Do Pomeranians Make Good (Family) Pets? 16 Useful Insights

Do Pomeranians Make Good Pets

Thinking about getting a Pomeranian? Then it’s only natural to wonder… Do Pomeranians make goods pets? In this guide you’ll discover: The answers to 16 frequently asked questions about Pomeranians. What to expect from training a Pomeranian (from potty training to anti-barking tips). And more… Do Pomeranians make good pets? In general, Pomeranians do make …


Are Pomeranians Good With Kids? 7 Things You Should Know

Are Pomeranians good with kids

Are you looking for a furry friend to join your family? Then it’s logical to consider a Pomeranian (one of the cutest dogs in the world, if not the cutest). But are Pomeranians good with kids? Keep reading to discover: The truth about Pomeranians and kids. If a Pomeranian is the right fit for your family. …


Do Pomeranians Get Along With Cats? The Truth + 3 Myths

Do Pomeranians And Cats Get Along

Quite a few Pom owners would like to have a cat besides their pooch. However, do Pomeranians get along with cats? Read on to find out the answer. You’ll discover: Why cats and dogs are NOT natural enemies. 3 common myths about cats and dogs debunked. Simple techniques to introduce your Pom to your cat (make …


How To Stop A Pomeranian From Barking? Simple Training Tips

How To Stop A Pomeranian From Barking

If you want to know how to stop a Pomeranian from barking, you’re in luck: This is the ultimate Pomeranian training guide when it comes to barking. You’ll discover: Different types of barking (and what they mean). How to use classical conditioning to stop your Pom from barking (5 steps). 6 common situations that can …


Do Pomeranians Bark A Lot? 9 Reasons Why Poms Bark

Do Pomeranians Bark A Lot

If I would get a dollar for everytime someone asks me…  Do Pomeranians bark a lot? … I could buy enough dog cookies for 10 years. Joke aside. Here I’ll reveal the answer to this common question. You’ll discover: What the Watchdog Syndrome is. Why some Pomeranians bark a lot (and what to do about …


17 Vegetables Your Pomeranian Can Or Can’t Eat

Can Pomeranians Eat Vegetables

We’ve learned that vegetables are healthy for humans, but… Can Pomeranians eat vegetables? In this ultimate guide, you’ll find out the answer. You’ll discover: Which vegetables are beneficial to your Pom. Which vegetables your Pomeranian should avoid at all times. The right amount of vegetables that your Pomeranian can eat safely. And more… Can Pomeranians …


Do Pomeranians Have Separation Anxiety? Signs + 25 Tips


Is your Pomeranian shivering or barking the moment you leave? If so, it’s understandable that you wonder if your pooch has separation anxiety. Besides finding out if this is the case, you’ll discover: 13 signs of separation anxiety. One of the biggest causes of separation anxiety. Does your Pom have separation anxiety? Make sure to …


Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs? What To Expect

Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs?

Let’s be honest: Pomeranians don’t look like your typical guard dog. But before we judge a book by its cover, let’s get a 3D view of Pomeranians. In this article you’ll discover: Exactly what to expect when you’re a Pomeranian parent. If Pomeranians can be more than companion dogs. Whether you can train a Pom to …