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Top 25 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Love To Cuddle

Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Like To Cuddle

Dogs, like humans, differ from one another.

Some dog breeds might come out as a little aloof, while others are affectionate and cuddly.

This article will discuss the latter…

Are you ready to discover what secrets these adoring dog breeds have?

Read on to discover:

  • 5 medium dog breeds that love you and cuddling.
  • 10 small dog breeds that are cuddly and affectionate.
  • Which among these affectionate dogs are also loving to kids.
  • 10 large breeds of canines that are affectionate and love to cuddle.
  • And many more…

Part 1: Most affectionate small dog breeds that like to cuddle

#1: Pugs

These dogs were once made to sit on Chinese emperors’ laps…

Now, they’re the cute, lovable, and ideal house dogs.

Did you know? Pugs have their own motto.

According to AKC, it goes like this:

“Multum in parvo.”

Which translates into…

“A lot in a little.”

This goes to show that despite their size, they got a lot of love to give.

That’s why they also earned the nickname ‘velcro Pugs.’

They want to be near you and will scoff at the notion of personal space.

Pugs will stick to you. With that, they’ll follow you anywhere, as much as they can.

Lastly, they’re affectionate because they’re bred for such. 

They’re intended to be a companion who aims to make their guardian happy.

Pug parents can attest that these cute canines are living up to what’s expected of them!

#2: Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

These dogs are loved for their cotton-y look. Bichon Frises have charming white coats and plush fur…

But that’s not the only reason why dog parents love them.

People are drawn to Bichon Frises because of their enduring affection.

Not only that, but they’re also a bundle of merriness, curiosity, and cheerfulness.

They’re friendly with kids, strangers, and other dogs as well.

Such personality makes them a confident dog breed. That’s what makes them an ideal city dog.

But, don’t be fooled just yet!

Yes, they might be small in size and appear innocent.


You must know that Bichon Frises are to be handled seriously…

That’s because they’re also great watchdogs due to their alertness.

Although they’re not much of a fighter, they’re willing.

Did you know? VCA Hospital says that Bichon Frises almost didn’t survive World War 1.  Fortunately, a few people tried to save the breed, and they succeeded.

#3: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

First of all, they have such a long name, don’t they?

So, let me alternate between their nicknames, “Cavs” and “Cavies.”

“But why are they named that way?”

It’s due to King Charles II’s fondness for them in the 1700s.

VCA Hospital even says that the king used to ignore state matters for his dogs.

With that, the Cavs got their name on behalf of the king.

Such an abundant history in their name, right?

But that’s not the only rich thing in these Cavs…

They’re also overflowing with love and affection!

That’s what makes them an incredible family dog. They appreciate everyone, from kids to elders.

Cavies are also friendly with other canines.

With that, they’re highly identified as outgoing dogs who are entertaining.

But that’s not all that Cavies have to offer…

They’re also an active breed. With enough training, they could be incredible in sports and dominate in that arena…

#4: Chihuahuas

Did you know? Chihuahuas are known to be the smallest dog breed in the world.

Despite that, there’s something else they’re known for…

It’s the fact that Chis may be small, but they hold such a huge personality.

Yes, they’re sassy, extremely playful, and good at biting your ankles…

But, they’re also a charming and loyal dog breed.

They’re known to be a one-person dog breed…

Whoever is a Chi’s person is the lucky one who receives their affection. 

That might be why Chihuahuas are timid around strangers…

It’s because they have all their love reserved for that one person.

Note: Despite being very affectionate, Chis aren’t good with children.

They’re still trainable to behave during interaction with kids. Even so, Chis and kids should be supervised when interacting.

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#5: Brussels Griffons

Wanna know the nickname for Brussels Griffon?

They’re often called the ‘bearded dogs’ because of their fringed beard. It sits on top of their black muzzles and whiskers.

If you’ve seen a bearded dog, would you agree that they look like a wise Philosopher?

That aside, there are many more captivating factors in this dog breed…

Their human-like eyes, sturdy posture, and intelligence are some to note.

But there’s one that you came for…

And that’s Brussel Griffons being affectionate to humans.

They’re a devoted dog breed that will protect their guardian if necessary.

They have a hint of Pug in them. With that, they tend to be a ‘velcro dog’ as well.

Dog parents report that their Brussel Griffons love to sleep and cuddle next to them. They even say that you won’t see these canines more than 3 feet away from them! 

These dogs are friendly with strangers, given that they have done enough recon. 

However, they’re not fond of children. That’s because kids steal their spotlight, and they don’t want that.

#6: Dachshunds


These dogs are recognizable from afar. No other dog breed has a Dachshund’s unmistakable long back. 

That’s what makes Doxies the superstars of the dog kingdom…

Moreover, they might not be what you expect of them…

They may be small, but they actually belong to the ‘hound group’ of dogs.

In their land of origin, Germany, Doxies were used for hunting badgers. That’s why they have the nickname ‘badger dogs.’

Yes, they’re bred to hunt, dig, and be watchful.

Then, despite their low backs and short legs, Doxies have a lot to give. That includes their unending affection.

However, a Dachshund’s attitude changes when they’re with their human.

They’re a very attention-needy dog breed. 

They would squeeze to you as if they couldn’t get any closer. Then, they’ll look you in the eyes lovingly to ask for a cuddle.

If they’re not pleased with an interaction, they might bark…

And let me tell you, they bark a lot!

Oh…their bark would sound like it’s coming out of a big dog.

To sum it all, Doxies are highly affectionate. But, they could be stubborn and hard to train. 

They don’t do well with kids and are suspicious around strangers. Sometimes, they doubt even the already-familiar people.

Despite that fact, they have totally won millions of dog parents’ hearts over. Just as equally as humans won these Doxies’ hearts…

#7: Jack Russell Terriers

Cool fact ahead:

The dog who started the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) bloodline is actually known…

The Terrier was named ‘Trump’ by Reverend John Russell. 

He’s the man behind the cultivation of this breed. Russell bred Terriers to assist him in his passion for hunting foxes.

That man became the source of the name for Jack Russell Terriers.

Okay, enough with the history lesson…

Let me introduce JRTs to you by their temperament…

They’re an energetic dog breed that makes them perfect for adventures.

Moreover, they’re highly affectionate and greatly appreciate playing.

JRTs are those types of dogs whom you can’t leave alone in the yard.

They’re mischievous canines who can become destructive and vocal. That’s why VCA Hospital says that obedience training is essential for them.

Despite that, they’re friendly with children and strangers.

Note: AKC recognizes Jack Russell Terriers as ‘Parson Russell Terriers.’

#8: Welsh Corgis

In the past, Corgis were known to be herders. 

Their specific job is a ‘heeler,’ which is assigned to pushing larger animals’ feet. By doing so, they prompt the animal to move toward their desired area.

But, Corgis somehow made their way to the top.

Now, they’re known to be the royal dog. It’s due to Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness for them…

Dog parents understand the Queen…

Not only are these fluff balls adorable…

They’re also a loving family member who’s happy in whatever circumstances.

They do well in a large house or a small apartment.

Moreover, Corgis appreciate kids

Sometimes, you might see them ‘heel’ a child, but it’s all for fun. If you look closely, they’re actually gentle around children.

They’re also easy to train as these canines are intelligent.

As much as possible, they want to keep busy. That’s because, as I said, they’re initially working dogs.

The royal lifestyle hasn’t totally gotten them yet…

That aside, Corgis are loyal and even-tempered. 

They would fill your heart with love and your eyes with pleasure due to their gorgeousness.

Note: There are 2 recognized variations of Welsh Corgis.

Specific Corgi breedDifference
Cardigan Welsh CorgiThey have long tails and rounded ears.
Pembroke Welsh CorgiThey appear to be tailless. Their ears are pointy and erect. 

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#9: Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu

Yet another dog breed that’s made for royalty…

Shih Tzus are long recognized to be part of China’s culture. They served their masters in the past by offering companionship.

Not only that, they do well as watchdogs, too. That’s because they tend to bark relentlessly.

Moreover, they’re nicknamed ‘lion dogs.’

But, don’t be fooled by that ferociousness that stands in the name…

In the present, Shih Tzus are loved because they return the same, and sometimes more, affection.

They check all the boxes!

They’re an adaptable dog breed. Also, they’re friendly with children and other canines.

Note: Supervision is still required if the Shih Tzu’s interacting with children.

With that, they almost get along with everybody.

Despite their friendliness, you could still trust them to protect you. They will bark at approaching strangers as an alert.

As I said, they’re relentless barkers.

And if that barking isn’t controlled, it might turn into an issue.

That’s because Shih Tzus are known to have a stubborn streak.

They’re a little complicated…

But there’s one thing for sure…

They’re not complicated to love at all!

#10: Pomeranians

When you look at Pomeranians, you might think:

“What a glorious coat…”

It suits them well, right? 

Poms are even intimidating because of their foxy faces and gorgeous fur.

Don’t feel that way!

Poms are actually friendly…

If they get to know you even better, they won’t hesitate to shower you with affection.

Their response to kids and other dogs is average. With enough training, they can behave well with them…

However, supervision is still suggested when Poms are with kids.

On another note, Pomeranians are one of the most popular dog breeds.

Poms are easily trained and adaptable. They do well in the city or the suburbs. They could also fit an apartment lifestyle…

But most of all, they aim to be the most excellent companion you’ve ever had. 

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Part 2: Most affectionate medium dog breeds

#1: Pit Bulls

I know you may have a lot of wonders right now.

So, let’s approach this piece by piece.

A clarification on the breed

First, Pit Bulls are often misunderstood when it comes to their exact breed. 

That’s because any dog with a boxed head, strong build, and short hair is instantly recognized as a ‘Pit Bull.’

However, AKC doesn’t even recognize ‘Pit Bulls’ to be a dog breed. It’s more of a general term.

They actually vary. There are:

  • American Bully.
  • American Bulldog.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier.

Now that that’s clear, I’d still be referring to all these breeds as ‘Pit Bulls’. That’s because the name generalizes those breeds. 

Using ‘Pit Bulls’ would also help us understand each other even better.

Most of all, every one of them is affectionate.

Yes, Pit Bulls are affectionate

According to this paper, Pit Bulls are highly euthanized in dog shelters. That’s due to the unjust discrimination towards them.

That judgment is based on their appearance and strength.

However, they’re actually good-natured dogs.

Pit Bulls are some of the warmest dogs to exist.

They’re loving, cuddly, trustworthy, and graceful.

Those are contrary to what they’re often perceived as…

Moreover, they’re actually gentle with kids. They’re more tolerant of kids than other dogs.

Despite that, supervision is still highly recommended. 

They’re also naturally protective. But they’re friendly with strangers…

The trick with Pit Bulls is not to judge them immediately.

They might look intimidating in size, but deep inside, there lies a cuddly fur baby. 

And, their aim is to provide you with enduring companionship.

Remember: Pit Bulls aren’t inherently vicious. Genes can’t pass down such an attitude.

The only factors affecting a dog’s personality are their environment and past.

#2: Boxers


These dogs are like those people who you’re scared to approach at first. But, once you do, you’re grateful that you talked to them…

That’s because by doing so, you found out that they’re actually a sweet person.

Yes, that’s what it feels like to approach a Boxer.

At first, they look daunting. With their high stature and good looks…

But, deep inside, they’re a loyal, cuddly, affectionate, and silly dog breed.

Boxers are highly social dogs. They can’t stand not being their family’s center of attention…

That’s why they might be reserved to strangers at first…

But by those peoples’ attention, Boxers are easily won over.

With that, they’re indeed the kind of dog you’d be happy you greeted.

#3: Irish Setters

These redheads are here to prove that stereotypes are wrong…

Irish Setters flash a beautiful mahogany-colored fur. But, don’t be intimidated by it!

That’s because they’re dogs with a sweet temper and good nature.

They’re the perfect dog for a family!

Red Setters (another name for them) are kids at heart. That’s why they make excellent playmates for children.

Then, they’re graceful and easy to train. Such personality makes them the ideal companion for everyone.

I mean everyone…

It’s because Irish Setters are social butterflies. They’re very friendly with their fur friends and other people.

Lastly, their energy is as boundless as the love that they offer.

#4: English Bulldogs

These babies look heavy, don’t they?


That’s why you need to get ready.

It’s because they won’t hesitate to cuddle with you. It might take them a lot of tries, but they want to sit on your lap or lie on your arm.

Note: I said get ready because English Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg).

And that ‘sourmug’ face that looks like a frown?

Expect the opposite!

English Bulldogs are naturally friendly.

They’re calm and gentle. Contrary to how they’re perceived when they’re the mascot of the school’s football team.

Moreover, they’re tolerant with kids and make a loving companion to everyone.

From time to time, they can be quiet. Their only desire is to take a nap after playing…

Once they do sleep, get ready again…


That’s because they’re a snorer!

Regardless, that cancels out as you get a cuddly and gentle medium-sized canine.

Fun facts: Bulldogs are a national symbol in England, their land of origin. Thus the name ‘English Bulldog.’

However, they’re only being recognized by AKC as ‘Bulldogs’ since 1886.

#5: Chow Chows

Chow Chow

Did you know? According to a DNA study, Chow Chows are one of the 14 most ancient dog breeds.

They’ve been here for at least 8300 years!

But let’s finish that short Chow Chow history lesson…

Known for their lion-like mane and a teddy bear-like appearance…

Chow Chows are one-person dogs who are nothing but loyal and affectionate.

When cuddling them, get yourself ready. That’s because they have a slight dog smell on them.

Despite that, cuddles with these Chows would definitely be worthwhile.

If they’re well-socialized in puppyhood, they could be excellent with kids. But with every dog their size, supervision is highly suggested.

Part 3: Most affectionate large dog breeds

#1: Great Danes

They go by many names…

There are Scooby-Doo, Apollo of Dogs, Deutsche Dogge…

But the most fitting for this topic is their nickname ‘gentle giant.’

That’s because they have a calm temperament.

Great Danes are sweet and friendly-natured.

Moreover, they’re people-oriented. 

They like receiving affection from everyone, may it be a family member or a stranger.

Despite that, they’re protective of their family. 

Great Danes won’t hesitate to defend you if they sense that you’re in danger.

They’re also good with kids. However, with their size, they’re not exactly the best choice for a playmate…

Lastly, that size doesn’t stop them from climbing on your lap and acting like a small fur baby.

#2: Golden Retrievers

They’re one of the most popular family dogs…

And that’s that way for a reason.

Golden Retrievers are kind and joyous dogs who enjoy being obedient.

That’s what makes them perfect for search-and-rescue ops, guiding, and assisting.

Moreover, they’re very eager to please everyone. That attitude of theirs makes them friendly with strangers.

For these canines, affection from everyone is a treasure.

Moreover, they view kids as their “equal” or their littermates.

That’s why they can be playful with kids, but in a way as if those kids are dogs, too. With that, they must be trained on how to behave with children.

Fortunately, they’re easy to train as they live for validation.

#3: Labrador Retrievers

Everyone, let me present to you America’s most popular dog breed:

They’re none other than the sweet-faced Labrador Retrievers!

Did you know? These friendly Labs have been holding that title for 30 years.

As stated by AKC in the news, at least 100,000 people registered their Labs in 2020. That number shows an increase of 20% from 2019’s statistics.

That data is acquired for a reason.

Who wouldn’t love these happy and playful canines in their family?

Having a Labrador Retriever is giving out and receiving adoration. Constantly.

May it be through cuddles, play, or adventures like hiking that they enjoy.

They’re enduring and trustworthy…

So much, even…

That’s why they’re bad at being watchdogs. They welcome almost anyone because of their friendly nature.

They also love to play with other animals. That could be cats, rabbits, or other canine companions.

Moreover, their patience makes them great with children. But because of their size, Labs would need your supervision when they’re with kids.

#4: Collies


At first, these dogs were sure to remain unappreciated…

Not until Queen Victoria of England got a Collie in the 1860s. There, other dog enthusiasts began to be interested in the beautiful Collies.

Who wouldn’t love to have the same dog breed as the Queen?

But, that’s not the pure reason why these dogs become known and loved.

Collies are also known to be devoted and protective.

They’re easily trained because of their intelligence.

And as a family-oriented breed, they desire always to be where the people are.

Moreover, they know how to be playful and gentle at the same time. 

That makes them perfect for the cuddles that they 100% enjoy.

#5: Newfoundlands

These large dogs have got to have the cutest nickname: Newfies.

Their size aside, the nickname fits well in the personality of Newfoundland dogs.

Newfies are gentle, sweet, and patient.

VCA Hospital also says that they’re very affectionate.

Who knew in that large bear-like appearance is an adoring fur baby?

They might be sensitive from time to time, but they’re eager to please their guardian.

If that pleasing requires cuddles, they’ll very much enjoy that.

Moreover, that personality makes them excellent with kids. AKC even talks about Newfies’ reputation as ‘nanny dogs.’

#6: Old English Sheepdog

Name-wise, these dogs are also recognized as ‘Bobtails.’

On the outside, Old English Sheepdogs are identified by their lavish coats.

Under all that fur lies a strong and muscular body.

Such a build makes them perfect as a herder.

But, if you look over that strong build…

Inside is a kind and gentle companion who has a lot of love to give.

These shaggy dogs are perfect for cuddling.

If you’re the big spoon during those cuddles, you might look like a backpack on them…

That aside, they’re also intelligent and easy to train. They highly desire to please and protect their family.

#7: Labradoodle

These dogs mixed with Labrador Retrievers and Poodles are also a mix of something else…

They’re a brew of exuberance, affection, and playfulness.

That’s why for these large dogs, no one’s a stranger!

That’s how much they enjoy admiration and attention.

Then, they enjoy giving those in return to humans.

Moreover, Labradoodles are highly sociable dogs. They enjoy the company of everyone, from kids to elders.

However, the majority of the time, they’re over-excited.

So, they might be good with kids, but they’re not the perfect canine friends for the children.

Add that to the fact that they can weigh an average of at least 60 lbs (27 kg).

#8: Greyhound

Considered as lean beauties, Greyhounds have artists’ and kings’ fascinations.

Their looks are unique, and their movements are almost graceful.

AKC even considers Greyhounds to be noble.

But, who wouldn’t?

They appeared in prehistoric art dating from 5000 years ago!

Now, Greyhounds are also recognized for their personality.

They’re smart and gentle…

But most of all, they’re a lovey-dovey giant who enjoys affection.

They’re sweet-tempered and friendly as they’re not bred for aggression.

#9: Akita

The largest among 7 native dog breeds in Japan is also a profoundly loyal canine companion. 

Akitas are muscular and heavy-boned. To top it all off, they also have a confident posture.

With that, it’s easy to get intimidated by these wonderful dogs…

But don’t be…

Because on the inside, there lies a loving and protecting canine.

They aim to guard their family as much as they can.

When they aren’t on the watch, they turn into cuddle machines.

That’s because, after loyalty, affection comes in as well.

Akitas might even like their human family more than their canine friends.

That’s because they’re known to be stubborn around other dogs.

Fun fact: One of the most famous Akita is Hachiko. 

He’s the dog who used to wait for his guardian’s return in the Shibuya Train station in Japan. He continued to do so even when his master was already gone.

With that, he became the cherished symbol of loyalty in the country.

#10: Irish Wolfhound

These dogs are so dignified that in the past. That’s because they’re often “gifts” to royalty.

Now, it’s the Irish Wolfhounds’ turn to give gifts to their humans…

And they do so by giving away so much love to people.

Yes, they may be very large…

However, they don’t do well as guard dogs.

That’s because they’re friendly with strangers.

Good thing that they’re huge enough to intimidate those threats.

On the other hand, they’re very loyal to their family. Moreover, they’re also patient, kind, gentle, and sweet. 

That’s why they’re known to be affectionate.

So much that the amount of love they have for you is as big as them. Sometimes, even larger…