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17 Crystal Clear Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Like You (2023)

Signs Your Dog Doesn't Like You

Is your dog giving you mixed signals? 

Not sure if they hate you or they’re just shy? 

I get it. Reading a dog’s behavior can be hard. 

To clear up the confusion…

You can use this article to understand your furry pal.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 7 signs of fear in dogs.
  • 3 easy tips on how to befriend them.
  • 5 reasons why they’d behave like this.
  • 17 clear signs that your dog doesn’t like you.
  • And so much more…

17 signs your dog doesn’t like you

#1: Avoiding you 

When you don’t like someone… 

You’d want to avoid them, right? 

Well, the same thing works for your dog. 

“But they’re not humans. How can you be so sure?” 

It’s true that they’re different from us. 

But, according to research: dogs behave a lot like humans. 

And one of the things we do when we’re uncomfortable is avoidance. 

We’d dodge stuff even if it’s a simple matter.

So, what more if we don’t like someone or something at all? Our natural response is to get away from them.

With that said, many animals do the same, not only dogs.

And it’s fair to say that this can be hard to notice at first. 

But if your pooch is persistent with this, you’ll know it once you pay attention. 

“Oh… the hooman entered the room. I should go outside to avoid them.” 

…that could be what Fido thinks whenever they see you. 

At first, it looks like your dog is acting weird

But if they’re evading you a lot, then it’s a clear sign that they don’t like you.

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#2: Refusing eye contact

Have you tried staring at your pooch straight in the eye? 

If you have, then did they look back? Or did their gaze go somewhere else

If Fido is avoiding eye contact, then it’s a sign of fear in dogs.

And aside from avoiding your gaze… 

They’ll sometimes give you a side-eye. You know, that funny look that seems like they’re judging you? 

Yup, that’s called “whale eyes” by many dog lovers. 

And according to vets, this is another sign of fear in your furry friend.

But why would they be afraid? 

The answer is: they still don’t trust you. 

And if they feel that way, then they probably don’t like you either.

“What if they’re just afraid and my dog actually likes me?” 

Though that’s possible, it’s still more natural to feel safe around people that we love. 

And with that, your pooch will trust you if they already like you. 

Thus, being scared gives you a hint that you still need to work on your bond.

#3: Hiding 

Now, what’s the difference between hiding and avoiding? 

Some might think these two are just the same. But for dogs, it’s not. 

To your furry friend, this is the next stage of avoidance.

If they’re only avoiding you, they won’t go as far as hiding all day.

And that means your pooch will refuse to come out because they don’t like you. 

So if that’s everything that Fido does, it can be an alarming behavior.

‘Cause if they’ll hide all the time, then your dog may not be eating properly.

With that said, they can get sick, and you won’t notice right away. Moreover, research says that dogs tend to hide when they’re in pain.

Tip: It’s best to get your pooch out of their cave before it gets risky. So take them to the vet to check their condition. Then, ask for guidance on how to fix this behavior. 

But of course, don’t do it in a way that’ll stress them out. 

Keep it at a steady pace unless you can tell that there’s an emergency.

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#4: Tucked tail

A Tucked Tail Means Your Dog Doesn't Like You

There are other signs of fear or stress you can pay attention to. 

And one of them is: tucking their tail between their legs.

As stated by vets, it’s a sign of submission

With that, it means that your pooch is afraid of you. 

“But I never did anything to harm my dog.” 

And that’s the thing, even without causing harm to them…

It doesn’t mean that they’ll like you right away. 

Plus, even if you’ve known them for a while, some dogs can still be aloof.

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#5: Flattened ears

A dog’s ears can tell you a lot. 

For one, they can show if your Fido is anxious. 

With that said, VCA claims that flattened ears are a sign of stress in dogs.

So, does your pooch pin them behind their heads? 

If they do, then it’s an act that shows they don’t like you. 

After all, dogs will relax if they’re comfortable with their hoomans.

#6: Excessive staring 

Have you ever felt like your dog is staring at you a lot

Sometimes, they’ll do this secretly. 

But in other cases, they don’t mind letting you know. 

Some fur parents might think that this is cute. 

But most of the time, it’s more than just playing with their puppy eyes.

As answered by the AKC, staring is a dog’s way of examining you. 

“What will this hooman do to me? How long will they be here?” 

…these are just some of the things Fido could wonder about. 

With that, you can tell that your dog sees you as a threat. 

So as their way of keeping themselves safe, they’ll keep a close eye on you. 

“Doesn’t this contradict what you said in no.1 and 2?” 

Not at all. Some dogs can stare at you, even if they’re not facing your way. 

And this is when they’re doing the side-eye.

As I mentioned, some furry friends will do this discreetly. 

Meaning, they’ll stare at you when you don’t see them. Or at least, they think that you’re not aware of what they’re up to.

Ha! Trying to be sneaky, aren’t they?

But when your eyes do meet theirs, they’ll break away from the contact. It’s almost the same as when you steal glances at your crush. 

Then suddenly, they caught you. So… you look away out of embarrassment. 

Now, your Fido experiences a similar effect.

But in the end, always remember that every dog can be different. 

With that said, some of them can behave in unpredictable ways.

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#7: Whimpering

Other than the physical body language…

You can also pay attention to Fido’s vocal messages.

The ASPCA says that whimpering is a sign of anxiety in dogs.

And whenever they do this, it’s often paired along with:

Warning: Trembling can be a severe sign of anxiety. So if this occurs, contact the vet ASAP.

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#8: Barking

Barking is almost next to breathing for most dogs. 

And that’s because it’s their main way of communication. 

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot about the sounds they make. And we continue trying.

But at the same time, dogs also figured they could talk to us by barking.

So if Fido is barking at you excessively, you can take it as a warning.

It’s almost as if they’re saying, “Back off.” 

And you can confirm this if they’re also:

  • Growling.
  • Stepping back.
  • Pouncing at you.
  • Trying to get away.
  • Making themselves look bigger to appear threatening.

Those 5 signs further show that your dog doesn’t like you. 

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#9: Biting 

Let’s say you didn’t notice Fido’s warning from #8.

And now, they tried to bite your hand

When this occurs, their aggression can be alarming. 

Moreover, it must get checked and controlled. 

So why would your furry friend try to bite you? 

According to research, it’s a fear response. 

Furthermore, the same study says that most dogs won’t bite humans for no reason. 

And in most cases, they’ll only do it when provoked. 

Now, some of us aren’t aware of what could trigger dogs. 

With that, accidents can happen. 

Warning: So, in case of a dog bite, see a doctor immediately. At the same time, have Fido taken to the vet for a rabies check as well.

And to prevent this, here are some tips:

  • Avoid sneaking up on them.
  • Never force your pooch to interact with you.
  • Once you notice the signs of aggression, leave them alone.

Moreover, you can watch this helpful guide about training dogs:

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#10: They don’t listen to you

Sometimes, your pooch may not avoid you. 

Instead, they’ll only refuse to listen to anything you say. 

While you might think that it’s just simple stubborn behavior…

This can be a way for Fido to say, “I don’t like you. So why should I obey you?” 

Now, most dog lovers know that when their pooch adores them… 

Then these furry friends would love to please their fur parents. 

But of course, every breed can act differently. 

Still, the general rule of the paw is: a Fido that likes you is a dog that would obey you. 

Even some of the most stubborn furry companions can be cooperative. 

And that typically happens if they like their fur parents enough.

#11: Abnormal breathing

If your pooch is hard to read, pay attention to their chest.

Are they breathing rapidly

If yes, then is Fido also panting a lot

Based on PetMD, this is another sign of anxiety in your dog. 

And in case of doubt, try to set up a hidden camera when you leave.

Observe if their breathing improves the moment you’re out of the house.

If it does, then that confirms your pooch is nervous around you.

To help with this, here are some tips:

  • Try to spend more time with your dog.
  • Bond with them at a slow but steady pace.
  • Make them feel relaxed by giving treats and praises.

Note: Don’t let their fear discourage you from building a friendship with them. 

Some dogs can take a long time before opening up to someone new. And this reminder is even more important if they’ve bonded with the wrong person before.

#12: They dislike your touch

Now, let’s say your pooch isn’t showing signs of anxiety. 

Moreover, they’re not whining or barking. And finally, Fido doesn’t hide from you.

It all seems too good to be true… 

But then, you tried to touch them. Suddenly, they backed away from you.

Or worse, that’s where their aggression starts.

So, what’s going on? 

Now, that’s an example of mixed signals from dogs. 

Though, the answer to this is still the same: They don’t like you… yet. 

Perhaps, Fido’s showing good signs for one reason. 

And that’s when they’re in the process of trusting you.

But since they’re not 100% there yet, they’re still wary of physical contact. 

Tip: If this occurs, don’t force them to accept your affection. Otherwise, it can only push your friendship progress back to level 1.

Instead, take it slow and let your pooch approach you first.

Note: If you suspect that your dog is in pain when you touch them, don’t hesitate to call the vet.

#13: Refusing treats 

Many fur parents know that most dogs love treats

They’re often made irresistible for our furry friends. 

With that, you’d want to give some to your pooch.

Now, let’s say you reached out to Fido with a treat in your hand.

Next, they came out to check the delicious scent.

Sniff… sniff… lick… yummy!

But suddenly, they decided to stop, then hide instead of taking a bite.

You’d be left curious or worried, “Why would they hold themselves back?”

To answer that, this case is common in recently adopted dogs. 

With that, it means that they’re still unfamiliar with you. And for their own safety, your furry friend is only being careful.

Remember: Rescued dogs can be harder to win over. So, you’ll need a lot of patience to make them like you.

“But what if we’re not strangers at all?” 

Then ask yourself: have you bonded enough with your Fido? 

If yes, then did they have any negative experiences at home? 

In case everything seems fine between you and your pooch… 

Then it’s time to worry. Appetite loss could mean a lot of things, but it’s mostly a sign of illness for dogs.

So, in this situation, get in touch with your vet.

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#14: Extreme lack of interest

Extreme Lack Of Interest

As most of us know, dogs are highly social creatures. 

Moreover, they’re known for their curious and adventurous spirits.

So, a Fido that’s not showing interest in anything can be concerning. 

At first glance, this behavior can be mistaken for sudden laziness

But in reality, it could be a case of depression. 

According to vets, dogs become withdrawn when they’re unhappy.

And they’re not only distant, but they’re also inactive. 

Following that, it’s known that major changes in Fido’s life can lead to such problems.

So, here are some examples to consider:

  • Fido got sick or injured.
  • They’re recently adopted.
  • You moved to another home.
  • There’s a new dog or animal.
  • Adjusting to more members of the family.

These 5 scenarios can trigger depression in dogs.

But still, don’t lose hope. This issue is fixable with enough dedication.

Note: If you have further concerns, always consult the vet.

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#15: Freezing in one spot

One rare but clear sign that Fido doesn’t like you is… freezing

Now, some might find this a funny reaction.

But according to research, freezing is an extreme response to fear.

And while it’s more common with prey animals, dogs can experience it too. 

It occurs if Fido sees you as a threat. With that, they’ll freeze as a form of self-defense. 

They’ll do this in hopes that the danger will go away. 

And that tells you that your pooch doesn’t trust you at all. 

Moreover, the AKC also says that freezing is a symptom of stress in dogs.

With that, it’s advised to contact a vet or a professional trainer to help you out.

Warning: If your pooch freezes with signs of muscle stiffness, it’s best to go to the clinic right away. That’s because the increased pulse rate from stress can lead to a heart attack.

#16: Favoring other people 

If your dog is still giving you mixed signals…

Then you can try this little test. 

First, let them interact with other people. Ideally, it’s best if it’s someone they already know. 

Next, observe the way they behave with them. 

Now, ask yourself: does Fido seem to favor other people over you? 

If your answer is yes, then there’s your 16th sign that they don’t like you at all. 

But don’t worry. There’s always enough time to bond with your dog. 

Tip: Ask other people what they do when they interact with your pooch. This can help you learn what Fido likes about them.

And for more ideas, here are things you can try:

  • Use toys to interact with your pooch.
  • Talk to your dog as if you’re speaking to a kid.
  • Sit down, that’ll make you look less intimidating.
  • Make sure your tone of voice is sweet and friendly.
  • Avoid causing loud noises and sudden movements.

Remember, patience is the key to making your furry friend like you.

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#17: Your dog doesn’t welcome you home

A lot of fur parents can’t wait to go home at all times.

And that’s because they have their fur babies waiting for them. 

But then, your Fido doesn’t show any reaction. 

Now, don’t let this dishearten you. Always remember that some dogs can take long before they warm up to you.

With that said, you can consider these scenarios:

  • Fido is still trying to get to know you.
  • Your dog is unfamiliar with your home.
  • They’re traumatized by their old owners or other humans.

More tips: Spend more time with your pooch and do more activities together. Slowly, they’ll start looking forward to you.

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