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13 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Cuddle (2023)

Dog Breeds That Don't Like To Cuddle

One of the best feelings in the world is cuddling with your pooch.

But believe it or not, there are Fidos who don’t like cuddles. 

It doesn’t mean that they love you less though. 

That’s just who they are. 

So if you wanna know which doggos I’m talking about…

Keep reading to discover:

  • Reasons why your Fido isn’t cuddly.
  • Why Chow Chow isn’t a cuddly breed.
  • 13 dog breeds that don’t like to cuddle.
  • And much, much, more…

13 dog breeds that don’t like to cuddle

#1: Chow Chow

They may look very fluffy but Chow Chow is one of the least cuddly dog breeds.

Ironically, their teddy bear-like appearance is one reason why they don’t like cuddles.

Since they have very thick fur, they can get hot so easily. 

And your body heat would only make them feel warmer when you cuddle. 

Aside from that, AKC describes this breed as dignified, serious-minded, and aloof. 

So it’s no wonder that Chow Chows aren’t as affectionate as others. 

Chow fur parents also admit that these Fidos are more like cats than canines. 

Because they’re very independent and aren’t really fond of being fussed over.

But there are rare moments when a Chow initiates cuddling. 

Although this can only happen when they feel like it, not when you want to. 

#2: Afghan Hound

Since they’re originally for hunting, Aghan Hounds have a high prey drive.

PDSA defines prey drive as the natural urge of animals to hunt. 

And it can shoot up when you get too physically close to them.

As a result, your Afghan Hound can snap or growl at you.

Aside from that, this breed is independent and likes their personal space.

That’s why they also prefer to sleep on their own.

So cuddling in bed is definitely out of the picture. 

Plus, Afghan Hounds are generally aloof. 

They have a tendency to only create a bond with one person.

But still, they won’t show their affection through cuddles. 

Instead, it will be displayed through their profound loyalty.

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#3: Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are well-known for their tracking skills. 

In fact, a study was conducted evaluating the scenting skills of Bloodhounds. 

They tested if Bloodhounds can track down human scents in high traffic areas. 

And they had a 96% success rate without any false identification. 

Not only that, but they’re also famous for their endurance. 

You see, they can roan around for days just to track down humans or animals. 

However, these abilities are also the reason why they’re not that affectionate. 

Because their work ethics made Bloodhounds too independent. 

As a result, they prefer some alone time instead of cuddling. 

#4: Shar-Pei

Just like Chow Chows, Shar-Pei is another breed that’s originally from China. 

And this Fido is very loyal to their fur family but suspicious of strangers. 

They can get aggressive when they meet new people or other pooches.

Furthermore, Shar-Peis aren’t as showy in their affection as the other breeds. 

Sure, they can give you cuddles and kisses from time to time. But these are very rare. 

Because for Shar-Peis, the best way to express their love for you is by being your protector. 

To be precise, AKC says that this breed is a one-of-a-kind companion and guardian dog. 

#5: Basenji

Next on the list is arguably one of the most unique dog breeds. 

Basenjis are famous for being the “barkless dog”. 

Because instead of a bark, you’ll hear the adorable yodel-like sound they produce. 

Here’s a video of yodeling Basenji:

But the unusual traits of Basenji don’t end there. 

Aside from being a non-barker, they act like cats too. 

According to AKC, Basenjis are very particular and groom themselves like felines. 

And just like a grumpy kitty, they’re not that big on affection.

So don’t expect them to be cuddly and clingy.

Normally, Basenjis are content being on their own.

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#6: Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers are assertive, adaptable, and very alert.

As part of the Terrier family, these pups were originally bred to hunt rats in Scotland.

And that’s how they developed their courage and independence.

Since they’re hunters, Cairn Terriers would rather enjoy physical activities than cuddling.

Aside from that, they’re also very wary of strangers.

But they love the company of their family.

To be precise, playing and going on walks with you is their favorite pastime.

Plus, dog sports can be an ideal outlet for their boundless energy. 

In particular, you and your Fido can try the following dog sports training:

  • Agility.
  • Herding.
  • Tracking.
  • Obedience.
  • Earthdog events.
  • Coursing ability tests.

#7: Shiba Inu

This breed is the number one companion dog in Japan. 

And they’re quickly becoming one of the favorites among dog enthusiasts in the US. 

Shiba Inus are the only small dog breed among the 6 native dog breeds in Japan.

Akita is the only large breed among them and the rest are medium dog breeds. 

Aside from that, this dog breed is also known for being strong-willed and very independent. 

As a result, training them isn’t that easy. 

That’s why it’s better if you give this pooch early socialization training.

With this, they can learn how to be more friendly with other doggos and humans as well. 

But even when you successfully trained your Shiba Inus, they’re still not big fans of cuddles or petting. 

Instead, they have their own way of showing their love and affection for you. 

That can be in the form of eye contact or getting excited about your presence. 

#8: Scottish Terrier

From their looks alone, it’s hard to resist squishing and cuddling this toy breed.

And that won’t be a problem if Scotties are still puppies. 

Because when they’re young, they’re just like any other dog who adores kisses and hugs from their humans. 

But as they get older they can grow out of this habit. 

They’ll turn into a steady and independent Fido instead. 

Some would even describe their adult version as efficient and businesslike. 

That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that a grown Scottie isn’t that affectionate.

Yet there are other activities that you can do with them aside from cuddling. 

According to VCA, this breed learns quickly and is eager to please. 

So you a game of fetch or frisbee can be a good bonding between you and your Scottish Terrier. 

However, they also have a tendency to bore easily and can come up with their own ideas for fun. 

#9: Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes Don't Like To Cuddle

Alaskan Malamutes are known for being sled dogs in the Arctic.

And they’re actually the largest and oldest among all the sled dog breeds.

As a result, they have a very strong work ethic and they’re highly independent.

That’s why most Mals don’t like to cuddle. 

Because they would rather show you their affection by faithfully doing their duty. 

They’re also extremely loyal and very athletic. 

Not only that, but Mals also has a waterproof double coat of fur. 

This was a result of their adaptation to the harsh Arctic weather. 

However, Mals as pets now live in a much warmer temperature. 

So their thick coats are unnecessary and would easily make them feel hot.

That’s another reason why they’d prefer to just lay down on the cold floor than cuddle with you. 

What’s more, their sleek fur needs maintenance. 

AKC recommends brushing them every day with a pin brush and metal comb.

All the while, you should check if there’s matting as well.

Since the mats can harbor fungus and hot spots, which can become infected. 

Also, PetMD says that Mals must be given an eye and hip exam. 

It’s because they’re prone to cataracts and canine hip dysplasia.

Canine hip dysplasia is a disease commonly found in large Fidos. 

Pooches with this condition would have a loose hip joint which causes a lot of pain.

#10: American Foxhounds

American Foxhounds have an easygoing and gentle personality. 

They’re known for their sleek hunting abilities and high endurance. 

This can be attributed to their history of being trailing companions and fox hunters. 

Despite their amazing body, American Foxhounds share a common trait with other Hounds.

And that’s their independent streak. 

Because of how they were bred, they don’t seek human contact like other doggos. 

You’re lucky if you can sneak in a few hugs and smooches with this pup. 

But if you want to bond with your American Foxhound, you can take them jogging with you. 

Or you can do some physical activities and games together. 

Here are some of the things you can try:

  • Fetch.
  • Frisbee.
  • Tug of war.
  • Hide and seek.
  • Homemade agility course.

Aside from having fun, it’s also very beneficial for your American Foxhound.

You see, this dog breed needs to exercise a lot. Otherwise, they can get depressed and destructive. 

#11: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

When a dog breed has a “retriever” on their name, you’d normally assume that they’re a cuddler.

Just like how Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are. 

But the Chesapeake Bay Retriever went the opposite direction. 

Although they’re still friendly and outgoing, Chessies are more subdued than others. 

Also, they’re more of a hunting dog or a sports dog rather than a dog companion. 

The reason behind this is that Chessies were originally bred for duck retrieving. 

In fact, there were some stories of them being able to recover 100 ducks a day.

This made them top-notch dog hunters. 

But despite their great hunting and skills, there’s a downside to having a Chessie. 

And it’s that you can’t expect cuddles from them. 

Bear in mind that this Fido is stubborn and strong-willed. 

Moreover, they don’t like it when they’re being bothered or teased. 

In most situations, Chessies would get up and leave the room if you keep on trying to touch them. 

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#12: Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds have a height of 32-35 in (81.28-88.9 cm). 

And that made them the tallest dog breed in the world. 

With that massive frame, it’s no wonder that you’d like to pet and engulf them with your hug. 

But wait, this Fido isn’t a cuddler. 

To be precise, Irish Wolfhounds aren’t that big on affection at all. 

They’re very independent and would prefer to keep to themselves. 

However, this doggo is very calm and gets along with other pets. 

Furthermore, they’re not much of a barker. 

That’s why they’re good if you don’t like barking noises.

On the contrary, they’re not very effective watchdogs since they won’t bark as an alarm.

Although sometimes their huge build is already enough in scaring away any intruders.

#13: Saluki

Salukis are among the oldest dog breed in the world. 

And they possess a timeless beauty with their slim and leggy appearance. 

They’re also very athletic and particularly excel in sprinting. 

Aside from that, Salukis are known to be very devoted and a one-family type of pooch. 

However, they can get shy or aloof among strangers. 

Moreover, these pups aren’t showy in their affection. 

They’re content to sit by your side or by your feet. 

But they won’t get on your lap or cuddle with you. 

What they like to do instead is to run and chase things outdoors. 

Afterward, they’d come back home and become shameless couch potatoes.

People also ask:

Why is my dog not cuddly?

Your dog may not be cuddly because it’s not in their nature to be overly affectionate. 

According to PetMD, here are some reasons why your Fido doesn’t like to cuddle:

  • Inborn.
  • Previous abuse.
  • Wrong technique.
  • Undiagnosed pain.

Some doggos just don’t enjoy being petted. 

And there’s no other underlying reason behind it. 

Also, a recent study found out that pooches don’t like hugs.

They said that hugging your Fido can increase their stress level and anxiety.

It’s because they’re meant to be agile, and your hug immobilizes them.

Aside from that, some experienced trauma from abuse in the past. 

As a result, these pooches don’t like being touched.

Another reason is that your pup has an injury or pain you don’t know about. 

Older dogs tend to be more prone to health issues in their joints and bones.

While Fidos who compete in sporting events can have sprains. 

Your veterinarian can help you confirm if you’re fur baby’s not in good condition. 

Lastly, the most common mistake of dog parents is cuddling their doggies the wrong way. 

There are some pooches who prefer to be petted in a particular manner.