provide the Pomsky with sufficient attention. You could schedule play sessions before and after work. Or throughout the day if you work from home. 

This would also be the perfect time to indulge the Pomsky in some training activities. That way, you’ll start crafting the desired behavior of your Pomsky in the pups’ early stages. 

A little Pomsky is like a kid. It will soak up every knowledge, new experience, and trick you give them.


Pomsky Intelligence

If you believe in dogs’ potential to develop their intelligence and are looking for a way to work with it, a Pomsky is for you!

Pomeranians are incredibly smart. Huskies are considered to have a level of intelligence above the average. 

What does this mean for Pomskies? They get to be some of the brightest little dogs you can own. That’s what also makes them easily trainable. 

Since Pomeranians are dogs that love to please their owners, Pomskies have that trait. Your Pomsky will be more than glad to learn a new command and perform.

Pomsky energy

Let’s look at the Siberian Husky side of the parents. Coming from a line of working dogs, Huskies love to have a job to do.

So, do expect that your Pomsky might inherit that trait. 

What does this mean for you?

If you don’t find a constructive way to drain the energy and playfulness of your Pomsky, the pup can direct it into an activity you might not like. 

Why is that? 

Out of frustration. If the Pomsky is very energetic and feels like chewing and running, it will find a way to stay busy. And that could include destructive activities. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, save some time both in the morning and in the evening to spend time with your Pomsky. Cuddling is nice, but you’ll need more than that. 

Teach him new tricks, make him chase a ball. Play tug of war. 

You’ll not only be rewarded with your Pomsky’s unconditional love for that but also with appropriate behavior at home that doesn’t involve ruining your shoes, dragging clothes around the house, or chewing the wall.

If you could handle this amount of energy and are happy to have such an active dog, the Pomsky will probably be a nice addition to your lifestyle.

If you’re busy and prefer to spend evenings chilling on the couch and not going out for long brisk walks, better think about getting a Pomsky twice.

What you need to know before you get a Pomsky

Common health issues

Since this is a hybrid, it’s not yet sure what’s all the variety of issues these dogs are prone to.

Let’s look at some possibilities, considering health issues the parents are prone to.

What you should look at when taking care of your Pomsky is:

  • Dental issues – this is from the Pomeranian’s side. Dental checkups are what can save your precious furry friend.

You can also do something to reduce the risks of plaque development from your side. Just teach your Pomsky that brushing their teeth is a part of their routine. The sooner you start, the easier they will get used to it.

  • Another thing you should look out for is eye problems. When getting a Pomsky from a reputable breeder, you should make sure they’ve done the needed testing on the parents. That will ensure such issues are not gonna be an issue.

Stubbornness and training

Training A Pomsky

Poms are known for being very stubborn. In addition to that, Huskies are independent. So, adding two plus two, what do you get? 

A Pomsky that could be challenging to train. 

Not to worry! There’s a way to efficiently get around this and work with your Pomsky. You can achieve great results by using positive reinforcement techniques. That’s because Pomskies respond to this kind of approach best.

What’s required from you? Plenty. Of. Patience.  

Will you need it always? No. If you succeed to engage your Pomsky in an activity, you can benefit from the Pomsky’s quick learning skills.

Just like with people training in the gym, you must maintain the training sessions with your Pomsky. It’s not good enough if you do it just several times in the early puppyhood, your dog gets it, and you leave it at that. 

Tip: Schedule some time for training each day

This could be done during the Posky’s walk or after it, at home, to minimize possible distractions.

To set your Pomsky up for success you’ll have to start with obedience training upon bringing the Pomsky puppy home. 

This will lead to the Pomsky knowing the boundaries and not crossing them.  

The focus must be on the physical needs of the Pomsky. They must be met.

This being said, it’s totally in order to take your Pomsky hiking or just on long walks. 


Just like the parents, Pomsky has a high-pitched bark. Before you indulge your Pomsky in training, chances are he will try to get your attention by barking.

Training your Pomsky is gonna take some time so it’s worth considering whether the neighbors are okay with this. Otherwise, they might start making problems that will eat up your peace and time training the Pomsky. 

No guarantee how the Pomsky will look like

Pomsky hasn’t been recognized as an official breed because the variety of appearance puppies come in. If you want a breeder to save you a puppy before it is born, you don’t know what you will be getting. 

To get a general idea of how a Pomsky puppy could look, you’ll need to check out the parents’ characteristics. 

You should know that there isn’t a standard by far when it comes to size, weight, or color. 

You can get or choose from a white, black, tan, blue, cream, orange, red, brown, or a mixture between some of these colors when it comes to color. 

There’s the possibility of a reputable breeder giving you more info of what your Pomsky will look like by the 8 to 10th week after the puppies have been born. This is not a set-in-stone guarantee but more of an idea of what to expect.

Pomskies do well in a cold climate

If you’re happy about snow, then a Pomsky is likely to be a great addition to your life. Why?

Because chances are the Pomsky will enjoy the snow as much as you if not even more. 

And are they suitable for cold climates? You bet! 

They are equipped with a double coat consisting of an outer and an inner one. The inner one helps these dogs retain the heat during freezing temperatures.

That’s cool, but better not expose Pomskies to hot weather. That’s when grooming comes in handy. You’ll remove any hair that’s shedding and prevent overheating. 

Better cut down on expenses

Just getting a Pomsky will cost you. Between  $1,000 and $5,000 that is. 

As for toys, food, and medical checkups, you can expect to spend what you would on any other lap dog breed. 

If you’re dedicated to keeping your dog’s health intact, you will get high-quality food. This will help you make sure that you’re not spending crazy money on vet bills. 

The results of you taking care of your Pomsky will pay off by preventing health issues – regardless of whether they’re hereditary or not.

7 fun facts about Pomskies

  1. The Pomeranian Husky that became an Internet sensation in 2011 is actually a Finnish Lapphund puppy. 
  2. These are digging dogs – this is one great way for them to exercise.
  3. Inherited both from the Husky and the Pom, Pomskies are stubborn.
  4. These little dogs love to howl.
  5. Pomskies are amongst some of the most curious breeds.
  6. Pomskies are very bright and learn commands easily.
  7. Training is a must for Pomskies.