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Does Cayenne Pepper Stop Dogs from Peeing? Is It Dangerous?

Cayenne Pepper Stop Dog Peeing

Most gardening and landscaping internet tips include DIY dog deterrents. 

One of the most popular is cayenne pepper. 

But does it truly stop dogs from peeing?

And most importantly, is it safe for dogs?

Keep reading to find out:

  • 8 dangers of using this on doggos.
  • 5 effects of cayenne pepper on dogs.
  • PROVEN: A study shows why cayenne pepper isn’t toxic to their organs.
  • A step-by-step method to using this spice safely to stop dogs from peeing.
  • And many, many more…

Does cayenne pepper stop dogs from peeing?

Cayenne pepper stops dogs from peeing. It irritates their nose. You can use a mixture of cayenne pepper and water. Don’t put pure powder as dog deterrent. Inhaling or eating a large amount can cause diarrhea, stomach upset. It also results in burning of mucus membranes or respiratory distress.

What will cayenne pepper do to a dog?

Cayenne pepper is a common spice found in kitchens around the world. 

It’s used to add heat to a dish. And it’s a great addition to any meal. 

But the spiciness of this pepper is often used in other ways. 

It’s recommended as a natural way to prevent dogs from peeing on your lawn or garden.

There are even pepper sprays that prevent dogs from chewing or licking the furniture

Effects of cayenne pepper on dogs

AKC replied to a dog parent asking a question. She wanted to use cayenne pepper paste as a deterrent for her puppy chewing on furniture legs. 

Apparently, this can cause irritation to their eyes. 

There’s a big chance that they’ll scratch or rub their eyes after touching the paste.

It also causes a burning sensation. 

Although most dogs don’t like the smell of cayenne pepper. And doggos often flinch after one sniff.

Is cayenne pepper dangerous for dogs?

Cayenne pepper is dangerous for dogs if they eat or inhale it in large amounts. 

Take a look at these incidents, for example…

Cayenne pepper burns dog’s paws

Cayenne Pepper Is Dangerous To Dogs Because It Burns Their Paws

In a story reported by NBC News, a homeowner got fed up with dogs doing their business in her yard.

Her solution? Dump loads of cayenne pepper on the perimeter of her lawn. 

Neighbors described piles of spice visible on the ground. 

One dog parent claimed her dog’s paws got burnt and treatment cost a lot. 

Vets say that it’s not toxic for dogs. But in large amounts it’s dangerous. Especially if swallowed. 

The station interviewed Dr. Zile Singh of Greenwood Animal Hospital. Who says that it causes:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Stomach upset.
  • Burns on dog’s insides.

Others also use cayenne pepper in their jobs. As this next story shows…

Animal trainers sued for using cayenne pepper on dogs

The Washington Post reports that 3 trainers used the spice on their dogs while filming. They faced charges for animal cruelty. 

The purpose was to get the dogs to act as if they wanted to wipe something off their nose

The trainers had a usual method of putting this mixture:

  • Lemon. 
  • Broccoli.
  • Apple cider vinegar.

When that didn’t work they resorted to cayenne pepper. 

That got the desired action from the dogs. 

So they did it again and again. 

The news station interviewed the vet who consulted on the investigation. 

It turns out that inhaling a lot of the spice can cause serious medical conditions like:

  • Death.
  • Embolism.
  • Respiratory arrest.
  • Respiratory distress.
  • Irritation and burning of mucus membranes.

And the vet warns that it has potential risk. Even when used as a dog deterrent. 

Toxicity of cayenne pepper in dogs

The results of this study show what will happen if dogs have pepper in their system. 

The researchers used an extract of cayenne pepper. And delivered it through an IV. 

They did the experiment for 14 days. 

And the results showed that:

  1. The dog’s system rapidly eliminated the extract.
  2. It induces transient tachycardia (rapid heart rate).
  3. The extract causes hypertension (high blood pressure).
  4. It doesn’t change the duration of cardiac action potential. These are brief changes in cell membrane voltage.
  5. The extract caused only minimal organ toxicities. 

But despite what the study says, dog parents should be aware of the dangers of cayenne pepper on dogs.

How to use cayenne pepper to stop dogs from peeing?

Dogs peeing on your grass lawn can be a nuisance. 

They often pee on the same spots. And this causes brown spots to form on the grass. 

According to PetMD, the nitrogen in the urea of their pee burns the grass. 

Many gardening and landscaping websites on the Internet recommend a mixture of:

  • 10 parts water. 
  • 1 part cayenne pepper. 

It’s important not to put too much pepper as it can harm dogs. Especially if you’re using it on your lawn. 

Step 1: Mix the ingredients well. And put them in a spray bottle. 

Step 2: Spray your dog’s usual pee spots with the mixture. 

Step 3: Cover the spot with some dirt. This allows the dogs to smell the cayenne pepper. But not come in direct contact with it. 

Step 4: If you want to keep neighborhood dogs from peeing on your lawn, you can spray the mixture on the perimeter. And cover with dirt. 

If this mixture doesn’t work, you can try others made of:

  • Vinegar.
  • Lemons. 
  • Black pepper.
  • Apple cider vinegar.

Just remember that these are pretty strong smells for dogs. 

Don’t overdo it. Always dilute the deterrent ingredients with water. 

Put up signs when using it as a deterrent to other dogs from peeing on your lawn. Or talk to other dog parents when their dog wants to do their business on your property.

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“How does this keep the dogs from peeing?”

The cayenne and water mixture releases a substance called capsaicin

This is a main ingredient in many animal repellent sprays. 

When dogs smell this, it irritates their noses. And out of instinct they will sneeze. Or avoid the offending smell. 

This is because dogs have such a powerful nose. They even use it to explore the world. Which is why you’ll often see dogs sniffing the ground

Want to learn more about how dogs use it? 

Then watch this video:

A study emphasizes that dog noses are 10,000 – 100,000 times better than a human’s nose. 

They can even smell 1 part of a compound in 1 trillion parts of another substance. 

This is why they’re used in drug detection work. And they’ve even had jobs as illness detection dogs. 

But there’s a downside. 

Their superior noses are very sensitive. And if dogs’ noses get hit by a strong force, they could even die. 

For this reason, strong smells repel them. Like that of cayenne pepper. 

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