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13 Surprising Disadvantages Of Having A Dog [Must-Read!] 

Disadvantages Of Having A Dog

Our furbabies bring profound happiness into our lives. 

While they make us feel like we’re the only lovable person in the world…

Dogs can turn it upside down as quickly as you can imagine. 

So if you dreamed of having a dog… 

This is a friendly reminder. 

  • 3 cons of raising a female dog.
  • 13 downsides of having a dog in your life.
  • Tips on how you can turn these disadvantages into something beneficial. 
  • And a lot more…

13 disadvantages of having a dog

#1: Demands physical touch

Though this may sound sweet and cute…

If we live a busy life, our four-legged buddies will think we don’t value them. 

Like you, they need constant tender loving care. 

Nationally recognized veterinarian Zac Pilossoph explained that dogs like to cuddle because that’s how they show their affection. 

When they demand more time from you, it can be stressful if you’re not used to this kind of behavior. 

And being a fur parent means having the availability to attend to all your dog’s needs anytime.

If this doesn’t sound like you…

Please spare your loving dog from feeling left out and heartbroken. 

However, if you think you can make adjustments… 

The next disadvantage will keep you thinking twice.

Note: It’s easy to decide to get a dog. But once you’re already living with one, you may feel too overwhelmed with the demands.

#2: Needs a fur babysitter

One of the reasons why you want to have a dog is the companionship they give you.

It’s easier to rant and overshare with them whatever pisses you off…

Without having many discussions afterward.

In short, you gain a friend and an entertainer rolled into one. 

But how about when you have to run an urgent errand?

Who’ll take care of them while you’re away? 

Now, this is where the dilemma of finding a dog nanny comes in. 

You see having a dog is like raising another human being. 

You must hire someone you can trust. And ensure your dog is well taken care of. 

Tip: It’s best to have someone close to you to watch over your dog. Aside from saving from the cost of hiring a nanny, it won’t be hard for them to adjust to a perfect stranger.  

#3: Sheds a lot of fur

One of the best things about having a dog is the feeling of hugging them. 

However, if you’re someone who dislikes cleaning occasionally… 

It’s time to think again.

Especially if the fur buddy you’re eyeing sheds a lot.

Let’s say your dream dog is the Great Pyrenees. 

Be ready to encounter average to heavy shedding. Because they shed year-round. 

Does this still sound cute to you? 

I’m not here to discourage you from taking your dream dog home per se.

Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for wanting to have a fluffy, cotton-ball-like fur baby. 

And it’s a plus to have a piece of prior knowledge about the characteristics of the dog you want to buy or adopt. 

#4: Grooming 

Dogs Need Grooming

Being clean and tidy is vital to stay healthy.

In 2019, a study showed that a dog’s personality mirrors the personality of its owner.

This means you have to make an extra effort to ensure your dog is properly groomed and fresh looking at all times.

As it reflects how we generally live as dog owners. 

Now, do you have the budget to avail a decent grooming service for your pooch?

Well, grooming your fur buddy doesn’t end with:

  • Brushing their fur.
  • Giving them baths.
  • Cleaning their paws.

It goes beyond that.

Aside from keeping them looking sharp…

Grooming centers are run by professionals backed with special equipment and tools.

Bear in mind that dogs have different breeds.

Each breed may need specific tools to groom them.

Though you can buy these yourself…

You can’t be sure that these tools are non-toxic for your dogs.

Grooming supplies should be gentle on the skin.

Not to mention if your fur baby has sensitive skin or is prone to skin allergies.

Knowing what supplies to use for your dogs is essential for their health.

Another thing is professional groomers can help detect health issues.

As they can spot infection by looking at our dog’s eyes, teeth, or even ears.

This is why it matters to schedule your well-loved dogs at grooming salons.

If that’s the case, availing of regular grooming services can add to your finances.

So, in reality, raising your fur baby demands a separate budget.

#5: Wellness check-ups

One of the essential things you must do for your dog’s life is to accompany them during vet visits. 

Why does it matter?

Vet visits provide valuable information on your dog’s total well-being.

Plus, it helps you:

  • Track their growth rate. 
  • Spot breed-specific issues. 
  • Determine the best way to train them.
  • Know how to prevent parasites and diseases.
  • Assess our dog’s mental and emotional state.
  • Learn the appropriate nutrients their body demands.

Taking your lovely fur babies to the vet doesn’t guarantee they’ll never get sick. 

Just like us, humans, dogs need to see their doctors.  

So we know how to address their health issues correctly. 

Also, it’s normal having second thoughts about adopting or getting a dog.

Especially if we are talking about vet expenses.

I understand you. 

According to PetMD, vet visits come with a price if you want standard quality of care.

Plus, vet clinics are like human hospitals that need maintenance to keep it running.

VCA shared that vets invest on high-end equipment and stock medicines to serve their clients better. 

If you want an up-close experience of what it’s like raising a dog, check this video out: 

#6:  Different breeds meant different personalities

I’m sure you have heard this: “different strokes for different folks.” 

Dogs, like humans, come in various forms and personalities. 

They don’t share the same traits… 

Making it harder for you to raise and understand them.

Some dogs love sports. It’s easier for them to pick up tricks quickly. 

While other breeds take too long to acquire the basic skills. 

So it matters that you understand this. 

And it would be best to go over and beyond in researching the breed you want. 

Tip: Know what you look for in a friend. It will help if you get a dog whose personality resonates with yours. So it’ll be easier to raise them. 

#7: Training expenses

Training is vital in your dog’s life. 

This is not something you’ll take for granted. 

Just like grooming fees and vet visits, training expenses will entail a certain cost. 

But of course, you can always create personal training modules for your dog such as:

  • Knowing household rules.
  • Socializing them with other dogs.
  • Potty training (your topmost priority).

So, are you patient enough to teach your pooch without being mad?

Well, dogs effectively learn if they have someone who’s an expert in this field.  

Plus, training them is one thing that can strengthen your bond. Since it’ll ask more of your time, resources, and energy. 

And this is the demanding part of raising a loyal companion. 

Further reading: 27 Best Dog Trainers In The World (Updated Guide)

#8: Picking up their poop

I know this sounds so gross. 

But one reality of being a fur parent is cleaning your dog’s poop.

Just imagine yourself all dressed up and scooping poop of your lovely fur buddy.

If you’re not up for this role, I understand. 

I felt the same way the first time my dog answered the call of nature at the mall’s parking lot. 

So I suggest you invest in dog diapers. 

You just need to ensure you have enough supply. And know how to dispose of it properly. 

Moreover, change it often to avoid unwanted urine burns on your pooch.

You might also want to know: 17 Simple Tips To Firm Up Your Dog’s Poop (#7 Works Always)

Note: The first 8 are all dog-related factors you must think of before deciding to have one. The next on the list will be more about the personal factors a dog parent needs to consider. 

#9: Cost

Raising a dog is not a cheap responsibility. 

You will spend…

 A lot. 

As dog lovers, we tend to shower our woofer with so much love. 

We want to give them fancy toys, provide a healthy diet and enroll them in a top-notch coach to learn all the tricks.

Aside from that, you have to separate a budget for the following:

  • Grooming supplies.
  • Spaying or neutering.
  • Required vaccinations.
  • Veterinary care packages.
  • Supplies (treats and dental toys).

#10: Time management

Bear in mind that work-life balance is a primary consideration if you have fur babies. 

If you can’t find time to relax, spare these little creatures from that sad life. 

They can feel lonely if they can’t play outdoors and be with other pooches. 

Our dogs want to enjoy life as well. 

It would mean a lot to them to run free and learn from their surroundings. 

So, ensure you know how to schedule your time effectively before getting a dog. 

#11: Commitment

How far are you willing to go for your dog?

Well, commitment is important. 

Our fur buddies have long-term needs, such as:

  • High-protein food.
  • Relaxing sleeping place.
  • Access to potable water.
  • Safe environment to play.

And for them to grow healthy, they require proper exercise and training. 

Now, are you willing to give them your undivided attention when they want to play? 

If you think about it, dogs have emotions too.

They know if you love them. They can feel if you’re sad. And they know if you’re angry. 

This is because our fur babies can absorb our energy. 

So, we should be serious about devoting ourselves to protecting and caring for our dogs.

#12: Changes in lifestyle

If you’re a fur parent, you can’t just leave and return as you please. 

Know that your dog will always depend on you.

With that said, you must plan your day. And schedule everything.

From vacations, check-ups, salon time, and all activities you get yourself to. 

If you love spontaneity, it will take a while for this to work for you. 

#13: The fear of losing someone

Have you watched the movie Marley and Me?

I bawled watching that film because I thought of my dogs. 

And the idea of losing them one day is something I don’t want to happen. 

Research confirmed that losing a dog is the same as losing a close loved one. 

And that’s the most significant disadvantage of owning a dog. 

There’s nothing more shattering than saying goodbye to your furry best friend.  

Bonus: 3 disadvantages of having a female dog

#1: Easily gets nervous

Our female dogs get frightened easier than male ones. 

Since they are emotionally responsive,

They are fearful of unknown objects approaching them and unfamiliar dogs.

Male dogs, however, are more aggressive and impulsive. 

2: Moody 

Because of their independent nature, female dogs are prone to mood swings.

Mood swings are caused by the drastic hormonal changes they experience.

One day they’re sweet. But later, they ignore you.

Don’t be surprised if they show irritability, aggressiveness, or nervousness.

These are all part of the changes their female body is undergoing.

#3: More expensive 

Female dogs are more expensive because they can produce puppies.

Because they are breedable, buying them may cost you more. 

Getting a female dog while raising a male pooch is another burden.

You must consider spaying or neutering them to avoid unwanted puppies. 

And doing so means having to spend more.

So, if you’re a male dog owner, consider this first before adopting a female pooch.