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13 Best Service Dog Training Providers In New York State

Service Dog Training In New York State

Dogs benefit so much from training.

It exercises not only the body but also the mind.

But how do you start training your pooch?

The first thing to do is to find the right trainers…

And the best training school!

So sit back, relax, and…


  • The services and programs each training school offers for your dog.
  • All the contact information and social media sites of each dog training school.
  • The 13 best service dog training providers in New York State according to people’s reviews.
  • And much, much more…

This list and all the information included have been gathered from Google Maps ratings and website data. These ratings are all based on the actual experiences of people. Researching all dog training services can take up a lot of time. This list is meant to make the research aspect easier. 

Service dog training in New York state: 13 best providers

#1: Dogboy NYC

Dogboy training offers a variety of services for all the people in the community. 

They cater to professionals, busy families, stay-at-home parents, and more. The programs of Dogboy are altered to fit the dog parent’s needs. 

The most common services they offer are:

  • Apartment training.
  • Basic obedience training.
  • Calming aggressive behaviors. 

Dogboy also partners with local shelters, pet stores, dog walkers, vet clinics, and groomers. This is how they maintain their network while still helping others. 

If you want to learn more about their training programs, you can visit their address. You can also reach them through their contact information. 

Dog Training Information:

#2: Spot-on K9 Training

Spot-on K9 focuses on the root causes of a dog’s behavior during the first assessment.

The owner, Stephen, promises that “Your dog will be treated with the same care, love, and respect with which I treat my own.”.

Stephen helps the owners whose dogs are aggressive towards humans and other dogs. Dogs with separation anxiety, like to jump and pull on their leashes, and even dogs who are too hard to teach.

A lot of people have praised Spot-on K9 training for inducing a change in their dogs after just one session. 

Dog Training Information:

#3: Shelby Semel Dog Training

Shelby Semel promotes the Positive Reinforcement Dog Training techniques. These are reward-based techniques used to establish a bond.

The trainers also teach dog parents how to communicate with their dogs without using intimidation or violence. They offer group, individual, and online classes. 

You can consult Shelby Semel and the other trainers about your dog and its problems. Consultations are completely free of charge. 

Dog Training Information:

#4: Tara’s School for Dogs

Tara’s offers training schedules at your convenience. They have in-home services, outdoor, and Zoom-based training. Mary Paranicas, the owner and founder, has a lot of training certifications under her belt. 

Some lessons they give are:

  • Puppy socialization.
  • adult dog obedience.
  • Dog problem-solving.
  • Transition for rescues.
  • Puppy obedience and manners.

They encourage classes that are fun and allow the parent and dog to connect. You can contact the trainers for more information and the scheduling of classes.

Dog Training Information:

#5: Calm Canine Academy

CCA gives private coaching to people who want one-on-one time with their trainers.

Their signature programs like Feisty Fido specialize in aggressive and anxiety-driven dogs. The Puppy Program specializes in optimizing this critical stage of the puppy’s development. 

They also serve entirely through online and digital services. People can be surprised to hear this, but it has worked for them and their clients. 

Dog Training Information:

#6: Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Yuri is the owner of Yuruani Olguin Dog Training. She teaches dog parents that the canine mind works entirely differently than the human mind.

She aims to help both parties understand and communicate with each other. 

This dog training used to service all over New York City. But due to circumstances, they have limited their locations. Group and individual training can be scheduled.

Dog Training Information:

#7: Dream Come True K9

Started in 2011 by owner Blake Rodriguez, Dream Come True has been helping and training dogs. They mostly help dogs with the toughest cases of aggression and anxiety.

He started by walking a large number of dogs around New York that didn’t get along at the start.

He provides a realistic approach to dog training that involves a lot of common sense. Blake has rehabilitated even the dogs with the most extreme cases. 

Blake and his team have provided city-dwellers with the ability to live with their dogs in a busy environment.

Dog Training Information:

#8: Michael’s Pack Dog Training Center

“Communication is the key.” This is the philosophy that the trainers of Michael’s Pack live by. They do not believe in fear-based training, but positive-reinforcement training.

They train dogs by teaching dog parents how to properly communicate with them. This helps to end their behavioral problems and aggression. 

Michael’s Pack offers services in New York and New Jersey and Long Island.

Dog Training Information:

#9: The Dog Behaviorist NYC

The Dog Behaviorist owner, Dominik Feichtner, specializes in:

  • Puppy training.
  • General obedience.
  • Behavior modification.

Dominik uses reward-based, balanced, and common-sense dog training.

His goal is to help dog parents in reducing the number of dogs being surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues. 

All consultations with Dominik happen via Zoom, and personal dog training is scheduled. 

Dog Training Information:

#10: Phillips Command Dogs

Phillips Command Dogs, founded by Stephen Phillips, uses inductive and compulsive training. He mostly handles K9 dogs or dogs meant for security and guarding.

The training school also offers seminars on their programs. Consultations about your dog’s behavior problems and how to fix them are also offered by Phillips.

He is also currently the training director for several law enforcement agencies. 

For interested clients, you can contact Phillips through their website, phone, and social media. 

Dog Training Information:

#11: Anthony Jerone’s School Of Dog Training & Career Inc.

Dog training programs for dogs of every age and breed are available at Anthony Jerone’s School. Programs being offered include:

  • Basic etiquette.
  • Housebreaking.
  • Protection training.
  • Obedience training.
  • Behavior modification.

One special thing about this training school is it does not only cater to dogs but also humans. People who want to learn how to train and handle dogs can be professionally trained here.

You can learn as your dog learns here at Anthony Jerone’s dog school.

Dog Training Information:

#12: Andrea Arden Dog Training

Established in 1994, Andrea Arden Dog Training has been helping people and their dogs live comfortably in the city of New York.

Positive, reward-based training is the route this training school takes. They tap into what motivates the dog and how their owners can use it for teaching and learning.

Their approach is meant to be dog and people-friendly.

More information about their classes and techniques can be found on their website.

Dog Training Information:

#13: Upstate Canine Academy – Dog Training Facility

Founder Tom Davis is an internationally-renowned dog trainer. Tom and his team mostly specialize in dog behavior modification training tailored especially for each dog.

They aim to create a better relationship between humans and dogs.

They also want to educate dog parents (and other people) to communicate with their pets properly. This lessens the possibility of bad behavior and aggression.

Upstate Canine Academy training slots are by waitlist only. Contact them and set up your appointment. 

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