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27 Best Dog Trainers In The World (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In The World

Your pooch deserves nothing but the best. 

So when it comes to their dog training, you need a trainer who’s world-renowned. 

Not sure where to find one?

Well, look no further. 

Because your search has come to an end.

Continue reading to discover: 

  • 27 best dog trainers in the world.
  • Which trainer popularized positive training methods.
  • The trainer who created the first off-leash puppy socialization training.
  • And much, much, more…

27 best dog trainers in the world

#1: Ian Dunbar

Throughout the years, Dr. Ian Dunbar had accomplished a lot of things. 

He’s a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, dog trainer, and writer. 

But more importantly, he’s one of the most well-respected experts in the dog training industry. 

In 1982, he created and taught SIRIUS® Puppy Training

It’s the first off-leash puppy training and socialization class. 

Furthermore, he also founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

This is the largest dog trainer association in the world. 

And it allows dog trainers to meet, network, and learn from each other.

Aside from that, he’s also a big help in making rewards-based training methods known to the public.

Today, Ian Dunbar and his family continue to help dog parents all over the world. 

They offer online dog training courses you can try.

Plus, they also have face-to-face puppy dog training.

WebsiteDog training:
Puppy training:
Phone(800) 419-8748 or (510) 455-7900
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#2: Patricia McConnell

Patricia McConnell is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB). 

She also has a doctorate in Zoology. 

Not only that but Patricia has been known to be one of the most intellectual dog trainers. 

In fact, she’s also famous for the dog training books she authored. 

To be precise, her book, “The Other End of the Leash”, has been published in 13 languages. 

Unfortunately, Dr. McConnell doesn’t receive clients anymore. 

But she still has a lot of learning resources found on her website that can help you and Fido with training. 

Moreover, she still accepts speaking engagements. 

Just recently, she went on to several podcasts to talk about dog training and the canine world in general.
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#3: Zak George

Aside from being a celebrity dog trainer, Zak George is a TV personality himself. 

He has produced 2 TV shows and is now a famous Youtuber. 

If you go to his channel, you’ll see that his contents are about dog behaviors and basic dog training. 

Moreover, Zak is a favorite among the younger fur parents. 

It’s because they find his high energy and creative way of teaching more appealing. 

One thing many dog lovers admire him for is that he’s self-taught.
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National K9 Learning Center

#4: National K9 Learning Center

The National K9 Learning Center has been in the dog training industry since 1975. 

And they’re considered one of its pioneers. 

Their founder, Scott Mueller started the training for the first support dog aid.

Moreover, the center has training programs to develop your Fido’s unique personality.

They’ll help you and your pooch achieve your training goals.
Address221 Morrison Road, Columbus, OH 43213
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#5: Kyra Sundance

If you think that your pooch is the next doggie superstar, then you can enroll them in a special dog trick class. 

And Kyra Sundance is the best trainer for that. 

Aside from being a dog trainer, she’s also a world-famous dog show stunt performer. 

Her expertise lies in dog tricks and canine fitness.
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#6: Roger Mugford

He’s not only an expert on doggy behavior. 

But he also invented useful tools that help in your Fido’s behavior modification. 

A perfect example of that is the Halti head collar for dogs. 

This collar prevents your Fido from pulling on the leash. 

As a result, you can gently steer and guide your pooch’s direction during training.

So if you want to explore their products and training program, you can visit their locations. 

Address13606 Xavier Ln, Suite D, Broomfield, CO 80023
PhoneProducts:(720) 500-8228
Training: 0044 1932 574293 (UK)
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#7: Chris Bach

The “Third Way” is the training approach designed by Chris Bach. 

It’s an upgraded version of the positive reinforcement approach.

As proof of the Third Way’s effectiveness, Chris and many of her students got top honors in obedience.

What’s more, they’re also successful in dog sports they competed in. 

Today, you can still arrange a consultation with Chris through her website.

#8: Karen Pryor

She has over 40 years of rehabilitating and correcting the behaviors of animals.

And it’s not only pooches that she trained. 

Because she also has experience training dolphins, horses, and cats.

Aside from that, she’s also a known advocate of positive reinforcement. 

In fact, she popularized the clicker method by backing it up with science. 

Although she isn’t active anymore, her legacy lives on through the Karen Pryor Academy.
Address177 Huntington Ave Ste 1703, PMB 31921, Boston, MA
Phone800 472 5425 or 781 398 0754
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#9: Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell

All the way from England, Victoria Stilwell is both a dog trainer and an author.

Plus she’s certified by the Animal Behavior and Training Associates (ABA).

And her training philosophy is training doggos with positivity. 

You see, Victoria doesn’t believe in punishment training.

Instead, she wants to establish a relationship between you and your Fido that’s based on love and respect. 

Furthermore, she won many awards for her help in the rehabilitation of many pooches.

Aside from that, Victoria is a famous TV personality. 

She was a judge on the Greatest American Dog Show on CBS.
Phone(678) 459-5786
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#10: Adrienne Farricelli

Adrienne Farricelli is a world-renowned dog trainer. She’s behind the “Brain Training 4 Dogs” course. 

It’s a complete guide to bringing out the best behavior of your Fido.

More importantly, Adrienne’s training methods are gentle and force-free. 

And her training approach is based on the latest research about doggos.
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#11: Paul Owens

He’s famously known as the “Original Dog Whisperer”.

And he rightfully deserves the title because he’s been a positive training expert for 40 years. 

Not only that but Paul Owens is also the author of the best-selling book.

And that book was, “The Dog Whisperer, A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training”.

Plus, his training doesn’t end with force-free methods. 

He’ll also teach you stress management. 

This is to ensure that you’ll have an overall healthy relationship with your pup.
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#12: Larry Benoit

Being the best is learning from the best. 

And Larry Benoit is a great example of that as he was a student of the late Dick Russell. 

As a result, Larry uses the Dick Russell Method in training the pooches under his care. 

This training approach uses gentle and painless methods only. 

Furthermore, Larry has been one of the Top 10 best dog trainers in the US for many years.
Phone225 7916743
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#13: Tonya Wilhelm

She advocates for holistic pet care. 

To be precise, Tonya’s training methods are all about positive reinforcement. 

In fact, her individual and group training classes will train you and your pup.

Then you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you’ll need to unlock your Fido’s full potential. 

Aside from that, Tonya is also a popular pet behavior and training speaker.
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#14: Linda Michaels

She’s well-known for creating the “Hierarchy of Dog Needs”. 

Just like how humans have a hierarchy of needs, your pooch has one too. 

Linda’s Hierarchy of Dog Needs has been one of the standards on how to care for doggos. 

And it’s also used as a guide for force-free dog behavior modification.

Moreover, Linda is also an expert in handling fearful, aggressive, and reactive pups.
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#15: Susan Garrett

Susan is a sought-after dog agility champion for the past 30 years. 

In fact, she has won many titles and gold medals in the different dog competitions she and her Fidos had joined.

Furthermore, Susan is also known for her game-based positive reinforcement training method.

Not only that but this approach is also backed up by the science of animal behavior.
Address2780 Dunmark Road, Alberton, ON 
Social MediaTwitter, Tiktok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

#16: Val de Santis

This Colorado-based dog trainer is an AKC certified behavioral consultant and Master trainer.

Val’s training approach is a combination of many training methods. 

Because he believes that no dog is the same. 

Hence, their training must also be different. 

Aside from that, Val also focuses on understanding your Fido’s mentality. 

To be precise, his approach is beyond basic commands like sitting or staying.
AddressPueblo West, Colorado 81007
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook

#17: Bruce Fogle

Bruce Fogle is an expert in training therapy dogs.

In fact, he trains pooches for deaf people. 

This way, people with hearing disabilities won’t feel lonely. 

Aside from that, Bruce had also written books about dog training. 

They contain detailed and illustrated guides to better your pooch’s behavior.

Furthermore, Bruce is also a veterinarian and still practices the profession in England.

Therapy dogs:
Address86 York Street, London W1H 1QS, England
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
Emily Larlham

#18: Emily Larlham

She’s the woman behind the famous Youtube channel, Kikopup. 

There you can see over 300 dog training videos that are very helpful to dog parents. 

And although she has no professional education as a dog trainer, Emily’s still considered one of the best. 

It’s because her methods are all based on science and research. 

More importantly, her dog training ways are all ruled by ethics.
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#19: Janice Demadona

She’s a certified dog trainer, with over 20 years of experience.  

And Janice is known for being a fun dog trainer. 

Aside from that, she’ll also help you make dog training a daily lifestyle. 

With this, you’ll see your Fido’s training as a part of your routine rather than a chore. 

Plus, she also uses force-free and science-based techniques.
Address1075 Northbranch Dr, Oak Creek, WI 53154
Phone(414) 571-1500
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook

#20: Nancy Freedman-Smith

Nancy has been a dog trainer and dog consultant for over 25 years. 

And her expertise is on hyperactive doggos and those that have fear-based aggression.

Furthermore, Nancy won’t only be training your Fido.

But she’ll also teach you new dog training and management methods.
Address28 Stroudwater St., Unit 1, Westbrook, Maine 04092
Phone(207) 671-2522
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

#21: Nick White

He’s the founder and owner of Off Leash K9 Training. 

It’s one of the most popular dog training service providers with over 140 branches in the US. 

Aside from that, Nick has also worked in the secret service as a dog trainer. 

What’s more, he’s also a dog trainer for celebrities and somewhat of a TV personality himself. 

Because Nick hosted the famous American TV show, “America’s Top Dog!”
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#22: Andrea Arden

She’s not on this list because of her appearances on many TV shows. 

But it’s because of her many contributions to helping pets and fighting for their welfare. 

To be precise, Andrea serves on the Board of Directors of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. 

Not only that but she’s also on the Board of the Animal Haven Shelter in New York. 

Furthermore, she employs positive training methods in dog training. 

And she’s named the best dog trainer in New York by a lot of local newspapers.
Phone(212) 414-9597 
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#23: Michael Graeme Hall

The Telegraph described him as “Britain’s best dog trainer”.

He’s also known as “The Dogfather”.

No, he’s not a member of a canine Mafia group. 

But he got this nickname from his training approach. 

You see, Graeme Hall works with both Fidos and their humans. 

And he teaches dog parents how to become good dog mothers and dog fathers to their fur babies.

Based on the reviews of those he had helped, his technique seems to be effective.

Moreover, the Dogfather has helped over 5,000 fur families already.
Phone0333 006 40 55
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#24: Anna Koo

If you’re based in Singapore and looking for the best dog trainer, then Anna Koo is the one you’re searching for. 

She’s the only Pat Miller Certified Trainer in Singapore. 

Plus, Anna’s training philosophy is all about science and a rewards-based approach. 

So you don’t have to worry about your pooch feeling pain or discomfort during training.
Phone+65 8366-0720
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

#25: Jean Donaldson

She’s the founder of the first positive dog training and pet counseling center in Canada. 

What’s more, her book, “The Culture Clash” was highly-praised. 

It’s even described as the number 1 training and behavior book by The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Not only that but Jean’s training methods are all science-based. 

She’ll also teach you pain-free and force-free dog training approaches.
AddressThe Academy: PO Box 1439 Brentwood CA, 94513
EmailThe Academy:
Raising canine:
PhoneRaising canine: 512 916 4007
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook

#26: Sarah Pennington

If your pup has problems in the following area:

Then it’s time to employ the help of Sarah Pennington. 

Because she specializes in the above-mentioned behavioral issues.

But that’s not all, she’s also an expert in a rewards-based training approach.

And she also holds a fear-free certification.
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#27: Nigel Reed

He’s an expert in your Fido’s emotional intelligence.

In fact, he has helped a lot of London-based doggos with their fear-based aggression.

Furthermore, he’s the man behind the Dog Guardian. 

A dog training site that provides helpful dog training videos and courses. 

So if your pooch is jumping all around or having some anxiety issues, then Nigel is the man for the job.
Phone07877 373125
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