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13 Real Reasons Why Your Dog Protects You From Your Husband

My Dog Protects Me From My Husband

Your fur baby is the most protective creature you have in your life.

So much so that they even try to protect you from the people you love.

Even your husband.

Crazy, right?

Don’t they trust him?

Is he doing something suspicious?

Or maybe it’s just all in the mind of your pooch.

Continue reading to discover:

  • 13 real reasons why your dog protects you from your husband.
  • The difference between being protective and being possessive.
  • Whether or not your pooch considers your husband as part of their pack.
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog protect me from my husband?

Your dog protects you from your husband because they value you more than your partner. It could also be caused by a possessive behavior that turns into aggression. Another unfortunate reason why they protect you is because your husband hurt them. Or has neglected their needs.

13 reasons why your dog protects you from your husband

#1: They don’t trust your husband (yet)

Your pooch can be very choosy when it comes to the people they interact with.

You’ll notice this behavior when you’re out.

They’re wary of strangers and might even growl and snarl at people they don’t know.

This may include your friends.

“But shouldn’t my husband be the exception?”

Dogs’ emotions are not as complicated as a human’s.

I mean, we can be civil with people we had disagreements and fights with.

Canines on the other hand do not think in this manner.

If they don’t trust someone, then that’s how they feel. No gray area.

Dogs even have the ability to know people who are trustworthy.

If your pooch came into your life before your husband did, then they might not fully trust your partner yet.

It could take some time for them to get used to having your spouse around.

But don’t worry – dogs can learn to love. With the right approach, you’ll soon see.

#2: They don’t see your husband as a good provider

This isn’t to say that your husband is not a good partner.

But your pooch might think differently. What this means is that your husband probably hasn’t been able to provide for your pooch’s needs.

Especially if they’re left alone at home or are together when out for a walk.

Your partner could be really busy and may not be able to attend to your dog’s needs.

As we know, food, water, and shelter aren’t the only things that canines require.

Being mentally absent during playtime could also have an effect on your pooch.

Let’s take an example I saw a few weeks ago. I went with my dog, Lissa, to the dog park. We had an agility training session. And Lissa was over the moon.

She ran on ramps, went through a tunnel, and jumped over obstacles. She did this in the department for big dogs. 

But at some point, a man appeared with their big dog. 

Since my small dog sometimes snaps at bigger ones, I decided we should go. But before we went out, I noticed how the man was “handling” his dog.

The guy sat at a bench and let the dog “do their thing”. So the big dog wasn’t there to use the ramps or jump over obstacles.

It was just a safe area for them to move around without getting too far. That’s about it. So, a naturally curious creature, the doggo came close to me and noticed Lissa’s water bowl. 

Then the pooch drank, and drank, and drank. I didn’t stop them. I was happy that I could provide them with water after a walk. But the dog caretaker didn’t even lift his head to see what I was giving their dog.

So, the man and the doggo weren’t really bonding. They were just together at the same time and the same place.

You see…

It will not be a successful method to create a bond with them if your husband isn’t fully there with your dog.

“What could my husband be doing that makes them mentally absent during playtime?”

Here are a few examples:

  • Watching T.V.
  • Being on a phone call.
  • Not showing enthusiasm when doing activities.

#3: Your husband is always stressed

Have you ever seen a couple argue over small things because someone just feels stressed?

When one party isn’t in the right mind to discuss, a simple conversation can get heated.

This is because a person’s negative emotions can affect someone else’s mood.

And this is what could happen in the relationship between your pooch and husband.

When your partner is always in a stressful mood, it can transfer to your dog.

Canines have the ability to match a person’s cortisol levels.

This hormone is released by our bodies when we feel stressed and pressured.

And since dogs can see the cortisol in our system, it can get them stressed, too.

According to research, having cortisol levels can change how your canine acts.

Because of this, your pooch might not want to be around your husband a lot.

Sometimes they’d get aggressive hostile towards your partner.

Their avoidance can also translate to not letting your husband get near you.

Especially if they are particularly stressed at that moment.

#4: Your dog is exhibiting resource guarding

Have you seen a dog that reacts aggressively when someone touches them while eating?

Or maybe when someone else plays with their toys, they snarl and growl?

That right there is a way canines show resource guarding.

The name itself describes what this behavior is.

Dogs try to protect what’s theirs. And they do this mostly by being aggressive.

Examples of what they’d do are:

  • Bite.
  • Bark.
  • Snarl.

They react like this because this is how their ancestors used to act. It’s a way to protect their limited resources.

And their survival relies heavily on their ability to gather and hunt food.

However, resource guarding can also extend beyond food and toys.

According to Dr. McConnell, this behavior is also called “possessive aggression”.

And some dogs feel this way towards their fur parents.

That’s why some fur babies are so protective.

They’re just trying to guard what’s important to them.

You might notice your pooch react when you and your husband show physical affection like:

  • Hugging.
  • Cuddling.
  • Holding hands.
  • Sitting beside each other.

This could also be the reason why your dog likes to cuddle you and not your husband.

#5: Your dog feels jealous of your husband

Have you ever seen your pooch getting jealous when you pet another dog?

It’s so funny and cute to watch them like this.

They try to get your attention and sometimes even bark at you just so you’ll pet them, too.

Just look at these pooches getting jealous:

Other times, they’d get rid of the other dog you’re petting.

Basically, if you’re giving someone else your attention, they’ll try to stop it.

According to research, dogs can feel this way towards other objects, too.

The study used a stuffed dog toy, a jack-o-lantern, and a book.

Even if it isn’t an actual dog, your canines can still get jealous of you giving it some attention.

And this can translate to your husband, too.

Your pooch might be longing all day for your presence.

They could be needing your hugs and cuddles and when they see you giving it to someone else, they get sad.

Some might even feel frustrated and angry.

And one of the things they’d do to keep your attention to them is to “block” your husband.

#6: They smell the scent of another dog on your husband

If your partner is a dog lover like you, chances are, they pet every dog they see outside.

Especially if you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood.

Or if your husband goes out for a run in the park where a lot of fur babies hang out.

And this is how your partner might have gotten the scent of another dog.

Their pheromones could rub off on others and will therefore make them carriers of the scent.

To us humans, this wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Unless the dog is really stinky, we wouldn’t mind.

But canines on the other hand have very sensitive noses.

And they will be able to detect the scent of other dogs on your husband.

This ability is more pronounced in scenting dogs according to research.

Examples of these are:

  • Harrier.
  • Beagle.
  • Dachshund.
  • Bloodhound. 
  • Basset Hound.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Redbone Coonhound.

Problems may arise if your dog doesn’t like what they smell.

It can cause them to go aggressive and be frantic.

Dogs can also know the mood of a dog if they’re able to smell their scent.

And if they notice that you got the fragrance of an aggressive canine, it can alert them.

Your fur baby might go into protective mode and secure your safety.

They could think that your husband is going to go all aggressive towards you.

That’s why they have the urge to protect.

#7: Your husband might’ve hurt your pooch

Accidents happen all the time and they can occur when your partner is alone with your dog.

Things like this can be traumatic to your pooch.

And when they get scared, they can recall that memory.

There are even instances when dogs won’t drink in a water bowl because of its location.

Something bad happened in that place and it scares them.

In the same way, if your pooch has bad memories with your husband, it can make them aloof.

It could be anything ranging from a minor scare to a big injury.

Examples of these accidents could be:

  • Dropping something on them.
  • Stepping on your dog’s feet or tail.
  • Your husband screamed at them because they got startled.

If they got involved in these, it might take your pooch a few weeks to recover.

And give their trust to your husband again.

#8: They received harsh punishment

This is quite similar to #7.

However, in this case, your partner may have deliberately used force to reprimand.

It is never good to use this technique in training a canine.

Or even when correcting unwanted behavior. It’s still best to use positive reinforcement.

Through this, your pooch will have a good association with the behavior you’re trying to teach.

And you can build a healthy relationship with your dog.

If your husband uses punishments to train your pooch, educate them about the correct way.

The AKC states that if a dog receives rewards, they tend to repeat a behavior.

Here are a few things you and your husband need to remember. Especially when using positive reinforcement:

  • Use rewards that your pooch really wants to have. Wrong use of treats and toys may cause the training to be ineffective.
  • Keep the frequency of their exposure to the prize high. This will make the reward more enticing to them.
  • Don’t delay giving the prize for a dog’s good behavior. This way, they will build a solid association. They’ll always think that a certain behavior will make them receive something good.

#9: Your dog had a traumatic experience with male figures

If you have an adopted dog, then they already had a ton of experiences with their past family.

Now, if they did have an undesirable past, then that might change the way they view you.

Or even your husband.

For example, a male authority figure in their previous family was abusive.

All their anger and fear towards that person could be transferred to your husband.

Even if your partner didn’t do anything wrong to them.

A study shows that dogs have excellent memories.

And they might associate those bad experiences in their past with a male figure.

Because they’re scared of your husband, they can become aggressive towards them.

Also, if their past experiences include a man hurting a female fur parent, it can affect them, too.

This could probably be the reason why they are protective of you.

And this behavior increases when your partner is around.

I mean we can just look at the numbers…

According to a study, in 307 men who were arrested for abuse, 41% harmed animals.


#10: Your husband has an animated personality

Your Dog Protects You From Your Husband's Animated Personality

Being loud and animated isn’t a bad trait in humans.

Maybe this is even the reason why you fell in love with your husband in the first place.

I mean, it really can be an attractive character in people.

However, their personality type might not be desirable for your pooch.

If your partner talks a little bit too loud this can startle your dogs. 

After all, loud and sudden noises can cause fear in canines. They might shout across the room while your pooch is sleeping. And not in an angry way – it’s just how they talk.

Laughing loudly and slapping something when they find a joke funny can cause fear.

And because of this, your dog might think that your husband is a threat to safety.

It might be silly to think, but for a creature that has sensitive ears, this really can bother them.

Maybe your husband even plays rough with you when you guys are chilling.

Your dog may not be able to distinguish a real punch from a playful one.

And this may cause them to try and protect you.

#11: They frequently get annoyed at your husband

Does your pooch growl and snarl at your husband frequently?

Try to check your partner’s activities. And take note of those that might be triggering this behavior.

Sometimes the reason why your dog is protective is because they feel annoyed at your husband.

“How can they feel this way?”

It’s in the little things.

Maybe when it’s feeding time, your partner plays with them. Like instead of giving them their meal, they try to have fun and take it away from time to time.

Kinda like a small teasing game. However, if a canine is hungry, they might not appreciate it and would get mad at your husband

Another reason could be not giving them their personal time. Dogs have to recharge their social energy when they feel tired or rained for the day.

And if your husband doesn’t give them this, it can trigger them to be aggressive towards him.

#12: Your husband plays too rough with your dog

Did your husband have a dog himself when you were still not together?

If not, then they might not know how to appropriately play with a fur baby.

There might be times where they can get too rough. And this can cause injuries and pain to your pooch.

Rough playing includes:

  • Pulling on their leg or tail too hard.
  • Lifting them and throwing them up in the air.
  • Shouting or getting too exaggerated with their actions.

It might not be on purpose, but your husband could be agitating your dog through rough play.

Because of this negative experience with them, your pooch might want to “save” you. And keep you away from your husband.

Making them overprotective over you.

#13: They are not getting enough sleep because of your partner

Your pooch protects you from your husband because they can’t get proper rest when he’s around.

They don’t want you to feel the same way they do. And will try their best to keep you away from him.

Not getting enough sleep can make your dog tired, groggy, and unhealthy in general.

You might be wondering, “What could my husband be doing?”

Your partner might not even be aware of this.

And they do not intend to disrupt your dog’s sleeping habits.

But if your husband has daily activities that make loud sounds then that might be the cause. 

Your partner could be a handyman and loves to work around the house.

According to the AKC, dogs sleep around 12 hours daily. Your husband would be working on the house e.g. carpentry, during their sleeping time

Another cause of their lack of sleep is having a loud vehicle like a motorcycle.

Or maybe your partner is a car guy and has a couple of screaming cars in the garage. And when he turns them on, it startles your dog and disrupts their sleep.

What should I do when my dog protects me from my husband? 3 tips

#1: Show them that your husband is not a threat

Slowly and gently try to talk to your husband when your dog is around.

You can also start giving your pooch treats when your husband is around.

You can also roleplay and try having your husband ring the doorbell.

Most people who press the button will be strangers or friends who do not have access to the house.

And your pooch might look at your husband as one of them. And they react in the same manner they would if a mailman rang the doorbell.

To counter this, try having your husband ring the bell and welcome them in.

Make your pooch realize that your partner is a wanted presence in your home. And not just another guest.

You can also have you and your husband call your pooch to join in when you cuddle.

Or while chilling on the couch, let them jump up and be there with you.

This way your dog will become more comfortable with your partner.

#2: Teach your husband how to properly act and approach your dog

Is your husband a dog person?

Do they know how to handle the needs and wants of a fur baby?

If not, then you should educate him on how to act around your pooch.

Simple things like how to approach your dog if he wants to pet them.

Or the proper ways to play with them.

These are all important tasks that your husband needs to know. Otherwise, they might not get along if they’re left alone.

Your husband and your dog are a major part of your life. And it would be nice if they are able to have a healthy relationship, too.

This starts with both of them being comfortable to be around each other.

Playtime is also an important aspect of taking care of a dog. It’s essential in building a good and healthy relationship with your dog.

When you are out for your dog’s daily exercise, it’s best if you let your husband tag along.

Through this, your pooch will be trained to have your partner around.

It can also help them associate your husband’s presence with good things like walks in the park.

#3: Don’t reinforce the behavior

One reason why your dog keeps protecting you from your husband is that they think you like it.

“Really? How?”

When you give them rewards after they “protect” you, this behavior will be reinforced.

And because of this, they’ll have the tendency to do it again.

Their minds will think that they’re right in looking at your husband as a threat.

What you can do is gently reprimand and make your pooch stop when they start getting aggressive.

Especially if it is directed towards your husband.

People also ask:

What does it mean when your dog is protecting you?

Your dog is protecting you because they think you are in danger. 

This concern could be caused by strangers, aggressive animals, and unfamiliar objects.

Hearing loud sounds can also trigger your dog’s protective instinct.

Why is my dog suddenly guarding me?

Your dog is suddenly guarding you because they see an approaching threat.

If you’ve built a healthy and loving relationship with your fur baby, they’ll see you as a part of their pack.

And it’s normal behavior for them to protect the members of their family.