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11 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Between You And Your Husband

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between Me And My Husband

You and your husband love sleeping with your dog. 

But sometimes things get a bit… awkward. 

Especially when you guys want to have some sex alone time. 

What now?

Keep reading to find out: 

  • 3 tips on what to do if you want to stop this behavior.
  • The pros and cons of your pooch sleeping in your bed.
  • 11 reasons why your dog sleeps between you and your husband. 
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog sleep between me and my husband?

Your dog sleeps between you and your husband because they’re feeling comfortable, missing your company, being protective or jealous, you’re pregnant, you’re allowing them, seeking warmth, preferring bed scent, piling up, being overly-attached, not having a bed, or not wanting to be left out.

11 reasons why your dog sleeps between you and your husband

#1: They’re comfortable with you

Your dog sleeps between you and your husband because they feel safe and comfortable. 

Plus, they also trust you. 

Your bond with each other is strong. That’s why your pooch is okay with cuddles and other forms of physical affection while sleeping. 

#2: They miss your company

Another reason why your dog sleeps between you and your husband is because they miss you. 

If you guys are at work all day, the only time your dog gets to spend with you is during the nights.

By sleeping in between the two of you, they can cuddle with you and your husband at the same time.

Fun fact: 

Did you know? 

74% of dog parents in the US share their bed and couch with their furbabies. This is according to a nationwide survey by Stonyfield Organic about animal health.

I understand.

All fur parents want to cuddle with their pooch before going to sleep. 

Especially when you’ve been away from them for the whole day. 

My boyfriend and I cuddle with our beloved Lissa pretty much all the time! Plus, she sleeps in bed. Rarely between us, mostly at our feet.

#3: Being protective

Your Dog Sleeps Between You And Your Husband Because They're Protective

“Must protecc hoomans. So I sleep here.”

Your dog’s being protective of the family. That’s why they sleep between you and your husband.

In your pooch’s mind, you become vulnerable when you sleep. Your guard is down and you’re not aware of your surroundings.

So your dog keeps a close eye on you and your hubby. Just in case something bad happens.

This behavior dates back to their wolf ancestors. 

Wolves in a pack are known to sleep together. So when a threat comes, they can defend and protect each other.

This is why it’s natural for your dog to behave this way. More so if they’re one of the most protective dog breeds. 

Like the ones on this list by GVA:

  • Boxer.
  • Rottweiler.
  • Bullmastiff.
  • Belgian Malinois.
  • German Shepherd. 

#4: You’re pregnant

“My dog’s being clingy at night. They always want to sleep between me and my husband,” you tell your friend. 

Ooooh. Your dog’s sudden change in behavior can possibly mean one thing. 

You’re pregnant. 


That’s why your pooch has a newfound interest to snuggle with you.

According to Dr. Vincent J. Tavella, dogs can sense pregnancy. And they may have even known you’re pregnant before you did.

Your dog must’ve detected a change in your body scent because of your hormones. 

They also must’ve figured out the reason for your mood swings. 

In your pooch’s mind, you’re in a vulnerable state. So they’re being extra careful and protective of you. 

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#5: They were allowed to sleep with you 

You miss ‘sexy time’ and having privacy with your man.

You can’t even have 1 night without your dog sleeping between you and your husband. Once you close the door in your room, your pooch barks until you let them in. 

(Now, that’s a mood-killer.)

Does your furry friend also bark when you kiss?

Your husband becomes grouchy. And you just want some love. 

How did it end up like this? 

This sleeping issue might’ve started because you allowed your dog to sleep with you. 

And now that it’s become their routine to sleep with you, your pooch can’t handle not following it anymore. 

#6: They’re cold

During the winter months, it can get too cold.

So your dog comes up in the bed to sleep between you and your husband. 

They want to snuggle with you and get all cozied up. Sometimes, they may also want to burrow themselves in your thick blankets to keep themselves warm.

This isn’t something new. 

Even Australian aborigines used to sleep with their dogs before. It’s to keep themselves warm during harsh winter nights.

The more bodies to snuggle with, the warmer it’ll be.

#7: The scent is comforting to them

The Scent Is Comforting Your Dog

Perhaps the reason why your pooch prefers your bed is because of its scent. 

Sleeping in between you and your husband must be intoxicating for your pooch. They get to sniff and cuddle both of you at the same time. 

You see, dogs get more comfortable in spaces and areas that smell familiar to them.

(That’s why new dog beds that smell like factories don’t appeal to them much. Because it doesn’t smell like you. Or them.)

Like your bed.

You and your hubby always sleep in it. With your bodies wrapped around the sheets. That’s why your scent is all over it.

This gives your pooch security and comfort as they sleep. 

#8: They like to pile up

“Time for bed!” 

Your doggo needs no invitation. Once you say this, they’d come up and go to their favorite spot in the bed. 

Which is in between you and your husband. 

You don’t mind it. They’re still a pup and they don’t take up much space. 

But you wonder why they like to squeeze between you two. When they have their own bed they can lay in.

Since they’re still young, the reason behind this could be their pup instinct. 

If you’ve ever seen a puppy litter, you’ll notice that they like to pile up as they sleep. 

This keeps them warm. And they also sleep better like this. 

Your puppy likes to cuddle up with you and your husband. And it’s possibly because they’re just missing their siblings. 

#9: They’re overly-attached

It’s common for dog parents to let their dogs sleep with them in bed.

But sometimes, you also have to observe them.

What’s the root of this behavior? 

Are they sleeping with you because they just want to? Or is this because of a more serious concern? 

Dogs who have anxiety problems tend to get overly attached to their dog parents. Especially those ones sleeping with them on the same bed. 

They’re always dependent on them. To the point that they don’t have the confidence in being alone anymore. 

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#10: Not having their own bed

Your dog has no bed. So they sleep with you and your husband instead. 

“It’s getting a bit crowded in here, don’t you think?”, you ask your husband as you both look at your pooch.

There they are, sleeping soundly in the bed with their bellies up and legs stretched out. 

While you and your hubby settle on the little space left on each side of the bed. 

You enjoy them sleeping with you. But now that they’re bigger, you’re having second thoughts. 

What if there’s a baby coming soon? 

Surely your dog will have to sleep someplace else. 

You may have a problem on hand. But first, how did it end up being this way?

This situation may have started because your pooch doesn’t have their sleeping space.

Dogs who don’t have their own bed either sleep on the bed or on the couch. 

But between the two, of course, your pooch will choose the bed. 

It’s warmer. 

And even if it’s a bit cramped, they want to be close to you anyways. 

#11: They’re jealous

“Tonight, I’m a wall that separates Mom and Dad.”

Did you know that dogs also get jealous? 

It’s also a reason why they may sleep between you and your husband. 

Especially if they like one of you more than the other. 

They may not enjoy seeing you two cuddle. Because they want the attention to be on them only.

Your dog wants to get in the way of love. 

And the easiest way to do that is to sleep in between the two of you. 

Bonus: They don’t want to be left out

You and your husband love each other so much. Every time you two are together, sparks fly and the scent of love fills the air. 

“Oh. Is that what I’m smelling? 

Whatever my hoomans are doing, I want in.” 

This is why your pooch sleeps between you and your husband. They think you’re doing something fun, especially when you’re horny. 

Of course, they can’t exactly tell if you guys are having sex. They just think that you’re doing something fun and exciting. 

They can smell your hormones filling up the air. 

Because when you’re excited or aroused, your body gives off the ‘love hormone’. Or also known as oxytocin. 

While your husband’s body produces more testosterone. 

Studies show that your dog picks up these scents in the air because of their incredible sense of smell. And they get alerted. 

They think that they have to sleep between the two of you. 

Or else they’d be left out of the ‘fun’ activity.

The pros & cons to sleeping with your dog

There are many advantages of sharing a bed with your dog. 

Like having a warm pillow at night that never gets cold. And you sleep better because of their rhythmic breathing.

But sleeping with your pooch has its cons, too. 

Especially if you’re also sharing your bed with your husband. 

(Okay, your husband may adore your pooch just as much as you do.) 

But you can’t deny it.

Your pooch can get in the way of you and your spouse’s private moments. I mean, who wants to be intimate when their dog’s in the same room? 

It could take a toll on your relationship.

And it can also cause jealousy between you and your spouse. 

Especially if one of you is more affectionate to your dog. Or one of you allows them to sleep in the bed, while the other opposes it.


Aside from that, you guys will be more prone to having allergies and parasites. Like fleas and ticks in bed. 

Lastly, three’s a crowd. 

The consistent tossing and turning may lead to sleepless nights for you or your husband. (Even your dog)

And this leads to being irritable and feeling sluggish the next day.

3 tips on what to do if your dog sleeps between you and your husband

#1: Pick a spot for them in the bed

You don’t mind your dog sleeping in your bed. What you just don’t like is that they’re sleeping between you and your husband. 

So what you need to do is assign a spot in your bed they can only sleep in.

Like the foot of the bed. Or on one side of it. 

This way, you and your man can sleep beside each other. While your pooch can still enjoy sleeping close to you. 

#2: Set boundaries

To stop your dog from sleeping between you and your husband, you guys must establish boundaries. 

Do it while your pooch is still young. This way they’ll easily get used to it as they get older. 

“But Petya, what if my dog’s already matured?” 

I get ya! 

In this case, you have to get them used to sleep outside your room. Or train them to sleep in their dog bed instead of yours. 

You can watch this video to see how it’s done. 

#3: Give them their own sleeping space

Your pooch doesn’t have their own sleeping area. That’s why they’re invading the space in between you and your husband. 

In this case, you have to provide them with their own dog bed. 

But not just any dog bed. 

(Dogs are kinda choosy with these things.)

Consider its size and fluffiness, too. Your dog must be able to lay down there comfortably. 

It must also smell like you and your hubby. This will make your dog adjust to it easier.

You can do this by rubbing your unwashed shirts in their new bed. 

Or wrapping an old T-shirt on it like a bedsheet. 

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Bonus: Schedule cuddle time

Dogs love routines. So to make them more adjusted to not sleeping with you, create a nightly regimen for them. 

Schedule a cuddle time right before they sleep in their dog bed. 

This way, they won’t feel jealous and left out when they don’t sleep with you and your husband.