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5 DIY Dog Food Storage Container (Ideas)

DIY Dog Food Storage Container

Storing dog food is among the responsibilities of a dog parent…

It might seem like a small task, but it can be crucial.

There are many things to consider when it comes to hoarding dog food.

So, take matters into your own hands and make your solution…

Let’s get crafting for your doggo’s food storage.

Read to discover:

  • 5 DIY dog food storage container ideas.
  • Why keeping your dog’s food fresh is important.
  • The reason why you should always clean the dog food container.
  • 3 reminders when using containers as storage for your dog’s food.
  • And many more…

5 DIY dog food storage containers

#1: Re-use a popcorn tin

This is a popular DIY idea for a dog food container…

That’s because before turning it into a storage bin, you’ll benefit first.

I’m talking about reusing an empty popcorn tin.

After you’ve indulged in the delicious corn kernels, you get to use its container for a long time.

And in this case, you’ll turn it into a food storage container for your pup’s kibbles.

Now, you can leave the can as it is. Go and store your dog’s food in it right away…

But are you feeling a little crafty?

Then all you need are:

Start by cleaning the empty popcorn tin. Make sure to wash it with soap and rinse it thoroughly.

Then, dry the newly-cleaned tin can.

Now, you can start painting it with a color of your choice.

After an hour, the surface of the new paint is dry. However, you must wait for at least 8 hours for it to fully dry.

Then, the can’s new surface is now ready for the stickers you’ll be putting in.

You can go with a simple label that says ‘dog food’ or your pup’s name…


You can go crazy with the stickers.

It’s up to you. That’s the amazing thing about doing DIYs…

That aside, popcorn tins are the perfect container to store your dog’s dry kibbles.


That’s because its lid is airtight and won’t spoil your dog’s food.

Now, the lid plays an essential part in storing food for your dog.

When you seal the food properly with a lid, it won’t be exposed to air and humidity.

Harmful effects of air exposure in food

Harmful Effects Of Air Exposure In Food

Exposure to air for a long time can make the food rancid.

The process is quite intricate…

It first starts when harmful microorganisms land on the exposed food.

When that happens, the microbes begin their multiplication. There they break down the food for them to eat.

Oxygen has a lot to do with this, too.

It’s a gas that helps enhance the growth of microorganisms. 

Then, experts say that air causes fats in the food to oxidize.

According to VCA Hospitals, the process of oxidation speeds up the rancidity of your dog’s food.

And that’s what causes the food to have a rancid smell and bad taste.

With that, the bacterias have won over the meal. They’ve claimed it now…

So, no more munching of it for your pooch…

But what happens when Fido ignores the rancidity and eats the food anyway?

Your dog might get food poisoning

Some dogs will back out when they smell the spoiled food’s rancidity…

However, food-obsessed dogs might scoff at the sour smell and taste.

The latter might then get food poisoning from it. Such is a harmful consequence that your pooch will face.

According to PetMD, these are the signs of food poisoning in dogs:

So, make sure your dog’s food is properly sealed.

And as I said, the empty popcorn tin offers an airtight seal.

Moreover, always give the food a little whiff before feeding your dog. Investigate if it smells weird.

If it does, don’t give it to your canine anymore.

Now, here’s a popcorn product that comes in a tin can. Enjoy the snack, then have fun crafting for your fur baby!

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#2: Decorate a metal container

This is the easiest DIY food container for your dog’s kibbles.

You can use a metal container with a lid. If that lid comes with a lock, then that’s much better.

With that, you can ensure that Fido won’t easily knock out the covering.

Now, you can choose to use it as it is…

Or you can personalize it a little bit.

This is similar to the first idea.

You can label it with your dog’s name or put lettering that says ‘dog food.’

And if you want an even more personalized touch, you can add cute stickers.

Here’s a pack of 80 pieces of waterproof dog stickers. Don’t go holding back with the decors!

Moreover, this big metal container with a lid and lock will be the perfect start.

When you’re using this idea, there are more responsibilities that you must follow through…

Regularly cleaning the container

This is a must when it comes to storing your dog’s food.

Every time the bin gets emptied, don’t immediately put on the next batch of kibble.

First, clean the container thoroughly using soap and water.

Then, let it dry before you put in the new dog food. This is an important part…


That’s because leftover water in the bin would cause moisture to the food.

Water can increase the spoilage process of your dog’s food.

With that, it’s easier for microorganisms to cling to the food. There, those pathogens will grow and multiply.

And even if that occurs in the bottom of the bin, don’t be complacent.

Once one touches another, the bacteria will quickly spread.

In no time, this contamination will spoil the food. And it all happened while it was on a sealed container.

Keeping moisture away from your dog’s food

What can you do to ensure that moisture doesn’t rise inside the container?

You can use silica gel packets.

They’re effective sacks that absorb moisture.

In this study, researchers placed silica gel packets on top of rice samples.

They measured the product’s absorptive capacity.

Results show:

Per 7 oz (200g) of rice, silica gel packets absorb up to 35% of moisture.

Warning: Be mindful of your placement of these packets. Always check if you scooped any in your dog’s food before giving it to them.

It won’t harm your dog in small amounts. However, don’t take any chances. Your pooch shouldn’t ingest silica gel packets ever.

Don’t put it near sunlight

Aside from air and water, there’s more that you should watch out for.

You must store your dog’s food away from direct sunlight.

That’s because it can give off heat to the container…

And it doesn’t matter if the storage is metal or plastic.

You need to ensure that the food isn’t stored under the sun.

If you do, the temperature inside the bin will increase. Then, that causes the food inside to go rancid.

You might also ask: Can dry dog food go bad in heat?

#3: Clean paint cans

Want something more aesthetically pleasing?

Something that you can display anywhere without ruining your vibe?

Then, you can opt for empty and minimalistic paint cans.

However, there’s one issue about it…

It’s a small storage that holds less kibble. 

But if you’re good with that…

Some come in a capacity of 1 quartz (32 oz / 907g). Then, there are also cans available with the capacity of 1 gallon (153 oz / 4337g).

Here’s a pack of 2 empty paint cans that comes in both of the sizes I mentioned.

If you’re not good with the plain metallic color…

I’ve still got you…

Like with the first idea, you can spray paint the can.

If you want to skip that step, these empty paint cans are also available in a black matte finish.

And of course, it’s up to you to label or design the cans. It depends on how you want it to look on display.

#4: Make use of a trash bin

Looking for something more subtle and cheap?

Then you can make use of a container that’s supposed to store rubbish.

I’m talking about using plastic trash bins as dog food storage.

It’s a simple yet rewarding project.

You can make use of paint or stickers again to decorate the bin.

Not sure where to start?

I found a 61 oz (1.8 L) hanging trash bin that might look good.

Plus, you can put it almost anywhere.

Although, you have to get crafty in its placement, too…

Make sure that your pooch won’t get access to it.

If they do, your fur baby won’t be able to help themself. They’ll consume everything they can…

And if your pooch is obsessed with food, they might not stop until one of the two happens:

The first one is if you catch them in the act. Then, the second one is when they successfully emptied the bin.

Whichever it is between the two, you risk your dog being overfed.

How can you know if you didn’t catch them?

If you see your dog being suddenly lazy with their belly obviously full…

OIh, they just munched their heart out.

#5: Feeding station plus storage

Oh, you really want a big DIY project?

Then, get your hands ready for this amazing idea.

Not only is it a food container, but it’s also a feeding station for your pooch!

That’s why this is useful for dog parents trying to save up space.

Moreover, it has a closet compartment that your pup won’t access.

Now, here’s the video on how to make it:

Here are the materials needed for the project:

  • Plywood.
  • Drawer track.

Then, you’ll still have to purchase a container to store the food in.

It’s suggested to use a storage bin that’s not tall. This is to make space for the food bowls at the top part.

You can try this 41 quart (1312 oz / 39 L) plastic storage with a lockable lid.