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Is A Greagle The Right Dog For You? 9 Pros &  Cons

Beagle Greyhound Mix

Is it a Beagle?

Or is it a Greyhound?

This elegant pooch might have caught your interest.

They might have even charmed you. 

But do you wonder what it’s like to have one?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Continue reading to discover:

  • How big do Greagles get.
  • What are Greagles like at home.
  • Tips and tricks to raising a Greagle
  • 4 pros and 5 cons of owning a Greagle.
  • And many more…

What is a Greagle?

The Greagle is a combination of the Beagle and Italian Greyhound. The breed’s place of origin is unknown. But they’re a newer mix breed. And they’re estimated to have come around in the 2000s.

Beagle Greyhound mix: Appearance

You don’t have to look too long to see where the Beagle and Greyhound end.

Greagles have the blocky face and floppy ears of the Beagle.

While they got the lean physique of the Greyhound. 

This combination makes them look elegant. 

Moreover, Greagles also walk with a prance in each step. 

And they look at you like they’re always ready to listen. 

All these features make them charming pups.


Greagles come in many colors. 

It often depends on their parents. 

The most common coat colors they have are:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Gray.
  • White.
  • Brown.
  • Brindle.

As for their nose, it’s mostly black. Although, a Greagle can also have a brown or reddish nose. But that’s a rare occurrence.

Lastly, their eyes are always brown.

And let me tell you, those eyes are just the sweetest. They give the pups an alert expression that makes them look happy all the time. 


Greagle Coat

Greagle coats aren’t too dense. And they’re just straight. 

However, they can vary in texture.

Some coats can be a bit short and rough. Others can be smooth and silky. 

No matter what kind it is, proper care can make it glossy.  And doing so will definitely add to the elegance of their look.

And let me help you out in achieving that. Here’s how to maintain your Greagle’s coat:

  1. Brush their coat once or twice a week using a slicker brush
  2. Give them a monthly bath.

Beagle Greyhound mix: Temperament

Greagles are sweet and adoring dogs that are perfect for families. 

They have happy, friendly, and playful personalities. Plus, they got the sensitiveness of Greyhounds. 

They’d enjoy just cuddling up with you on the couch. 

And they’d be satisfied just watching you do your thing.

Moreover, they have more patience than other small dogs. This makes them great with children.

Plus, Greagles are also known to be sociable creatures. So they get along with other pets. 

But, there’s a catch…

They don’t always do well with other smaller pets.

“But they do well with other dogs, so why?”

It has to do with their temperament.

This is often described as their personality.

According to AKC, people believed that biology had the biggest effect on a dog’s behavior. But that was only for a time.

Now, Greagles have inherited many traits from their parent breeds. 

This includes their sweet disposition. But it also includes their high prey drive.

But don’t worry…

That belief is now being debunked. 

In a study, researchers discovered that dogs can inherit most behavioral traits of their parents.

But they also found that genetics didn’t always determine a pup’s behavior.

Instead, there are other factors that can affect a dog’s behavior.

This means that Greagles can still somehow get along with small pets.


Through socialization. 

And the earlier you start it, the better. 

You can begin with doing the behavioral work 

For some pups, the simple recall can work. 

What’s that?

It’s when you distract them before they can start. And that get’s stalking out of their minds.  

When it comes to more proper training, you can try teaching “Leave it.” 

First, leave a treat on the ground. When your pup tries to take it, cover it with your hand.

As soon as they look away, give them praise or a different treat.

Before moving on to live pets, you can start training them with other objects like socks. 

You can also teach “Come away.”

For this command, I advise you to do it with a leash.

You should also do it outdoors.

So first, take a toy then throw it. Once your dog chases it, call them back to you. 

If they ignore you, give a light tug on the leash.

You don’t want them to snap backward. But you want to get their attention back to you.

You can also end the game. Then, sit down without giving them attention.

When they finally listen to you, reward them. It can be with continuing play or plenty of treats.

Whatever method you go with, it’s great to start small. 

Only when they get it properly can they move on to bigger things.

And when you’re confident, that’s when you can introduce them to other small pets.

If you’re not sure how to train your pup, you can seek professional help. 

Trainers will be able to teach you how to work with your Greagle. And your pooch can become the best boy or girl in no time.

4 pros of owning a Beagle Greyhound mix

#1: They’re great family companions

Greagles got the best qualities of Beagles and Greyhounds.

They’re gentle, kind, patient, and absolutely lovable. 

Plus, sweetness and loyalty are basically their middle names. 

They can play with kids for hours and hours. While they can give busy adults or resting seniors loving company. 

However, sometimes, they can prefer to be alone. 

They might retreat to a corner. Or they might prefer to play by themselves.

But don’t fret.

It’s part of a Greagle’s nature to be independent at times. But that doesn’t mean they’re lonely or they don’t like you anymore.

Let them have their space.

And they’ll be prancing back to you in no time.

#2: They’re very intelligent

Greagles can sometimes shock their owners. 

They can learn to get into sealed food containers. 

And they can also learn to open latches. 

But that’s because they’re so smart. 

And that’s also why training them will be a joy. Because once a Greagle learns a command, they’ll never forget it. 

You can also train them to do helpful things around the house.

Take fetching the newspaper or bringing your socks, for instance.

They also love learning new things. And they’re ever so ready to please you.

#3: They’re low maintenance

They're Low Maintenance

Plenty of dog owners can testify that dog shedding isn’t fun. 

A dog’s fur isn’t easy to clean up. 

Sometimes, it can even cause endless sneezing and watery eyes.

Fortunately, Greagles don’t cause many problems in that department.

Thanks to their short coat, Greagles shed very little. 

But don’t relax too much yet…

Greagle’s grooming needs

#1: Coat

I’ve briefly mentioned the care about their coats…

And now, let me elaborate further.

As you know, you must brush their coat once or twice a week. That’s to get your Greagle’s coat smooth and shiny.

And when it comes to odor, Greagles don’t get stinky fast. Also, their skin also produces oils that they need.

So bathing them once a month is good enough. And when you do, only use a gentle dog shampoo.

If they do get dirty from playing outside, you can do a simple wipe down with a towel. 

#2: Teeth

According to vets, brushing out their teeth once a day prevents:

  • Bad breath.
  • Gum disease.
#3: Ears

One of the areas you have to pay attention to is their ears. 

Because they’re floppy, moisture and dirt can build up inside.

This can lead to irritation and discomfort. 

So, you must wipe their ears down once a week. 

#4: Nails

Greagles’ nails aren’t naturally short.

So you can cut them once a month to control their length. 

If they’re often outside though, their nails are worn down naturally. 

Regardless, have a monthly check of their nails. That’s to see whether they need trimming or not.

#4: They can easily adapt

Dogs that can easily adapt are happy in any living situation.

Fortunately, the Greagle is one of those.

No matter if you’re in the city or in the countryside, Greagles will be fine.

Granted, they’ll be better in a place with outdoor space. But they’ll be comfortable as well in an apartment.

You just need to be consistent with their walks.

It’s also best if you can dedicate time to other outdoor activities for them.

5 cons of owning a Beagle Greyhound mix

#1: They’re not easy to train

Do you want your Greagle to be nice to strangers? Do you want them to not chase small animals?

Well, they need training first.

However, that’s easier said than done.

While they’re intelligent, Greagles can also be stubborn. They’re also easy to distract. 

For example, they might ignore everything else if they catch an interesting scent.

To handle this, you have to train them with plenty of positive reinforcement. 

Start with small commands or tricks. 

And when they do it, you must offer tons of praise or affection.

Plus, treats can also act as an incentive. 

Remember, don’t limit your positive reactions. 

These pups love to please. And they can learn faster when they know they’re making you happy.

If you notice that training is getting difficult, there might be an issue. 

Your pup might not be getting enough activity. Or they might not be getting enough socialization.

So to properly train Greagles, it’s best to make sure they’re getting enough of both.

And when it becomes challenging for you…

Don’t give up just yet…

The help of a professional dog trainer would likely do wonders. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can ask your Greagle’s vet for trainer recommendations.

#2: They have high exercise needs

A lazy dog is the last thing a Greagle will be. 

With that said, expect them to be jumping around on walks. 

They can also get ahead of you on hikes. 

Without activities like those, they can become destructive. This might mean chasing cats, tearing up your sofa, or barking too much.

So, where can you find that balance?

In this case, exercise is key…

Greagles need at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day.

And whenever you can, try to add variation to your activities too.

It can be camping, running, agility sports, or playing Frisbee and fetch.

With enough exercise, your Greagle will be set. 

#3: They have a strong prey drive

Your Greagle suddenly starts chasing things around the house. 

It can be the cat, a cockroach, or even your mop.

But don’t worry too much.

It’s just what instinct tells them to do.

To curb this, Greagles need early socialization.

Adding consistent training would also be very helpful.

However, it’s still better to keep an eye on them.

When they’re outside, it’s also better to keep them on a leash. That’s unless they’re in a secure area like a fenced backyard.

#4: They can be barkers

Greagles can be quite vocal.

They won’t hesitate to let you know that they’re hungry.  Or if they want to play.

And this might not be okay if you have thin walls. 

The barking can disturb your neighbors. And it can lead to complaints.

In turn, these can stress you out.

But don’t worry…

You can avoid that situation.


First, make sure they receive enough exercise.

This will burn off excess energy. And it’ll keep them more laid back at home.

Second, consistent training is also needed to teach them to be quieter.

#5: They can have health issues

Greagles are generally healthy pups. 

Most of them live 12 to 15 years with little to no health issues. 

Unfortunately, they’re not exempted from inheriting medical conditions from their parent breeds.

Let’s talk about those individually.

For their Beagle parents, the Long Beach animal hospital says they’re prone to:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Skin tumors
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Hypothyroidism.

As for Greyhounds, PDSA lists these health concerns:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Liver shunt.
  • Hyperthermia.
  • Osteosarcoma.
  • Kneecap dislocation.
  • Disintegration of the knee cap.

With that, here are some of the conditions your Greagle is prone to:

  • Mange.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Cataracts.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Cherry eye.
  • Liver shunt.
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Disintegration of the hip joint.

So, it’s important to get your pup’s health checked before taking them home.

Also, only get dogs from reputable breeders. This ensures that your pooch would be in optimum health.

People also ask:

How big do Greagles get?

Greagles are small-sized pups. 

That’s one of the features that makes them so appealing to many people.

The average height for males is 13 to 15 inches (33 to 38 cm). And they weigh 20 to 40 lbs (9 to 18 kg). 

On the other hand, females are a tad smaller. Their average height is 13 to 14 inches (33 to 35.6 cm). And they weigh an average of 7 to 14 lbs (3 to 6 kg).

Are they easy to find?

Greagles are quite rare. 

Because of that, you can expect their prices to be high.

However, if you really want one, you have to look in the right places.

First, you can post your search on social media.

Then, you can try talking to Beagle or Greyhound breeders.

You could also reach out to dog clubs or attend dog shows.

Lastly, you can also try looking in shelters or rescue groups.

The chances are slim but you’ll never know.