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11 Insanely Cute Portuguese Water Dog Mixes (w. Photos)

Portuguese Water Dog Mixes

They’re affectionate, smart, and loyal.

And they’re always ready to cuddle.

Is there any way Portuguese Water Dogs, aka Porties, can get any cuter?

Apparently, there is. 

That’s when they get mixed with other adorable breeds.

Are you wondering what mixes are the cutest?

Look no further.

Read on to discover:

  • Are Portuguese Water Dogs great family dogs.
  • 10 most adorable Portuguese Water Dog mixes.
  • And many more…

11 Portuguese Water Dog Mixes

#1: Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever Mix

This mix is like a match made in heaven.


These two breeds share many positive traits. 

Combined, they make one sunny and lovable dog. 

Their nature makes them excellent with kids. 

And they also make brilliant companions for other pets.


Goldens are large dogs. 

On the other hand, Porties are on the medium side.

So their mix can have varying sizes. And it depends on which gene dominates. 

If they lean on the Golden side, expect a larger dog. 

They can grow as tall as 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm). And they can weigh as heavy as 60 to 80 lbs (27 to 36 kg). 

Meanwhile, if they’re more Portie, expect them to be smaller.

Their height can average 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm). And their weight can reach 35 to 60 lbs (15 to 27 kg).

They could also land somewhere in between. 

As for their coat, it’s more on the dense side. 

For its texture, there are many possibilities. They can be:

  • Wavy.
  • Curly.
  • Silky.
  • Straight.

Note: Golden Porties can be shedders. While Porties don’t shed much, Goldens shed a lot. So it would depend on which parent the pup takes after more.


In terms of personality, Goldens and Porties aren’t that different.

Goldens are easy-going, kind, and trustworthy. 

And Porties are obedient and intelligent. 

That’s why it’s no surprise their offsprings are perfect family dogs.

Plus, they’re people pleasers. 

And they also love getting affection. 

That’s why they’re easy to train into well-behaved pups.

#2: Portuguese Water Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Portuguese Water Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Bernese Mountain Dogs are all-around pooches.

AKC says that they’ve been bred as multi-purpose farm dogs in Switzerland.

Like them, Porties were also all-around helpers.

However, they worked more on the water with fishermen.

Together, you have a pup that’s far from lazy. 


This mixed pup has one large parent. But they often grow to the size of the Portie. 

However, there are some exceptions.

Their appearances can also vary.

This is especially true with their coloring. 

Some pups can look like bigger Porties. While others can look like a mini Bernese. 

Moreover, their coat types vary too. 

Some can have silky straight hair. While others can have medium-length wavy coats.

Fun fact: This cute mix also has webbed feet. They got these from their Portie heritage. 


These pups aren’t just about good looks.

They also have the brains to go with it. 

Say you want a pup that’s easy to train. 

Well, you can never go wrong with this mix. They’re one for the books when it comes to training. 

Moreover, they’re gentle, friendly, and affectionate. 

That’s why they go well with kids and other dogs. 

However, you have to ready your shoes.


You see, they’re working dogs. And so, they have tons of energy to burn.

But a simple 30 to 45-minute walk would do the trick. 

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, hiking and sports would be great. 

Note: Like the Portie, this mix also loves water. Plus, their webbed feet make them great swimmers. So, they’d feel right at home with a little swimming.

#3: Portuguese Water Dog Poodle Mix

Long ago, the Poodle and the Portuguese Water Dog were closely related.

They were in the same retriever branch of the dog family. 

Then they became popular in different countries.

So, Poodles retrieved waterfowl and ducks in Germany. While the Portie worked in Portugal. 

And this mix brings their branches back together.

They’re also the most popular mix with Porties. 

But it’s easy to mistake them for plain Poodles.


Their parents have dense, curly coats. So, the pups also have the same. 

Some might have their curls a little tighter. Others with more Portie will have it looser. 

The catch?

This makes them high-maintenance. 

They need everyday brushing and frequent hair cuts.

Luckily, they’re only medium-sized. 

They only grow up to 17 to 24 inches (43 to 61 cm). And they weigh around 35 to 70 lbs (15 to 32 kg).


These pups are nothing but lively, loving, and cute balls of fur. 

They’re also highly intelligent. So training them is fun and rewarding. 

However, that also means they need plenty of mental stimulation. 

According to AKC, dogs benefit from physical and mental exercise. 

But you don’t have to do them separately.

It can actually be better to do both at the same time.

For instance, you can add more to walks.

You can try incorporating teaching tricks.

You can also practice training commands.

Additionally, you can try games like “Go find it.”

Start by hiding treats in a room or your backyard. Then release your pooch. And tell them, “Go find it!”

Games like this will engage their senses. It’ll also get them moving.

Moreover, this mix also loves water. A little swim would be fantastic for them.

Note: These pups can be touchy and sensitive when disturbed. So, try getting them used to other pets as soon as you can.

#4: German Shepherd Portuguese Water Dog Mix

The German Portie mix is a rarer mix. They’re also quite new.

Now, people still know little about them. 

But what’s sure is they take after GSDs a lot. 

That’s why this mix is a bit more assertive than others.

Other than that, they’re fun boxes of surprise. 


The German Portie hybrid doesn’t have an exact appearance. 

According to research, it takes time before an exact look is established.

Given that, these pups can either look more like a Portie or a GSD. 

They can even be somewhere in between.

For their coat colors, there’s have a wide array:

  • Sable.
  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Gray.
  • Liver.
  • White.

They might also get white markings.

Note: Given their GSD heritage, this mix sheds continuously. And it can get intense in the spring and fall. 

So be ready for a lot of brushing.

In terms of their size, they can only be medium to large. 

They can reach a height between 17 to 26 inches (43 to 66 cm). And they can weigh around 35 to 90 lbs (16 to 40 kg).


Both parent breeds have great personalities. 

They’re easy to train. And they’re fiercely loyal too.

This mix does well with many kinds of dog training. This includes agility, obedience, behavior, and protection.

However, a big part of their personality would still depend on you. 

The ICB says that a dog’s behavior is both the product of nature and nurture. 

This means that your dog can have inherited traits. But you can still mold them through your upbringing.

When it comes to their energy level, they’re like other Portie mixes. 

They look for tons of playtime and activities.

Tip: Don’t give the play all in one sitting. It’s better to divide their playtime or walk time throughout the day. Aim for some in the morning. Then, aim for some in the evening. That way, their energy is evenly spent.

#5: Goldendoodle Portuguese Water Dog Mix

Goldendoodle Portuguese Water Dog Mix

Goldendoodles are already a mix. Their parents are Golden Retrievers and Poodles.

They were bred in the 1960s to be guide dogs. 

And they developed tons of desirable qualities. So they were bred again with the Portie.

The result is a Goldendoodle with water dog traits.

Some people call them Portuguese Water Doodle. Others refer to them as Portuguese Water Dog Doodle. 

You choose which is cuter for you.


When it comes to coat colors, this mix won the lottery. 

Their color possibilities are endless. Some of them include:

  • Red.
  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Golden.
  • Yellow.
  • Black and white.

When it comes to texture, their coats can be wavy or curly. Its length can be short or medium length. 

Goldendoodles are also known to be hypoallergenic

They also have minimal shedding. 

And Goldendoodles can pass on this quality to their mix. 

However, they still need to be brushed regularly. This is to prevent matting.

You won’t have to worry about doggy stink too.

Bathing them every few months will do.


Their gorgeous looks may be distracting. But these dogs have huge personalities. 

They’re often cheerful and energetic. Plus, they’re always ready to explore. 

That’s why they’re great companions in outdoor activities. 

If you take them outside, I would recommend using a long leash

That way, they can satisfy their curiosity. 

Other than that, they can also be gentle. 

They’ll let you spoil them. And they’ll soak in every ounce of love you’ll give.

#6: Bichon Portuguese Water Dog Mix

Bichons are small “toy dogs.”

And according to AKC, they’re also one of the world’s great “personality dogs.”

Combined with Porties, you have a charming, adorable little pooch.


These pooches can look perfect on display stands.


They only come in small sizes. 

And they look like stuffed toys.

This is despite the Portie being medium-sized.

And when it comes to their coat, it depends.

Some pups can inherit the Portie’s curly locks. 

Others can be straight-haired like the Bichon.

When it comes to allergies, there’s little to worry about. 

These pooches shed. But their shed is caught in their undercoat.

That’s why grooming is important.

They need to be brushed 2 to 3 times a week.

You might also want to take them to regular groomer visits. 


Despite their size, this pooch is unafraid of the world. 

They have a curious nature. 

And they’ll put their noses up to just about anything. 

Just make sure to supervise them when they’re exploring. 

They’re also fond of playtime.

But, when playing with them, try incorporating mental games. 

This will help stimulate their intelligence.

#7: Portuguese Water Dog Siberian Husky Mix

Huskies are big balls of energy.

And it’s not easy to get all that energy out.

So they might challenge first-time dog owners. 

Fortunately, this mix also inherited the docile traits of the Portie.

This makes it easier to find a balance for this pooch.


Both parent dogs are medium-sized.

They can both grow up to 20 to 23 inches (51 to 58 cm).

However, the Portie can be a bit heavier.

On average, they can weigh 40 to 60 lbs (18 to 27 kg).

Meanwhile, Huskies weigh 30 to 60 lbs (14 to 27 kg).

As for their coat, this mix inherits the dense coat of its parents.

They can also inherit the heavy shedding quality of Huskies.

This makes regular brushing important. 

It would help prevent mats. 

And it would lessen the fur lying around your home.

Moreover, only give them baths when they’re dirty or stinky. 

This would help prevent drying out their skin.


Sometimes, a little grit in dogs is nice.

And this mix has plenty. 

They’re also very curious by nature. 

So they’re prone to explore a lot. 

But sometimes, they can have a mind of their own.

So supervising them would still be best. 

Outside, I advise you to put them on a long leash.

This lets them cover more ground. 

And it also allows you to keep them in your sight. 

#8:  Portuguese Water Dog Mini-Poodle Mix

Known as Mini Portidoodles or Mini Portipoo, this mix is a charmer. 

They are as adorable as their names. 

And they have a great love for all things fun. 

They also form strong attachments with humans. And they prefer to be with their humans as much as possible.


The Mini Portipoo is a cuddly and gorgeous pup. 

They always look sweet, approachable, and happy. 

This might be because of their floppy ears and long fluffy tail. 

They also owe it to their soft, curly, or wavy coats. 

They also come in various colors with several patterns. 

What’s more, they usually come in small and medium sizes. 

And they can weigh 14 to 28 lbs (6 to 13 kg).


Mini Portipoos are as sweet as they look. 

They just exude happiness. 

They’re also people-pleasers and eager learners. 

So, they pick up tricks fast and are always eager to learn more. 

They’re also very fond of water and any outdoor activity. 

With these qualities, they’re perfect fits for many kinds of families.

#9: Portuguese Water Dog Labrador Retriever Mix

The Lab is a very popular dog. 

They’re prized for being friendly, social, and affectionate. 

Now, add the traits of a water dog. 

What do you get?

A jackpot.


These pups are often on the medium to large end. 

And they often look like giant balls of floof. 

Their coats can lean on the wavy to straight end. 

But they’re often short. So, there’s little to worry about with shedding. 

However, regular brushing is still a must to bring out some gloss in their coats.


Both parents of this mix have high intelligence scores. 

That’s why teaching them tricks will be a piece of cake. 

They’re also always eager to learn more. 

Additionally, they love to have fun.

They can keep kids busy and happy for hours. And they can also be great with other pets.

You only have to make sure that they get daily exercise. And with that, they’ll be set.

#10: Border Collie Portuguese Water Dog Mix

The Collie Portie mix gets the best of both worlds from their parents. 

This means that they have lots of love to give. 

Expect plenty of cuddles.

And expect them to be all over you when you get home.


Collie Portie mixes can look interesting. 

This is more because of their Collie heritage. 

These pups are easily distinguished by their coats. 

And they can pass on their colors and patterns to their offspring. 

However, their coats can be curlier or wavier than Collies.

They also often come in medium sizes. 


This mix is a deeply affectionate dog. 

They’ll often meet you at the door with the wiggliest butt.

But beware…

They don’t like cats that much. 

They’ll chase the poor catto around all day. 

This is due to their strong prey drive.

And, unfortunately, they often view cats as prey. 

How do you tell them otherwise?

Early socialization. 

With that, they’ll know how to meet new creatures properly. 

And as they grow older, they can also gain more control over their instinct.

#11: Portuguese Water Dog Soft-Wheaten Terrier Mix

Both Porties and the Soft-Wheaten Terrier look so alike. 

It’s hard to tell them apart. 

Even their mix is hard to tell apart from them.

Despite that, they’re still absolutely charming.


The coat of this pup just makes it irresistible. 

They’re soft and curly. And it makes them look like toys.

They also appear in many colors:

  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • White.
  • Wheaten.

If you have allergies, they’re in the green zone. 

They’re low shedders and hypoallergenic. 

However, they need a lot of grooming. 

If not properly groomed, they can look unsightly. 

Portie Terrier mixes are also just the right size. 

They can grow 18 to 22 inches (46 to 59 cm). And they can weigh 35 to 55 lbs (16 to 25 kg).


This mix has some of the best traits of its parents.

Like the Portie, they’re docile, brave, and obedient. 

Then, like the Terrier, they’re spirited, affectionate, and playful.

With these qualities, it’s hard not to love them. 

People also ask:

Is a Portuguese Water Dog a good family dog?

A Portuguese Water Dog is a good family dog. That’s thanks to their kind nature. Plus, they’re even-tempered, loving, and playful.

They also adjust very quickly. 

And once you’ve earned their loyalty, they’re great watchdogs. 

These qualities are a big plus when it comes to families. 

However, at times, these pups can be rambunctious. They can knock over small children. 

But fret not. 

Teaching them to be gentler is easy.

Can Portuguese water dogs be aggressive?

Porties are generally not prone to aggression. They’re even-tempered. They’re also known to be stable and sensitive. 

They might mouth your hand. But that’s because they’re natural retrievers. 

As with all dogs, how you raise them also affects their reactions and behaviors.

Early socialization and constant training are important. 

That way, your dog learns proper behaviors.

And they practice it until they grow older.